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Star Trek: Countdown By Robert Orci Mike Johnson David Messina Alex Kurtzman,

  • Title: Star Trek: Countdown
  • Author: Robert Orci Mike Johnson David Messina Alex Kurtzman
  • ISBN: 9781600106392
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The explosive return of Star Trek has rocked movie theaters worldwide, and IDW s exclusive movie prequel comic Countdown now available in a limited edition hardcover is the perfect accompaniment for fans of the film.
    Star Trek Countdown The explosive return of Star Trek has rocked movie theaters worldwide and IDW s exclusive movie prequel comic Countdown now available in a limited edition hardcover is the perfect accompaniment for f

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    1. First, I m a fan of Star Trek the original, the 90 s, and the new So, keep that in mind This graphic novel is a prequel to the new film series started by JJ Abrams It explores how the villain of the movie, Nero, becomes the deranged sociopath we meet Personally, I would watch the film first then read this graphic novel It ll have meaning and allow you to experience the film as intended We are back in a time with Spock, Picard, Worf, Data, and some others We follow these favorite characters as t [...]

    2. Okay, I was expecting this to be fun, interesting, and a sort of fill in the gaps to the movie not that there were really gaps in the movie, just loads to take in during one sitting I loved the movie, btw, if that helps What I wasn t expecting was to be um totally enraptured, glued to the pages, and thinking about the story when I wasn t reading it I feel so embarrassed that I was SO addicted to it but it was awesome You don t need to have seen the new film to read this, but it does add another [...]

    3. Since I am in Countdown mode waiting for the DVD release LOVED the whole experience of seeing it in the theaters over the summer , I decided to read this over the weekend after rave reviews from my sister and a GoodReads friend Thank you so much, Abigail, for your great review I would probably have overlooked this for a piece of promotional fluff had it not been for your high opinion of it, and thank you, Ann, for loaning me your copy I am not accustomed to reading graphic novels, so I really ca [...]

    4. This is is a collection of the 4 comics that are a prequel to the 2009 Star Trek movie The series is set 8 years after the end of Nemesis Relationships between Romulans and the Federation are the best they ve ever been, and Spock is now the official Federation Ambassador to Romulus Picard is also now a Federation Ambassador Data has successfully integrated his personality into the B 4 android, and is now Captain of the Enterprise E.Spock confronts Romulans with the news that the Hobus Star is in [...]

    5. Countdown provides a good backstory for the 2009 Star Trek movie, if you enjoyed the film you ll likely enjoy this as well Some of the story was explained in the movie but there are a couple other new revelations as well, with to come in Star Trek Nero I m sure This book by itself works as a self contained story but I d probably stick with watching the movie first then going back to read the prequel.

    6. I have discovered a new universe Comic books I mean, I realized this universe existed, but I did not realize they had Star TrekEY ARE MAKING COMICS BASED OFF OF THE NEW MOVIES SO LIKE THE CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE THE ACTORS IS THAT NOT COOL OR WHAT.Yeah, I think I proved to the comic store owner that I m a Spock obsessed movie geek And also an idiot that doesn t know a thing about comics But I ll educate myself, because if the success of this venture is any indication, I ll enjoy the comic medium Wh [...]

    7. If you like comics or graphic novels, read this book If you are a Trekkie, read this book If you want to understand of the backstory behind the 2009 Star Trek movie, read this book If youwell, you get the ideajust read this book I hadn t been too much of a Trekkie before I saw the 2009 movie, but then I saw it, and it all went downhill from there Now my friends have to listen to me spout gibberish about the differences between a class A and a class M planet, among other things Basically, I m ob [...]

    8. Set immediately before the 2009 movie, this graphic novel ties the new films to the past in ways than one I loved seeing Spock, Picard, Data, Geordi LaForge, and Worf all together

    9. As a big fan of the most recent Star Trek movie, I got excited when I found out there were graphic novels that tied into the movie I purchased all three tie ins and will review each in order, but I read Countdown first since it was written as a prequel to the movie itself This graphic novel focuses on how Nero turned into a villain and how Spock became so involved with the events of the movie The backstory is fantastic and really increased my appreciation for the film While this is perhaps an un [...]

    10. I have no background in Star Trek other than my boyfriend sitting me down to suffer through The Wrath of Kahn I bought this comic for his birthday due to his increasing excitement for the upcoming movie and he finally convinced me to read it I like comics I was going to see the movie Why not I find Spock to be a very intriguing character and this comic book created additional depth for the movie which is pretty much crazy awesome , both to the plot of the story as well as the character s backgro [...]

    11. Solid Kind of SWEp.3 meets Danny Boyle s Sunshine plot wise I liked that it featured my favorite Star Trek characters minus DS9, of course and ignored the rest One part that was notably out of voice, though, was Geordi saying Amen Maybe I m wrong, but I don t recall him ever using such language on the show.

