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Echoes from the Dead By Johan Theorin,

  • Title: Echoes from the Dead
  • Author: Johan Theorin
  • ISBN: 9780552774635
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can you ever come to terms with a missing child Julia Davidsson has not Her five year old son disappeared twenty years previously on the Swedish island of Oland No trace of him has ever been found Until his shoe arrives in the post It has been sent to Julia s father, a retired sea captain still living on the island Soon he and Julia are piecing together fragments ofCan you ever come to terms with a missing child Julia Davidsson has not Her five year old son disappeared twenty years previously on the Swedish island of Oland No trace of him has ever been found Until his shoe arrives in the post It has been sent to Julia s father, a retired sea captain still living on the island Soon he and Julia are piecing together fragments of the past fragments that point inexorably to a local man called Nils Kant, known to delight in the pain of others But Nils Kant died during the 1960s So who is the stranger seen wandering across the fields as darkness falls It soon becomes clear that someone wants to stop Julia s search for the truth And that he s much, much closer than she thinks
    Echoes from the Dead Can you ever come to terms with a missing child Julia Davidsson has not Her five year old son disappeared twenty years previously on the Swedish island of Oland No trace of him has ever been found Unt

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    1. This is a story about victims Not about being a victim, or the modes of victimization and self victimization, but a story about victims moving through lives that have victimized them Or maybe it is about loss.There is a mother who lost her son twenty years before and descended into alcoholism, deep depression and a loss of society There is a grand father who lost his grandson and most of those he s cared about in his life simply through the movement of time who s never had the love of the daught [...]

    2. Me gust mucho este libro Johan Theorin nos hechiza con una prosa exquisita Amo c mo describe los paisajes n rdicos, los climas y los sentimientos de los personajes Lo que tiene de particular este autor de novelas negras es que ahonda en mitos escandinavos so le da un toque m gico y hermoso, que me cautiv con vehemencia El relato es lento, como toda novela escandinava, pero te absorbe con firmeza Te hace viajar a Suecia, m s precisamente a land, y con su estilo de escritura nos hace sentir la des [...]

    3. My favorite element in this book is the sense of place land is a barrier island off the Baltic coast of Sweden Theorin sets four novels here for each season In autumn there are very few residents in the tiny fictitious village of Stenvik The emptiness of the thinly soiled limestone landscape and the sparse population make for a memorable setting perfect for uncovering past crimes and mysteries I m looking forward to learning about land with a new story and new characters in the next season.

    4. This was the book that I won last year through a contest I just now got around the reading it and wished I hadn t put it off This is an exceptional thriller with twists and turns around every corner and an ending that you don t see coming In 1970, on a day when fog covers all, a little boy disappears never to be seen again Years later his grandfather, now living in an assisted living establishment, receives one of his sandals in the mail Just that and nothing else So begins the journey of the gr [...]

    5. The new word in this book is alvar, the limestone pavement habitat on the Swedish island of land a topography that plays the same role in this story as the Yorkshire moor does in Wuthering Heights And if this is an odd way to begin a review, well, it s an odd book.Echoes from the Dead is another Scandinavian crime story riding in on the crest of Henning Mankell s deliciously cheerless Wallander novels but it s less a policier than a sometimes whimsical, mostly sad family drama I could adequately [...]

    6. I am obviously out of step with the rest of the reviewers It wasn t bad, but I just kept skipping huge chunks because I wasn t interested enough in the end just skipped straight to the end of the book

    7. Absolutely loved it Beautifully written Great misterious scandinavian atmosphere No hot shot detectives, no fancy investigations, no boring clichees.

    8. This novel has the best sense of place I ve read in a long time Theorin paints with a few words scattered through his dialog sparse yellow brown grass in a small meadow, low, gnarled juniper and moss covered stones, wind, cold, limestone beaches, pointy firs He writes of land Island, off the southeastern coast of Sweden I waited until I finished the book to look up photographs, but you may want to have a look now It is a scrubby island landscape with the ruins of a most intriguing castle.The isl [...]

    9. The strongest element of Echoes From the Dead was its sense of place One reason why I read Scandinavian novels is because of their atmosphere And crucial parts of that atmosphere are the climate and the topography of the respective countries This book painted a picture of Oland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea, that is particularly vivid and as much a character in the story as the human ones The main characters are well drawn, but at first the one I was most interested in was Nils Kant, who s [...]

    10. A very haunting story, Echoes From the Dead begins in 1972, when Jens, a 6 year old boy, decides that he ll scale the garden wall while his grandmother s taking a nap and everyone else is away from the home We are told right away that in the fog,Jens encounters someone identifying himself as Nils Kant, and after that, he s just gone Flash forward 20 years, and his mother, Julia, has still not gotten over his disappearance Most everyone has assumed he d drowned she s not willing to believe he s g [...]

