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Shutter Island By Christian De Metter Dennis Lehane,

  • Title: Shutter Island
  • Author: Christian De Metter Dennis Lehane
  • ISBN: 9780061968570
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dennis Lehane s masterpiece of mystery and suspense brought to life for the first time as a graphic novel.In 1954, U.S Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner, Chuck Aule, are sent to Shutter Island to find a mass murderer who has escaped from Ashecliffe Hospital, a fortress like federal institution for the criminally insane As an intense hurricane bears relentlessly downDennis Lehane s masterpiece of mystery and suspense brought to life for the first time as a graphic novel.In 1954, U.S Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner, Chuck Aule, are sent to Shutter Island to find a mass murderer who has escaped from Ashecliffe Hospital, a fortress like federal institution for the criminally insane As an intense hurricane bears relentlessly down on the island, the marshals are forced to piece together clues to a shocking puzzle hidden within Shutter Island, taking them on a dark, twisted journey, where paranoia assumes an air of cool rationality and the line between sanity and madness disappearsFilled with his trademark grit, insight, and pathos, Shutter Island is vintage Dennis Lehane Now adapted for the first time as a graphic novel by internationally renowned artist Christian De Metter, this riveting story brilliantly captures our capacity for depravity and deliverance.
    Shutter Island Dennis Lehane s masterpiece of mystery and suspense brought to life for the first time as a graphic novel In U S Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule are sent to Shutter Island to

    One thought on “Shutter Island”

    1. I have not seen the movie, but after reading this graphic novel I probably will have to see it The g.n was excellent It was well written the artwork was gritty, dark and was as moving as the dialogue I really was taken aback by the whole thing It really caught me off guard I thought hey, the movie did okay, why not give it a shot what can I lose Pretty much a night s sleep The thing I think or at least hope is that the graphic novel is an excellent vehicle to reach people in a different way I wo [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book so much the 3rd time lol After reading the novel last year I re watched the movie They were very similar This time around since I knew the story already I was able to really see what was going on and I caught all the lines that said why Teddy was on the island I can t believe I missed those subtle clues the last time I read the book.The illustrations were great very old school with strong jaws and thick lines Loved it This is such a great mystery.

    3. The I advanced in my reading and the I was upset, I understood less and less All the elements that were seen ended up contradicting later in the story I enjoyed reading it and what I liked the most was the mystery there was throughout the comic book.Plus j avan ais dans ma lecture et plus j tais contrari , car je comprenais de moins en moins de chose Tout les l ments qu on voyaient finissait par ce contredire plus tard J ai appr ci en faire la lecture et ce que j ai aim le plus tait le myst re [...]

    4. Die Zeichnungen sind gro artig und interpretieren die Handlung vortrefflich Wenn man allerdings den Roman kennt, f llt einem die notwendige, aber eben doch sehr starke Reduzierung des Inhalts auf, zwischen einzelnen Szenen entstehen teilweise stark abgehackte Spr nge und so ist die Story nicht das, was den Roman ausgemacht und mich an ihm letztlich so fasziniert hat Trotzdem ist die grafische Umsetzung ein Fest, sie ist atmosph risch und greift gleichzeitig dieses Gef hl von einer verwaschenen W [...]

    5. Before I start the review, I must mention that I watched the movie before reading the novel and by doing so I set very high expectations to what this novel should deliver What I received was a good read get it but overall unsatisfactory comparison to what I personally though it could be If this seems a bit confusing hopefully, I will be able to clarify below I will try to make the review as spoiler free as possible.Starting with the art style of the graphic novel I see what the artist was aiming [...]

    6. Set in 1954, Teddy Daniels and his partner are both FBI agents investigating a missing persons report on Shutter Island, a psychiatric facility for the criminally insane The missing person is a mass murderer who has escaped the mental hospital on the island Knitting together clues, Teddy becomes convinced that the doctors and patients are all setting him up for something, but he has no clue what, until the end And what an ending The graphic novel is based on the book not the film written by Denn [...]

