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The Lost Princess: A Double Story By George MacDonald Bernhard Oberdieck Glenn Edward Sadler,

  • Title: The Lost Princess: A Double Story
  • Author: George MacDonald Bernhard Oberdieck Glenn Edward Sadler
  • ISBN: 9780802850706
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An enchanting, unforgettable fairy tale about two spoiled girls a princess and a shepherd s daughter and their magical encounters with a mysterious wise woman This new edition, with Bernhard Oberdieck s dark, romantic images, perfectly brings to life this fiercely compelling fairy tale Maurice Sendak.
    The Lost Princess A Double Story An enchanting unforgettable fairy tale about two spoiled girls a princess and a shepherd s daughter and their magical encounters with a mysterious wise woman This new edition with Bernhard Oberdieck

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    1. This is one of my favorite books I find it very convicting on the heart level Through a fairy tale MacDonald gently and sometimes not so gently points out sins of selfishness, pride, laziness, etc Those kinds of sins which are subtle and easily glossed over or hidden But he does it in such a palatable way that the book is a joy to read even while it is convicting you.I ve read it several times as has my daughter now 12, but read it on her own for the first time when she was 8 or 9.

    2. Life changing read Jeremiah 17 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked who can know it Macdonald says, And that is all my double story How double it is, if you care to know, you must find out If you have little people in your life read them this parable and if the have they the ears to hear, you help will set them on the road to freedom from self There is no mystery surrounding George Macdonald s motivation for writing what he does Jesus is the theme of his life and wri [...]

    3. This book is amazing A must read for every child and parent A WONDERFUL read aloud One of the best books on parenting and child raising I have ever read And it is all a fictional story that draws you and the child in Very funny and very wise, this book will change the life of anyone who reads it hears it It takes you through the life of a Princess and how she is shown her true wretched dare I say sinful self and learns what it means to be a true princess I cannot recommend this book highly enoug [...]

    4. A mysterious, black cloaked wise woman snatches two very naughty little girls from their homes and puts them through experiences uniquely contrived for each girl s particular variety of wickedness, progressively purging the depravity from their souls In one case, the treatment results in humble submission and gratitude The other case proves difficult, with indeterminate results This little book is excellent for parenting, grandparenting, and self reflection No wonder that C.S Lewis held George [...]

    5. I love this book At one point when reading this for the first time, I felt so convicted that I had to stop and confess sin to the Lord My favorite of MacDonald s.

    6. I tend to share Tolkien s feeling for allegory, a cordial dislike and while The Lost Princess isn t quite an allegory, it skirts very close to the edge Too close, really, for it to be the sort of story that I can ever fall thoroughly in love with But in G Mac s day allegories were all the rage, and his fiction, or at least the fairy tale department of it, tends to lean in that direction even when it isn t strictly allegory By almost allegory, I mean that while not every little aspect of the stor [...]

    7. George MacDonald has written a lot of good stuff I m generally a fan But this book didn t work for me at all I feel like the story only works as a religious allegory, and only for a very particular view on the nature of God I mean, this book features a wise woman who kidnaps two girls and does horrible things to them including prolonged sensory deprivation and solitary confinement, which the UN would define as torture And then they re expected to act as slaves in the wise woman s home When the g [...]

    8. This was my second time to read The Wise Woman, a parable that ought to be read and re read on a regular basis, I have decided Many of the truths made plain in this story are not new truths, but they penetrate deeply and carry meaning in the form of a parable This is the story of Rosamond and Agnes, one a princess and one a shepherd s daughter, but both depraved and wretched in their own ways Rosamond is a slave to her selfish temper and moods Agnes is hardened by arrogant vanity The Wise Woma [...]

    9. Here s a summary that I found since I haven t read it in several years There are two girls born Rosamond, the daughter of a King and a Queen, takes it for granted that she is something special As Rosamond grows up, she becomes worse, for she never tries to grow better She becomes and peevish and fretful every day The other girl born is called Agnes Her parents are poor shepherds but still consider Agnes extraordinary.Those people are not a bit wiser than the King and the Queen they teach her t [...]

