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The Peter Pan Bag By Lee Kingman,

  • Title: The Peter Pan Bag
  • Author: Lee Kingman
  • ISBN: 9780440968221
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A seventeen year old girl discovers why people drop out of society when she becomes part of a Boston hippie colony.
    The Peter Pan Bag A seventeen year old girl discovers why people drop out of society when she becomes part of a Boston hippie colony

    One thought on “The Peter Pan Bag”

    1. Loved it as a teen fascinated with the counter culture As an adult it reads like a cautionary tale My romanticized idea of communal living is no longer but this was a book from the past worth revisiting.

    2. Fantastic read about youths taking up residence in a Boston apartment, living the hippie lifestyle Young Wendy escapes from her boring life in Rhode Island and meets a group of people who become her friends She smokes pot and raps with her housemates about various topics In the meantime she falls for young Donald, a street dude, while trying to decide what she wants to do with her life I loved it I felt I was back in 1968.

    3. The book The Peter Pan Bag was about a girl named Wendy Allerayce She is tired of her family babying her and treating her like a child She asks to go off with her friend to New York for the summer but her parents say no So she runs away When she gets to the train, she doesn t see Maggie, but her brother Peter He takes her to Boston where she lives with Oriana, Rolf, Jez and Peter They are a bunch of hippies Wendy has to learn to find herself and live life free I liked the fact that in the book W [...]

    4. I read this book almost 40 years ago and a question has nagged me for some time now, which I have asked in a question elsewhere were there lyrics to a song in this book Does anyone remember a song with this line in it I ve got a secret, a little green secret It was a drug reference song about weed, a friend of mine, Deby Smith, used to sing It may have been an original, but I think it came from a paperback novel called The Peter Pan Bag, but I haven t seen that book since, either The book may ha [...]

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