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Dark Legacy By Anna DeStefano,

  • Title: Dark Legacy
  • Author: Anna DeStefano
  • ISBN: 9780505528193
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Die scream her nightmares The voice is her sister s, the compulsion stronger than any ordinary dream.Maddie Temple can t go through this again Her twin has been in a coma for the last ten years Their psychic link was severed At least, that s what she thought.But there s a lot Maddie doesn t know about the 200 year old curse on her family, about the shadowy group tha Die scream her nightmares The voice is her sister s, the compulsion stronger than any ordinary dream.Maddie Temple can t go through this again Her twin has been in a coma for the last ten years Their psychic link was severed At least, that s what she thought.But there s a lot Maddie doesn t know about the 200 year old curse on her family, about the shadowy group that wants to exploit the Temple twins powers for themselves, about the sexy psychiatrist offering to help her The only way to find the answers antd avoid being pulled into the abyss of madness is to trust her heart and confront her Dark Legacy.
    Dark Legacy Die scream her nightmares The voice is her sister s the compulsion stronger than any ordinary dream Maddie Temple can t go through this again Her twin has been in a coma for the last ten years Their

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    1. DNF In all fairness, I m not sure I should write a review on this book, since I didn t finish it However, I feel like I must warn people who might be thinking of buying it The premise sounded really good girl tortured psychically by her comatose twin, as a relationship brews with the handsome doctor determined to keep her sane Throw in some covert agencies, mind control, and bam Awesome story, right Wrong.First of all, we re dealing with so many bouncing POV s, it s hard to keep straight who we [...]

    2. janicuvejournal 83161mlThis book was sent to me by Dorchester as well yes a string of books from them here lately I had mentioned my interest in anything like the Shomi line, and this has some science fiction, paranormal and romance elements in it, which seemed to be in the same kind of vein.The Premise Maddie Temple is a promising young ER doctor who for the past three months has gone from being well liked to unreliable and flagged for psychiatric screenings at work The problem lies in Maddie s [...]

    3. As many who ve read this book have mentioned, this book defies being placed into one genre or another There is suspense, romance, sci fi and paranormal elements to this complex story It s not a traditional romance If you are looking for something different that is very light on the romance then you might want to check this out.Although the story takes off right from the start, it was hard for me to get pulled into this book because I just couldn t buy that there was ever anything between Maddie [...]

    4. This seems suited for readers who just graduated from YA Paranormal Not my cup of tea The set up went from sounding cool twin sisters with a psychic link one of whom is comatose and being experimented upon and wound up cliched.Maybe I m the wrong reader for this genre I usually stick to crime , but I ve read my fair share of paranormal For an example of a better use of the sisters connected by psychic link, check out The Remains by Vincent Zandri I read that one before reading Dark Legacy.

    5. First of all, the whole DIE thing got old and annoying in about two seconds Second, I agree with another reviewer in that Jarred was a horrible character his motivation made absolutely no sense I didn t care about any of the characters whatsoever What a boring read, I am SO glad that it was free for my kindle and that I didn t waste money on it.

    6. I m stretching the truth by marking this as read Unless read means, barely made it through 6 confusing chapters then, okay I read it Maybe I didn t give it enough of a chance but there was just so much going on in such a short amount of space that it was information overload I m pretty sure my brain shut down at one point in an act of self preservation.

    7. I probably shouldn t have marked this one read because this was a did not finish for me I started the book and read one confusing chapter after another I finally just gave up I hope someone else had better luck with this one I m just upset I spent money on it.

    8. Mental instability has been known to run in her family but the heroine has always managed to maintain a mask in his life but now whatever control she had over herself is crumbling around her Years ago, her father was killed in a car accident and her disturbed and ill twin sister was put into a coma and admitted to an institution by her mother The heroine somehow managed to obtain a respectable career in ER medicine despite her own strange psychic gifts but now, she s tormented by nightmares and [...]

    9. Doesn t have a cliff hanger, per se, but the story is far from over when you reach the end I don t care for these kinds of series.

