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The Bride Blunder By Kelly Eileen Hake,

  • Title: The Bride Blunder
  • Author: Kelly Eileen Hake
  • ISBN: 9781602601772
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come visit Buttonwood for a marriage mistake like no other in the third novel of Kelly Eileen Hake s Prairie Promises series In the Nebraskan Territory of 1859, Gavin Miller writes home to request the hand of Miss Marguerite Chandler Unfortunately, while he never forgot Marguerite was the French word for Daisy, he d failed to recall that the two cousins shared their graCome visit Buttonwood for a marriage mistake like no other in the third novel of Kelly Eileen Hake s Prairie Promises series In the Nebraskan Territory of 1859, Gavin Miller writes home to request the hand of Miss Marguerite Chandler Unfortunately, while he never forgot Marguerite was the French word for Daisy, he d failed to recall that the two cousins shared their grandmother s name, and Marge was the nickname of the wrong Miss Marguerite Chandler When his surprise bride comes to Buttonwood, unexpectedly followed by the very cousin he d meant to marry, will Gavin be able to solve The Bride Blunder
    The Bride Blunder Come visit Buttonwood for a marriage mistake like no other in the third novel of Kelly Eileen Hake s Prairie Promises series In the Nebraskan Territory of Gavin Miller writes home to request the

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    1. This book begins with two cousins in the mid 1800s Balti They are both named Marguerite which came from their grandmother, hence the nicknames Daisy and Marge Daisy is the debutante, while Marge is the proverbial down to earth, organized, girl next door Daisy is into the social scene and all about marrying for all the right reasons social standing and wealth Marge has only been interested in one person and he moved away.Gavin Miller is the mutual acquaintance that moved out to the Nebraska Terri [...]

    2. I don t read a lot of inspirational romances, but once in a while my interest is piqued I was intrigued by the blurb on this book, it sounded like it could be fun and, I hoped, not overly preachy, as some inspirations tend to get I m happy to say that I enjoyed The Bride Blunder quite a bit.Daisy and Marge are cousins and both carry their grandmother s name, Marguerite, thus the reason for their nicknames Daisy is the pretty one, the one expected to marry well Marge is bookish and a little plain [...]

    3. Two cousins both named Marguerite after their grandmother One goes by Daisy which means Marguerite in French apparently and the other by Marge What could go wrong when a marriage proposal by mail arrives at their home Simple it s addressed to Marguerite.The heroine of this story, Marge, is a pretty young woman but has some serious self esteem issues Raised by her aunt after the death of her parents, she has always felt second best to her equally pretty cousin sister Daisy She envies Daisy s viva [...]

    4. Overall, Hake produced an enjoyable read.Marge, the main character, moves from Balti to Nebraska I just find this so ironic since I did the same thing, but I m not the story, Marge is.Publishers classify the book as historical fiction, romance, and Christian.Historical fiction wise, it s not my level of historical fiction I absolutely love when authors teach me about eras and civilizations in history I feel Hake mostly used the the Midwest as a setting and did not delve into the politics of the [...]

    5. Even though this book is the 3rd in a series, it stands on its own I have not read the first 2 in the series and was still able to follow and enjoy The Bride Blunder The characters in this book are well developed and entertaining The author obviously has a great sense of humor and this is reflected in her characters and story line It is particularly evident in regards to misunderstandings between men and women Overall, this is a quick and enjoyable read with plenty to keep the reader entertained [...]

    6. Dear Marguerite .Those are the words that begin the letter with the proposal But in the Chandler family, there are two Marguerites Marge and her cousin, Daisy, both of whom share the same given name But Daisy is already engaged to be married so the letter must be for Marge.Which sends the Chandler family into ecstasy and Marge onto the train headed west to join her new husband, Gavin.Who has completely forgotten that there are two Marguerites And somehow never received the invitation to Daisy s [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book The interpersonal conflict was plausible, not contrived The characters were clearly drawn Their strengths and weaknesses were realistically present Sometimes their strengths were also their weaknesses just like in life The story is populated with a variety of characters and yet each one seems clearly understood by the author, giving each one depth and believably I appreciated the way the thoughts and motivations of the characters were presented At times I had to reread [...]