    10. I came across this title in an attempt to acquaint myself with 19th century children s literature that I d previously overlooked Also included on this discovery was Charles Kingsley s The Water Babies , a classic that has endured even if with diminished popularity over the decades I did not like The Water Babies at all Its efforts at teaching a moral lesson to Victorian children comes off as propaganda There was also a very bigotry tone as the author reflected a dislike of Americans, Irish, blac [...]

    11. For when people will be naughty, they have to be frightened, and they are not expected to like it Wise and wonderful fairy tale from the Victorian master, where two naughty girls from the top and bottom of society are abducted by a mysterious wise woman with a magical cloak, then taught various lessons designed to change their behaviour.Rosamond is a selfish princess, Agnes a conceited shepherd s daughter Both have been spoilt by their parents and become unbearable in their different ways, both [...]

    12. Of all of George MacDonald s very fine stories, this is, in my opinion, the finest Deep enough for adults but accessible for children, and this edition is beautifully illustrated I have read it to myself, to my siblings, to children I babysat, and to kids at church, and I intend to keep reading it to nieces and nephews and maybe grandchildren someday.I would have to write a very long review to truly do it justice, but I will let my words be few.Most highly recommended.

    13. I would like to know about the Wise Woman herself, as this story focuses on her effect rather than her person.A longer fairy story, but it reminded me of many variations of this I have read before, which I now know to be echoes of this piece.Definitely for an older group of children, either advanced readers or perhaps middle school age

    14. I enjoyed this one until the end I don t believe MacDonald gave the poor girl equal opportunity to repent and change as he did the princess The unequal treatment of rich and poor suggests poor people are not as valuable as are the rich.

    15. As far as I remember, this is my first George MacDonald book I read it because I thought I should , but I really liked it The allegory was convicting to me, especially the parts about controlling the will I may add this to the read aloud list to share with the girls.

    16. This was my second time to read The Lost Princess the first time was around 10 years ago , and this time I read it aloud to my 6 year old son I wouldn t recommend everyone do that, because like much of MacDonald s writing, the sentence structure can get a bit long and some of the wording and phrases might be archaic Nevertheless, the plot itself was simple enough for my son to catch on with what was happening and to be drawn into the story at least most the time to see what would happen to the t [...]

    17. I adore MacDonald, but this was not my favorite of his stories I know tales with strong and obvious morals were popular when this was written, and there is much great wisdom in what he says, but it has such a preachy tone that I found it hard to truly enjoy the characters development Unrelated to MacDonald, I also did not care for the illustrations of this edition On the plus side, I love his use of Wise Woman and Grandmother type characters in almost all his tales and this story was no excepti [...]

    18. A fantastic little book full of wisdom and artful My six year old son loved it and now would like books by George MacDonald, whom he associates with Old Macdonald who had a farm There is very little to be done when we will not do what needs to be done I have been perseverating on this profundity with dread conviction Boredom and cluelessness are often the aftermath of established disobedience.

    19. Although this is a children s book, I enjoyed it very much George MacDonald is said to have inspired C.S Lewis, and I could definitely see the similarity in writing style It was interesting to see how quickly I fell into a bit of soul searching as I listened to this tale on my way to and from work this week.

    20. A longer fairy story, but it reminded me of many variations of this I have read before, which I now know to be echoes of this piece.Definitely for an older group of children, either advanced readers or perhaps middle school age

    21. A symbolic exploration of sin and sanctification that at times sounds very much like a novelization of John Owen s Mortification of Sin It also has greater clarity and focus than some his longer tales, especially Lilith.

    22. This Christian author was know for his colorful stories that always bore a deeper truth He was also one of C S Lewis s biggest inspirations.

    23. Excellent story with sound morals The story is not long but some of the sentences are difficult to understand, so probably would be best understood by a good reader around 10 years old.

    24. So good My kids were begging be to keep going with every chapter and with George Macdonald you really can t go wrong

    25. He was an early influence on C.S.Lewis, Tolkien and the other Inklings, and one can readily spot the wellsprings when reading The Lost Princess He begins in a lighthearted way, with a bit of tongue in cheek There was a certain country where things used to go rather oddly For instance, you could never tell whether it was going to rain or hail, or whether or not the milk was going to sour It was impossible to say whether the next baby would be a boy, or a girl, or even, after he was a week old, wh [...]

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