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The Sand Fish: A Novel from Dubai By Maha Gargash مها قرقاش,

  • Title: The Sand Fish: A Novel from Dubai
  • Author: Maha Gargash مها قرقاش
  • ISBN: 9780061744679
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • A novel of Dubai, The Sand Fish by Maha Gargash offers readers a fascinating glimpse into another corner of the world Set in the 1950s in what is now the United Arab Emirates, The Sand Fish tells the poignant and powerful story of a rebellious young woman trapped in a repressive society as richly atmospheric a look at Middle Eastern life and culture as The Kite Runner byA novel of Dubai, The Sand Fish by Maha Gargash offers readers a fascinating glimpse into another corner of the world Set in the 1950s in what is now the United Arab Emirates, The Sand Fish tells the poignant and powerful story of a rebellious young woman trapped in a repressive society as richly atmospheric a look at Middle Eastern life and culture as The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Alaa Al Aswany s The Yacoubian Building.
    The Sand Fish A Novel from Dubai A novel of Dubai The Sand Fish by Maha Gargash offers readers a fascinating glimpse into another corner of the world Set in the s in what is now the United Arab Emirates The Sand Fish tells the

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    1. I will call this Arab Islam light fiction A story written by a woman who grew up in Dubai who wants to paint a picture of what being a woman in the Arabian penisula is like But really the book is cheesy A light, airplane, beach read kind of book that could have been focused on the life of women growing up in the South, or Seattle or on a farm but instead happens to be about an Arab culture The author did not accomplish what the author of A Thousand Splendid Suns did in giving us strong character [...]

    2. This excellent debut novel is set is in the UAE, the United Arab Emirates in the 1950s When thinking of the Emirates one usually thinks of oil fields and rich cosmopolitan cities, but before oil was discovered life there was very different The author Maha Gargash was a documentary filmmaker, directing films about the older, disappearing cultures of the Arabian Gulf and this enriches her book.The story centres around 17 year old Noora, a Bedouin living in the mountains Her mother has recently die [...]

    3. Title a review from an Emirati Woman s perspectiveThe Sand Fish was a book that is very special to me and which I was looking so forward to reading The reason behind that was that it is a novel whose settings take place in Dubai in the 1950s that had an Emirati woman as its main lead Me as a reader, found myself already relating to the book even before reading it because I was a local while I am an Emirati woman living in Dubai in 2010.The author is also an Emirati Woman who managed to get this [...]

    4. what s unique about this book is that its written by an Emirati the UAE not internationally renowned for its writers I felt a bit adventurous heading into territory not really explored by most mainstream yawn Western readers The story line was somewhat interesting and a very small twist of fate near the end, but probably was a novel turn of what could have been in a truly tragic series of events While the character was born into poverty and, practically, parentless, I d have to wonder about this [...]

    5. Maha Gargash is a really good story teller, unfortunately she was not telling a good story What we have here is an Emarati setting with Emarati characters, but with a plot that could have been anywhere in the world, but not the emirates Our main character, Noora, is a seventeen year old mountain girl who lives in an isolated place with her brothers, after her father disappears, her older brother arranges a marriage to her via some healer, she leaves home to her aunts house in anger, has a brief [...]

    6. For many people this book might be considered a bore, as the story is very slow in progression and the story itself feels mostly bland.The writer is very well versed with setting a scene Her descriptive ability allows the reader to vividly see the characters surroundings So kudos to her on that.Her writing was beautiful and not complex, which adds to its beauty.The story started off engaging and slowly began to decline, ending on being unbelievable The conclusion felt flat and left to desired O [...]

    7. I found this book to be really profoundly magical in the way that it s been written I think, there s some sort of exaggeration in the events and I ve failed to completely understand how this could ve taken place in 1950s UAE, but, all in all, this story brings warmth and hot fury, if you re a woman to your heart, and that s always a good enough reason to be reading a book.

    8. The novel no matter how well written Is not And will not represent emarati women of the 50s its trying to shape an image of the woman the English aimed to impose on this land but failed Sadly the English mission was carried out by an emiraty writer.

    9. So pleased to read a novel about Dubai I was so thrilled to read a novel based in Duabi, a fascinating record of culture and behaviour in this area in the 50s.The book starts in the remote mountains of Ras al Kaimah Musandam I think , where two matchmakers arrive to tutor Noora in the art of becoming a wife and pleasing her husband With this, her wild childhood, running free in the mountains, comes to an abrupt end She is to be the third wife of a much older man her main responsibility to produc [...]

    10. I decided to read this book because I was looking for a book by an Emariti author and since my choices were limited, I decided to get it anyway The book started very well, however it was a bit disappointing towards the middle to the end Not only was it predictable but also made me question whether it described the 50s society well or the UAE in general I think the book had plenty of exaggeration and a pinch of reality in it It gave me an impression of a western tale but in an Arab disguise I hav [...]

