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A Faraway Island By Annika Thor Linda Schenck,

  • Title: A Faraway Island
  • Author: Annika Thor Linda Schenck
  • ISBN: 9780385736176
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Torn from their homeland, two Jewish sisters find refuge in Sweden.It s the summer of 1939 Two Jewish sisters from Vienna 12 year old Stephie Steiner and 8 year old Nellie are sent to Sweden to escape the Nazis They expect to stay there six months, until their parents can flee to Amsterdam then all four will go to America But as the world war intensifies, the girls remTorn from their homeland, two Jewish sisters find refuge in Sweden.It s the summer of 1939 Two Jewish sisters from Vienna 12 year old Stephie Steiner and 8 year old Nellie are sent to Sweden to escape the Nazis They expect to stay there six months, until their parents can flee to Amsterdam then all four will go to America But as the world war intensifies, the girls remain, each with her own host family, on a rugged island off the western coast of Sweden.Nellie quickly settles in to her new surroundings She s happy with her foster family and soon favors the Swedish language over her native German Not so for Stephie, who finds it hard to adapt she feels stranded at the end of the world, with a foster mother who s as cold and unforgiving as the island itself Her main worry, though, is her parents and whether she will ever see them again.Book Details Format HardcoverPublication Date 11 10 2009Pages 256Reading Level Age 8 and Up
    A Faraway Island Torn from their homeland two Jewish sisters find refuge in Sweden It s the summer of Two Jewish sisters from Vienna year old Stephie Steiner and year old Nellie are sent to Sweden to escape

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    1. Andra g ngen jag l ser dessa b cker och de r nnu b ttre nu lskar den historiska milj n och karakt rerna L s hela recensionen h r ewelinasbokblogg

    2. Oml sning drygt 20 r sen f rsta g ngen jag l ste den Mindes den v ldigt stark och att jag tyckte om den, nu r den n b ttre och jag ser verkligen fram emot att l sa de andra tre delarna.

    3. I listened to the audio translation of this book At first, I was going to give this book a 2 rating Poor Stephie she is the victim of constant bullying and brutality through the first half of the book This brutality includes having her braids set on fire with a candle Besides the bullying, Stephie seems to have a knack for making poor choices based on her stubbornness that cause her endless grief So one way or another, she is beset by difficulties It became so frightful that I began to see if th [...]

    4. Following the invasion of Austria by the Nazis, two young Jewish sisters from Vienna, twelve year old Stephie Steiner and her eight year old sister, Nellie, are sent away by their parents to safety in Sweden Their parents hopes the family can reunite soon and travel to a safer country, but shortly after the sisters arrive in Sweden, World War II breaks out in Europe, trapping the two young girls in a strange and foreign country, away from their parents.The two girls are placed in separate homes [...]

    5. Sisters sent to Sweden to escape WWII During World War II, many Jewish children were sent to other countries and placed with families to keep them safe Stephie and Nellie were two of those children They end up on a small island and with two different families At first glance, Nellie is in the warm, loving family and Stephie ends up with a woman who doesn t seem to even like her Stephie is holding on to the idea that their parents will join them and they will all go to America This is a great sto [...]

    6. The first of a series of four historical novels set in Sweden during World War II, this book had me thinking long after I finished it I didn t know that Sweden took in 500 Jewish refugee children just before the war started The author s relatives were among those granted asylum, and it is their lives that she bases the story on Stephie and her sister Nellie are sent to live in an island off the coast of Sweden, but while Nellie is given to a kind family with children, Stephie has to live with a [...]

    7. Som barn lskade jag bokserien En i havet , ber ttelsen om de tv systrarna som skickas fr n Wien till den lilla g teborgska n i Sverige, i flykt undan nazisterna.Nu, n stan tio r sedan jag l ste den f rsta boken senast, r den fortfarande lika gripande och viktig Hur systrarna bearbetar vad som h nt dem, hur de f rs ker f rst och anpassa sig till sin nya milj , hur m nniskorna omkring dem bem ter dem, och Steffis k nslor kring allting Tycker hennes relation med Evert r s fin.Det r ber ttelsen som [...]

