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The Seventh Witch By Shirley Damsgaard,

  • Title: The Seventh Witch
  • Author: Shirley Damsgaard
  • ISBN: 9780061493478
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This is the seventh and last installment of the enchanting mystery series featuring a small town librarian psychic and her grandmother, and a benevolent witch.Small town librarian and psychic Ophelia Jensen hails from a long line of wise and wonderfully gifted women There s her grandmother, Abby, a talented witch, and her great aunt Mary, who s about to celebrate her 100tThis is the seventh and last installment of the enchanting mystery series featuring a small town librarian psychic and her grandmother, and a benevolent witch.Small town librarian and psychic Ophelia Jensen hails from a long line of wise and wonderfully gifted women There s her grandmother, Abby, a talented witch, and her great aunt Mary, who s about to celebrate her 100th birthday But as Ophelia learns, when she and Abby travel to North Carolina for the centennial celebration, their family secrets aren t just magickal they re murderous.Someone in the sweet Southern town wants Abby dead Could it be a rogue witch in Ophelia s own family A vengeful local witch desperate to settle a bitter feud decades in the making Ophelia must use all her talents to save her loved ones before the witching hour comes upon them, and bad blood turns deadly
    The Seventh Witch This is the seventh and last installment of the enchanting mystery series featuring a small town librarian psychic and her grandmother and a benevolent witch Small town librarian and psychic Ophelia

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    1. Here it is, the seventh and the last I have been semi hooked on the series from book one, delighted to indulge in another paranormal mystery Ophelia has come a long way since book one She s come to embrace who she is, accept her powers, learn how to use them , dug into her heritage, embraced her family, found a new daughter and romantic interest, and feels at peace in her life In this book, the author brings the main characters out of the small, familiar town into the mountains to reunite in a [...]

    2. I write this review with a sense of sadness Why Because this novel is the final episode in a mystery series that I have grown to love I have become friends with Addy and Ophelia and Tink We have grown with Ophelia as she learned to accept her psychic gifts rather than run from them During that journey, we the readers were ran through woods, arsons, murders, kidnappings, and We met some spectacular persons along the trip This series gave a positive look at Witches and others A good look at the M [...]

    3. Shirley Damsgaard has carved a new niche in the market Appalachian Paranormal Fiction Being a West Virginia gal, I love how Appalachia figures into the books without all the negative stereotyping that usually goes along with it I always have problems getting started with Shirley Damsgaard s books But once I make it past the first couple of chapters, I fall in love with the characters again and again I am sucked in by the storyline and I have a very hard time putting the book down I love that the [...]

    4. An interesting final mystery and a nice wrap up to the series It was fun to see Abby and Ophelia with their extended family and uncover the secrets of the past.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 star [...]

    5. Definitely an interesting read It s nice to see Ophelia and Ethan finally admitting there s an attraction between them After all, they keep meeting in the oddest places how many signs did they need that there could be a reason they keep running in to one another

    6. This is the last book for this series I am sorry there will be no books on these characters, I will miss their adventures.

    7. First off i would like to say thanks to my two friends who presented this book to me for my Christmas present I chose it to start off my year , to start my adventures created through the books i read for the year 2013.Even though i haven t read the first 6 books of the series and i had to piece together the info i received in this book to get a good image of the others before it, I really enjoyed it It was a plot shrouded in mystery about a woman named Ophelia psychic from a gifted family of so [...]

    8. 3.5Why weren t the previous books this fun This series has always been somewhere between it was an ok read and I liked this I am not tempted to go and rate the previous six books higher because some of them were just ok and some I liked This one is the best of all It is the last book in the series and I am kind of sorry it ends It just became interesting.Now when I think about it, this was Ophelia s journey to accept her gifts and to make peace with some of the people in her life So, what is so [...]

    9. Ophelia Jensen, her parent, grandmother Abby and adopted daughter Tink are off to the mountains of the Appalachia region to celebrate Great aunt Mary s 100th birthday Being that we are discussing Ophelia here, it doesn t take her long to stumble onto a dead body, and this time Ophelia finds herself up against an evil witch.The Seventh Witch is the latest in the Ophelia and Abby tells and one of my favorites Not only do we get to spend time with Aunt Dot, but we finally meet the frigthening Grea [...]

    10. In the seventh installment to the Ophelia and Abby series, Damsgaard pens a fun loving adventure full of eccentric characters in The Seventh Witch This volume takes readers to the small backwoods family town in North Carolina where Abby grew up for a monumental occasion Warmly enveloped by their enormously extended family well, most of them upon arrival, Ophelia is shocked to find that this reunion may actually have dangerous consequences for several members of her family In her unwavering searc [...]

    11. I loved this book Another of my favorites in this series.Gheez I just love this series Loving you Shirley Damsgaard Once again you didn t disappoint me with the ending It all lead right up to it no major explaining.From the beginning I knew this was going to be another great addition to the series I love all the new characters we met in this one and I love those we love were there as well.They all come forth and shined Relationships blossomed Friendships strengthened I felt such a bonding moment [...]

    12. So, this got a 4 star rating Likely for fans of this author and series I waited to read one of these because they were just too predictable This one was a bit edgy, but puleeze I heroine with this little insight, insighht into the motives and behavior of others The injection of kindly Cherokee spirits a I don t think they d be so kindly, what with the Trail of Tears and all It was all so facile, and obvious that Ms Damsgaard doesn t really know much about the South, just threw a few things in t [...]