    11. Maha Gargash is a great writer, but I didn t like this particular story because I just couldn t connect with the characters in this book The settings, the background the time and the wonderful bits and pieces the author threw in about the UAE lifestyle during that time were very informative, yet I felt she could have gone into depth I read so many western novels and in the good ones, I would actually experience the characters emotions and feelings, and would can easily connect The most importan [...]

    12. The Sand Fish A novel from Dubai by Maha Gargash is a wonderful novel about a seventeen year old girl called Noora Noora lives with her ill father and three siblings Hamood, Abood, and Sager They are relatively poor and they live in a very small house The oldest sibling Sager thinks of a way to improve the life of his sister After he becomes the head of the family and forces Noora to marry a rich merchant for a better life, he changes the aspects of Noora s life in which it will affect the way s [...]

    13. A well written, interesting, relevant, and entertaining book which dives into many of the issues about traditional life for women in the UAE What made is especially enjoyable was having Maha join our book club meeting last month Wonderful insight into the changing role of women in UAE society as we compared life in the 1950 s to today Great read for anyone fascinated by this microcosm of cultures and women s traditional roles in the UAE.

    14. Living in the U.A.E, I really wanted to read something that is based here This book is the first one I came across that has been based in the UAE which is why I got it The book began really well, however it was a bit disappointing towards the middle to end I also found it quite predictable Overall it was an alright read, could have been much better I hope someone writes a novel which is based on today s well established United Arab Emirates.

    15. I liked the story from the beginning, when Noraa was that innocent girl however I didn t like it when she was forced to get married She was the third wife of that rich, old man And I think that unhappy marriage led her to face many problems.

    16. This book is a good intro into UAE history without being too overwhelming I liked the cultural information and perspective I thoroughly enjoyed the plot but did not find it heart wrenching, which was a relief I wanted something educational but not too heavy and that is what I got.

    17. Read this book back in my high school,loved it Typical middle eastern female struggle with family and society and obligations towards family

    18. This is the first book I read from author Maha Gargash, an emirati author from Dubai This book falls in the category of history fiction From the first page, you feel sympathetic toward the leading female character, Noora Al Salmi, who s about to be married off without her consent by her younger brother Raised in an isolated desertic mountain area far from any tribe village in a free style by her father compared to other tribal families, as she grows to a young woman she s one by one abandoned an [...]

    19. The Sand Fish is set in the UAE during the 1950s, a time when the traditional cultures had not yet been transformed into the modern world of skyscrapers and artificial islands Noora is a mountain girl who is pressured into marriage by her worried brother who things that the hard scrabble life in the desolate mountains is no place for a woman Noora is taken to a village near the city of Dubai and has to adjust to being the third wife of a wealthy but stingy older man That s about it, but there s [...]

    20. 58 United Arab Emirates 2.5 5 This book s major flaw is its lack of credibility First of all, everything is so predictable you can guess the plot by reading the back cover and you ll never get surprised once Second of all, the plot tends to stagnate and every single event that makes it take a step forward comes out of nowhere This is a serious case of deus ex machina right here I couldn t believe in either of the love stories because I had no idea where they came from Some characters literally j [...]

    21. I read this right after a trip to Dubai as a way to try to continue learning about the culture I had just visited, and I have to admit it was a bit of a let down Although I will fully admit that I might just not understand the culture, I didn t understand the purpose of the book The story wasn t particularly compelling being fairly easy to see what was coming far before it happened and the things that happened to and around the main character didn t follow through to a point or a reason or even [...]

    22. Really in need of another edit for continuity and language So many awkwardly phrased or cliched sentiments, and so little depth to any of the characters where there was some depth it was lacking in any consistent obvious motivations Episodic in a bad way and just not that interesting.

    23. After I finished the book , I had to sit and digest in what happened exactly I m not going to lie I was very disappointed with the ending When reading the synopsis , I expected her to run away with Hamad and that they would start life all over and create their own happy ending , but that didn t happen But after thinking about it for a while , I appreciated the sacrifice that Noora had to take She could have ran away and start everything she has ever wanted but she fought against her desires for [...]

    24. United Arab Emirates Why did good things always have to end They had to start over I want the flame in your eyes that you hide from me Nothing stays the same forever Enjoy what you have What s the use of thinking What s the use of anything You are a man You can do what you want go where you please You can decide what to do with your life I belong to Jassem, and he decides my fate All I can do is wait and see what happens That s when the darkness swallowed the light completely We ve done enough w [...]

    25. I find this book pretty haunting because of Noora s gender contraints, arranged marriage, lack of choices due to her family s lack of money and influence, and in the end her choice Perhaps it deserves five stars and I am judging it on my reaction to the characters choices in the plot rather than on the writing itself.In Noora s childhood in the rural area Musandam penisula of Oman nothing was easy for her family financially but she had quite a lot of freedom to be herself up to the point where h [...]

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