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The Air War in Europe By Ronald H. Bailey,

  • Title: The Air War in Europe
  • Author: Ronald H. Bailey
  • ISBN: 9780809424948
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This definitive series chronicles the major junctures, personalities, campaigns, and strategies of the world s most consuming war.
    The Air War in Europe This definitive series chronicles the major junctures personalities campaigns and strategies of the world s most consuming war

    One thought on “The Air War in Europe”

    1. This is a splendid introduction to the conduct of the air war over Europe in World War II Both sides strategies and methods of fighting are covered the Americans and British themselves had differing points of view and the resolution of those internal differences are covered as well You get numbers, too civilian losses, aircraft and crew losses, and the impact on production Most of these numbers are higher than I had thought At, say, fifty pages an evening, you can get through this fairly quickly [...]

    2. Growing up with airplanes, it s hard to believe that there was a time when they were considered unhelpful But in WW2, if you wanted to fly than you had to prove the plane was worth the effort.

    3. his book will give you a good overview of the air war You may read about actions, battles, or subjects that make you wish for detail but this is hard to beat in a slim 208 pages volume Included are the usual Time Life collection of hundreds of photographs, illustrations, color artwork of most aircraft, and maps that supplement clear and interesting narratives.

    4. Another Time Life book on the air war in Europe Mainly focused on the bombing campaign of Europe, ignoring the Battle of Britain and Germany s bombing campaign For what it is, it is a good quick read.

    5. Bought this Life Time series in the early 1980 s on WWII, a volume came to the house every 2 or 3 months so I could take my reading It was very informative and enjoyable read, I still use it for reference.

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