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Killer By Dave Zeltserman,

  • Title: Killer
  • Author: Dave Zeltserman
  • ISBN: 9781846686443
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Praise for Dave Zeltserman Pariah will keep you glued to its pages There are no holds barred anywhere in this wonderful launch into evil The meek beware be very ware Charlie Stella This fusion of hard boiled and bitter satire is brand new territory for noir and I suspect that Pariah will be one of the most talked about novels of 2009 Ed Gorman The plot ofPraise for Dave Zeltserman Pariah will keep you glued to its pages There are no holds barred anywhere in this wonderful launch into evil The meek beware be very ware Charlie Stella This fusion of hard boiled and bitter satire is brand new territory for noir and I suspect that Pariah will be one of the most talked about novels of 2009 Ed Gorman The plot of Small Crimes is a thing of beauty The Washington PostLeonard March walks free from jail after fourteen years hard time served after turning state s witness against his Mafia boss Salvatore Lombard It s only after Leonard is sentenced that the public learns that he was a Mob hitman with eighteen deaths to answer for.Leonard is released to public outrage and media furor He spends his time working as a janitor while looking over his shoulder, fearful of a vigilante attack or revenge hit from his former colleagues At sixty two and with plenty of time on his hands, he is at an age when most men grow reflective and attempt to understand their mark on the world But for Leonard, while the threats to his safety are not imagined, his self reflection may pose the greatest threat of all.Dave Zeltserman lives in the Boston area with his wife Small Crimes was included in The Washington Post s Best Books of 2008 and was one of NPR s top five crime and mystery novels of 2008.
    Killer Praise for Dave Zeltserman Pariah will keep you glued to its pages There are no holds barred anywhere in this wonderful launch into evil The meek beware be very ware Charlie Stella This fusion of hard

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    1. There is a regrettable sub category of crime movies there seems to be a few every year that takes former tough guys and action heroes Clint Eastwood, Arnold, Stallone, even Willis who is a bit younger , etc and sends them around the movie track one time, complete with walkers with racing stripes Usually with PG 13 attached Now I don t mind seeing these guys, older now, playing tough roles as aging guys It can be done, and without becoming parodies of their former selves What I would like to see [...]

    2. Leonard March is former hit man for the mob that cuts a deal by ratting out his boss Instead of the life sentence he would have received, he barters information for a shorter sentence Now fourteen years later, he s back on the streets, looking over his shoulder for the hit he expects is coming.Zeltserman does a masterful job of making you feel for the guy Sure, he s was once a vicious killer for the mob, but it wasn t like his victims were darling little angels The men he killed were lower than [...]

    3. Aged hit man Leonard March is back in Boston after fourteen years in the slammer And he s lucky it was only fourteen turning state s evidence on his former employer spared him a longer term.But now, working as a janitor and living in a filthy dive, March is haunted by the memories of his murders and wracked with guilt over his non existent relationship with his children He s playing out his final days, knowing that, sooner or later, his old boss s thugs will come after him and make him pay for h [...]

    4. KILLER is simply bad ass I am a sucker for the grizzled old bastard archetype, hard bitten, tough as nails, becoming slightly out of step with the times And brother, is KILLER a top notch example I know now this is the conclusion to a trilogy and though I read this first, I will definitely be coming back to read the first two I ll consider them prequels Zeltserman s storytelling and characterization are just too good to miss.The story s simple and doesn t need to be complex the point for the mos [...]

    5. The final installment of Dave Zeltserman s man out of prison trilogy is the most low key of the three When mob hitman Leonard March goes free, he has every reason to believe that he will soon be rubbed out himself he did, after all, get a reduced sentence by ratting out his boss So he takes a job as a janitor and waits The dark joy of these novels, however, is that they never quite go where you think they will Their episodic plots resist formula.