    13. Abby and Ophelia are going to the mountains of north Carolina to see and be with Great aunt Mary s 100th birthday.Ophelia senses there is alot of saddness and mystery around Abby while she is at the old Homestead A old fued between family witches has cropped up and Ophelia crosses Sharon one of the mountain witches Sharon practices black arts and everyone on the mountain is afraid of her powers and crossing her.Ophelia thinks she is a fake and sets out to prove it.Several yards from the homestea [...]

    14. Abbey Ophelia go back home for Great Aunt Mary s 100th birthday celebration where they have to reckon with the family s past and a curse that should have been laid to rest a generation before.Abbey begins to succumb to bad magic as well power of mindOphelia has to fight Abbey s will to lay down die, Great Aunt Mary s jealousy and the local bad witch who thrives on bad magic threats.Add to this Ophelia s mother father are present as is Tinks Ophelia s adopted daughter , who with Ophelia s father [...]

    15. Ophelia and her female relatives are witches who each have a different talent They use their psychic and healing talents for good In this book grandmother Abby, Ophelia, her daughter Tink, and her non witch parents travel to the Smoky Mountains to celebrate Great Aunt Mary s 100th birthday Nearby Aunt Mary and Aunt Dot s homestead, which has been in the family for generations, is the Doran family Sharon Doran claims to be a witch and the mountain folk avoid her A run in with Sharon means that so [...]

    16. Great Aunt Mary s birthday was not so great to start with but, hey, she was only 100 I guess witches live longer, if not always better This last book of the series was great fun, and now I have, have, have to read the two I ve missed Ophelia and Tink were a great mother daughter duo in this this, and Ophelia s mother was also along for the ride Actually, every relative Ophelia had was in this story, but that made the story even better I hope there s another book in this series, because the roman [...]

    17. This is such a well done series and THE SEVENTH WITCH is my favorite so far Abby and Ophelia go back home to North Carolina to celebrate an aunt s 100th birthday All is not what it seems Death, greed, dark magick abound Exceptionally fast moving page turner If I could have had the time, it would have been read in one sitting I love the relationship that Abby and Ophelia have, loving, firm, friendly, nurturing Abby is able to gently lead Ophelia in strengthening her gifts as well as accepting the [...]

    18. For the most part I have found this series to be mostly so so Now, with what is reported to be the last in the series, Ms Damsgaard delivers a truly 5 star read I have always liked Abby, but have been on the fence about Ophelia through the whole series In this book she finally comes into her own This is a very strong story and I find I m always drawn to a story that deals with mountain witches as they figure in my own family background The story revolves around the strong women in Ophelia s fami [...]

    19. When I read that this was the last in the series my heart sank I don t like when a series goes on and onI think they need to end and some point and wrap it up nicely hear me Janet Evanovich I was hoping for maybe 2 3 books This was a great wrap up to see where Abby was raised and meet all the other members of the family Ophelia kicked some major ass So happy a certain someone showed up again too and Ophelia made some sort of leap Wish it went a little further roseysreview 2011 01 b

    20. Book seven started out slow and I had to put it down a couple of times but I finally finished it and I must say I loved the ending We see some old friends and meet the family By chapter three we know who the villian is but not all the details and its interesting how the story plays out More dark family secrets are exposed, new lessons learned this time its not just Ophelia learning them It was a really good read once I got into it.

    21. Ophelia and the rest of the crew head off to visit her Great Aunt Mary 100 birthday party Abby s past is haunting her and it could kill her Of course Ophelia finds a dead body and this one seems to have been caused by a black witch Ophelia sents out to keep the mountain and Abby safe from this rouge witch.This one has to be my favorite one thus far All the characters are growing and going in uncomfertable places with their lives Great book, well written and highly recommend.

    22. Love this series I love the attitudes of all the characters I swear I know them and how they all come together to make a great story This book is awesome from beginning to end Who said being a librarian was boring HAH The only thing I don t like about this book is that it is pretty short and before I knew it I was donew, man.

    23. trip, snakes, family and old problems, are you ready I was still shaken about Stephen and Ophelia was dreaming with Ethan and another girl and a bad oneLets finish it by sayng that I need to know if the wed with him and all the other things a few years latter please, pelase, pretty please

    24. this is the last book in the series and i liked that the ends seem to be all tied up it wasnt the best series but it was an easy quick read with an interesting enough story line, all the books had similar plots find a body have an issue grow a little as a person then resolve the case mystery but i liked it overall

    25. I m really sad that this will be the last Ophelia Abby book for a while Ophelia s family is colorful and eccentric and utterly perfect Great Aunt Mary s glares almost burned a hole in the page LOL Ophelia s growth from the last book was obvious in this one and I loved the fact that she stood up for herself and the strength of her powers.

    26. I really enjoyed reading all the previous books in the Ophelia and Abby series, but this one, although well written, was a little too paranormal for me Word has it that The Seven Witches marks the end of the series I look forward to what Ms Damsgaard comes up with next, as I like her writing style I just hope witches won t figure into the equation.

    27. This was the best of the series Ophelia finally embraced herself and her gift, grew a spine, took initiative and earned her place in her family She even got a happily ever after implied Wish there had been an epilogue letting us know that the implied actually came to be, but I ll just be content in building my own.

    28. Ophelia, Abby, Tink, Great Aunt Mary, Aunt Dot, Lydia and Elsie are the 7 witches of the family And it s up to them to stop the Doran family from taking what theirs away from them 50 years is a long time to right a wrong but Ophelia will take it on I love this series I sure hope Mrs Damsgaard writes .

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