[MOBI] È Chasing The Shore: Little Stories About Spirit And Landscape | BY Ý David Weale

Chasing The Shore: Little Stories About Spirit And Landscape By David Weale,

  • Title: Chasing The Shore: Little Stories About Spirit And Landscape
  • Author: David Weale
  • ISBN: 9780973379259
  • Page: 269
  • Format: None
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    Chasing The Shore Little Stories About Spirit And Landscape None

    One thought on “Chasing The Shore: Little Stories About Spirit And Landscape”

    1. From the first chapter of this book, I held a running conversation in my head with the author Sometimes it was argument, sometimes questioning and other times it was Yes I know exactly what you mean That alone made it worth the read I like it when someone makes me re examine who I am and what I believe about things.This book is about loving the land and the people, animals and plants that inhabit it I agree with the author that we have been irresponsible in our treatment of all three and we need [...]

    2. David did a show at the Guild in Charlottetown and my mother was the SM and Light Tech, which meant I was automatically volunteered to help during intermission The beauty of being a forced volunteer was that I got to watch show after show and listen to David tell stories And boy, can that man tell stories.I picked this up on my last trip home PEI because I saw it and knew I had to have it and read it, though it s a shame I couldn t get it from David himself It s a series of essays, a series of D [...]

    3. I m a little biased on this one I became a fan of David Weale when I studied under him in 2001, when his ideas simply rang true in so many ways for me If only I d read this before I spent time on the island, it would have helped me appreciate it far than I did Yet appreciating Prince Edward Island and its people is not all this book is about it is about finding moments in every day, in every natural environment to help you rejuvenate and reconnect with the wider world and it is done poetically, [...]

    4. Found this hard to get into, even though I tried several times and in different moods, so returned to library I liked the idea of the book and was disappointed to find it not my kind of bookybe I ll try it again someday.

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