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You Were Always Mom's Favorite!: Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives By Deborah Tannen,

  • Title: You Were Always Mom's Favorite!: Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives
  • Author: Deborah Tannen
  • ISBN: 9781400066322
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I love her to death I can t imagine life without her, a woman says about her sister Another remarks, I don t want anyone to kill my sister because I want to have that privilege myself With these two comments, begins this eye opening and entertaining new book.New York Timesbestselling author Deborah Tannen is renowned for illuminating the way we communicate and revol I love her to death I can t imagine life without her, a woman says about her sister Another remarks, I don t want anyone to kill my sister because I want to have that privilege myself With these two comments, begins this eye opening and entertaining new book.New York Timesbestselling author Deborah Tannen is renowned for illuminating the way we communicate and revolutionizing relationships in the process What she did for women and men in You Just Don t Understand, and mothers and daughters in You re Wearing THAT , she now does for sisters in a groundbreaking book that explores one of the most powerful and perplexing relationships in our lives.Conversations between sisters reveal a deep and constant tug between two dynamics an impulse towards closeness and an impulse towards competition, as sisters are continually compared to each other When you re with her, you laugh your head off, and can giggle and be silly like when you were kids But she also might be the one person who can send you into a tailspin with just one wrong word For many women, a sister is both.With a witty and wise voice, Tannen shares insights and anecdotes from well over a hundred women she interviewed, along with moving and funny recollections of her own two sisters You ll come away with a profound new understanding, as well as effective techniques to improve and accessible solutions for problems in this unique and precious relationship.
    You Were Always Mom s Favorite Sisters in Conversation Throughout Their Lives I love her to death I can t imagine life without her a woman says about her sister Another remarks I don t want anyone to kill my sister because I want to have that privilege myself With these two c

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    1. Primary takeaway from Deborah Tannen s You Were Always Mom s Favorite is relief, the relief that came with having finished reading it I ve no doubt that Tannen s book is the product of considerable research, time consuming management of materials, and careful revision of a work in progress But the right audience for this book needs, first of all, to have previously given little attention to relationships with sibs Having a typical sister sister relationship might also make the work fairly easy t [...]

    2. As the oldest of four sisters and a brother I was interested to hear what Tannen had to say I recognized myself in so many of her stories, and found myself wanting to talk to my mom and sisters as I went through the book Did you feel like that Can you see now why I would act that way and so forth There was one paragraph that for me encapsulated the conflicts I ve had with my sisters, past and present Sisters are inescapably in competition even as they are companions traveling down the same road [...]

    3. The title doesn t quite fit thankfully, it s all about sisters relationships, the heirarchy, the connections, the competition, how the parents play into it, how the relationships often stay the same, etc The stories are so relatable I kept thinking of my family and my friends too The author interviewed and analyzed many sister relationships and situations, including her own Some of the anecdotes are wacky, but most of the situations described seem mundane which sometimes felt a little hair split [...]

    4. The holidays are always rough As Sally says in When Harry Met Sally A lot of suicides And while family is supposed to make things better, they can often make things worse I have two younger sisters, and we ve had difficult relationships at times We get along currently and I d like things to stay that way So in preparation for Christmas, I downloaded Deborah Tannen s You Were Always Mom s Favorite do I even need to give you the subtitle That title is so perfect, you ve got to already know it s ab [...]

    5. Neal A Maxwell quoted another author once that We learn to cope with the people of this world because we learn to cope with the members of our family I thought of that as I read this book.I recommend this book to any woman who has sisters I enjoyed D Tannen s most recent book as well You re Wearing THAT about mother daughter relationships and this one is in the same vein She listens in on various sister sister conversations, whether reported secondhand or experienced firsthand, and then offers h [...]

    6. As I read this book I recognize the many aspects of my stepdaughters relationship with each other, and understand them better For that alone the book is worth 4 stars.

    7. If you have sistersd I have 3.you should read this book I listened to it on cd, it was so interesting Deborah Tannen is one smart lady This is a self help book but she s really not telling you what to do or what to change, she simply tells what is btw I am not mom s favorite

    8. I quit listening to this as the narrator was so annoying It sounded like she was licking her lips or something similar and breathing wonka into the microphone I doubt I will pick it up in book format as it just didn t grab my attention.