    7. This is a graphic novel based on the book by Dennis Lehane a very smooth noir piece of writing and one of my favourite Lehane novels.I have seen some reviews that say that the illustrations aren t very good and some that say they are brilliant I am stuck in the middle I love the uses of the bleak and gritty colours, really typifying the time period and the settingbut there are some scenes where it is hard to know who is talking The story itself is a fine re telling of the plot however, it does s [...]

    8. I never seen the movie, I tried some years ago but I wasn t into it This graphic novel convince me to watch it The illustrations were amazing but too dark when it was the night time, it was hard to see.

    9. Main reason I can t give this 4 stars is because of the illustrations Often times I found it physically hurt my eyes to look at because the drawings were so so dark I would have liked a little range when it came to the color scheme But overall I love this story.

    10. plot twists , psycho , sepia 20 noir , De Metter Scarface Armitage Trail Pacino BD Paroles de la guerre d Algerie 1954 1962 Marilyn, de l autre c t du miroir .

    11. Une tr s belle d couverte et une premi re approche pour ma part Une fin incroyable qui m a plus que donn envie de lire le roman

    12. I have not read the original novel nor the movie version of Shutter Island, so this was an interesting experience and journey The graphic novel version of Dennis Lehane s literary novel is illustrated by the artist Christian De Metter This version is a much shorter version of the much larger textual novel, being just over 120 pages versus nearly 400 pages in the original This made the story a quick and interesting read, keeping the attention of an eighteen year old college freshman quite well Th [...]

    13. Um agente especial com vontade de vingan a e o seu desconhecido companheiro chegam a um asilo de lun ticos numa ilha isolada para investigar o desaparecimento de uma paciente O isolamento agrava se gra as a uma tempestade que corta todas as comunica es Quanto mais se embrenham nos mist rios do hospital psiqui trico mais difusa e misteriosa se torna toda a situa o Novas revela es v o surgindo, como suspeitas de que s o realizadas experi ncias ilegais com psicotr picos em humanos ou um misterioso [...]

    14. Goodread apparently doesn t separate the graphic novel adaptation of Shutter Island from Dennis Lehane s original novel Lame My brief review is about the graphic novel.So I m the guy who has seen the film adaptation and now read the graphic novel adaptation, but has never read the original novel I guess that s a bit silly since I m sure I d love Lehane s novel As we say, It s on my list This graphic novel adaptation was nice I liked it The art is good moody tones that keep the feel of the story [...]

    15. Note Didn t see the movie, didn t read the novel Sadly, I honestly can t get over the fact that the art is so, so messy And not in a good way.Sometimes, it s a bit hard to tell who s who, the characters faces looking different every so many panels.The color scheme feels mostly monotone and muddy, save for a handful of special spots for flashbacks fantasies Now, that, I don t mind It sets up the general mood, quite nicely But it s STILL so, so messy There s appeal in the rough, obviously watercol [...]

    16. This is a comic book version of Lehane s novel It s a good story, but the narrative is pretty opaque in places, and I felt stupid for not being able to keep up with all the names sprinkled along the trail I ve not read the original novel, nor seen the movie based on the book I am interested in the latter, just to see how it compares, but I wasn t entranced enough by the structure or characters to spend the time to explore the words only version.I m also curious to know if this was a project wort [...]

    17. I honestly thought this book would be good, because of all the rave reviews for the movie However, I was very disappointed I felt the action really didnt get started until the last 100 pages of the book The end was really messed up and was a little disappointed with the ending.Apparently the main character Teddy is andrew laedis but you dont know this until the last 30 pages of the book and he is suffering from disillusional thoughts He goes to a psychiatric hospital prison on an island that is [...]

    18. Had to read a graphic novel for a school assignment, and chose this one It was good, just kind of confusing I do already know the story, since I ve seen the movie on multiple occasions, but I just think the story sounded rushed in this form Also, although the art was beautiful, it didn t give much away as far as emotions go, and I found a lot of the characters looked too similar to even be able to tell who was talking at certain points Overall, I love the story, I just did not enjoy it very much [...]

