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Mathilda and the Orange Balloon By Randall de Sève Jen Corace,

  • Title: Mathilda and the Orange Balloon
  • Author: Randall de Sève Jen Corace
  • ISBN: 9780061726859
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How can a small sheep become a big orange balloon With a lot of imagination and determination anything is possible
    Mathilda and the Orange Balloon How can a small sheep become a big orange balloon With a lot of imagination and determination anything is possible

    One thought on “Mathilda and the Orange Balloon”

    1. If you like the books Little Pea, Little Hoot, this one is sure to please same illustrator and same feel Why I like this book go sheep I love the spunky nature of this sheep and her determination to be something other than well a sheep Yeah, I like sheep but this one is beyond cute she is imaginative and helps others sheep think out side the box The illustrations are a perfect match to the text Not good for storytime but every child should read this book before heading to kindergarten Themes sel [...]

    2. Seriously Randall De Seve, one of my favorite talented illustrators, has somebody ELSE illustrating this book Well but Jen Corace, with her wide eyed characters and clear lines, her excellent use of white space, is a perfect illustrator for a story about a sheep Lovely colors, too, both the muddy colors and the bright colors Although once Matilda turns into an orange balloon she kind of looks like a big ball of cheddar cheese, but I don t think that could have been avoided.

    3. Simple, direct story with visual humor and imaginative concepts Borders on poetry in places with its orange is repetitive pattern.Could serve as mentor text for young writers.

    4. Mathilda and the Orange Balloon was a surprise little pick up from the library Written by Randall de S ve and illustrated by Jen Corace, this tale teaches children that no matter what your surroundings or situation, no matter if other people say you can t do or be something, if you have an imagination and you believe in yourself, you can be ANYTHING you want to be even an orange balloon I found this SO heartwarming and such a great message for the kids of today.

    5. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, everybody Our book today is Mathilda And The Orange Balloon, written by Randall de S ve and illustrated by Jen Corace It tells the tale of a little sheep with big dreams, who finds that the power of imagination puts the impossible within reach.Mathilda the sheep lives a very simple life in a very simple place from her pasture, she can see green grass and a green barn, gray rocks and gray [...]

    6. My kids and I have read this book at bedtime about a thousand times and we all love it The illustrations are gorgeous, and the message is inspiring.

    7. Mathilda s world is small, only a few things in it gray skies, green grass, green barn, gray stones, and gray sheep It was all ok, until she saw the bright orange balloon float past Then all she wanted to be was an orange balloon herself First, she made herself as round as the balloon The hardest part is turning herself orange The other sheep offer up ideas of things that are orange fierce tigers, the sun, autumn leaves Mathilda imagined herself orange and round as hard as she could and suddenly [...]

    8. Story about imagination It started off great with Mathilda declaring, orange balloonat s me The other sheep don t believe, but Mathilda asks them to describe the balloon and she acts it out, believing that she is an orange balloon The realization in the end that anything is possible didn t feel much of a realization because of the active imagination that has already been demonstrated throughout the story by Mathilda Nevertheless, it is a good book that opens up a child s imagination and helps th [...]

    9. This is a fun, cute book about Mathilda the sheep wanting to be an orange balloon in a world where everything is gray and small When the other sheep denies her, she asks them for the traits of a balloon They list out traits about the orange balloon, and Mathilda proves that she can do those too I think this book sends the message that anything is possible, and the sky is really the limit when it comes to something you want to do or be This is a great book to branch off to other colors.Appropriat [...]

    10. What I like how Matilda the Gray Sheep decides she is an Orange Balloon, and leads the other sheep from making obvious comparisons Matilda is round like a balloon to less obvious ones orange is the sun, warm as wool What I don t like Then the sheep realized anything was possible Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda.

    11. Mathilda had such imagination Every time someone would say something logical she would just go right back around and give them an imagined example Mathilda knew she could be anything she wanted to be even if it was not possible She used her imagination and with it she was able to experience many happy things I loved this little sheep and so will you

    12. OKI must be missing it I thought this book was really nonsensical and uninteresting I found myself quickly losing interest in the storyline Even the cute illustrations couldn t make this one work for me.

    13. I don t know that I really get the meaning behind this story I think the author is trying to convey that anything is possible but that doesn t really connect to the sheep Mathilda for me that well But, the illustrations were cute and who doesn t love a little lamb

    14. Mathilda is so imaginative and clever at freeing us from our inhibiting mindsets that she should be right up there with that little piglet, except she s not nearly as pretentious and would simply shrug and let the piglet have all the limelight Yup.

    15. This is a cute storyy is the limit themeThis would be good to use when discussing imagination with children.

    16. I liked the lovely, sweet illustrations and the idea that something beautiful can open our eyes to even possibilities.

    17. This cracked my little boys up because the story was so poorly written You think you re going somewhere with the story and then you don t.

    18. Very simple story and clean illustrationsloved the contrast of the drab world on the farm as compared to the brilliance of all things orange.

    19. What an interesting book It offers the reader to dream big It celebrates and explains the color orange.Theme BalloonsAdditional themes orange, sheep, imagination

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