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The Shadow Project By Scott Mariani,

  • Title: The Shadow Project
  • Author: Scott Mariani
  • ISBN: 9780007311903
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ex SAS soldier Ben Hope is enjoying life at Le Val, the facility in Northern France where he trains others in the dangerous art of hostage rescue, until a chance incident forces him to take on the role of bodyguard to the Swiss billionaire Maximilian Steiner.
    The Shadow Project Ex SAS soldier Ben Hope is enjoying life at Le Val the facility in Northern France where he trains others in the dangerous art of hostage rescue until a chance incident forces him to take on the rol

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    1. With Scott Mariani at the helm, Ben Hope is sure to be back on another thrilling adventure, set to reveal what might have been a significant change in history Enjoying his life in Le Val, his training facility in Northern France, Hope continues to provide top notch service for those seeking to protect the vulnerable people of the world When a training seminar goes too far and Hope loses his temper, a fight ensues one that could be costly than the broken bones that Hope s opponent suffers Hope [...]

    2. Audiobook 9 56 hours 4.0 stars out of 5.0 Narrator Colin MaceThis is a great adventure While not a gripping page turner overall, there were times when it was exactly that Our hero is at the top of his game and, for me, his reputation is restored By quickly disposing of quite a few baddies, saving the lives of a number of goodies, finding and saving his long lost sister not a spoiler , descending into the depths of a mountain, killing baddies, he, in effect, saves the world What could you want [...]

    3. Another great page turner and adventure for Ben Hope This time he faces personal and financial issues whilst trying to uncover the truth about possible secrets from the time of the holocaust and the Nazi regime With people going missing, a long lost relative to look for and danger around every corner, he really does have his work cut out for him The body count and extreme violence seem high in this one and I often wonder how that is justified or dealt with There are no law enforcement agents loo [...]

    4. Ben Hope is an ex SAS hero who now runs courses in personal security He takes a short assignment to provide protection for Maximilian Steiner, a Swiss billionaire who has been the subject of kidnap attempts Hope realizes that the kidnappers are trying to get hold of some secret Nazi documents that Steiner possesses As he starts to investigate, he discovers that there is a plot to resurrect a mysterious technology that was first developed under the Nazis The group have been targeting and eliminat [...]

    5. This is the first Scott Mariani Ben Hope book I ve ever read, even though this is the fifth in the series I did pick this book up because of its connections with WWII I do love books that focus on WWII anyway and just to be clear, I m not a Nazi nor am I a Nazi sympathiser I did enjoy this book There was quite a lot of action in it which did surprise me For some reason, I did think this was going to be quite dry in tone, too talky perhaps I was glad to be proved wrong I prefer books with lots of [...]

    6. Ah, Ben I love Ben Hope and this one is a classic and a typical Ben Hope book There are twists, turns, conspiracie, and plenty of guns The investigation at the heart of the book was a bit odd, but there was than enough Ben action to make up for it.

    7. Tiene su algoMuy buena historia para saber algo de historia, un poco b sico pero bien llevada la trama, hay muchos detalles descriptivos que te dan una buena sensaci n mientras se desarrolla la trama

    8. Another one bites the dustOnce again another good read with wonderfulTwists and turns, fast paced, good descriptionsAnd not too improbable roll on the next one

    9. Read the first seven chapters and couldn t go on I enjoyed the first four of the series, so I will try the next in the series but a little skeptical.

    10. Full video review here mysterythriller the shadow I found my first Scott Mariani book in a secondhand bookstore and have gone on to devour several of these books in a row They feature Ben Hope, ex SAS security consultant who gets involved in various adventures He is a kind of Jack Reacher character but into his relationships, not so much of a loner Jeff Decker helps Ben run Le Val, a tactical training unit in France and Brooke Marcel is the love interest, on and off across multiple books If you [...]

    11. Another great Ben Hope book from Scott Mariani, each one i read seems to improve on the last, the plots become complex, the characters grow and take on life, the pace of the books is such that the reader is sucked into the book and you literaly lose time, i have been late back from lunch and suprised to find its 2am and had to put the book down as i have work in the morning.As far as thrillers go, these are a great read, and well reccomended Parm Product DescriptionOnly one man can foil a plot [...]

    12. Another awesome read form Scott Mariani Full of all the twists and turns that we come to expect from Ben Hope and his special ways Definitely a good idea to read the books in order so that you get the back story about all the characters Keep them coming.

    13. When a training exercise he is running goes wrong, ex SAS kidnap specialist Ben Hope finds himself sent to Switzerland to command a group of mercenaries who have been hired to protect billionaire Maximilian Steiner It becomes clear that Steiner is hiding something, and that his secret is connected with the mysterious disappearance of a group of scientists.This is the fifth Ben Hope book, and the plot is less mysterious than the preceding books, it is of a conventional thriller It s no less enjo [...]

    14. Ex SAS soldier Ben Hope is enjoying life at LaVal his facilityin Northern France where he trains people in the art of hostage rescue A chance incident forces him to take on the role of bodyguard for a Swiss billionaire Maximillian Steiner He is the victim of a recent abduction attempt and Steiner believesthat a Neo Nazi terror group are after some prized documentsin his possession What seems like a straight VIP protection job turns upside down by the appearance of a mystery woman from Ben s past [...]

