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Vatican By Malachi Martin,

  • Title: Vatican
  • Author: Malachi Martin
  • ISBN: 9780515096545
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • The explosive tale of a young Chicago priest called to serve in Rome and entangled in a high powered web of intrigue and violence.
    Vatican The explosive tale of a young Chicago priest called to serve in Rome and entangled in a high powered web of intrigue and violence

    One thought on “Vatican”

    1. This is one of my top ten novels of all time It is very difficult to compare novels in all their forms like comparing apples and oranges But this is a stand out, a book we will never forget, a book whose characters have affected us deeply and almost become part of us As a relatively new Catholic convert, I was hesitant to read this book after going over the reviews on , but I m most grateful that I did This was an absorbing, compelling, page turning, moving, scary, thought provoking, and inspiri [...]

    2. A bit of a slog that needed some heavy editing but an intruiging view of the politics of Roman Catholicism over the last 60 years Having lived through this period as RC, educated in RC grade and high schools while ending up with a very liberal viewpoint hmmm, cause and effect , it presents a possible explanation what have experienced seen in a church which I left for very many years This book is fiction so one should not take it as fact but there are likely some grains of truth in the story whic [...]

    3. This fictional chronical of the papacy in the second half of the 20th century is riveting in its information and perspective It should be required reading for Catholics over 35.

    4. This book was about 800 pages of vilifying and maligning the Vatican and several popes who though fictional in the book apparently did represent some actual popes according to some other Someone suggested that those who enjoyed Dan Brown s books would enjoy this That comparison is way off The book is no labyrinthine religious mystery At best, the author provides plenty of insight into the minds of various Popes and a behind the door look into the wheeling and dealing of important Vatican officia [...]

    5. This was an eye opener Before Dan Brown Davinci codes etcs I remember this book facinating me with the power and ever eternal dance of religion within the secrecies of the vatican One i would re read just to see if still think of it that highly still.I would do better reviews of all my contributions but alas I don t have time.Mostly I m thinking a quick style type will help I hope Have a great summer everyone Lisa

    6. Well, finally made it through the 800 plus pages Something begins to happen around page 600 Ok, to be fair, he put a lot of graft into this But it s really far too long and needed a really good edit Some of the crucial events are skimmed over when we really need to know how things were resolved Too much time is spent salivating over catholic superstition which is presented as fact I m glad I stuck it out but wish I hadn t guessed the ending around page 250.

    7. This is a great book I loved it It encompasses the rise of a man from America to becoming Pope Malachi Martin is a former Jesuit priest who has been allowed to write about life within the Vatican Most of what is written in here about the Vatican Banking Scandal is highly accurate It also delves into the Nazi escapes after WWII and the fall out upon the Catholic Church.

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