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The Factory Voice By Jeanette Lynes,

  • Title: The Factory Voice
  • Author: Jeanette Lynes
  • ISBN: 9781550504019
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • The lives and dreams of four vital, engaging, women revolve around mysterious events at a Fort William military aircraft factory in 1941 Loyalty and betrayal, love and worthiness, friendship and ambition are the themes which connect the characters in this lively, quirky, fast paced novel Wrapped around the stories of these four women, is a mystery Something s gone wrongThe lives and dreams of four vital, engaging, women revolve around mysterious events at a Fort William military aircraft factory in 1941 Loyalty and betrayal, love and worthiness, friendship and ambition are the themes which connect the characters in this lively, quirky, fast paced novel Wrapped around the stories of these four women, is a mystery Something s gone wrong with the Mosquitos being built for the war effort they keep crashing in flight tests, for no apparent reason Is the problem with their design, or are they being sabotaged By whom The traitorous Red Finns The political subversives who have recently escaped from one of the nearby prison camps Everyone s on high alert, and The Factory Voice keeps abreast of the details Or at least the rumours Rich with forties language and imagery, especially the sights and sounds of an assembly plant, The Factory Voice is a quirky, light hearted mystery about the daily lives of factory workers and in particular of women in a time of transition, both for their personal lives and for the society in general.
    The Factory Voice The lives and dreams of four vital engaging women revolve around mysterious events at a Fort William military aircraft factory in Loyalty and betrayal love and worthiness friendship and ambit

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    1. This is the story of four women, Audrey, Muriel, Ruby and Florence, all of whom work at Fort William Aviation, a military aircraft factory in Ontario The year is 1941 and women are filling the jobs left vacant by the men who have gone off to war.These women couldn t be different in situation and personality The authour has created fresh, believable characters as unique as any you would find in real life These are the kind of people who work their way into your head and stay there long after you [...]

    2. Note this review is of the book as it appeared on the CBC podcast Between the Covers.This book tells the story of four women whose lives are connected by the aircraft factory at Fort William, now Thunder Bay, Ontario, during the Second World War Ruby is the daughter of the factory owner, essentially head of Personnel, and writes a little newsletter called The Factory Voice, hoping for a story to give her a ticket out of town Audrey is a fresh faced kid from Spruce Grove, Alberta, who drives the [...]

    3. While Lynes has documented the war cause on the home front, she has gone beyond just telling the story of four women in a factory Each of the protagonists has some deep secret or obstacle they need to overcome And the drama they create or endure makes for a great read.tinyurl qb46jtr

    4. Read this for book club but enjoyed it than others I was a little disappointed with character development in the middle but it came around at the end.

    5. The book starts out with such gusto The first of the four women is a real firecracker of a girl racing from her old life in small town Alberta to where the moon sets in east in shiny and happening Ontario, where we meet Ruby who is trying to escape small town Ontario I enjoyed this juxtaposition one girl s small town is another girl s big town The language of this book is so much fun to read The four women are each very different and engaging in their own ways There are a few other characters on [...]

    6. I ve given this book four stars mostly because of the pure delight it was for me to read a book set in Fort William now part of Thunder Bay I don t think I ve before had the pleasure of reading a book set in the city in which I spent my teenaged years in the late 60s I loved the place and the time I spent there So it was indeed delightful to read of the characters going to Chippewa Park, Hillcrest Park and Chapples Department Store and travelling down streets familiar to me.There is nothing deep [...]

    7. I like a good Canadian read when I can get it, and so my mother in law took on the impressive task of gifting me with two Canadian reads this Christmas Impressive because my house literally groans under the weight of a vast and varied collection of books scaring most people off giving me books other than the hubby who can peruse said collection at will , and also because a good Canadian read usually means you have to dig a little deeper than the best seller shelf at the local bookstore Fun fact [...]

