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The Devil You Know By Mike Carey,

  • Title: The Devil You Know
  • Author: Mike Carey
  • ISBN: 9780446580304
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Felix Castor is a freelance exorcist, and London is his stamping ground It may seem like a good ghost buster can charge what he likes and enjoy a hell of a lifestyle but there s a risk Sooner or later he s going to take on a spirit that s too strong for him While trying to back out of this ill conceived career, Castor accepts a seemingly simple ghost hunting case at aFelix Castor is a freelance exorcist, and London is his stamping ground It may seem like a good ghost buster can charge what he likes and enjoy a hell of a lifestyle but there s a risk Sooner or later he s going to take on a spirit that s too strong for him While trying to back out of this ill conceived career, Castor accepts a seemingly simple ghost hunting case at a museum in the shadowy heart of London just to pay the bills, you understand But what should have been a perfectly straightforward exorcism is rapidly turning into the Who Can Kill Castor First Show, with demons and ghosts all keen to claim the big prize That s OK Castor knows how to deal with the dead It s the living who piss him off
    The Devil You Know Felix Castor is a freelance exorcist and London is his stamping ground It may seem like a good ghost buster can charge what he likes and enjoy a hell of a lifestyle but there s a risk Sooner or later

    One thought on “The Devil You Know”

    1. 4.0 stars This book was much better than I had anticipated it to be which was a very pleasant, if UNEXPECTED, SURPRISE I thought this was going to be a decent, but somewhat cheesy Urban Fantasy knock off of the Dresden Files While certainly these two series share many basic themes as most UF does , this was a TERRIFIC READ In fact, in two very important respects I thought this book was actually SUPERIOR to the Dresden books Given that the Dresden books are the current standard at least for male [...]

    2. The tone of this novel is bleak, saturnine, and wry Shades of horror and dark urban fantasy blended into a noir mystery that kept me guessing until the end I love when a writer is able to pull all the elements together that he introduces to me, from beginning to end And that s what Mike Carey does here Tight plotting and subtle characterization Even the characters that would seem stereotypical have depth and intensity.Felix Castor gets added to my roster of male lead urban fantasy go to characte [...]

    3. Solid three and a half stars I m rounding up in Carey s case, because I think his hero is suffering from comparison to Carey s own Constantine, and Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden I too thought of Harry Dresden while I was reading, but I found Felix Castor to be likeable, and the overall story enjoyable It is clearly a first book in a series, meaning that there is a great deal of world building I felt it was worthwhile, and not excessive to me, but I enjoy a well thought out world and the investme [...]

    4. There s something about all detective novels that provide a very nice pace for the prospective reader, a gentle lulling between beatings and the solving of murders, and this is only enhanced by the inclusion of ghosts and Succubi I only learned later into the reading of this that he s the author of other Constantine stories, so my initial connection made perfect sense Hell, I like Constantine, so this is pretty much perfect for me.I know I m going to like the rest of the series, if this is a goo [...]

    5. Yay, this was on my Kindle for a long time, and since my romance kick has cooled, I picked it up VERY HAPPY I DID Felix Castor is an exorcist in an alt London, attitude y and very enjoyable This is a non romance type paranormal, so it was a nice break from my usual, and I really loved the mystery aspect of the book, it was well done In addition, it kinda creeped me out, so I had to check the closet twice before bed time Ghosts can be creepy even in print Jim Butcher fans will like this series I [...]

    6. Great urban fantasy Urban Fantasy but man does it move slooooow Also, it s one of those books where the main character does a lot of thinking and explaining to the audience and I m left wondering what the other characters are doing when he s taking 10 minutes to explain demons or whatever Playing All Hail the Queen headdesk God Save the Queen with their armpit Making a trip to Burger King Summoning their own demon However, it was quite nice to a have a different type of Rosa a character in the b [...]

    7. You move on You move back On because you re always getting older, back because there s always a set of habits and routines to catch you and suck you back in when your guard is down I loved Mike Carey s writing style, it s sublime colorful, poetic flow, funny when it s supposed to be, dramatic when it s supposed to be Not all of the British terminology is familiar, but I adore the British writing tone as long as it s not bone dry And hey, learn something new every day The protagonist Felix is a l [...]