    11. Twenty years ago Julia Davidsson s 5 year old son Jens disappeared into the fog on the remote Swedish island of land and was never found Everyone except Julia believes Jens wandered down to the shore and drowned Unable to accept that her son is dead, Julia withdraws from her family and stumbles through life using alcohol and medication to deaden the pain of not knowing Then, after all these years, her father Gerlof calls to tell her that someone has sent him one of Jens s sandals in the mail so [...]

    12. Just when I thought I had discovered the best Scandinavian authors, I find Johan Theorin He is one good story teller and this is a book I did not want to put down, even for a minute The story is about a little boy of six years old, who disappeared in 1972 and was never found Twenty years later, his eight year old grandfather, who was taking care of him on the day he disappeared, has received one of the boy s sandals in the post and he contacts his daughter and asks her to come down to the Island [...]

    13. Echoes from the Dead takes place on the Swedish island of Oland The author makes you feel like you are actually there His descriptions take you into the atmosphere of the town This is not your typical mystery and the answers unravel slowly I will read books by this author.

    14. Nem tudo o que parece.1972 Na Su cia, na isolada ilha de land, Jens desaparece, sob a supervis o dos seus av s Da ltima vez que n s vemos o pequeno rapaz de 6 anos, ele encontra se com um cidad o local, no meio do nevoeiro cerrado A partir daqui, ningu m sabe o que realmente aconteceu Mist rio Algum, sim.1992 Vinte anos ap s o desaparecimento do filho, Julia recebe uma chamada do pai e juntos come am a investigar o passado A par da narrativa, de ritmo quase parado ou mesmo inexistente, vislumbra [...]

    15. Many years ago a small boy disappeared He climbed over his parents garden wall and disappeared into the mist.Now, twenty years on, the first piece of evidence has come to light A new investigation begins.A simple story, but Johan Theorin builds on it very well indeed.He builds characters.First there s Julia it was her son, Jens, who disappeared She has never come to terms with her loss, never learned to live with it She was already separated from her husband, and her refusal to accept that her s [...]

    16. Ach menno, manchmal denke ich wirklich, man sollte Klappentexte verbieten, soviel Unsinn wie da verzapft wird Eine feine Mischung aus Krimi und Gespensterroman Zum Gruseln gut meint die F r Sie ber das erste Buch land von Johan Theorin Wetten, dass wer immer dies auch geschrieben hat, lediglich die Inhaltsangabe gelesen hatte Von Geistern und Gespenstern ist in dem ganzen Buch n mlich weit und breit keine Spur zu finden Und zum Gruseln ist die ganze Geschichte nun sicherlich auch nicht geeignet [...]

    17. I have found a new favorite author I enjoyed Johan Theorin s 1st book in the Oland series very much A five year old boy disappears from the Oland Island southeast of Sweden He was never found and his mother has been grieving for 20 years His grandfather receives a sandal in the mail that looks like the sandal Jens was wearing on that day The grandfather Gerloft calls his daughter Julia to come to see him so they can resolve what happened to Jens.It was a very good mystery I had to make myself no [...]

    18. tinyurl 63cpznFinally, I get a decent book from LT one in which I m not rolling my eyes at the writing every few pages or wishing the themes were less yawn inducing And, actually, I have no idea how well written the original book was since this is a translation of a Swedish murder mystery Because it climbed to the top of the charts over there, I expect the decent writing is coming through in the translation especially in terms of the descriptions of the island of land and its cold, harsh beauty. [...]

    19. I was going to do a comparison between this book and John Ajvide Lindqvist s M nniskohamn Harbour because the description of them were so similar and they were published at roughly the same time The premise for the book is that a child went missing during a visit near the sea and that one parent in this book the mother, in Harbour the father can t get over the tragedy and seeks comfort at bottom of every bottle In the now the parent has returned to the scene, trying to get closure and to find ou [...]

    20. Another strong Scandinavian mystery The father daughter protagonists who come together to solve the mystery of little Jens 1972 disappearance really grow on you, and the pace of the book is awesome Theorin goes nonlinear, even in the present, which is quite a gift The book, which addresses many key issues such as old vs new Scandinavian culture, island village vs mainland, etc is quite atmospheric You can really feel the old shipping days and the lively Orland community that sadly got replaced b [...]

    21. Very enjoyable Kind of creepy mysterious 2nd book of Theorin s I ve read set on the island of Oland, just off the Swedish mainland The stark landscape is much a character as the myriad individuals we get to meet along the way Told mostly through the eyes of a mother who s boy wandered out onto the Alvar limestone in the fog and disappeared, and her father who puts together clues as to the boy s disappearance and what might have happened to who they suspect the murderer is.

    22. One of the best I have read this year I was captivated by the characters and the suspense made me never want to put the book down I am so looking forward to Johan Theorin s next book to be in my hands.

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