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Servant of a Dark God By John D. Brown,

  • Title: Servant of a Dark God
  • Author: John D. Brown
  • ISBN: 9780765322357
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is an obsolete edition The new version is titled ServantA spirited blacksmith s daughter accused of using the dark and terrifying sleth magic The young man who hunts her And the ferocious monster who only wants to be free Trapped in a web of lies and ancient secrets, of right becoming wrong, the three must struggle not only against each other, but also a being ofThis is an obsolete edition The new version is titled ServantA spirited blacksmith s daughter accused of using the dark and terrifying sleth magic The young man who hunts her And the ferocious monster who only wants to be free Trapped in a web of lies and ancient secrets, of right becoming wrong, the three must struggle not only against each other, but also a being of irresistible powers, a creature who is gathering her servants to usher in the impending human harvest If the three succeed, they will save those they love the most If they fail, the clans of the land fall with them Thus begins the towering fantasy series that introduces an elaborate new world, a multifaceted system of magic, and a cast of compelling characters and creatures.
    Servant of a Dark God This is an obsolete edition The new version is titled ServantA spirited blacksmith s daughter accused of using the dark and terrifying sleth magic The young man who hunts her And the ferocious monster

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    1. Okay Let s face it You pick up a fantasy book these days and think two things 1 I wonder how many decades it s gonna take for the series to actually be completed, and 2 how soon will they be on the road Imagine my complete shock and delight to realize that THIS IS A STANDALONE NOVEL Not part of a series AND, AND, AND, at page 100 I literally said out loud, Holy frak, I don t think they re going to go on a quest They re actually going to stay home and solve their problems Groundbreaking Refreshin [...]

    2. I remember the first fantasy novel I fell in love with Magician Apprentice, by Raymond E Feist If you ve never read the Riftwar Saga, than you re missing out Needless is it for me to say that after finishing all four books of that series, I went on a search a hunt of sorts I needed to find a novel or a series of novels that would quench my cravings for the type of world and mastery of the language that R.E Feist had shown me Throughout the years, I ve found some that were lacking to accomplish t [...]

    3. A year ago at this time I had been amidst a five year abstinence from the fantasy genre I felt the genre was tired, unexceptional, and hackneyed My faith in the genre has been selectively reborn since then due to the efforts from Patrick Rothfuss The Name of the Wind , Brandon Sanderson The Final Empire Trilogy , and now John D Brown and the first entry in his new trilogy, Servant of a Dark God First of all let me say that I love the fact that serious and erudite fantasy is making the move back [...]

    4. John Brown s debut, and the first in a new series, is a blend of both classic fantasy tropes and modern themes With its unassuming boy hero it might be easy to write this off as a return to the farm hands and kitchen help of fantasy s yesteryear but Brown, through delicate crafting of his world manages to avoid this potential pitfall creating something that, while it hearkens back the roots of classic fantasy, manages to become something slightly different.The world of Servant of a Dark one is [...]

    5. Disclaimer I received this book via the Library Thing Early Reviewers program.John Brown s Servant of a Dark God is a debut fantasy novel that spoils some of its very good elements with some frankly clumsy mistakes and misccues.The fantasy world Brown posits a hierarchy of magical beings of which mankind sits at the bottom although there are Gnostic hints this was once not the case Magical power and talent is tightly and strictly controlled, and those who dare to use such magic are accused of Sl [...]

    6. Hum Hrm Where to start I enjoyed Servant of a Dark God, for the most part In general, books I enjoy get 3 stars as a baseline rating, to be modified in full or half star increments depending on my feelings toward the book Overall, John Brown s debut novel did enough right to avoid a 2.5 star rating, but not enough to earn 3.5 stars.What did it do right First off, there s an interesting magic system Essentially, the consumption of life force as a kind of magical power source Not a brand new conce [...]