    8. Cover 3 5Story 5 5Action 5 5Writing 5 5Favorite character s Felix, Rafi Asmodeus, ScrubMost annoying character s Juliet, Gabe, Rich, DamjohnLoved this book However, I ll take away 1 star because of the bad ending Seriously view spoiler Juliet wants to be his apprentice or whatever hide spoiler 4 stars This big expert on paranormal phenomena is doing a lecture tour of the UK, and he gets to Aberystwyth on a Friday night And he goes into the hall, and it s packed Shuffles his notes, clears his thr [...]

    9. Okay, I picked this up on the strength of a recommendation that if I liked Jim Butcher s Dresden series, I d probably like these I can t say that There is a huge difference in this character, the world he functions in and the overall feel of the book When I say the world is different I m sure some thought or said aloud well of course the world s different, did you expect it to take place in the same world No My meaning there was that the world is a much darker negative place Fix is a far nihil [...]

    10. To be honest I cant be bothered to write an extensive review on this Sometimes readers and books just don t click I started reading this in the hope of lining it up as my next urban fantasy series as I am running out of Dresden books but the plot was too slow, the characters bordered on boring and it was too light on the fantasy elements.

    11. This is a reread for me, huge fan of the Castor novels so the next little while will be loads of fun while I revisit that world They are brilliant So this is less a review and a read them read them all

    12. This book was a major disappointment I m a huge fan of Mike Carey s work for DC Comics Vertigo imprint, and I thought he did a masterful job crafting new tales for characters created by Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore So when I heard he was working on a series of novels, I was eager to see what he could do with a world of his own creation Sadly, the answer turned out to be not very much.The premise of following the exploits of an exorcist for hire sounds promising, but Carey just doesn t do enough wi [...]

    13. I m seriously supposed to write down what I learned from this book I am not impressed by this review form but as this is my first review I should probably curb my disdain a bit Very well then What I Learned from This Book I learned that I very much enjoy books about ghosts and other supernatural creatures that have infested our modern world I learned that I especially like books of this nature when they are narrated by sardonic and somewhat seedy male narrators who make their livings performing [...]

    14. This is probably of a 2.5 stars but I m gonna round up this time, completely arbitrarily and also based on the fact that I ve been rounding down so much this week and it s depressing This book wasn t necessarily bad but it was 1 entirely too long and 2 fairly uninspired I feel like coming from comics into novels Carey overcompensated a bit and included a lot of random details inner monologue that wasn t really necessary to the story because this book just dragged on and on for me It picked up t [...]

    15. 4.5 Original first read rating was 4 Despite the etymology of his name, Felix Fix Castor feels anything but happy or lucky In his altered world, in which the dead have risen and now pace the streets as zombies and ghosts, Felix s skills as an exorcist are at a premium After a terrible accident in which he helped to bind a friend s soul to a demon, Felix is trying to take early retirement from the ghostbuster business With money tight and fear on the rise, it s just not that easy for Felix to han [...]

    16. It s extremely tempting to give this book five stars simply because this is easily one of my favorite series of all time The writing, however, is a bit rough and it definitely has the feel of a book where the author is setting up his world and character rather than just telling a story.It may be a bit flawed, but man this is such a great book I love Felix, I love the supporting characters, I love books that involve supernatural aspects anyway, as long as those aspects are not vampires and werewo [...]

    17. I have so many conflicting feelings about this complex book I don t know where to begin The overall feeling of the book is sadness and loneliness which works really well but still left me feeling sad myself at the end the next book is much less depressing which is good The protagonist is believable and multi layered and I really liked him The bad guys are really bad but still not flat The good guys are regular people All of the characters feel real to me The plot is good and had me guessing ther [...]

