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The Children of Men By P.D. James,

  • Title: The Children of Men
  • Author: P.D. James
  • ISBN: 9780676977691
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Children of Men begins in England in 2021, in a world where all human males have become sterile and no child will be born again The final generation has turned twenty five, and civilization is giving way to strange faiths and cruelties, mass suicides and despair Theodore Faron, Oxford historian and cousin to the omnipotent Warden of England, a dictator of great subtlThe Children of Men begins in England in 2021, in a world where all human males have become sterile and no child will be born again The final generation has turned twenty five, and civilization is giving way to strange faiths and cruelties, mass suicides and despair Theodore Faron, Oxford historian and cousin to the omnipotent Warden of England, a dictator of great subtlety, has resigned himself to apathy Then he meets Julian, a bright, attractive woman, who wants Theo to join her circle of unlikely revolutionaries, a move that may shatter his shell of passivity And maybe, just maybe, hold the key to survival for the human race.
    The Children of Men The Children of Men begins in England in in a world where all human males have become sterile and no child will be born again The final generation has turned twenty five and civilization is giv

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    1. Posted at Shelf InflictedI went to the library to spice up my life and came across a display inviting me to go on a blind date with a book Each one was covered in brown wrapping paper with a big red heart Underneath the heart was a very brief description The one I picked up said Receptive and chilling It was fun driving home with a book I knew absolutely nothing about I couldn t wait to get it home, pour myself a glass of wine, strip off its cover, and learn its secrets To my disappointment, it [...]

    2. I have come to realize, years after writing this review, that is it is marked by a na ve Lamarckism a belief in the heredity of acquired characteristics But I ll let it stand as a reminder of my errors, and how much I have learned since then I never was much of a genre reader but at some time in my middle years I was assailed by a love of dystopias There s nothing like a vivid tale of the world ending to truly set me at my ease It did not occur to me until I read Norman Cohn s The Pursuit of the [...]

    3. Told with P D James s trademark suspense, insightful characterization, and riveting storytelling I have wanted to read this book for a long time I loved the movie I thought it was brilliant, exciting, suspenseful and terrifying all at once It was everything the book should have been but was not What the book was, unfortunately, was big stretches of yawn interspersed by long jumps of Are we there yet Are we there yet Are we fucking there yet and little bunny hops of Oh, that s interesting moments [...]

    4. Re read for post apocalyptic book club.I liked this book better, the second time around I read this the first time quite a while ago, and I think perhaps my age has something to do with the difference in perceptions It s certainly a piece geared toward older readers Although it contains violence and tension, it s slow moving, with a quiet, elegiac feel.Our narrator, Theo, a lonely academic, is the cousin of the Warden of England The upheaval of the world s current situation has allowed the Warde [...]

    5. The Children of Men was a really nice buddy read with a internet friend outside the bookish community who has a soft spot for dystopia, something that is rather unknown field to myself He mentioned wanting to read this book, and I seductively lured my bookish fingers around his mind and suggested us doing a buddy read, something he had no previous experience of I also asked him to write a few words down of his thoughts for my review, and if I ever get them, I shall add them below my own words He [...]

    6. Early this morning, 1 January 2021, three minutes after midnight, the last human being to be born on earth was killed in a pub brawl in a suburb of Buenos Aires, aged twenty five years, two months and twelve days Despite a riveting premise, I did not enjoy this novel at all.Children of Men struggled to engage me due to an opening act that lasted for the entirety of book 1 The Omega , an unlikeable protagonist and confused thematic messaging THE PLOT We are outraged and demoralized less by the im [...]

    7. This novel seriously freaked me out when I read it I actually sat in stunned and depressed contemplation at my own lack of children and the decisions I believed I held dear at the time I didn t care to bring children into this world, and at the time, I hated the world pretty much entirely, so I got struck against the back of my head after reading this and I haven t really been the same, since.The novel took me on a very disturbing ride with the ultimate death of humanity by way of sterility The [...]

    8. Ugh I don t like the cover of this book the one showing on this page Don t get me wrong, I like Clive Owen, and the 2006 movie is not too shabby but it does not have much to do with the original text apart from the basic premise and Theo the protagonist of the movie is the polar opposite of the novel s character The author P.D James is best known for her crime fiction novels mostly featuring defective detective Adam Dalgliesh who is also a poet I have only read a couple of these Dalgliesh books [...]

    9. I was disappointed by the film, finding myself unable to muster sympathy for the characters, but I was intrigued by the basic plot and so ventured out to explore the novel PD James original creation follows a plot significantly different compared to that of the movie, but I found it to be no less disappointing The main character, Theo, was perhaps even less likable, due mostly to his lack of conviction about anything during the first half of the book I was never able to develop an intense fear o [...]

    10. I read this novel after I saw the movie, and discovered this novel is one of the rare exceptions where the movie is better than the novel It s not that it was badly written It s just that the author had the wrong focus.The novel is set in a near future where humanity has lost the ability to have children Worldwide sterility has persisted for so long that an entire generation has grown up without any children at all England has become a dictatorship ruled by Xan Lyppiatt The main character is Dr [...]

    11. It s been than a quarter century since a human baby was born on earth Since that time, the aging population has been just sort of hanging around, preparing itself for the inevitable extinction Some people develop strong attachments to pets or dolls Others concentrate on self improvement with adult education classes BUT, the secretive and rather sinister council keeps a firm grip on everything, regulating the lives and even the deaths of all citizens.James tells her tale with third person narrat [...]