    7. I purposely left three books, Servant of a Dark God, Warbreaker, and The Undaunted, until the end of my reading for the Whitney Awards, and not because I wanted to reward myself with good books at the end These were all big, huge books, and two of them, Servant of a Dark God and Warbreaker, are science fiction and not just science fiction, but the Tolkien esque secondary creation kind of science fiction that I avoid with all costs So as I write this review, keep in mind that I was stepping way, [...]

    8. I never read fantasy This is the first Tor published book I ve ever read I ve picked up a few recommended by fantasy loving friends but was never able to get through them After hearing author John Brown speak and visiting with him at the signing table, I purchased his book determined to get through it if it killed me.Well, I wondered at times about the strange names and references to odd things completely foreign to reality However, I carried on and by the time I finished it, I was thinking in t [...]

    9. I probably would have gone with 3 1 2 stars if I could have The premise is great, and the world was interesting Some parts were beautifully written, others a big ragged and needed polishing I felt like a lot of the magic and world building was hastily thrown in, with the reader having to figure out than we should but then other parts dragged, especially the end It s odd when you find yourself skimming what s supposed to be a climactic battle scene Overall, it s a pretty good book, but I expecte [...]

    10. Review Servant of a Dark GodThe novel s events take place in a world where the use of magic is strictly controlled by powerful magic wielders know as Divines A rebel group, the Order, is secretly growing their organization in the hope they will one day overthrow the Divines When one of the rebels is exposed, Talen, a young farm boy, finds himself caught in the middle of the ensuing conflict.CharactersThe novel does not have a single protagonist, nor does it have a single point of view The main c [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book In fact, I felt sad putting it down, and I really didn t want to give it back to the library Thank you to the library I go to for putting this book on a display by the checkout counter where you come in I never would have discovered it otherwise It had a slow beginning In fact, I felt that the story really didn t begin until Chapter 3 That s where I got sucked in Plus, while Talen, Nettle and some of the other characters appear well defined and developed, I felt that R [...]

    12. This is a first novel and to some extent you can tell that It is overly ambitious or complex in the delving of fantasy that it portends David Drake has been quoted and he too says it is complex Perhaps that is where I get lost In the beginning we see the world through the eyes of a young man not quite a full man college age perhaps and he has a view of the world that is slightly different from the view we have of the world by the end of the story.That it changes as we read the book is detrimenta [...]

    13. The story is set in a somewhat prototypical feudal society, complete with ethnic friction and the typical forward thinking read human rights minded individuals and the seemingly ever prejudiced, narrow minded aristocracy As per usual, the story is told from the point of view of a seemingly normal youth from a farm far enough out of town that nobody notices that his father is a little odd, and, as they always do, circumstances combine to force this hapless youth to contend with powers seemingly u [...]

    14. The beginnings of a new epic fantasy series by John Brown I ve wanted to read this for some time after seeing favorable reviews and just now have finally gotten around to it.First with the good There was an interesting magic system that follows a very specific set of rules Think Brandon Sanderson style I much prefer this type of system to the traditional hand waving as it reinforces that actions have consequences and some interesting decisions usually arise as a result.The action is confined to [...]

    15. Thoroughly engaging and fascinating book, with some fresh, original takes on the fantasy genre especially if you re NOT Mormon Brown, being LDS, has infused a great deal of LDS doctrine into the book s world, which makes for some pretty fascinating reading for those not familiar with it, and some comfortable reading for those who are As a Mormon, I enjoyed how he used those points of doctrine and incorporated them into the story.I gave the book four stars instead of five for three reasons 1 It s [...]

    16. Servant of a Dark God is John Brown s debut novel At the end of the novel, I felt very similar to when I read Sanderson s first Mistborn novel I think this series could go somewhere awesome but it s going to depend on Brown First thing first, I got into it pretty easily As a moody reader, my interest has to be grabbed pretty much right away And I had a hard time putting it down at the end, so thumbs up to Mr Brown for that There are also some creative and unique elements to the story The system [...]

