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Summer in the City By Elizabeth Chandler,

  • Title: Summer in the City
  • Author: Elizabeth Chandler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Athletic Jamie isn t sure about spending the summer in the city with her romance novel writing mum But when she meets irresistible Josh, Jamie realizes she could probably use all the romance advice she can get Lacrosse camp 9 a.m noon can t be late Coach Josh will freak out Basketball camp 1 00 4 00 so many screaming kids Shopping with Mona 4 30 finally a bAthletic Jamie isn t sure about spending the summer in the city with her romance novel writing mum But when she meets irresistible Josh, Jamie realizes she could probably use all the romance advice she can get Lacrosse camp 9 a.m noon can t be late Coach Josh will freak out Basketball camp 1 00 4 00 so many screaming kids Shopping with Mona 4 30 finally a break Date with Andrew 7 30 he s so perfect isn t he
    Summer in the City Athletic Jamie isn t sure about spending the summer in the city with her romance novel writing mum But when she meets irresistible Josh Jamie realizes she could probably use all the romance advice sh

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    1. Talking about a hot contemporary romance Did I love this book You bet And you can play safe and cheep with only 5 bucks since I m pretty sure that I m gonna win Change can be good It just depends on what we make of it This book had all I want in a lovely contemporary romance a great main character Jamie , with a great voice that made me cheer for her an amazingly hot love interest, that will make you giggle like crazy and lose your sleep still, I wonder why would someone need to dream having som [...]

    2. Love at first sight Believe in it No You ll seeIS ONE DID IT Where do I begin Uhm okay lets see from the start Jamie Carvelli the tall, sexy legged, sassy, funny, hopelessly romantic chick.That s right, I loved this girl too For one, I could relate with that want some romance part and because she had gazillion guy friends but couldn t find the one Yet But your secret is a woman, and mine is a novel by Nora Roberts hidden beneath the cover of Competing in a Triathlon Why couldn t I ever leave a g [...]

    3. I m reaaaaally not sure about my rating right now There were some amazing scenes and characters, but I thought the ending was rushed and a few details ticked me off.

    4. I absolutely LOVED this book I fell deeper and deeper in love with Josh as the book went on He is defintely towards the top of my book boyfriends list I really liked the way this story unfolded and how it wasn t as predictable as some stories can be I would totally recommend this to anyone

    5. the kissing scene towards the end still makes me weak in the knees i could read it over and over and still never get enough

    6. What a book I owned it for some time before starting to read it Although I had already read other books from Elizabeth Chandler and really liked them, my expectation weren t too high.But OMG, I was totally surprised in a very pleasant way by it.By the way, I loved Jamie she was such a cool main character Not that kind that is always complaing or saying how much she loves a guy and he don t feel the same for her or whatever.I also enjoyed that she was clueless that Josh could like her the way he [...]

    7. My last summery romance that I will read this summer and I liked it the best out of all the ones I read, so that was nice Jamie, the main character, is the child of divorced parents She has been living with her father in Michigan but moves to Balti to live with her mother after her dad gets a new girlfriend She works at a sports camp and plays lacrosse, while juggling friendships and possible romance The story was predictable but still enjoyable and I actually liked the love interest in this one [...]

    8. Summer in the City by Elizabeth ChandlerSummary Jamie has graduated from high school and has a basketball scholarship to college She is looking forward to spending the summer with her Dad at the cabin that is until he decides his new girlfriend should come too So Jamie bails on her Dad and decides to spend the summer in the city with her Mom Too bad Mom forgot to mention that she has a live in boyfriend Very uncomfortable for Jamie Uncomfortable is the word for Jamie for this summer Uncomfortabl [...]

    9. Summer in the city had its own beauty and romance if you were with the right person Fun fact In real life, I m not interested in sports at all However, I find that I absolutely adore romantic novels with sports as a main theme, be it Catching Jordan, Toni Aleo s work, or just in general novels involving some form of sport, and naturally, jocks especially when the female main character is an athlete as well It could just be the fact that athletes are often really good looking shallow, I know , an [...]

    10. Review was originally posted on Alexa Loves Books Though I m technically an adult, there s still a certain charm to reading chick lit meant for an age group younger than me Elizabeth Chandler delivers one of the better examples of this particular genre in this book, Summer in the City.I don t think I was expecting to feel the way I did about the book I ended up really loving it We have a cast of fascinating characters, from athletic Jamie, her romance novelist mother, her new friend Mona, her ne [...]

    11. Sometimes I think that love is one big fairy tale I wonder if people who say they are in love, if really they ve just talked themselves into it They want it so badly, they kind of make it happen They fake it until they start believing their own story Maybe that s just sour grapes or something Maybe because it doesn t happen to me, I don t want to think it happens to anyone else the above thought by Jamie is actually how i feel about love i also wish that someday i will find my Josh hehe this was [...]

    12. No doubt in the five stars I am such a sucker for these kinds of stories It s so cute, an I got a lot of moments when I always said awe This is such a romantic comedy There were a lot of laughs because of the different personalities of the characters.My favorite part has to be the revelation I felt so good to have predicted it And I totally didn t expect how the whole novel got wrapped up I got the numbness feeling of imagining a fairy tale romance I d like a Balti Hon like that He definitely to [...]

    13. this book was excellent i really do enjoy all of Elizabeth s book The book was romance, and its all just about a girl who is into sports, and finds that romance is like a false dream she finds herself being the best frind of all these sport jocks and just being used beacuse of her father being the coach of her school i really like the fact that she wants to separte herself from being the best freind, and takes a chance with a new enviornment I find it so funny when she starts getting in a fight [...]