    10. 2.5 3 starsI was rather pleasantly surprised by this despite the low ratings While it was by no means the best book I had ever read, I found it rather intriguing and fascinating It was a paranormal romance with a strong suspense thriller component or was it the other way around As a thriller, therefore, it was kind of dark and spooky, especially since I was reading in the dark The nature of Maddie and Sarah s abilities made the whole experience of reading almost surreal and confusing, but that w [...]

    11. Review brought to you by OBS staff member HeidiBeware of spoilersMaddie and Sarah Temple are twins with a special psychic connection They are able to read people s thoughts and know what they re thinking and what s going on around them Maddie learned how to block this ability at a young age, but Sarah learned to use it and manipulate people to do what she wanted them to.When they were young they found an old paper that spoke of the Temple Legacy that came from a relative from the witch trials an [...]

    12. Although Dark Legacy s spine lists this as a paranormal romance, I think that including Gothic wouldn t be amiss There is a certain tenseness to the novel, not quite anticipation, but close to it, as Maddie fights to fit the pieces of a centuries old puzzle together to have a future As Maddie draws closer to the answer as to why or what caused her twin, Sarah, to slowly go mad and cast a dark shadow over the family, the plot only seemed to get twisted.And twisted this story becomes as Maddie s [...]

    13. Synopsis In Book One, Dark Legacy, you dive into Maddie Temple s spiraling madness as she hunts for the twin sister whose misfiring psychic gifts have come close to destroying Maddie s world before Only this time, Maddie s own psychic gifts are growing beyond her control and her dreams are becoming and volatile Sarah is taking over and of Maddie s sleeping and waking world.But who is controlling Sarah The doctors who are supposed to be caring for her in a long term mental health facility, wh [...]

    14. Born with an extraordinary psychic link to each other, twin sisters Sarah and Maddie discover a secret piece of paper when they were little girls hinting at a legacy But mom, in her state of denial, disposes of the paper and swears the two girls to forget what they read, it s just a silly myth Eventually the two sisters grow into teenagers who despise each other For Sarah seemed evil and on a path of destruction, where as Maddie was all that was good Then one night a tragic car accident killed M [...]

    15. I was amazingly surprised at this dark tale of anger, love and finally redemption Dark Legacy tells story of two twins with psychic abilities, and the chance to use their gift for either good or evil a fight to free themselves from those who want control over them, their ability to influence peoples minds though thoughts and dreams The Temple twins had their connection was severed early on, as Sara went into a coma while in their teens Maddie went on with her life, tried to be happy, and into th [...]

    16. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cThought provoking and addictive are just a few of the things that can be said about Dark Legacy This spine tingling psychological suspense novel kept me glued to my seat I had to discover what would happen to Maddie and Sarah From the first sentence, the reader is dragged into the confused and somewhat broken minds of a set of twin sisters who have inherited the gift of psychic empathy After one of the siblings slips into a coma after a terrible car acci [...]

    17. Okay first let me start by saying it took me almost a month to finish this book Not because I am a slow reader or because I was busy, but because I kept putting it down to try and find something interesting to read How was this book awful you ask Well let me tell you first, the characters were absolutely flat and uninteresting Everything and I mean EVERYTHING I have ever read, I have been able to get attached to at least one character in some small way Not so with this book I didn t even care w [...]

    18. This was the free Friday selection on my nook this past week I felt that it was disjointed I did not like the writing style at all Obviously being a book about a psychic twin who is having a meltdown can lead to some different issues, but I had a hard time following the characters and their dialogue Between the mind speak, out loud speak, speaking between the twins and DIE all the time I didn t enjoy this book as I have many other thrillers It also set things up for a sequel, with there being a [...]

    19. I read this on Kindle, it was a freebie promotion.There is A LOT going on in this book It took me a little to get in to, but part of that was probably because I didn t have time and was reading 1 2 hour here and 1 2 hour there, once I could sit down and just read, it seemed to flow better.This is a mix of suspense, paranormal, romance, action, thriller evil vs good, reality vs fantasy, truth vs lies, dream world vs real world As I was reading, I thought this would make for a good action movie I [...]