    15. This was a quick and easy read with an interesting story line However, I found some of the dialogue passages to be stilted and awkward, just not at all how a normal conversation would flow The other disappointment I had was with the science of the book Perhaps this is just too much expectation on my part, but I want to be able to believe in what I m reading, even if it may not be 100% true For the invention in the book that is gathering energy, it seemed that the author just glazed over the theo [...]

    16. This is the second Ben Hope I ve read and I enjoyed it very much There is lots of action and adventure although not a huge number of jaw dropping surprises Still, I thoroughly enjoyed the roller coaster like ride Suspend believe just a bit at the end and I think you ll enjoy it as well My only complaint is some of the books in the series no longer seen to be in print or available electronically my preference Guess I ll have to start scouring the used book shops in the area as I want to read the [...]

    17. Probably one of my favorite amongst the rest of Ben Hope series for the sole reason that I m interested with anything related to WWII Good work to Scott Mariani for making a relatively unknown WWII general to some kind of a science hero with this and that discoveries Further, aside from being reunited with Hope s long lost sister, it was also surprising that Hope s ever tragic love story finally has finally ended in the name of Brooke s Though, who knows what s in store for Brooke in Mariani s n [...]

    18. Interesante propuesta del maestro de los thrillers de acci n, Scott Mariani Inspirada en la famosa arma nazi, die Glocke, err neamente relacionada con una m quina del tiempo Mariani propone, seg n la trama y los acontecimientos SPOILER ALERT que no se trata de una m quina del tiempo sino de un reactor de energ a del punto cero, algo con lo que sue an los ecologistas o los terroristas, pues al mismo tiempo que puede salvar a la tierra, puede tambi n destruirla Recomendada si eres fan de los thril [...]

    19. I love how Mariani always keeps something in reserve for the ending Ben gets wrapped up in a multi level job after the team leader gets hurt at his training center Truths about his sister s disapperance finally come out and the truth about where she s been all this time is revealed There is also some interesting theorizing about the Nazi Bell project and what happened to it It is almost as if Mariani is weaving two stories and then whips them together with the speed and power of a cracking bullw [...]

    20. Not the greatest thriller out there, but reading the fifth novel in a series without reading the other ones might have something to do with it, but it might also not.Basically we have Nazi secrets, an ex SAS hero, some dark science mumbo jumbo and a family affair gone wrong in one novel Besides the fact that Ben Hope seemingly is able to travel all over Europe in a matter of days mostly by car , this novel is a bit much of everything, in a bad way Sub plots all over the place and twists that don [...]

    21. From my point of view, this was by far the best book in the series yet In this one we finally get to hear a bit about Ben s family and his sister, Ruth, and there s a lot of surprising information coming up This book also made me happy because there was no fleeting romance between the main character and some random woman he met on the mission hurrah , but it develops something of a stable attachment Also, Jeff is a f cking gem of a character

    22. Another page turner from Scott Mariani, this time throwing Ben Hope into a world of Nazi science Interesting to find out about Ben s history as he encounters someone from his past Of course there has to be the usual love interest but it s right at the end so doesn t interfere with the action too much and maybe this one won t die Really enjoying this series of books, and will be downloading number six very soon.

    23. My first book by Scott Mariani and I enjoyed reading it the action is something compelling and the Science made me ask a lot of questions and inspired me to look into the Nazi regime and learn what I could about it.I liked Brooke as the Psychologist who is in love with Ben she does have this stability to her that makes you wonder just how good their relationship would be.It s a good story keeps you turning pages and I liked it.

    24. Not a bad thriller Lots of Amazing But Almost Impossible Things Happening At The Same Time, which is the hallmark of a thriller Some nice characters, and an interesting da Vinci code like bit of stuff about the Nazis, and particlar Hans Kammler don t worry, this isn t a spoiler who it s interesting to read about on , for example Some nice and clever bits if you re looking for another non taxing Dan Brown book, you can t go far wrong with this one.

    25. A good read as long as you don t kid yourself you re reading fine literature If you ve read the previous novels you already know the format and this is of the same with the added interest that he s now a personal security consultant running his own firm Good boys own adventure stuff for sitting by the pool Hero survives impossible odds cos he s just better than anyone else.

    26. A good story with plenty of suspense and twists and turns in the plot A little heavy on the armoury and action sequences for my taste but I enjoyed the dovetailing of the separate strands of the tale I thought fleshing out of the characters was well and cleverly done There was a little bit of pleasant fantasy in the ever after but I am not complaining.It was an enjoyable holiday read.

    27. Gets better as you get into itI was beginning to tire of the Ben Hope stories I much preferred the original ones when he was searching for a lost person These with an underlying trend were too deep And so I started with some misgivings which were initially founded However as the story progressed I found it a very good read.

    28. An amazing book that stands above it s predecessors The plot and the twists it contains are amazing and in one case, although the twist is something you re expecting, you desperately want to be proven wrong and the confirmation of your suspicions actually makes your stomach twist as the implications hit you right between the eyes Uncompromising and unsettling, a brilliant read

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