    14. Totally a teen romance full of exciting, funny and heartwarming piece of art I love the way they portray the love at first sight idea It will make you believe and somehow wished at the same time to experience that kind of feeling The whole time i m reading feels like watching and rolling around my bed giggling and smiling about the story There s definitely a chemistry between the characters and I love the way Elizabeth Chandler paired up the couples Summer in the City tells you all about the sim [...]

    15. The story is fascinating One of the books that made me squealing like a lunatic in my room that wake up my cousin in 1 o clock in the morning and made me grin like a Cheshire cat anywhere that I have to make so much effort to conceal my grin especially when I am caught up in the middle of a fight where people is intensely arguing I just like the fact that you first saw the love of your life in a wig, boa, cat like glasses , high heels and leopard printed tights and you re the girl A nice tale to [...]

    16. Funny romantic comedy with lots of mysterious kisses, poems, sayings and flirts i wish i have my own balti hon P

    17. I m a sucker for the classic boy meets girl romances This is by far one of my favorite light and happy love stories Whenever I need a dose of romance, this is the book I turn to.

    18. I only read this book now because I liked an older book from this author one she wrote a long time ago, and I was very disappointedE STORY The beginning started great, typical Oh no I m stuck doing.r the summerbummer which I don t mind The way she met her Hon and fell in love the really hot poet who just wasn t right the poker faced Coach Josh who seemed annoyed to be stuck with the girl jock and even the bet which kind of ticked me off at first but ended up okayL GOOD THINGS But then it gotr la [...]

    19. This was quite an enjoyable book Very much fluff, but that was just what I was looking for, or rather just what I happened to find in this book, and just what I needed at the time The plot was limited The characters 1 dimensional, at best All in all, the only reason this gets such a high rating was because in spite of all of that, or maybe because of it it was just plain fun to read I happened across this one in a little free library and picked it up because of how beat up it was I planned on ta [...]

    20. I love love love love love love love this book It was simply amazing I loved the plot, the characters, the drama, and the sports I thought this book would be boring but I checked out from the library because of the cover it s so cute , and I am glad I did because this book rocked my world It was great I loved Jamie she was someone I could see in real life How she had trouble with guys since she was a tom boy and how she wanted the romance every girl dreams of and lucky her she actually gets it t [...]

    21. Rating 2.5 STARSSometimes you just really need a good guilty pleasure read, right At least I know I do Summer in the City is a good one, it s entertaining, fluffy, sure there isn t anything special to the story, in fact not a lot happens, but it makes you laugh out loud in certain parts and it definitely leaves you with a smile, and sometimes that s all you need The book follows Jamie, a girl who lives with her dad, loves sports and has always been one of the guys She chooses to spend the summer [...]

    22. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsJamie is going to the city to stay with her mom for the summer to get away from her dad, and his new girlfriend When she gets there she starts to notice it seems every one is in love lately As Jamie goes to a camp for a week during the summer she meets Josh, and things start to get very interesting from there But she also meets Andrew her poet next door neighbor, is perfect right Well maybe, or maybe not so perfect During this book who see how hard it ca [...]

    23. Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadTooSUMMER IN THE CITY is a novel based around sports, boys, and romance in the big city of Balti, Maryland, where Jamie is going to attend college in the fall I didn t know if I was going to like this book at first, but I m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised I m not a big sports fan, but this book had enough romance in it to keep me interested Jamie s parents divorced a long time ago and she lives with her dad She and her father are very close because [...]

    24. I owe a lot of my love for writing fiction to Elizabeth Chandler, so when I finally had the chance to buy this ebook no paperback available , I grabbed it I was disappointed that I didn t love it the way I love her other books I Do, most especially I found the trope too familiar and predictable, like it didn t offer anything new Reading about summer camps, lacrosse, jocks and sports addict heroines, it reminded me of her two Love Stories books, I Do and Hot Summer Nights both my ultimate faves A [...]

    25. Originally posted here.Elizabeth Chandler s love stories are always fun to read because they revolve around two characters who are athletic and very good at their chosen sport In Summer in the City, Jamie is a basketball player who got a scholarship to play in college but she decided to give lacrosse a try while spending summer vacation in Balti Josh, an incoming sopho and lacrosse team player in one of the colleges in the city, is the coach for her lacrosse summer camp There was a lot of tensio [...]

    26. You read of my reviews at Nick s Book BlogJust to clarify my actual rating is 3.5 starsAspects I liked in this book1.JamieShe s sporty, defiant and stands up for herself 2.JoshUmmmFive words The kiss at the end.He s sweet, caring , hardworking and cute.3.Secondary charactersAll the secondary characters were very good as well Mona and Ted and Andrew They were all very likeable except Andrew who was teensy bit annoying 4.SportsSports,especially lacrosse and basketball, form a huge part of the boo [...]

    27. Loved this book with a passion I read it a few years ago, and then I read it again last year, and THEN I read it again a few days ago, and I just have to say, I absolutely love Josh and Jaime as a couple, they re so real, and so freaking adorable together I wish the author would make a sequel or at least another book in this genre I ve read some of the her other books, hoping for the same happiness I felt while reading this one, and well, it didn t happen She really needs to write a sequel I d b [...]

    28. This books was really good, I Love reading these types of Romance books due to the fact that it s not in your face romance Jamie is a great character, I love her personality, Monalisa Mona is a girl that in on her summer Lacrosse camp team and they quickly become best friends and she brings the softer side, but still a strong individual as well Ted is her mom s next door neighbor that she meets shortly after moving with her mom for the summer, he love sports just as much as Jamie does and Andrew [...]

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