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Love Slave for Two: Family Matters By Tymber Dalton,

  • Title: Love Slave for Two: Family Matters
  • Author: Tymber Dalton
  • ISBN: 9781606014714
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nevvie spent her early life feeling unloved and rejected Then she met Tyler and Thomas and her scorchingly hot fairytale dreams came true They have a perfect life and a beautiful son While their family isn t traditional, she s than happy with her two hunky, sexy husbands and their relationship.Unfortunately, a betrayal from where Nevvie least expects it knocks theiNevvie spent her early life feeling unloved and rejected Then she met Tyler and Thomas and her scorchingly hot fairytale dreams came true They have a perfect life and a beautiful son While their family isn t traditional, she s than happy with her two hunky, sexy husbands and their relationship.Unfortunately, a betrayal from where Nevvie least expects it knocks their world on its ear Barely recovering from that, one horrible morning and an unimaginable double tragedy threatens to take her men and destroy all she loves.Struggling to keep things together, Nevvie must forge ahead and draw strength from her unusual adopted circle of friends and family to save her men and preserve the life she loves With Thomas and Tyler s lives on the line, can Nevvie find the will to keep going and bring her husbands safely home Because to Nevvie, family is the only thing that matters.
    Love Slave for Two Family Matters Nevvie spent her early life feeling unloved and rejected Then she met Tyler and Thomas and her scorchingly hot fairytale dreams came true They have a perfect life and a beautiful son While their famil

    One thought on “Love Slave for Two: Family Matters”

    1. Jesus Christ This book s title should have been Don t Bother Reading This, Because It s A Bunch Of Scenes Where Each One Of The Main Characters Cry, Cry, and Cry Some More Sometimes, There s Even Scenes Where They All Cry TOGETHER And Then, There Are More Scenes Where Other Characters Join Their Cry fest Oh, my God I didn t even finish this mess, and I got so far too And I hate not finishing books I only had 30% of it to finish But I just couldn t take it any.And the characters repeat themselves [...]

    2. It was just ok for me I wanted to know what happened to the characters so I kept reading Besides that I would have probably would have put this book down Nevvie was whiny There were times when I thought her whining was justified, she did go through a lot emotionally in this book There were other times though that I just wanted to bitch slap her whiny ass.

    3. 4 Family Matters Stars Audible Review HERE Sooooooo much goes on in this book It s an emotional rollercoaster Tommy and Tyler do a lot of growing up Nevvie is a fantastic mother and wife Things don t always go as they should but the three of them always seem to come out on top No pun intended I did want to smack Tommy a little bit in this book And I believe Tyler and Nevvie forgave to fast but I did like that they all communicated so well I also really liked that Nevvie can still surprise them A [...]

    4. This is a redo reviewThis was book 2 in the Love Slave for two series Nevvie, Tyler and Tom face heart break and challenges First Tom sister calls child services on the trio because she doesn t approve of them and while dealing with that Tyler has a heart attack While coming back from a businesses trip Tom is hit by a car in the hospital parking lot In this book Nevvie was whiny at times and leans on her friends to help her through it While feeling sorry for his self Tom kisses the phyiscal the [...]

    5. I m not sure why I find these books so addictive, but I think it s to do with Tyler and Thomas I just don t like Nevvie as a character and spent most of this book wanting to smack some sense into her There s no real sense of danger, and not very much conflict in this one beyond Nevvie whining for the entire book The dialog is entirely too saccharine and way over the top.Overall, I liked it the least of the books in the series and don t plan on reading if there are any My advice is to go read th [...]

    6. Nevvie is kind of an insecure whiny one in this one She was never really stable or strong in my mind so I guess it s accurate for her to be the way she is high maintenance and all woe is me Thomas is behaving like an ass Guys do that when they feel inadequate Thomas is in a severe depression I didn t like this one as much as I liked the first one Still, it was okay.

    7. Tymber, how do you make me cry every time This was an unusually long book for an erotic romance But it was absolutely fantastic Romance, sex, heartache, suspense, healing, family drama, forgiveness, humor This author is truly talented and gifted at making sure every detail is dealt with in her stories I cried when there were hurts, and let me tell you, there were hurts aplenty I cried when there was healing and also when there were reunions and forgiveness You can t help but get sucked in and fe [...]

    8. Book Two in this series the palpitations and heart flutters of new love are past and now these three are faced with building their life together long term as an unusual family configuration, especially with a baby on the way Again their life together is challenged almost to the point where their relationship is broken, but how they find their way back to wholeness is one of the core issues in this novel Very well written and constructed There is still that hot loving between them, but that does [...]

    9. Really good continuation of the series Love Slave for Two It was great to reconnect with Tyler, Thomas and Nevvie.Lots of medical drama in this installment and a few additions to the family.One thing I did find tiresome was Nevvie s constant crying and sobbing I get that she s going through some tough stuff and Thomas is being a big jerk but you don t have to cry so much Get a grip.Will definitely continue with these books.

    10. I could feel all the emotions in this book and even I started crying with Nevie when she had her break down, she s an extremely brave and strong woman to survive everything she had to deal with in this book Thank you Tymber Dalton for a fabulous book.This book is part of Love Slave for Two Collection Box Set 7 I own the box set and reading books 1 by 1 as I need them.

    11. Maybe not quite as strong as Book 1 The dual tragedy, as noted in the book description, keeps things very hectic chaotic in the first half of the book While essential to the developing story line, it pulled it a bit away from the erotic romance component for quite some time It did, however, have a very strong finish and set things up well for the continuation.

