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Mommy's Little Girl By Diane Fanning,

  • Title: Mommy's Little Girl
  • Author: Diane Fanning
  • ISBN: 9780312365141
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • When news broke of three year old Caylee Anthony s disappearance from her home in Florida in July 2008, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across the nation The search for Caylee made front page headlines But there was one huge question mark hanging over the case the girl s mother As the investigation continued and suspicions mounted, Casey became the prime susWhen news broke of three year old Caylee Anthony s disappearance from her home in Florida in July 2008, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across the nation The search for Caylee made front page headlines But there was one huge question mark hanging over the case the girl s mother As the investigation continued and suspicions mounted, Casey became the prime suspect In October, based on new evidence against Casey her erratic behavior and lies, her car that showed signs of human decomposition a grand jury indicted the young single mother Then, two months later, police found Caylee s remains a quarter of a mile away from the Anthony home Casey pled not guilty to charges of murder in the first degree, and she continues to protest her innocence Did she or didn t she kill Caylee This is the story of one of the most shocking, confusing, and horrific crimes in modern American history.
    Mommy s Little Girl When news broke of three year old Caylee Anthony s disappearance from her home in Florida in July there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across the nation The search for Caylee made front page

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    1. This title disgusts me I really wish Fanning would have picked a better title Caylee deserves better than to be called Mommy s Little Girl I tend to go for true crime that includes the end result of the trial but I won t pass by a book that looks interesting to me because of this Being that I followed Caylee being missing and her being found, I wanted to read this to not only get Fanning s take but maybe get some of the smaller details I may have missed This doesn t disappoint in the detail area [...]

    2. 2 24 10 just finished I must say, Diane Fanning did a wonderful job in her writing of this book She was very thorough, very factual, and covered the case from every possible angle The majority of the book comes verbatim from transcripts of text messages, emails, police interviews, media interviews, jail visits between Casey and her family, and other documented sources Fanning explores Casey s movements and possible state of mind from times shortly before Caylee went missing up until Casey was ch [...]

    3. A carnival of bright lights, loud voices, and the public s ceaseless appetite for entertainment is how author Diane Fanning encapsulates the ongoing Caylee Anthony murder case.And she has written a book about it, published some eight months before the earliest possible trial date for accused murderer Casey Anthony, the two year old child s mother Mommy s Little Girl is one of the numerous carnie barkers to take aim at the infamous case out of Florida.Summer of 2008, the United States was subject [...]

    4. When news broke of three year old Caylee Anthony s disappearance from her home in Florida in July 2008, there was a huge outpouring of sympathy across the nation The search for Caylee made front page headlines But there was one huge question mark hanging over the case the girl s mother Why did Casey Anthony wait one full month before reporting her daughter missing Why were searches on chloroform and missing children found on her computer Why did she go out partying with friends less than one wee [...]

    5. For me, the Casey Anthony case started out as an interest after watching Nancy Grace 3 years ago, then I became tired of it after intense media coverage As the trial began, I had little to no interest in watching it, save the closing arguments and verdict, and that s when it became an obsession I m still watching coverage of it, waiting for the next big plot twist It s like a greek drama unfolding in real life on television As I m the type of person who likes to be well rounded when it comes to [...]

    6. I picked this book b c I enjoy true crime and a good friend had recommended it It is an captivating and quick read I could of read this all in one day Its also my opinion that Diane Fanning is an excellent true crime writer I have read several of her books I think she did a wonderful job writing this I found Fanning to be very reliable and she seemed to cover as many angles as possible This books does include transcripts of text messages, emails, police media interviews, jail visits btwn Casey a [...]

    7. I bought this book after watching the jury selection for the trial, and I have followed off and on the case from the beginning I read this story shortly before opening statements began, and this story is one of the many reasons I feel such outrage over the death of this little girl Casey Anthony is a sick, depraved, twisted and unfeeling individual There is no grey area in that That is the fact, clearly shown in the book, and that fact cannot be dressed up and made to look different when you sim [...]

    8. This book does a good job of pulling together materials that have been released to the public as evidence in the case It creates a fairly coherent narrative out of a decidedly chaotic case It also provides a small amount of family history that grounds the story, slightly The author is at a disadvantage in trying to write about the case while the story is still unfolding If she had had the luxury of discussing the case in retrospect with its principals, she might have been able to do a compellin [...]

    9. To my surprise I really liked this book Normally I very much dislike books that were written before the trial date but not so with this case.Maybe because this is one case I read about when it was happening Normally I read a true crime book and afterwards i will go and find information but this time it was the other way around Before i read this book I did hear the 911 phone call and read about the lies Casey told the police and watched on YouTube a clip where the parents of Casey were fighting [...]

    10. I didn t see much difference from this book and the media coverage of what happened Then again, I didn t see much of the media coverage as I don t watch TV The book did offer a lot of information on the disturbing case It s a light read but a very heavy subject Unfortunately, the book in this reader s mind, was written pre maturely as the trial hasn t even happened yet and the facts haven t really gotten sorted out from the hysterics of the people involved and the media Because the disturbing su [...]

    11. Wow I ve followed this case from the beginning and was still shocked at the volume and depth of Casey s lies to family, friends and authorities It was heartbreaking yet infuriating to see her parents in such obvious denial, to the point of looking like utter fools Even though the trial is over and the not guilty verdict was handed down, this book followed a well documented timeline of the early stages of the investigation as well as what Casey was exactly doing during those first 31 days that Ca [...]

    12. I read this because I m starting to get wrapped up in the upcoming Casey Anthony trial that will begin next week The book was informational, but I could definitely see how it was rushed to the market I found some typos and in general I felt it jumped around rather discordantly Overall though, it was interesting and brought to light some facts that I hadn t already heard on the news coverage.