    6. Ein verdammt guter Noir Thriller mit hohem Unterhaltungswert und einem Stil, der Kunst auf hohem Niveau zeigt.Vierzehn Jahre sa Leonard March im Gef ngnis Der ehemalige Auftragskiller jobbt nun als Reinigungskraft und wirkt wie ein alter, gebrechlicher Mann.Doch Reue ist ein Fremdwort f r ihn, nur ein Deal mit dem Staatsanwalt entlie ihn aus der Haft Dass dieser Deal nicht ohne Folgen bleibt ist klar Wer jemanden ans Messer liefert, muss sich nicht wundern, wenn er davon sich selbst ins Fleisch [...]

    7. From the couple I ve read recently, I ve been very impressed with Dave Zeltserman s work thus far He uses a wonderful noirish narrative that takes you straight to the heart of the story His story telling is very straightforward, not weighing down the story with too much style, but sticking to the substance and delivering a hard hitting work every time With Killer , he has done the same again.Leonard March is walking free after fourteen years in prison Formerly a hit man for mob boss Salvatore Lo [...]

    8. Good but not as much fun as the first two out of prison novels nor, despite its title, as utterly harrowing as Pariah Still, the three books together make a compelling triptych of extreme psychological disorders and do full justice to their genre.

    9. In Killer, by Dave Zeltserman, we meet Leonard March, a man who has just been released from jail after 14 years He had received that relatively light sentence in return for turning State s witness against a Mob boss, after having negotiated a deal for himself in which he was given immunity for any crimes he might have committed The problem is, March was the Mob boss s hitman, and in that capacity has killed 28 people, many of whom have relatives who might justifiably want revenge, in the courts [...]

    10. Killer is a relatively short book at 214 pages, but there isn t a single wasted word Told in a straightforward, matter of fact way, the story is utterly captivating, hooking the reader in from the first line and not letting go I was totally mesmerised, but it s difficult to explain why There s nothing particular special about the prose and the plot is pretty uncomplicated, though there s a sting in the tail But there s something about the story and the way that it s told that s compelling I thin [...]

    11. The last installment in Zeltserman s man out of prison trilogy sees ex hit man Leonard March released after a 16yr stint for murder Having snitched on former mob boss Salvatore Lombard to reduce his sentence, March expects vengeance to be swift and violent as soon as he s made a free man not the case Killer is a slow burn in that unlike Pariah and Small Crimes , the mob are willing to bide their time in readiness for the opportune moment to strike resulting in the story focusing on March s slow [...]

    12. I m a big fan of noir, and Killer is a solid update of Jim Thompson type noir It doesn t really bring anything new to the table, it just delivers the basic goods.I saw the ending mostly coming about a quarter the way into the novel, which isn t a bad thing in itself But the ending seemed suddenly rushed and out of place in the otherwise restrained tension of the book Also, the subtext about inheritance you ll know what I mean , which could have been put to very interesting use, was sort of aband [...]

    13. Die Geschichte eines Auftragsm rders Seine Vergangenheit und die Gegenwart ohne Aussicht auf eine Zukunft Ein subtiler Spannungsaufbau f hrt zu einem unerwarteten Ende der Geschichte Wir erfahren zwar, welche Verbrechen zu seiner Haftstrafe gef hrt haben, aber nicht wie es dazu kam, dass er geschnappt wurde Es gibt nur Andeutungen und dieser Teil hat mir einfach gefehlt Ein lesenswerter Thriller mit glaubw rdigem Einblick in das Leben eines Killers.Zur Rezension lesenist killer dave zelts

    14. This is SO good, I can t praise it high enough Make sure you read Small Crimes, then Pariah, then Killer They are not continuations of the same story or anything, but part of Zeltserman s trilogy of ex cons back in the world They are all positively brilliant, and this is no exception.

    15. This was a gift book, not one I d have chosen for myself I don t find the noir genre very compatible, not being much of a tough guy myself But I think this is a good example of the genre, so I give it a 3 even though it s not really to my personal taste.

    16. Never read anything quite like this before A story with an unexpected plot twists, character transformation and a cliffhanger ending.a thrill ride for sure.

    17. A razor taut hard hitting Boston noir The alternate timeline 1st person narrative style made for an excellent read

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