    12. This is another great book in the series This book takes you further into the life of Thomas, Tyler, and Nevie The good and the bad of their life Blessings and near tragedy I love following them and their family If Ms Dalton keeps writing like this I ll keep reading.

    13. Wow A lot happened in this book I wonder what else there could be One thing is for sure, I can t wait to find out

    14. The only thing I can t let go of is Tom still calling her baby girl Every time I hear it it just reminds me of what he did Other than that it was a great book.

    15. This second installment in the saga of Nevvie, Tyler and Thomas is even better than the first one They ve built their unconventional family and are cementing it by bringing a much anticipated and loved baby into their midst The story basically takes off from there.There are trials and tribulations, health scares, accidents and a BDA for a while but with love, patience and understanding they find a way out of the drama and never forget that their relationship, while unusual, is worth it all Ms Da [...]

    16. Genre Erotic MenageMC1 Nevvie MC2 ThomasMC3 TylerStorylineNevvie, Thomas, Tyler are continuing with their happy little lives and have even added to the happiness with a baby But view spoiler Tyler has a heart attack while Tom is out of town on business right when Tom pulls up to the hospital entrance, he gets in a major life threatening accident which puts him in ICU as well hide spoiler Conflict view spoiler Nevvie has deal with both her men recovering from life threatening issues Tyler s less [...]

    17. This book actually pissed me off Seriously Tyler actually pissed me off and Nev.e is a total joke.The relationship between Tyler and Thomas was so strong and in the first books and I enjoyed their closeness I was like great all will be well if they bring her in and it was until this book Now I know in the previous book Tom got pissy and was about to 86 Ty but in this book I felt like Tom was the outsider like he didn t matter at all and the fact that Tyler was ready to jump ship with Nev pissed [...]

    18. MMF triad deals with injury, recovery, and betrayal with plenty of melodrama and some sizzleIn my opinion, the series title and the cover does not do justice to the content of this extended story While most of the Siren titles I have read are focused on putting in just enough story, character, and relationship issues to set up sizzling scenes, I find the characters in Tymber Dalton s works in general, and in this series in particular, to be compelling.While the first book in the series was abou [...]

    19. I enjoyed myself reading this book.I loved the warm playful moments and the emotional ebb and flow and heartache view spoiler when Nevvie s men are both in hospital at the same time Nothing seems rushed there is a completely accurate depiction of painful rehabilation and survivor guilt, and fearful acceptance that Thomas will never be the same.Nevvie has a baby and Thomas is the fatherShe reunites Tyler with his dad Adam and he fits easily into their family hide spoiler Now I am looking for the [...]

    20. Dalton continues the story of Nevie, Tyler and Thomas Just as the three have begun their life together tragedy strikes in a shocking way which will draw lines between the family they were born to and the family they chose Nevie finally finds herself in this book, she finds she is strong and that the love she has and the family who loves her needs her to keep it together and bring them all through recovery But when things are seeming to heal and come together again, the love of the 3 is tested on [...]

    21. I liked the pace of the story Time wasn t wasted on normal daily routines and the story got right to the exciting and traumatic parts As in the previous book there was emphasis on what went on in the bedroom That s why I read these smexy books But there was room for delving further into the extended family dynamics and setup for the next book too I m going to order the next book for my e reader right away Tymber Dalton s editor deserves kudos I can t say there weren t any grammatical errors but [...]

    22. I started reading Love Slave for Two Collection Box Set 7 , and really enjoyed Love Slave for Two Beginnings but struggled with Love Slave for Two eventually calling it quits at about 90% My review for books 1 2.I ll pass on the rest of the series.

    23. 4.5 5 starsThis is a great followup to Love Slave For Two the original story It explores the men s personalities and slightly changes the dynamic between the three to spice it up a little There were parts of this that really made my chest ache for the trio The end nicely wraps up pretty much every loose end in the series, so I don t see there being many if any stories about Tyler, Thomas, and Nevvie I m a little sad about that, but I imagine there are plenty Tymber Dalton stories to get lost [...]

    24. This was so fantastic The cover is rather misleading, makes you think you are just getting some hot erotic tale, but this is so much Though it has some pretty damn hot steamy moments I found myself with tears in my eyes on many occasions I felt like smacking Thomas on the back of the head with how he reacted after his accident and what he did to Nevvie This is such a great read and it is free This surpassed my expectations and I stayed up late reading it because I found I couldn t stop.

    25. This was a really enjoyable series.I ended up not leaving home for 2 days so I could finish it.The characters have a way of creeping into your heart and all the sexy times they had surewasn t a hardship to get through There were times I loved them individually and together and otherswhere I wanted to take turns and slap themhard there may have been someswearing involved but I thoroughly loved it.I was sad to finish and hope there will be

    26. This is the on going story of Nevvie, Tyler, and Thomas They now have a child and have settled into life together and then BAM Boy does life through them some terrible curves There is so much packed into the storyfe, death, family drama, secrets solved, and recovery The emotions run really strong in this story Knowing a family effected by head trama and how it effected personality Thomas recover rang very true to life Can t wait to get the next installment.

    27. Nevvie lost all her cool points from book 1 I think she spent 70% of this book crying Thomas also disappointed, and wasn t really given space to work out his issues enough that I could trust him again I enjoyed the first book but this was enough of a let down that I have no plans to continue the series.

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