    9. I loved it It was super interesting to think about my own younger sister, and how our interactions have changed and moved around throughout life It also opened my eyes to other relationships I have with aunts and my mom and dad especially.

    10. Well I was looking for help with this book, as to how to improve or change my relationship with my own sister Sister relationships are also one of the themes in my novel, and my real life sister and I went on a holiday together, like the fictional ones in the novel, so as you can see things get a bit complex for me After my real life holiday with my sister, I was left reeling at the differences between us, and yet we share a past and a bond due to being sisters Deborah Tannen covers the paradoxi [...]

    11. This is such a fun book to read I have three sisters and I can relate to this book I have a very good relationship with my sisters but when we were growing up, we were always competing against each other and blaming each other And after reading this book I can understand why This is book for sharing with your sisters Enjoy

    12. This book was in a stack to read at the Cape and I am glad I read it this weekend Years ago I read the author s other book, You re Wearing That about mother daughter relationships and enjoyed it This time the author shares stories from her own life and others who are lucky enough to have a sister or sisters The conversations are centered around themes about being in a family, age differences, competition, and how sisters deal with having their own children I liked that the author presented vigne [...]

    13. So far, not the best work on the subject of sister communication, but I will finish it to see if additional insights unfold Update couldn t finish it Some interesting case studies could pique the interest of women with sisters and testimonials abound, but there s just not enough objectivity as I would expect from this scholar However, Tannen s effort still deserves respect as she takes on this daunting task It s a bit than anyone could expect in a single volume on the subject of sisters in conv [...]

    14. When sisters family relationships are able to muddle along and maintain emotional closeness through the many stages of life, Deborah Tannen s book may seem almost superfluous Insight isn t always sought when everyone appears to be comfortable, content and free of undercurrents of conflict However, for those sisters connections hobbled by misunderstanding, misplaced rivalry, assumptions of motives of behaviour based on role assignment by parents, trickle down expectations and beliefs held by thos [...]

    15. Having read and enjoyed a few of Deborah Tannen s books and as a person with two sisters, I was intrigued about what she could reveal about these unique relationships Tannen offers a linguist s view Professor at Georgetown University of how sisters relate Specifically, she analyzes sister s relationship issues using their conversations as her guide Like all important relationships those of sisters are complicated and at times, fraught with difficulties By observing sister s conversations, she di [...]

    16. I had hoped for from Deborah Tannen s latest foray into the hidden messages we convey in conversation While I enjoy Tannen s ideas and writing style, I found this book disorganized I had to keept rechecking the table of contents to see which section I was reading Was it about older sisters Wait, then why does she keep talking about younger sisters With each new section, I hoped for a new, organized set of insights instead it seemed like she kept saying the same things over and over I came away [...]

    17. I liked this one better than the other book on sister relationships that I recently read The writing was less dense and less jargon heavy, and the examples were good I m not sure the sisters in conversation subtitle is quite accurate, though, since I didn t feel like it was really an analysis of the language sisters use with each other It was psychology than linguistics, I felt, focused on women s attitudes and biases but not really getting at those things via their words and language as much a [...]

    18. I didn t really read this book I skimmed through and picked out the chapters or parts that I thought were interesting I don t have a sister but wanted to participate in an extended family book discussion I am a sister though and know many sisters I think there is much in this book that could be helpful.Deborah Tannen is a Professor of Linguistics and she helped me understand, once again, that it s not so much what you say but how you say it I thought the stories that Tannen related to make a poi [...]

    19. Having recently taken a 4 day vacation with my two sisters, the timing for reading this book was perfect I ve read other of Tannen s books and always find them interesting, but also find that my family doesn t really fit the typical conversational mode that she describes I don t remember my eldest sister mothering me my next oldest sister tended to do that , but even she didn t do it that much once I got to be about 8 or so Tannen s take on the meta message that sisters and indeed, all family me [...]

