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Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 22: Ultimatum By Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen,

  • Title: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 22: Ultimatum
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Stuart Immonen
  • ISBN: 9780785138457
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ultimatum is upon us Big changes are afoot and with them comes the much anticipated return of Ultimate Spider Woman But is she friend or foe Plus, Aunt May is under arrest, Spider Man is underwater, and the world has gone to hell Spidey and the gang will never be the same Guest starring the Human Torch and Kitty Pryde Collecting Ultimate Spider Man 129 133
    Ultimate Spider Man Volume Ultimatum Ultimatum is upon us Big changes are afoot and with them comes the much anticipated return of Ultimate Spider Woman But is she friend or foe Plus Aunt May is under arrest Spider Man is underwater a

    One thought on “Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 22: Ultimatum”

    1. I hated the entire Ultimatum event I thought it was a total disaster, but I really enjoyed this Ultimatum tie in What set it apart was the focus on Peter and his friends as well as Spidey trying to save people It was touching, hear warming, and heartbreaking at different times Certainly, the great art helped out, but Bendis did craft a great story.

    2. Apparently, this was part of the Ultimate line s first I think big crossover event I freely admit to having not one clue what was going on with the larger storyline here But I think that s ok, and even works with the story as shown here Because Peter doesn t exactly know what s going on, either He s just busy saving people, or trying to I wonder if me knowing what was going on something about Magneto causing a tidal wave to hit Manhattan, I think would have made me like this volume or less.It w [...]

    3. Interesting that this hardcover collection would also reprint the Ultimate Spider Man Annual 3 that was included in Ultimatum March on Ultimatum Seems a bit of a cheat as its addition in the other book does little but pad the page count You d think there might have been other titles that tied in the event that weren t going to be collected Just a money grab, IMHO.That aside this shows what a good writer, like Bendis, can do to make you care about characters you might not otherwise been familiar [...]

    4. Built around the destructive Ultimatum tentpole, Brian Michael Bendis latest storyline revolves around Peter Parker s freaked out reaction to the damage done to New York Meanwhile, his friends and aunt once reassess what it means to have a superhero teenager in their life As always on the book, the quieter character moments shine, but this collection isn t quite as good as past stories The lead story is a bit careless with both the introduction of Ultimate Mysterio and the latest heart to heart [...]

    5. I can t believe Marvel let over a year pass between the last trade paperback and this one Way to kill momentum In any case, this is Bendis Spider Man at its best, with great characters, moving moments, and great adventure I m not that sold on the silent final issue, but a lot of what led up to it is great Also, very nicely integrated with Ultimatum Though the story gains some depth when read with that other volume, it s entirely complete and comprehensible on its own.

    6. If there are and he s not dead, I liked it If he s dead, that was the lamest super hero death ever I love Ultimate Spider Man, it better not end like this.

    7. Book Info This collection contains Ultimate Spider Man issues 129 133 and Ultimate Spider Man annual 3.ABSOLUTE RATING 3 5 stars STANDARDIZED RATING 3 5 starsUltimate Spider Man, Volume 22 is an Ultimatum tie in that after a catastrophic flood hits NY follows the efforts of Spider Man, Spider Girl, and Kitty Pryde as they rush to save as many lives as they can On paper, it sounds like too much of a mess to work, but it actually holds itself together surprisingly better than some of the previous [...]

    8. The last issue was so heart breaking The silence was crushing I only wish that there had been a better conclusion to all of this It felt all too rushed Still, I can t stop thinking about that final issue.

    9. SPOILER ALERT I discovered the Ultimate Spider Man line after winning a comic basket in a charity raffle and was amazed at the high quality of writing, with clever dialogue reminiscent of The West Wing or Gil Girls, and the engaging art This line was launched to update the classic story for a younger generation and was very current I believe the new Spider Man film franchise reboot to be based on this line The writing was on a par with the absolute best popular literature.I abandoned it at one p [...]

    10. The original Ultimate Spider man run comes to a close with some of the most thrilling and deadly adventures ever faced by Peter Parker At first, everything seems to be going the wallcrawler s way The police love him, the media isn t opposed to his efforts for once , and he s finally found love with Mary Jane Watson But you know that nothing ever stays perfect for Parker Enter Magneto s Ultimatum I ve not read the Ultimatum miniseries yet In fact, I don t think I own it But I know that Magneto s [...]

    11. A depressing end chapter of the story of Spider Man, as told by Bendis I have to say the opening comics certainly weren t very promising The drawing style of Lafuente in Annual 3 was horrendous Also spoiler alert since this is the end of this comic and of Spider Man, for that matter what else happened What happened to Magneto What happened to Mysterio and his big plans What happened to the Beetle and him stealing Venom and Carnage s suit I think, in some way, this could show how quickly and abru [...]

