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Nova War By Gary Gibson,

  • Title: Nova War
  • Author: Gary Gibson
  • ISBN: 9780230706804
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Found adrift near a Bandati colony far away from Consortium space, Dakota and Corso find themselves prisoners of the Bandati It becomes clear to them that the humanity s limited knowledge of the rest of the galaxy filtered through the Shoal is direly inaccurate.
    Nova War Found adrift near a Bandati colony far away from Consortium space Dakota and Corso find themselves prisoners of the Bandati It becomes clear to them that the humanity s limited knowledge of the rest

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    1. Before I even launch into this review I have one word Emissary.Imagine an alien race that is half Cthulhu, half Mammoth and all bad attitude If that doesn t inspire you to read Nova War I m afraid nothing will.What a fun book Filled with violence and sense of wonder, the second novel in the Shoal trilogy takes the story waaay beyond the events of Stealing Light As far as hard Space Opera is concerned, this is turning into a biggie, even though it retains an intimate flavour despite the vast scop [...]

    2. Righto, Macmillan kindly provided me with a copy of Gary Gibson s Nova War It should be enough to say that on the first day of picking it up I was busy and only read it for an hour or so, but on the second day I polished off the rest of the book There s a prison sequence in this that did seem to drag a bit, but not enough to make me abandon the book, nowhere near, otherwise it kicked along very nicely For those of you that read and enjoyed the book before this, Stealing Light, here s of the goo [...]

    3. 4.5 StarsNova War by Gary Gibson picks up right where Stealing Light leaves off This book has a much different feel than the first book It is much a space opera than anything else A great deal of the cyberpunk has been removed from this second book, almost literally speaking.Dakota Merrick is the star, the center, and the pivot point for the world as we know it She goes through some dramatic changes that alter her forever I love her character, her strength, and her unique ability to overlook th [...]

    4. This sequel to Stealing Light fixes many of its predecessor s problems distractingly overt reference to other books is absent, as is clumsy foreshadowing and very predictable plotting This makes it much better, but there are still some problems, mainly at the detailed sentence level of occasional poor grammar and bad phrasing.The over arching theme of both books with at least one to come seems to be about nuclear proliferation and who should be allowed to control such devastating weapons Of cou [...]

    5. Nova WarGary GibsonTor, 2009Nova War is the sequel to 2008 s Stealing Light a book that, surprise surprise, has yet to get a release here in the states Nova War dispenses with some of the mystery of the first novel and trading it instead for some serious action Indeed things are ratcheted right up to eleven and amongst all the action and excitement I felt that Gibson still managed to do an excellent job in creating unique and memorable characters and wound up with a book that surpassed its prede [...]

    6. Gibson s second book in the Shoal Sequence continues following its two protagonists from Stealing Light , Dakota Merrick and Lucas Corso, largely in two separate narratives Having concluded their previous story in possession of the ultimate prize, a superluminal and ultra powerful starship full of technologies denied to humanity, Gibson promptly removes that advantage from them in order to ratchet up the stakes While a good part of the first half of the book is a snail pace chronicle of their im [...]

    7. Dakota Merrick and Lucas Corso have recovered an alien spacecraft belonging to the enigmatic and long extinct Magi Possessing a functional FTL drive, the ship holds the key to freeing humanity from its dependency on the Shoal, hitherto believed to be the only race to possess the secret of superluminal travel Unfortunately, Dakota and Luca are now guests of the Bandati, another Shoal vassal species equally anxious to gain the secrets of the drive As different factions of Bandati battle one anothe [...]

    8. I wrote about my distaste for the first book in the series, which had SO MUCH potential but was completely overpowered by sloppy writing and self indulgent gratuitous eroticism Dakota Merrick has all the parts in play to be a strong, intriguing character with a lot of depth but she wastes it by spending the first book fucking everyone including her ship Other reviews suggest the series gets stronger as it goes, so I popped open the second one to see how the writing evolves.It opens with the same [...]

    9. RATING 3 stars.O segundo livro de The Shoal Sequence come a quase imediatamente onde terminou o anterior Dakota e Corso, os nossos dois protagonistas, emergem com a sua nave capaz de FTL num sistema controlado pelos Bandati, uma esp cie alien gena que se organiza em Colmeias como as abelhas Os nossos dois her is s o capturados e torturados para que os Bandati obtenham informa es sobre a estranha nave em que os dois humanos apareceram.Ao mesmo tempo, numa colmeia rival, est o a ser reunidos esfor [...]

    10. This book opens with Dakota and Corso in the clutches of the Bandati, being tortured for information Communication barriers and misunderstandings relating to differing physiologies mean that the whole experience ends up being far worse for the humans than, one feels, the Bandati originally intended At least, that s what one s given to believe at at least one point of the narrative One soon learns that two major Bandati Hives are at war or at least, at daggers drawn over something they discovered [...]

    11. Ik was gewaarschuwd dat Stealing light deel 1 van de Shoal sequence beter is dan het vervolg Helaas moet ik de waarschuwers gelijk geven De lijn van het verhaal is prima al is het eerste kwart wel wat traag en soms wat onbegrijpelijk , de aliens zijn weer super de Bandati vond ik wat vlak, maar de Shoal en de Emissaries zijn briljant , de actie is bij vlagen geweldig al vond ik ook hier het eerste kwart niet heel sterk en meerdere scenes zijn memorabel Waarom dan toch niet zo goed als deel 1 afg [...]