    8. Captivating romance with a spiritual underlying theme Two women share the same name Marguerite , but that is all they are so very different in every way A young man that they both know goes out west to create a home and business, and then he writes to request that Marguerite marry him The one that answers the proposal just happens to be the wrong one.The author has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are there She helps you relate to the characters and events and doesn t spend a lot of [...]

    9. Hake is a great writer and this story really captures a way of life that is sometimes forgotten Filled with excellent dialogue and unique characters, Hake creates a wonderful tale She is a real inspiration to young readers and writers alike, and her ability to write historical fiction marks her as an emerging best writer Great book, great writer

    10. This was an attempt to try out a book by an author new to me No luck here I read one third of it and couldn t go on I enjoyed the premise of a mix up in brides but beyond that I did not enjoy it at all The relationship between Marge and Gavin had potential but it just irked me The relationship with Midge and Amos seemed to intrude and take up an inordinate amount of space in the story Plus, it seemed like a stalker relationship And poor Daisyat was just going from bad to worse I assume when I g [...]

    11. I had the privilege of interviewing Kelly Eileen Hake, on our radio show Kingdom Highlights , for her new book, The Bride Blunder , Book Three in her, Prairie Promises series published by Barbour If you haven t read the first two books you have missed getting to know the people of Buttonwood, Nebraska and you have missed a real treat These are really nice people and, if they existed outside of Ms Hake s fertile mind, they would be people that you would want to invite over to your house to hang o [...]

    12. Gavin Miller is now ready to ask Miss Marguerite Chandler to come to Buttonwood, Nebraska and marry him so he sends his proposal to her Gavin Miller forgot that there are two Marguerite Chandlers though, they are cousins and both childhood friends of Gavin s, so when the proposal is received and Daisy has sent him an invitation to her wedding of course she knows the proposal is for Marge See, they are both named after their grandmother and Marge was raised by Daisy s parents because her parents [...]

    13. Another author to add to your list of clean, fun, romance books I love the authors ability to share so many valuable lesson in such a enjoyable way as reading a novel.Daisy and Marge are cousins, but both have their grandmother s name Margarite, hence living int he same household they go by different nicknames When Gavin Miller proposes in a letter brought from the unsettled west entitled to Margarite, the only assumption was that it was for marge, because Daisy was already to be wed to Touston [...]

    14. A fresh and charming novelToo many mail order bride books are similar stories only different character names This one is different, and felt real to me Not a Pollyanna story, this one is full of twists, joy, in just, and God s constant offer of mercy for those willing to follow Himt an easy choice for those who lived t through so much tragedy and suffering Moreover, this is a story about facing life s challenges, of set backs, grace, and the beauty in meeting half way.

    15. The Bride Blunder took a clich d premise switched brides and turned the story into something interesting and believable The characters are fresh and three dimensional and the situations they find themselves in don t appear to be contrived I love the setting, which takes place right before The Civil War in the Nebraska Territory.The hero Gavin sends back home for a bride, Marguerite Chandler, only there are two cousins, named after their grandmother who live together and share the name Marguerite [...]

    16. I loved Book 2, The Bride Backfire and have been looking forward to reading this book, thanks to the ladies The Edit Cafe I didn t even have to buy it The Bride Blunder brings in some new characters, namely Marguerite Chandler and Gavin Miller as well as some of my old favorites including Midge Collins, the precocious teen from The Bride Backfire all grown up However my very favorite character in this book was Grandma Ermintrude If you ve ever seen Granny from from the 60s tv show The Beverly Hi [...]

    17. Though a quick and easy read, I was pretty disappointed in this book very predictable, yet with scattered confusing dialogue throughout who is speaking, what are they talking about as they snipe at each other , and a lot of internal whining from both female leads I thought Gavin the most believable as a confused male surrounded by determined women most of the time he isn t quite sure what they are determined about I also hate when all the story lines are gathered up and neatly positioned in the [...]

    18. This book was great on two levels First, it was great in terms of a historical romance fiction book There were two couples in this book that were of interest, but the most interesting was between Marge and Gavin Gavin wrote a proposal to a woman named Marguerite Chandler, but there lies the problem there are two Marguerite Chandlers, who are both cousins There is Marge and Daisy and the Marguerite that Gavin had in mind was Daisy Marge appears in Nebraska and Gavin realizes his mistake He now ha [...]