    8. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read Set during World War II at an aviation plant in Fort William now Thunder Bay , Ontario, it portrays an interesting period of Canadian history, and particularly women s roles on the home front The story is told from the points of view of four very different women There s Audrey, a spunky, engaging, underage runaway from Alberta who is hired as snack cart girl, as well as unofficial spy for the head stenographer Ruby, the head stenographer, is a local girl and [...]

    9. The Factory Voice was on the longlist for the 2009 Giller s prize and it is easy to see why it was so popular Set in Fort William now part of Thunder Bay during WWII in a factory that manufactures Mosquito bombers It is almost entirely staffed by women right from Audrey the diminutive snack cart girl to Muriel MacGregor, the Chief Engineer It is written in an easy to read, keep the pages turning style with a certain Corner Gas style humour the type that makes you smile or chuckle at different an [...]

    10. The Factory Voice is well written, fast paced, and a very enjoyable read This historical novel takes place in Fort William, Ontario during the 2nd world war The factory makes military planes.Audrey Foley, not yet 18, leaves home in Spruce Grove, Alberta, to work in this facility Muriel McGregor leaves British Columbia to do the same she the new chief engineer, Audrey the new snack wagon girl Ruby Kozak hired Audrey and others, but although she is a stenographer, she also writes the Factory Voice [...]

    11. Set in Fort William Port Artur Thunder Bay area of northern Ontario and at the Fort William Aviation head office and plant Characters include strong women like Muriel with a Master s in Aeronautical Engineering, Audrey who ran away from her home in Alberta to becaome the snack wagon girl, Ruby Kozak who writes the Voice and wants to be an investigative journalist and Florence Voutilainen who learns to blow the trumpet from Thaddeus Brink, an escapee from Angler detainee camp Authentic details ex [...]

    12. As a former resident of the Lakehead, it was awesome to read about my old hometown and experience real winters and the scenery again, if only through effective and accurate descriptions I also liked the strong female characters but I confess I wish the author had followed through with some possible narrative threads that could have added to the drama I also yearn for a sequel What happens to these women after the relative excitement and freedom of their wartime careerAll of them seem so ambitiou [...]

    13. I couldn t understand the point of this book I kept waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever did image error There were also too many points of views It got confusing, and I kept finding myself flipping back in the book to remember where else that point had been referenced, or who else knew about it And as another reviewer mentioned, having one main character experience two improbable coincidences with other characters was just too much That s not following the rules of books.

    14. This is definitely a character driven book, from Audrey who is such a zany young girl with an attitude for life Ruby who is so ambitious and somewhat snobbish, Florence who has such a hard cross to bear and finally Muriel whose engineering accomplishments are quite unbelievable for a young woman during that period of time WW2 The plot was on the slim side, but overall a good read I hope she hones her skills as a novelist as well as a poet.

    15. I wanted to like this book a lot than I did as the concept was so interesting It followed a bunch of characters working at an aviation factory in Ontario during the Second World War However, the plot lines just didn t keep me hooked in Some good characters, but I wasn t as interested as I wanted to be.

    16. This was good for the first three quarters of the book, but it feels as though the writer wasn t sure how to finish all of the stories she d set into motion Years were suddenly glossed over, neat and tidy resolutions were doled out for everyone and the book just sort of fizzled out I m not sure that any pf the characters especially Ruby earned the resolutions they got.

    17. Not bad It was very simple story with simple characters The book moved along at a decent pace and never really seem to have a great climax Things just happened and ended Parts that could have been truly sad or exciting, didn t really read that way for me.

    18. A lively tale involving four fascinating female characters Brilliantly researched, beautiful phrasing, and overall extremely entertaining.

    19. A fun read with plucky Muriel s word, not mine female characters Lynes did a great job at giving the book a 1940 s feel Dialogue was key.

    20. I ve picked up this book to read twice now, but just as I get into it, something distracts me I will read this book day.

    21. Funny look at Women s participation in the war effort WW2 I liked the some of the characters and the History but the story doesn t have the umph to make it memorable.

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