    17. IntriguingThe Good Unique The nature of the world is quite different from standard epic fantasy with a very dark history Discovering a new and unique world is part of the fun of this genre.Secondary Good Guys Many of these characters are well defined and interesting it always helps a novel when the secondary cast improves the color of the world and aren t just placeholdersThe Bad Another Superman Farmer Can t the savior of humanity be from a city Viewpoint characters I just don t care much about [...]

    18. After a slow start and somewhat initially repellent characters this story found its legs It was rendered in somewhat unsophisticated but at least unobtrusive prosody but the dialogue left much to be desired It veered between the cliched faux archaisms that plague the genre and too contemporaneous modes of speech which ironically will soon be literally anachronistic making the unfortunate faux archaic stand out even Most disruptive of all was the grab bag appropriation of Mormonism s phrasings a [...]

    19. I thought this was an alright start to a series It appeared at times that Brown was a little over eager as a writer and made the story almost too complex for the casual reader to enjoy I had a lot of trouble following the story after I would put the book down because it was just too complex I didn t understand the magic or what was going on Sometimes the writing did seem a bit choppy and short but other then those two problems it was a good first book But I did enjoy some of the characters and w [...]

    20. The best thing about this book was the characters, especially River, Ke Horse, though I was a bit frustrated and confused by Talen, especially near the end I am curious to see where the author takes Talen I really, really liked how the author wrote the creature and its internal struggle As for the rest, I spent most of the time a bit confused trying to remember all the lore and magic around the weaves and history of the world I do enjoy sci fi fantasy, though I don t read stories quite like this [...]

    21. Very decent fantasy book At first I thought I was going to get the standard farm boy goes on a quest, discovers he has magical powers and or prophetic destiny, but I was quite surprised by it While many things were par for the course of fantasy, there was quite a lot of tension in the book and surprises that made it good The changes in viewpoint character fleshed out the story nicely and didn t lose the reader at all No objectionable material that I can recall While the title might put off sever [...]

    22. I won this book in a giveaway, i was looking forward to it, but when i started reading it i found the characters hard to follow, the plot line was excelent but it took me a few times to fully understant what was going on, most of the characters ar named after everyday things, so i kept getting confused, and disoriented, if you like a good story you should by this book i rated it low because it is a hard book to read

    23. A great first book I think the world this author created is very unique I loved the slow build of plot I was not told what was happening, I discovered it The story was told from many different characters, but it was obvious that Talen would be the hero of this story I loved the viewpoint of the monster, Hunger, and his inner struggle with who he had been and what he is now I was satisfied with the conclusion and look forward to a continuation of this story if there is one.

    24. This book took a while to get into, but it has an interesting story While the book deals with magic, which is very popular these days, it does so in a unique way unlike any book I have read so far Magic protects the people, but is also considered evil if people other than those in charge possess it The story is about the development of a boy who must battle between what he told was right and wrong and what he truely believes is right and wrong.

    25. I feel like I ought to have liked this book than I actually did Relatively original take on religion vs magic in a fantasy setting Hints at a larger world beyond the scope of the book I just don t think I read any books with naive farmhand manboys with secret power as main charactersblah.

    26. Really well done and quite imaginative, took me a couple of chapters to get the names and allegiances down, but after that it was gripping to the point that I really didn t want to put it down Talen s constant anger was pretty annoying, but that is how a teenage boy would likely act too, so well done.

    27. Excellent first novel Incredibly intense Brown writes action scenes very well in fact, better than even some of the top tier fantasy authors He needs to work a bit on characterization and sleekness, but on the whole a very enjoyable, compelling classic fantasy novel but with enough unique twists to the plot and world building as to not seem derivative.

    28. It is very descriptive and the story is moving along easily But did they have to kill the dogs john brown is definitely and author to look out for he has such a vivid imagination and his story telling ability is pitch perfect I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone.

    29. Interesting world, characters, and story, though I ve seen some better It s a great read considering it s only a debut novel Magic system was teased out throughout the whole book and even at the end we re still in the dark about most of it The upcoming books will be things to look out for.

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