    13. MOMMY S LITTLE GIRL by Diane Fanning My interest in Casey Anthony and her family was renewed by the recent TV update on Casey s life Not much to report She s living with Patrick McKenna, the lead investigator during her trial, not as a shack up honey, but a girl needs to live somewhere She does internet research for him, sometimes, and reads, and watches movies But about the book, FIVE STARS I want information, especially about the relation between Casey and her mother, Cindy Who was Mommy s Lit [...]

    14. SPOILER ALERT SORT OF IF YOU HAVENT FOLLOWED MEDIA ON THE CASE AGAINST CASEY ANTHONY BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK I found this book fascinating but then about 3 4 of the way in I kept putting it down and took forever to finally finished The author basically gives the ending to the mystery in the middle and then afterwards I found everything just monotonous and it just made me sick to keep reading about everything after knowing that factor in chapter 20 There were a few times I had to remind myself t [...]

    15. I followed this case all the way through and we all knew she was guilt and I wish they that evidence and did a better job to prove it because she does not deserve her freedom, but after reading this book I am convinced then ever that she should be behind bars, the lies and the run around acting normal what mother does that, leaving a child with a babysitter so she says because there actually wasn t any she should have felt her with her parents instead, or having her mother have custody if she [...]

    16. I thought the book was informative, but dry in parts It was almost as if the author had taken her notes and just placed them into the book, sometimes repeating the same parts of a conversation As an avid reader of crime fiction, I have read a number of books in the genre and feel the flow of this book could have been much better Still, it gave insight into the case and warranted a couple of stars for that.

    17. TerribleYet another terrible person I have to say the mistakes in which name they used Casey, Caylee, or Cindy and the lack of clear separation of quotes and paragraphs make this confusing to read The story is fascinating, but the book itself is so so.

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book It was beautifully written Diane was able to put into words the exact things I felt in her Afterwards.The details she uncovered brought the family to life I had many questions about George, before reading the book, that Diane answered I wondered about his police career, about what he was doing for a living at the time all this happened I always saw him as the perfect person but she shows in her book that he too, had some issues I never really thought Cindy [...]

    19. First off, I want to start by saying that I have been following this story since the very beginning, when Caylee first went missing I followed it all the way through the trial Nothing has quite caught my attention like this I bought this book when it came out, hoping to read it before the trial, but somehow didn t get to it until now, and of course we all know how that turned out.There s not much you can say about a true crime book, it is what it is, but based on my interest in this case, I love [...]

    20. Congratulations to author Dianne Fanning This a great book for followers and non followers of the Caylee Anthony Case It recounts step by step everything that happened during the case and if like me You missed something on the news, You will find it in this read reading this makes people know about Casey s family and friends and helps us understand why each one acted the way they did This book gives a good view of how much of a LIAR Casey Anthony is Yet in no way did I feel persuaded by the aut [...]

    21. This book was published before Casey Anthony s trial and it was very hard to read in light of the verdict Everything in the book leaves you with no doubt that Casey killed her daughter There is just no other explanation for her conduct She went 31 days without reporting Caylee s absence and then it was her mother who reported it She said she left the child with an nanny, but the nanny didn t exist, the apartment where she said she had been taking her for almost 2 years didn t exist, the nanny s [...]

    22. SPOILER FREE Mommy s Little Girl by Diane FanningWow, okay so I enjoyed this novel very much because of the background details the author gave This book was written about the Anthony family and primarily the shocking case of Caylee Anthony s kidnapping This case made headlines all around the U.S because of the unbelievable facts in the case This novel for the first 50 pages or so gives you a little background on Casey Anthony, her parents Cindy and George Anthony and grandmother Shirley I would [...]

    23. MOMMY S LITTLE GIRL reads like a novel built on excellent organization story development Unfortunately, it is not fiction The victim protagonist, Caylee Anthony was a real child and Casey Anthony, the antagonist you love to hate was her mother Diane Fanning exhibited an uncanny ability to make the reader feel he she experienced the unfolding of this story It s amazing how we can relate to these characters, good bad Certainly it s not over yet but time and the courts will write the final chapter. [...]

    24. I ve read a lot of true crime books in my day and I must say this woman is the most evil person I ve read about yet To not report her daughter missing for 5 weeks clearly shows she knew exactly what had happened to her I was disturbed and disgusted while reading this book The author done a good job with what she had to work with, police transcripts and the like, but it makes the writing a bit jerky in my opinion The author states at the end that this monster is scheduled to go on trial this mont [...]

    25. I suppose almost everyone in America knows about this case but here is a synopsis anyway A little girl named Caylee goes missing in June 2008 and her mother inexplicably waits for about a month to report her little daughter missing This book delves into the dynamic of the Anthony Family especially George and his interactions with the rest of the family It explores the beginnings of the case against Casey and although it was written before the Not Guilty verdict, it does some investigation of the [...]

    26. I have always had a thing for true crime, so when a friend lent me this book, I was looking forward to reading it I didn t know when I did that it was written before the final charges were laid, and as such, it relied a lot on the sensationalism of the case, and a lot of he said she said It wasn t exactly unbiased, either Casey Anthony is painted as having, sometime in her late teens, developed the tendencies of someone with a severe anti social personality disorder, and Cindy is painted as seve [...]

    27. Good read, a little heavy on unnecessary dialogue I also wish the author had waited until the trial ended to write the book so details of the trial could ve been included

    28. Fairly good book about this case was written before the trial so thats where it ends just before she goes to court I dont know how anyone can read these books on Casey and not know shes guilty She is so ridiculous and just full of lies and deceit As you read this you just want to scream about the month her daughter was missing and the fact she was at parties and getting tattoos and stealing money from her friends She is an insane woman who got away with murder And her parents why they didnt step [...]

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