    12. Nova War raised the bar on Stealing Light in almost every respect, kicking off with an epic action sequence consider the gigantic space worm from The Empire Strikes Back set The Restaurant at the End of The Universe deep within its gullet then send in NYPD detective John McClane to bring out a suspected crimelord with minimal casualties Cap that off with an aerial chase right out of Point Break, and you have a killer opening to a book that just doesn t stop Well done from start to finish, and a [...]

    13. I love all the parts of this series, but they don t seem to add up to a satisfying whole Like the glaringly missed payoff in the last book when the protagonist finally gets her hands on the most prized object in the galaxy an FTL spaceship Couldn t we have taken JUST A LITTLE joy in that accomplishment in EITHER of these books Instead of the thrill of superluminal flight, we get our heroes imprisoned and tortured for over half the book Not where I d have taken the series It just felt like a huge [...]

    14. As with Stealing Light, the universe that Gary Gibson has created is fascinating The characters are reasonably portrayed although the second main character Lucas Corso seems misplaced and little than a person to run around from one disaster to the next without an end goal in mind.The reason I rate this book 2 stars is due to the incredible length of time it takes for the story to really get going It is roughly 200 pages from the beginning and the characters begin their road to escaping the pris [...]

    15. Captured by the winged Bandati, Dakota and Corso are in on the beginning of the Long War s escalation when Trader sets off a flurry of novas in Emissary systems When things finally got going, this was as good as the previous book, but nearly the first third was taken up with Dakota and Corso being repeatedly tortured and brutalized to no purpose Also, Corso is presented throughout as not very bright when it comes to intrigue and yet Dakota leaves him in charge of a major new peacekeeping organiz [...]

    16. I found the first third of this novel slow I ll admit that protagonists in prison is one of my big dislikes Or, accurately, I dislike it when authors show characters doing nothing, or being victimized By way of comparison, in the Count of Monte Cristo, though it s been decades, the time the protagonist spent in prison he was still acting on his environment, not being nothing but a victim of it Equally, Zelazny s Corwin of Amber at the end of Nine Princes, I think , regardless that his eyes were [...]

    17. Dakota and Freelander Corso have run away from the Arctic Nova s sun turning nova in the sentient derelict The ship is damaged and they are taken prisoners and tortured by the Bandati, a species of similar to Earth bats Old secrets are unraveled, with the faith of the Galaxy hanging in balance Both Dakota and Corso grow beneath our eyes and set firmly on their path we feel close to them, to their doubts and mistakes and struggle to overcome their weakness, to retain their humanity and to make th [...]

    18. 2,5 starsGary Gibson has watched Star Wars Exogorth and Flight of the Navigator The Last Starfighter.There is still too much torture and blackmail in this sequel.I didn t like the return of a supposedly dead antagonist from the previous book.For a space opera the world of the book is still rather small.The books is a sequence of scenes in which one character forces another character to do something she he doesn t want to do.The end of the book reminded of the Peter F Hamilton s Night s Dawn tril [...]

    19. Dakota Merrick and Julian Corso among the Bandati with Trader of the Shoal scheming as usual, Magi ships waking out of slumber and the super villains Emissaries appearing on the scene too to boot, while the Makers long shadow hovers in the background.Just awesome with all that you want and in new space opera.There are homages to all and sundry masters of space opera inside this series among the many superb touches while the writing is very good with narrative punch that keeps you turning the pa [...]

    20. Dakota has to make some hard choices in this book we find that there are other races who use the Shoal s ships but there is another problem the Shoal did not create these ships they were found She has developed the ability to remotely interface with ships and she discovers that she has been manipulated by the Shoal so she runs and she works on a solution that would benefit humans as well as other races.

    21. The main character makes a mistake of being captured outside of the safety of her magician s ship The rest of the book are the consequences of that mistake The whole book I was asking myself what kind of idiot would let herself be captured like that And her partner Idiot too Apparently, in author s universe, there aren t any likable intelligent characters, except for the villein Trader I really dislike books like that But the writing style is ok, and graphic details are enjoyable.

    22. The only issue I have with this series is that I sometimes get really confused by descriptions of various planetary systems, drones, airships, and things like that I love the eeriness of the aliens, the dialogues are great and the whole concept of machine heads makes the difference The installment ended at its best I am excited to see who the Maker is and how they are going to welcome Dakota

    23. The second book of the Shoal Sequence , Nova War picks up the pace and delivers an exciting story Remarkable for its bizarre and interesting alien races, and a history wherein humanity is only a recent addition and far out of their depth at that this is unfolding into a most excellent space opera

    24. Exactly what you d expect from a middle book of a trilogy character development, some surprises, and a bridge from the beginning to the end It bogged down a touch, but I thought this one had a little originality I don t want to say much because I don t really like to pick apart individual books in a series until I ve read the entire thing.Looking forward to the conclusion.

    25. Pretty much meh It s ok, but when you ve read some Peter F Hamilton or Iain M Banks then it begins to look distinctly worse Characters do not act in sensible ways, the narrative loops in strange ways, the descriptions of battles and vessels evoke nothing in my mindund it fairly difficult to wade through to be honest.

    26. Really enjoyed this, the second book of the series Gary Gibson has a great vocabulary and doesn t dumb things down I mostly enjoyed the magnitude of the civilizations, time frames and weight the main character carried.

    27. In progress.The Bandati are a winger species, one of the few whose portion of the galaxy borders with the human space.The beginning of the book is a fantastic Fight scene between Security agencies, all winged.

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