    12. I don t know the context of it in the Ultimatum event but as a standalone and as a send off for 1610 Peter this was pretty shitty of them World The art is great as always and I love it It s so good The splash pages the framing the movement and the character designs are all wonderful The world building here really suffers This is clearly not a standalone but rather a tie in to the Ultimatum event and it makes the book choppy and hanky as hell in terms of world building Story Frame to of story her [...]

    13. Since the rest of the series isn t out in trade yet, I will just put my review of the whole thing here, which is that I loved this series a lot Spider Man has always been my favorite superhero and this series shows why , but oh man, it is unrelentingly sad I cried a lot, and not just at the ending, through which I sobbed pretty much non stop Any time Peter or Aunt May talked about his future, I lost it, knowing that he didn t have one I have hearts in my eyes for everybody Peter, Aunt May, MJ, G [...]

    14. This volume of Ultimate Spider Man was the tie in to the big crossover that ended the original iteration of the Ultimate Marvel Universe Ultimatum Magneto had suffered a grievous loss and decided he was going to wipe out all humanity Tidal waves, earthquakes, and all manner of disasters were brought on by his rage This book is the story of what Spider Man and his supporting cast were doing through it all Though this isn t the greatest of the Ultimate Spider Man volumes, Bendis continues to with [...]

    15. When I read the second part of this series years ago, they kept referencing some big, tragic event I had no idea about And now, finally, I have a clue about it Too much so The destruction of New York and who knows how much of the world is vivid and real and far, far than a teenager should have to deal with let alone try to deal with the Hulk on top of it This volume started off with some teenage sex related issues between MJ and Peter and ended with everyone broken and crying and terrified or [...]

    16. This volume ties into Ultimatum, which was an event set within the Ultimate Universe were Magneto attacks New York City with a giant wave Here s the thing I ve never read the mini series Ultimatum, yet I still really enjoyed this volume It focuses on Peter and other members of his supporting cast MJ, Kitty and Aunt May and has appearances from some other super heroes Peter doing what he does and trying to save people from something that they didn t see coming For a tie in to an event that I ve h [...]

    17. Ultimatum was terrible, but Spider Man s tie in issues are really good There are aspects that are hard to understand as a new reader I m still not sure what the story is about Spider Woman , but Bendis basically uses these issues to let his supporting cast shine A tidal wave destroys Manhattan, and Peter Parker s friends and family have to deal with the devastation and their own fears for his safety, and every piece works beautifully From the funny and honest relationship conversation that Peter [...]

    18. This tie in is better than the Ultimatum crossover, but most of it isn t up to part with other Ultimate Spider Man volumes There s one issue, however, that uses only art no words at all to tell the story, and while it isn t perfect, I was glad to see a little experimentation.I m curious to see how much will change in the relaunched title Ultimate Comics Spider Man Vol 1 The World According To Peter Parker.

    19. This is an okay volume Some interesting and amusing moments, but it was clearly not meant to stand on it s own, but rather be part of the Ultimatim event that Marvel orchestrated to rebrand all their Ultimate Comics titles It leaves you with a cliffhanger that I understand is resolved in the Ultimate Requiem book I kind of hate event books and I was a little annoyed that there s no way to follow a lot of what s going on in here without hunting down and reading all the other Ultimatum books which [...]

    20. A strong story with a very emotional investment This story had a lot of development, especially between Peter and MJ and was a delight to read, but they it sort of just, stopped The ending is hugely unsatisfying, although slightly true to Spider Man fashion and Peter Parker s personal dogma of When it rains, it pours This was a really good story that made me want to keep reading, unfortunately when I got to the end there was nothing there but the Hulk.

    21. I probably would have appreciated this properly if I followed Ultimate Spider Man the Ultimate universe At it is, the proverbial hits the fan for Spider Man as things head towards an end The good art and constant action couldn t prevent me from wondering about the build up that I had missed I do not know how much my limited enjoyment of this volume can be attributed to not following it compared to its intrinsic quality.

    22. This is it I still don t understand why this series changes titles after this book becoming Ultimate Comics Spider Man Tying into the greater Marvel Universe Ultimatum event, this is quite an event Magneto unleashes his plan to end humankind and brings about massive destruction to NYC I was considering giving this a 5 midway though, but the ending was a bit disappointing It left on a cheap cliffhanger Oh well, it was a great run.

    23. Overall, it was a fantastic volume and a great ending to the series I wasn t a fan of the weird anime looking short story at the beginning, and that villain is never mentioned again, but it was still cool Also the ending I m sad but also no I don t believe that s really what happened and just not enough closure I would have given this five stars but that ending was good enough

    24. Really disjointed, and I can t be bothered to read the rest of the Ultimatum arc just to see a bunch of characters I like get killed Awful writing too The long pages of dialogue between two characters exchanging speech bubbles just killed it.

    25. Despite linking to the disastrous Ultimatum SM comes out yet again looking great Great story, handled well, great use of the supporting cast and everyone sounds right Epic action set pieces, some nice cameos and a touching and painful ending.

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