    12. This is a prelude to the 2009 movie and is a must have The art is beautiful and the story is compelling You also get to see what many other the Star Trek The Next Generations characters are up too after the movies have finished.

    13. This graphic novel rocked It is a prequel to last year s STAR TREK film Set in the 24th century, it features several of the The Next Generation characters in a story that sets the stage for Nero and Spock s fateful return to the 23rd century A must read companion for any fan of the movie.

    14. I ve been a fan of Star Trek since I took flight with Capt Kirk and Mr Spock in the 60 s So, of course I loved this

    15. While it s not necessary that you read this before seeing the new Star Trek film, this four part storyline will give the on screen story a bit depth and background.

    16. I began reading this and then left it on a train by accident But I really like what I ve read so far and look forward to finishing some day

    17. This is the first issue of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection from Eaglemoss Did not see it in the listing, so decided to record against this one.I enjoyed this and i believe it brings a lot of light to the story of the first new Star Trek film While Nero went off the edge a little TOO fast, i put this down to the length of the comic series, and the need to get a story out there I like how it explained in detail about the Red Matter and why Nero had such a hatred for Spock and Vulcan.The ar [...]

    18. I thought this book was good, but I m not much of a comic book reader, so I don t have much of a base of reference The book is in two parts the first is a four part series about the events leading up to the 2009 JJ Abrams reboot movie, and the second is the first Star Trek comic ever published which was short and interesting to read since there were a lot of inconsistencies with the show there was a little background on why there were so many inconsistencies right before the comic.

    19. I don t remember the movie too well, but this is the perfect prequel to the Star Trek reboot What s great is that it helps tie in the original Trekverse with the reboot.

    20. Graphic novel which introduces the background story for the new Star Trek movie Also brings in characters from previous Star Trek shows that don t appear in the movie.

    21. Surprisingly good Reunites well loved iconic characters from TNG and gives depth to the character of Nero from the Star Trek film reboot And the writing is really quite good.

    22. It s a decent movie tie in that answers some unresolved hooks satisfactorily Nevertheless, I can t help but feel that it doesn t stand on its own that well There are also a plethora of minor nitpicks of assorted severity It s a bit short, and possibly could have stood to be even shorter Not sure Interesting, at least, and it is good to see some of the TNG cast getting to do some things even if some of the cameos were a bit forced see below on Worf, especially SPOILERS AHOY OVERALL PLOT NOTES I m [...]

    23. i liked reading this it was good to find out about the character of Nero as the character s backstory was not explained in the 2009 movie at least this book filled in the gaps and it was a very quick book to read

    24. Am I a total geek, a Trekkie, I think not I saw this and just had to read it I saw the Star Trek movie in 2009 with Chris Pine company and really enjoyed it as did many other people The bad guy Nero, played by Eric Bana, intrigued me and I had many questions left unanswered by the movie, this official prequel graphic novel took care of all of them for me, from a to z, and then some.Here is a little bit from the afterword We didn t expect to ever feel the same anticipation again, but perhaps we c [...]

    25. Summary This is the prequel to 2009 movie Star Trek title tt0796366 , explaining how Ambassador Spock came to arrive in the past and have the mission he does, as well as the back story for the villain, Nero.Spock pleads with the Romulan Senate to do something about a giant supernova that may destroy the planet and beyond He s backed up by Nero, a Romulan miner who has seen the supernova first hand Loyal to his Empire and his young family, Nero vows to risk everything to help Spock Despite the as [...]

    26. This is a prequel to the forthcoming motion picture, Star Trek In case you might be wholly unfamiliar with the Trek canon, allow me to put it this way In the 1960s, they made the TV show Star Trek featuring characters like Captain Kirk and Mr Spock This series was set in the 23rd Century There were a lot of spin off TV series, starting with Star Trek The Next Generation, which began in 1987 It featured characters like Captain Picard and Data, and was set in the 24th Century, by which time Mr Spo [...]

    27. This graphic novel, which actually came out about the time the most recent movie was premiering is sort of like a prequel to the movie Set in the future the 24th century with the familiar faces of the Enterprise D crew, the story shows how fate brought on a head to head confrontation between Nero and Spock.Nero is a simple Romulan minor who captains a vessel in the home system of the Romulan Star Empire At the beginning of the tale, his ship is damaged when the system s star begins to die, takin [...]

    28. NOTE, this review contains spoilers if you haven t seen the companion film While still entertaining, STAR TREK COUNTDOWN, the prequel to Abram s STAR TREK 2009 , is mediocre and frankly a little unnecessary The story surrounds the destruction of Romulus and Nero s transformation from a mild mannered miner to a ruthless, vengeance driven war criminal.There are two major problems with the story 1 Much, if not most, of the material in the book is already covered in the movie during Spock s retellin [...]

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