    8. S ntligen best mde jag mig f r att l sa den f rsta boken i den h r serien Jag l ste bok tv , N ckrosdammen, f r ca 4 r sedan, f r ett skolarbete, och tyckte om den j ttemycket men visste inte att det fanns fyra b cker f rr n ett par r senare men d l ste jag bara trean och fyran I alla fall, innan jag b rjade l sa den s visste jag inte riktigt om den skulle vara lika l tt rolig att l sa som de senare b ckerna, d Steffi r ldre och mer relatable f r mig att l sa, men jag gillar verkligen Annika Tho [...]

    9. Samma k nsla som Anne p Gr nkulla ungef r Mysig men ocks ganska jobbig l sning eftersom s mycket g r d ligt f r flickorna Jag hade nog gillat den mer om jag var i r tt lder.

    10. I really liked this WW2 story A little different than others I have read I will definitely want to read the 2nd book in this series to see what happens to these 2 sisters.

    11. The book En I Havet is about the two young girls Steffi and Nellie They re coming to Sweden from Vienna because of the second world war and you get to follow them when they try to figure out how to live their lives on an island on the Swedish west cost, without friends, family, or anything familiar at all The book is written by the Swedish author Annika Thor She writes for the younger audience, but I wouldn t mind reading it now that I m older Thor has also written three other books about Steffi [...]

    12. Audience This book is intended for grades 4th 6th with an interest in historical fiction Appeal What appeals most about the book is it based on real accounts of Jewish sisters being transported from their parents to Sweden to escape the Nazi s It has a lot of relativity that 4th 6th graders can understand, with or without siblings Application I would like to apply this book to my classroom by giving a whole lesson on the Holocaust and what things may have been like around that time Have the stud [...]

    13. A touching book Two sisters, Stephie, 12, and Nellie, 7, are sent to Sweden as part of a children s refugee program to escape the Nazi occupation and repression in Austria Nellie adapts to her family quickly, embracing the language and her adopted parents Stephie struggles with trying to fit in, while maintaining her Jewish and Austrian identity Stephie also has an uneasy relationship with her strict adoptive mother, whom she calls Aunt Marta, as well as problems with the school bully Above all, [...]

    14. A Faraway Island is an awsome book about two sisters, Nellie and Stephie who have to go to Sweden because of the war This book really describes the hardships that those kids had to endure, like being seperated, learning Swedish, learning their customs etc For Stephie this is really hard to do although she is very smart and well rounded On the other hand Nellie adjusts to the Swedish life easily with the other two children at her home Stephie gets the shance to go to grammar school but can t beca [...]

    15. this book is my favorite booki gave sympathy to the 2 sisters who survive without their parentseir parents were not dead but they couldn t flee away from the country but the kids had been fled and they re waiting for their parents to flee to America i like the scene when the older girl couldn t write a letter to her mom about how she and her little sister want to be with the parents because she worries that her parents would be sad and feel bad about ite wants her parents not to worry about them [...]

    16. A Faraway Island is an international novel about an adolescent name Stephie, who has sought refuge with her younger sister Nellie in Sweden The two Jewish girls left Austria after Kristallnacht, when Germany took over Austria on that fateful, violent night This story follows Stephie and Nellie through their journey to this new island, as they leave their parents, get separated by their adoptive families, and have to undergo the stress of a culture, religion, education, and language The story cov [...]

    17. Audience IntermediateGenre Historical Fiction, Chapter Book MulticulturalDiscussion questions Remembering Name the families with whom Stephie and Nellie Steiner are fostered, and tell how the the families are related.Understanding What happened to Stephie s hair on Lucia Day What was her biggest worry regarding the incident Applying What do you think would have happened to Stephie if she had not lost the compass in her attempt to walk to Goteburg Analyzing Compare at least three aspects of Steph [...]