    20. This book was pretty interesting for anyone who grew up with a sister I think I m not sure how much you would get out of it if you didn t The author is a linguist who used her training in human interaction to research the relationships between sisters She used her own experiences with her own two sisters plus the relationships between sisters from around the world to illustrate her points There of course many things I could relate to in my relationship with my own sister, but also many others di [...]

    21. Deborah Tannen is a professor of linguistics and writer of books about how humans communicate with one another and how that affects their relationships She is also a youngest sister This gives her a unique interest in her subject matter Tannen spent years collecting hundreds of personal interviews She also used information from student projects and papers along with her own research This gives the book a very collaborative feel She goes through different dynamics within the sister relationships, [...]

    22. I reread this book, since it was 2 months that I first read some chapters I wanted to refresh my memory since we are discussing this book She had some good stories about sisters, but I found that it didn t pertain to our family that much My sisters and I were spaced apart by many years, so that could say that we were raised like only childs.Chapter 2, We re close but we re different was my favorite chapter The section titled Lost Sisters, lost selves brought back the most memories, since we lost [...]

    23. I think I was expecting a few less stories and a lot insight from this book Maybe it s just that I didn t want to pay for a therapist, but I could ve used a little psycho babble to help me understand my own relationship with my sister, and this one just didn t offer much except gentle stories from the author s own good relationships with her own sisters So it s definitely not all bad, but not the manual I was looking for to traverse the rocky relationship I have with my own sister.The stuff on [...]

    24. Dear Dad,It s your 100th birthday today You may not be here to celebrate it, but you are remembered for all the things you taught us and the person that you were You taught me the meaning of integrity, as you lived it you taught me that love is a doing word , not just by saying I love you but by the thoughtful things you do for others You taught me to care about others across the world who have so little, because you were prepared to leave your home and family to help in a practical way.You neve [...]

    25. I actually finished this book just before Thanksgiving If you are going to read a book about sisters, reading it while a bunch of sisters are planning a long distance Thanksgiving dinner is definitely the way to go Tannen s work, of course, is pop psychology, but that doesn t mean she doesn t have some recognition points.I am in the middle of 5 sisterso older and two younger One brother older is also in the mix I have always thought of myself as a middle child, which I am, with all of the classi [...]

    26. This book took me a while, because I was only reading a little before bed, but I finally sat down and finished it, because I found it so interesting The author, a linguist who has written several other books about relationships and language, looks at sisters, and how they talk to and about each others She gives insights into the varied aspects and types of relationships between sisters, based on interviews with women, while also not making them seem prescriptive I wanted to have my sister readin [...]

    27. Every woman who has a sister should read this book It provides very interesting insights and also shows how similar or different your family s dynamic is from others I am the middle of three sisters, yet this book showed me that while our roles are almost always typical of the oldest, middle, baby, sometimes we play each other s role, depending on the situation This made me appreciate and understand why my sisters and I communicate the way we do and how we could be better at it The sections that [...]

    28. Anyone with a sister should read this book All my life, I ve grown up wondering if there was something different about my relationship with my sisters If perhaps we were less functional than others But now, I realize we re actually incredibly functional and this book has assured me, the vast array of conflicts have been perfectly normal I only wish everyone would read it Because it will change how you look at the way you communicate with everyone It also breaks down why certain comments uttered [...]

    29. This was an extremely enjoyable read and it presents a very interesting and different perspective on relationships between sisters by looking at language and culture I believe that anyone who has a sister can identify with any one of the situations that the author presents through her research Coming from someone who is not only one of 6 sisters, but who is the fifth of 6 sisters my twin sister is the youngest , I could identify a great deal with a lot of Deborah Tannen s research findings I hig [...]

    30. This book is about sisters and being one of three, I thought it might be a good book to read The book started out kind of slow and I almost put it down after about 35 40 pages Luckily for the book and myself, I believe in the Rule of 50, meaning that I give a book at least 50 pages before putting it down.The book had a lot of truth to it and I could see it being helpful for someone who has trouble dealing with their sisters I m very lucky in that I have a good relationship with both of my sister [...]

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