    20. This was an okay read It started off with a bang and the suspense intrigue was high BUT, the romance aspect was totally unbelievable and not at all necessary to the story In fact, I ended up really disliking Jarrod, the love interested of the good twin, Maddie He was overbearing, rude uncontrolled, all in the name of love And some of the physical scenes were not believable to me I m not referring to the sex scenes They werewellodd For instance, Maddie is being interviewed by Dr Metting, who is d [...]

    21. Honestly, I m not sure how I m going to trudge through the rest of this book My Kindle says I am 30% through and I m already sick of it I got it because I thought the idea for the story was intriguing, but at this point I think I m wasting my time It s a creative idea, but suffers from poor execution The point of view shifts around so much that it s hard to figure out which character I m with The characters themselves are flat I don t care about any of them and none of them are even likable I wi [...]

    22. This was a Free Friday book for my Nook It is not my style, but it was a fine book to read at the gym I can t read super serious books at the gym They make me run slower This one was entertaining, a touch of sci fi for me, and a sort of fun storyline I found it hard to read, confusing, but I think that was intentional, and I just had to patiently wade through it until answers were presented, assuming that they would be presented I guess they were I am not sure I would recommend it, but it might [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book It did have many point of views, so if you don t like that or you find that disruptive, this isn t for you However, if you do like multiple POVs, you ll find the jumping back and forth between the characters contribute to the feeling of running out of time I enjoy seeing what everyone is feeling and thinking, and it keeps me glued to the page to see what happens next from the upcoming character s point of view The strange connection between Maddie and her tortured twin, with [...]

    24. Her sister s voice screamed in her dreams, Die Maddie Temple couldn t keep doing this night after night Her twin sister had spent the past ten years in a coma, her condition severing their psychic connection Or had it But what Maddie doesn t know is that a 200 year old curse haunts her family And she doesn t know about the shadowy group with plans to exploit the Temple twins powers for personal gain She doesn t even know about her feelings for the pushy psychiatrist that keeps offering her help [...]

    25. This book is about a pair of twins that have the ability to see and feel each other s dreams and feelings One is considered bad, the other good One is put under a government testing learning how to use weapons The other learns how to heal But really they both arent bad It is just what the testing has done and made one believe Now they reunite after a 10 year separation and have to figure out if they can combine their powers to overcome the dark side death It overall is a pretty good book Kept me [...]

    26. Dark Legacy by Anna DeStephano on the other hand was pretty disappointing Barnes and Noble what are you doing to me your free fridays of late are epic fails I went for it because BN sold it as if you liked the movie Inception then you ll love this book yea, major lie The book focuses on twins who have psychic powers and one twin is insane and is being corrupted by the government and being turned into a weapon A weapon that could kill people via their dreams.It had potential but it just didn t wo [...]

    27. I have to say that I considered putting this book down several times The plot was good twin sisters have a psychic link, one of the sisters is all but shattered in an accident that kills the girls father, the other tries to forget that terrible night that stole her father and sister from her The romance of one sister and her colleague and how both twins struggle to regain control of their souls and forgive each other was poignant The downside is that the book could be half the length it is every [...]

    28. I got this book from the publisher through netgalley and I honestly think if I hadn t requested it, that I never would have finished it The storyline sounds interesting on the blurb, but it just didn t pan out The beginning was confusing and once I understood what was going on, I found it to just be annoying and repetitive I wanted to pull my hair out the entire time I was reading The characters are weak and the story equally so I m amazed there is a sequel and you couldn t pay me enough money t [...]

    29. If you love paranormal romances with a shocking twist, you ll love Dark Legacy Ten years ago, Maddie s father died in a car accident, while her twin ended up in a coma Now in the present, she realizes her sister s alive and the link connects them leads to a shocking truth of their dark legacy of psychic connections, when good over evil wins with the light over darkness and love conquers hate They battle their fears and connect again to find their greatest demons in dreams and in real life A grea [...]

    30. I got Dark Legacy as a free download from BN on my Nook not a book I would purchase ordinarily Although I read the entire book, while doing so it was mental torture The plot was riduculous There were a few times that I thought about not finishing the book, but I kept reading, I guess I m a glutton for punishment To me it was as if I was driving by a car wreck, I don t want to look but I do and then I slow down to get a better view of the accident That s Dark Legacy a wreck I cannot recommend Dar [...]

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