    18. h jag bara lskar den h r boken N r jag var yngre kommer jag ih g att jag tittade p denna tv serie och fullkomligt lskade den N r jag f r ett tag sedan s g att b ckerna hade kommit i nytryck vart jag v ldigt intresserad av att l sa dem Det var m nga saker som jag gillade med denna f rsta bok i serien F rst och fr mst gillade jag hur b de Steffi och Nelli utvecklades under bokens g ng och sedan tycker jag att det r intressant att l sa om andra v rldskriget och speciellt hur det kunde p verka perso [...]

    19. Twelve year old Stephie Steiner and her younger sister Nellie are part of a group sent to Sweden from Austria to escape persecution by the Nazis in 1939 They leave their parents and are sent to live with separate families in a small fishing village on a cold, island Stephie and Nellie are taken into homes where they are made to feel as if each is part of the family The girls are able to write to their parents in Vienna where their father is forced to work in a labor camp Stephie faces bullies at [...]

    20. This Batchelder Award winner is the first of 4 books about its main characters, Stephanie, age 12, and Nellie, age 7 These two Jewish sisters are sent, along with nearly 500 others to Sweden from Austria to escape persecution by the Nazis A Faraway Island follows the life of the girls as they try to adjust to thier new life in a fishing area, and realize they may be separated from their parents for a long time Stephie has the most trouble adjusting The story gives us details of a historical even [...]

    21. I enjoyed this book It wasn t something I would read again, but it was a nice quick read that will really hit home It does really tug on your heart strings at some point because one of the main characters has it pretty rough.It s meant for young readers, but I m 21 and got into the story pretty well.

    22. Touching Holocaust story of two young girls sent from Vienna to a small island in Sweden to escape Hitler in 1939 Only the first book of a series has been translated The books have been made into a television series in Sweden Batcheldor 2010 award.

    23. Stephie and Nellie are evacuated from 1939 Vienna to Sweden This is an interesting story, not exactly an easy read I liked Stephie a lot and the writing enough to keep an eye out for the translations of the next three books.

    24. Easy to read and incredibly touching It was easy but well written, and fits perfect for people around 12 years I got stuck and want to read all of the books in that serie.

    25. Audience Intermediate gradesAppeal realistic story, WWII, female protagonists, realistic conflictsAward 2010 Batchelder award

    26. Jag l ste de fyra b ckerna om Steffi och Nelli som liten, men minns mycket lite utav det Jag minns att jag gillade dem i alla fall Nu har jag l st den f rsta delen igen Mycket bra, men det blir lite f r sockers t i slutet Jag gillar dock hur Thor uppm rksammar l saren p karakt rens f r ndring Det r en viktig detalj att ta med sig i kommande b cker i kvartetten om Steffi och Nelli.Jag kan relatera till Steffi som storasyster Som storasyster f rv ntas man hela tiden sk ta sig och ha verseende med [...]

    27. Jag gillade den h r v ldigt mycket Det r med ett enkelt men tr ffande spr k som Annika Thor beskriver Steffis upplevelser av den svenska sk rg rden och tillflyktsorten under andra v rldskriget r dslan, sorgen och saknaden efter f r ldrarna som fortfarande r kvar i Wien, medan hon och lillasystern Nelli bor hos nya fosterfamiljer i Sverige i v ntan p dem Men medan Nelli har l tt f r det nya spr ket, den nya fostermamman och skaffar nya v nner, st ter Steffi p flera hinder Flera i hennes klass mob [...]

    28. A story that really puts you in the shoes of Jewish children sent to Sweden right before the start of World War II A lot of the story is sad, not in the sense of horrific things happening, but that nothing seems to ever go right for poor Stephie It ends on a happier note in a lot of ways her relationship with her foster parents, friends, and the future of her education but of course her parents are still in Vienna and she has no idea how much longer she will be in Sweden Highly recommended for [...]

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