    19. I was rather disappointed by this adaptation of Shutter Island the graphic novel Even though the drawings are quite nice and atmospheric they sometimes lack a bit of precision It s been quite hard to tell the different characters apart and I also think the facial expressions haven t been as distinctive as they could ve been After having seen the movie which I thought to be very well I was quite impressed by the various hints and indictions on various levels of the movie pointing to the resolutio [...]

    20. Once you get past the distraction of Lehane s atrocious grammar, shotty sentence structure and general lack of writing mechanics, the story that he creates is undeniably one of the most compelling that I ve read in a long time Again, I read this as a preface to the movie adaptation and I wasn t expecting too much but i was pleasantly surprised to find that I couldn t put the book down It was one of those rare novels that had me reaching for the beside lamp at 2am because I just needed to know wh [...]

    21. I really liked the original novel a lot, but didn t like the graphic novel quite as much and that s probably because I m not much of a visual person but I m making an effort to read graphic novels I had the same problem with this one that I ve had with some other graphic novels it s hard for me to tell one character from another a lot of the time Since I read the original novel first, I also missed a lot of the little nuances from the storyline I did especially like the full color dream sequenc [...]

    22. I had seen the movie several years ago, but having remembered liking it how suspenseful and how it ended being a shocker, decided to give the book a try Overall it was a pretty good read I m still not sure though in the written setting, how the ending works that I mean, it s a shocking, yet easy way to answer all the questions that had been leading up to the end Was it creative Sort of At the same time, did it kind of feel like an easy way out, yes Either way, I enjoyed the read and it was well [...]

    23. The art while nice at first is very muddled and dark in the sense that it s confusing and makes it difficult to distinguish between characters.The story is intriguing but it felt like it was somehow fighting to gain the attention of the reader against the backdrop of the art and failed in the process.All in all it was interesting enough that I might check the novel this was based on or the movie.

    24. This was okay I probably only understood what was happening though because I ve seen the movie Also it was hard to keep track between the different characters because the illustrations all looked the same They were kind of bland The only ones I really liked were his flashbacks Those were cool Like I said It was good but confusing if you haven t seen the movie Also, the whole time I kept picturing Leonardo Dicaprio, which was nice.

    25. Passionless, obvious adaptation of the Lehane novel, with any elements of surprise leached out of the narrative Spoiled by some of the muddiest and least clear artwork I ve seen in a graphic novel in years Given that the book is widely available and the movie is on every DVD shelf in the Universe, there s absolutely no reason to spend time trying to plough through this mundane, second rate adaptation.

    26. I mentioned to a coworker that I d seen the movie over the weekend and had liked it than the book the ending comes off less contrived in the movie He said that he d read the graphic novel, and I found it in my mailbox the next day As a graphic novel, it works well The art is spare, sepia toned, with not a lot of embellishments, and is executed with a wash technique that adds to the noir feel Like many graphic novels it is almost storyboard like.

    27. I tried to read this in novel form 3 times, and could never get into it So when I saw the graphic novel version, I grabbed it It was a quick read The artwork was fine with me, though may not be for everyone tastes There is a alot of reading here If you re looking for action, this is not the one you wantA great story, well done and just my thoughts, but U.S Marshal Teddy Daniels looks like a young Darren McGavin here.

    28. Interesting from a psychologist point of view really, as it questions the old divisions on the human psychological care front Old but still running, especially in France And old and specific to psychology and psychiatry, but telling a lot about societies and their philosophy of determination and human nature I was a bit frustrated by the end, but I guess it s inherent to my lack of taste for uncertainty sometimes.

    29. Not a bad adaptation per se, but the lack of description that is provided in Dennis Lehane s Shutter Island can leave readers confused or even disinterested.I read this adaptation after reading the novel and that sort of redeemed this book However, one shouldn t have to read one book to understand another That is the reason for the 3 star rating.

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