    12. I saw the film adaptation of P D James dystopian tale on television last night with Caine and Owen reliably excellent for the third or fourth time and it reminded me, yet again, how much I d enjoyed the novel upon which it was loosely based James is one of those middle aged female British writers Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine is another who put their seemingly endless supply of interesting, somewhat dark stories to the page with a considerable amount of subtlety and elegance stuffed into what otherw [...]

    13. This is perhaps the only film from the past decade which I can watch eight plus times within a year Compulsively rewatchable Perhaps one of the greatest movies ever made Something But you mustmustmustmust watch this It is unbelievably fantastic Reallyreallyreally great My enthusiasm is earnest and I won t use the required umpteen s required to indicate the urgency with which you must watch this beautiful, hopeful film and don t miss Zizek s five minute commentary The film is so good that I don t [...]

    14. Loved the movie and can t wait to read the book.Well, the book and the movie are definitely two separate entities They even have different endings P.D James book lacks the action and excitement of the film version and P.D James does go on about things like the decor of Theo s house and the political makeup of her futuristic England And I would have liked the main character Theo to behave a bit honorably But I enjoyed the rendering of a world in which the last baby was born 25 years ago.The book [...]

    15. I found this story dull I almost stopped at several times but pressed on based on the high ratings of friends It wasn t until the final chapter that I really cared what happened However, I have a feeling the story the message behind it will stick with me a VERY LONG time So often we refer to a birth as the miracle of birth but how often do we really see it as a miracle Modern medicine and technology has removed so much of the risk for so many people But the fact that we are still able to have ch [...]

    16. I wanted to love this book, I really did I have a very large soft spot for the P.D James mysteries that I d read and Alfonso Cuaron s adaptation of this book was beautiful, dark and easily the most wrenching apocalyptic film that I can think of If only the source material lived up to the grandeur of the film.Don t get me wrong, it s still a remarkably bleak book It s set in the year 2021 and the last child born to humankind, twenty five years previously, has just been killed Somehow every person [...]

    17. Rating 3.5 StarsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsThis is the way the world endsNot with a bang but a whimper T.S EliotA dystopian post apocalypse story Twenty five years before the story begins the Human race loses the ability to reproduce and there you are The Apocalypse strikes only this one doesn t consist of horrific death courtesy of a shattering virus, a planet killing meteor or environmental collapse Humanity is left to live it s remaining years in relative peac [...]

    18. I m a sucker for apocalypse novels, so maybe I m not the most objective reviewer, but this one rocked me It s a beautifully written, very cleverly constructed novel of ideas that also features a well developed main character James is writing about alienation and estrangement personal, political, social , but she also offers a really thoughtful, really interesting exploration of political responsibility in the face of tyranny One star gets deducted from what would otherwise be a five star review [...]

    19. I loved the recent film version of this which should have gotten WAY Oscar nominations, dammit , so of course I had to read the book, which I d been told was very different Is it ever While the basic premise remains the same, many of the events and pretty much the entire meaning of the novel were altered for the film While the movie is LOUD and VIOLENT, the book is quiet and desolate and lonely The book explores themes of guilt and how men er, mostly I mean humans here rather than males, althou [...]

    20. Mi chiedo se, per alcuni grandi scrittori penso, ad esempio, a Saramago, McCarthy, Atwood la spinta a scrivere una storia distopica sia la stessa che periodicamente mi fa sentire il bisogno di legger questo tipo di storie Nel mio caso si tratta della necessit di rivivere una paura anestetizzandola, tenendola a bada, circoscrivendola alle pagine di un romanzo.Non sono una buona lettrice di gialli quindi non conosco l opera di P.D James specializzata in questo genere sono stata, invece, attratta d [...]

    21. A bleak and emotional narrative of the gradual decline of our society and the structure of our political system The food supply, gas supply and clean water is rapidly diminishing Set in the near future, no child has been born for 25 years The human race is quickly becoming endangered A former professor, and the cousin to Britain s dictator, the Warden, Theo has agreed to the task of being an ambassador of a small group called the Five Fishes When his attempts to convince the Warden that immediat [...]

    22. Dystopian books have a certain appeal Dystopian films also appeal so when I watched Children of Men several years back I was impressed enough to think that I would one day read the book I finally have.Now this is not meant to be a film is better than the book review and vice versa I, for example, love the Terrence Malick version of the very good book by James Jones The Thin Red Line What I liked about that film was that Malick took an idea and made it into something other The same can be said fo [...]

    23. My overall thoughts 1 This was such a beautifully written book, P.D James does a fantastic job of telling this story in a way that makes it so incredibly believable The basic premise is that all the men in the world have become infertile meaning the last lot of pregnancies become the last generation of children We follow the story of one man as he struggles with the aftermath of this event and how he attempts to hold onto the fragile strings of his life whilst life in its essence seems pointless [...]

    24. A totalitarian world 2020s where all humans are infertile and there are incentives for the infirm to commit suicide Dissidents on the run, chases and hardship etc, but not as clich d as that sounds Gripping, chilling and mostly believable characters The science is never really explained, so futuristic rather than sci fi The film is very different, and not in a good way fortunately I read the book first.

    25. This book is an allegory, but a thrilling allegory for all that It is better and less heavy hand than say the Narnia books The characters are a little flat but the world building is wonderful Once the story starts moving, it really starts moving

    26. Not a bad book, but IMHO the movie is much better P.D James has a nice style, but it doesn t begin to compare with the film s stunning cinematography.

    27. One of the great powers of speculative fiction is its ability to make us aware of things we may not have considered PD James was 72, the mother of two daughters, when she wrote Children of Men She s still writing today at 92 I would guess that being a mother gave her the ability to imagine a world without children, a race gone sterile For 25 years, no babies have been born elementary schools are abandoned and condemned, and playgrounds become graveyards More importantly, the human race has lost [...]

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