    18. 4.5 StarsThe Devil You May Know by Mike Carey is the first book in the Felix Castor series I have to confess that this is a series that is made for my guilty pleasure This is a story and a series about an exorcist named Felix This is an urban fantasy and a detective noir twisted together Like all great urban fantasy it takes place in a world very much like our own.This was a great start to the series and I felt that Felix did an okay job at carrying the weight of the book I am always looking for [...]

    19. A darker, edgier version of the Dresden Files, with a sophisticated, mature plot than the crowd pleasing Dresden stories I really liked Felix Castor and the gloomy world created by Mike Carey I think I m a fan, and am going to check out book 2 to confirm.

    20. Good London based urban fantasy about an exorcist who s been on hiatus but takes an innocuous sounding job because he desperately needs money I tried reading this 18 months ago and quit at 1 3 because I couldn t get into it no such problem this time

    21. Urban fantasy, same general map references as The Dresden Files loner magical protagonist with a tragical past, a supernatural mystery, that sort of thing And if you line them up for comparison, this book is Three times better written on a mechanical prose level, Approximately 50% less sexist, Equally creative on the magical front, Immeasurably mature, philosophically.And yet, I cared about it roughly a third as much Sometimes trying to feed the emotional centers of my brain something they ll r [...]

    22. This was a solid 3.5 stars but I m rounding up for series potential There was a ton to like here I just felt it bogged down a little in the middle but for a series book the ending was really good.

    23. A slow paced detailed urban fantasy murder mystery.Felix Castor, Fix to his friends, is an exorcist in a world where ghosts and spirits have become commonplace However, he hasn t practised in a year because he made a critical mistake a year ago and hurt his friends But now he s at a financial dead end and he ends up taking a job to exorcize a ghost from a document archive But nothing is simple about this job, and he receives a warning that the job will be the end of him.Through most of the first [...]

    24. what makes a writer especially a well established writer sits down and wastes his life writing mediocrity write hundreds and hundreds of CW TV episodes materialmaybe this is all he got to give ,maybe he wants to Pay the bills and raise the kids.i really should start lowering my expectations one is going to give me what i want ,no war between a modern day shadow and light ,humans and others vong and republic day i will write it and i will piss on all of them.

    25. 2.5Not quite sure what to say about this one.I liked Fix and his snarky humor and deprecating wit, even if everything reminded me a bit too much of Constantine Not that there weren t differences, cause there are, but I felt the influence was obvious, at the least in some of the humor, the whole guilt about past mistakes with magic hurting friends, that sort of thing.But while Constantine is a all purpose magician, Fix is just an exorcist Well, a retired one, until he s forced to take a job to [...]

    26. This book came up as a suggestion after I read the first two installments of the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey.I am SO glad I did.My pat line is that I do not go too far into plot as that is better left to jacket covers.I used to read Hellblazer religiously pun intended so I was most definitely intrigued by Mike Carey s writing in Novel form.Herein Constantine is reborn with a tin whistle as Felix Castor or Fix Exorcist and scamp extraordinaire This is definitely a pulp noir detective no [...]

    27. 3.5 stars, a good read.Felix Castor sees dead people Actually, in this world everyone sees dead people but only a talented few can make them go away which is how Castor used to earn his living, as an exorcist, before a tragic mistake made him question his calling He takes the job back on due to financial pressures, of course, and tries to solve the mystery of a haunted documentation archive.The adventure, which takes place in an alternate modern day London, is populated with ghosts, demons, loup [...]

    28. I don t care for paranormal detective genre, I don t appreciate its ubiquity and the way it comes across as a cop out sell out option for many good authors instead of them writing original fiction I also don t particularly like series or mysteries, but that s just a personal choice Having that been said, I can appreciate a good book regardless of a genre and this was a good book Mike Carey is a talented writer, capable of nicely turning out a phrase or fleshing out a character or creating suspen [...]

    29. This is a good, light paranormal mystery I enjoyed the snarky main character, the British accents on my audiobook, and there were twists that I didn t see coming I plan to continue the series, so that counts as a ringing endorsement in my book

    30. I really enjoyed this The main character has a great, dry sense of humor, and I really liked the setting It was a good mystery too.

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