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Titanic By Anna Claybourne Katie Daynes Ian McNee,

  • Title: Titanic
  • Author: Anna Claybourne Katie Daynes Ian McNee
  • ISBN: 9780794512699
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1912, the Titanic was one of the largest, most luxurious steamships ever built Follow its incredible story, from a shipyard in Ireland to the icy Atlantic Ocean, and discover how this unsinkable ship met with such a tragic end.
    Titanic In the Titanic was one of the largest most luxurious steamships ever built Follow its incredible story from a shipyard in Ireland to the icy Atlantic Ocean and discover how this unsinkable sh

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    1. Titanic, by Anna Claybourne, is a nonfiction book intended for the intermediate ageg group The illustrations in the book are beautifully done that would be eye catching to children The story does point out some specific family names but mostly talks about the boat, Titanic Children will be able to learn a lot of true facts from this story because of the information given Teachers could create a lesson about the Titanic and study it completely for the children to get the most out of it I believe [...]

    2. A terrific book beautifully illustrated and full of facts for children aged between 7 and 10 wanting to know about the Titanic.

    3. I never thought I would find this book on is so awesome What i want to say to the people who saw the movie Titanic is that,READ THIS BOOK AND KNOW THE REAL STORY OF THE TITANIC PEOPLE BTW,this book has nothin to do with the movie if you re thinking that.The movie was tragic.This book was tragic.Because this is REAL and the story of the movie is not.And thanks to this book,now i am really scared to go ocean cruising shivers GO TITANIC CAPTAIN WHO STAYED BACK IN THE SHIP WHEN IT DROWNED UNLIKE IS [...]

    4. This book is based on a real life tragedy of the Titanic ship The book offers real life facts about the voyage and sinking of hr ship.I rated this book 5 5 because it is an easy to read book with great information, illustrations and a real piece of history.

    5. The book Titanic was a good short book It was really easy to read and it took me a week to read If you are a fast reader you could probably finish it in a couple of days This book was a documentary of the Titanic on how it went down.The Titanic started out in England and was going to cruise to New York for a trip Then it was going to also stop in Newfoundland, Canada They ship was the biggest luxury ship back in its time The ship was supposed to be unsinkable and they found out that wasn t the c [...]

    6. Many records of the Titanic s fateful journey exist This Usborne Young Reading version details the story from before the great ship was built until the survivors reached New York aboard the Carpathia While it does mention some specific individual and family names, the heart of the book is about the Titanic itself The book was designed with a visual on almost every page, breaking up the text for young readers The visuals include copies of real pictures taken of or on the Titanic, reproductions of [...]

    7. This is a nonfiction book about the unsinkable ship the Titanic that hit an iceberg and sank The book provides facts about the boat It also talks about some of the people on the boat and some of the things that happened to them The book briefly talks about the movie that was made about the ships sinking It has many pictures and diagrams, even some of the wreckage when divers went down to the site many years later The pictures make the story even interesting to children.

    8. It s a good introduction for children to the topic I d guess about third grade, or whenever they re ready to read chapter books Do make sure a parent or guardian is with them as they read though not so much for the subject matter as the vocabulary There were some nautical terms and other big words that I m not positive a 7 8 year old would know just yet.

    9. The 7yo is doing a project on the Titanic, thus the recent spate of books on this topic This book added some details I hadn t read before It mentions a few people by name, but wasn t as character driven as All Stations Distress It has a chapter about efforts to find and raise the Titanic One thing that bugged me a little bit is that they colorized many of the old photographs.

    10. People had great expectations and excitement so did I feel while reading the book.I felt it was an unsinkable ship but it depressed me a lot when it sunk in the end.

    11. I always like a good Titanic book This is a very well written book for children Give a concise history of Titanic and the events of the sinking.

    12. Very good and accurate book for young children interested in the great disaster Appropriate for about third grade.

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