    19. Even though i won this book and it s the 3rd book in the Prairie Promises series, i still read it and LOVED IT i started reading it before i was going to go 2 bed one nite and then i didn t want 2 stop reading it so i had this book done in 2 days cause i got yelled when its almost midnite and im still not in bed.This book pulls u rite in in the first 20 pages I felt soo srry for Marge when she took the proposal when it was meant for her cousin Daisy I felt sooo srry for her but i was glad that s [...]

    20. This book was excellent I laughed out loud all the way until the end of the book where the author seem to be in a hurry up and finish mode Most unforunate that Anyway, this book is the last book of the series Prairie Promises It comes complete with mistaken identity, strong undermining and plain old fun Marge Chandler fell for Gavin Miller when she first met him Of course, he didn t notice her for her vivacious cousin, Daisy So when he finally gets to the place where he can afford a wife, he pro [...]

    21. I won this book actually from this web site I was happy to have won and read this book I found the book to be well written After reading the authors credentials I was impressed with her The book started off great It was entertaining and I liked the characters The author included talk of God and His teachings The second half of the book was less interesting to me I found that it became increasingly preachy and less entertaining I did finish the book and it was a great, relaxing read I felt it wa [...]

    22. I thought the story of the mix up with the names and marriage proposal a cute premise for The Bride Blunder but felt it lacked in focusing in on the relationship between Marge and Gavin There was dialogue between Amos and Midge which I enjoyed than the main characters I wasn t convinced that Gavin wanted to marry Marge by the end of the book even with his thoughts being shared to the reader so I don t know how Marge would have been convinced without them having any deep discussions on the matte [...]

    23. This was a GoodReads giveaway win it was kind of fun that it happened to arrive around the time my sister and I took a trip to Nebraska Finished in two days, so this is obviously a book that kept my attention The writer has a good style and the layout, flowing from character to character, was engaging I take off one star for unexpected sensuality not that the author handled it badly, but it was unexpected and one for not liking Gavin Miller I loved Amos Geer and could sympathize with all the fem [...]

    24. I won this book through around last Christmas I thought I was the luckiest guy in the state at that point Part of winning though was a stipulation that I would write a review about it when I finished Unfortunately I haven t finished You see i m in college and right now, with two full time jobs and a full load of credits it hinders my reading unless the book is on CD Right now all my reading is done in the form of audiobooks while i m driving between jobs and school This one is not on audiobook s [...]

    25. I liked the relationship between Gavin and Marge but The multiple stories and view points were annoying, seeing exactly the same scene from a different viewpoint two and even three time was overdone The conflicting sub stories fractured the story of GM and made it harder to get attached to the characters It seems they should have been subdued or have their own book Also, another huge gripe with the story of Daisy It bothers me when a man walks away with no repercussions after ruining a girl ins [...]

    26. Gavin Miller is a new member of Buttonwood His business is established and he feels ready to ask for the woman of his dreams Miss Marguerite Chandler of Balti Unfortunatly, he forgot that Marge and Daisy share the same name His request is blundered and now he has an unhappy bride in town He s determine to see this wedding through, but Marge wants a marraige from the heart, not from conveinece.Time Period Western, 1859Location Buttonwood, Nebraska Territory, USAReviewed from a library copy.

    27. I have just finished this series and commend Kelly E Hake for the wonderful stories here Book 3 was no exception the characters of Madge and Gavin were wonderful people and I was so glad to see them get past the hurt of their meeting again and she realizing she was not whom he intended to invite to be his life mate but the cousin she had lived with They were made for one another and God knew the proper mate when the letter was read and whom answered yes and moved from Balti out west to join Gavi [...]

    28. I really liked this book, but one thing that irked me was the confusion in the story The characters couldn t just tell the other person what they thought and felt and get everything sorted out But other than that, I like it I also liked how the author tied up all the loose ends Marge married Gavin, Midge finally found Amos and married him, and Daisy, although her engagement didn t work, she too found an interest in Mr Lindner Everyone turned out happy and in love in the end Who couldn t love tha [...]

    29. This is the third book in the Prairie Promise series I did not read the first two books, which made this book a little confusing The main part of the story is about Marge, Galvin and Daisy and the marriage proposal to the wrong mail order bride The old west era was well thought out and the main charcters fit in perfectly The side stories with the other town people made the book confusing though the author did make an effort to include parts from the other books I think the book should be read as [...]

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