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The Talent Show from the Black Lagoon By Mike Thaler Jared Lee,

  • Title: The Talent Show from the Black Lagoon
  • Author: Mike Thaler Jared Lee
  • ISBN: 9780439438940
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Star in the doomed Black Lagoon It s time for the school talent Too bad your best talent is squirting milk from your nose Even worse, your mom makes you take piano lessons from smelly Mrs Fumble And no one said that there would be millions of people watching But The Talent Show From The Black Lagoon Must GO ON
    The Talent Show from the Black Lagoon Star in the doomed Black Lagoon It s time for the school talent Too bad your best talent is squirting milk from your nose Even worse your mom makes you take piano lessons from smelly Mrs Fumble And n

    One thought on “The Talent Show from the Black Lagoon”

    1. This is the second book in the Black Lagoon Adventures series of early chapter books by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee With short chapters, big font and lots of pictures, these books are just marginally challenging than the original Black Lagoon series of picture books by the same author illustrator team In fact, I think I like the picture books better, but because I ve only read a couple of the chapter books so far, I ll have to reserve my judgment until I ve read a couple This was a fairly simila [...]

    2. Usual silliness from the Black Lagoon Adventures books It s detailed than the older Teacher Principal Gym Teacher etc from the Black Lagoon books, that we keep with picture books This one is kept in J, for 2 3rd grade readers.

    3. This is another great installment of the Black Lagoon Series Like all of the others, it has a simple storyline that young readers can use to practice reading There is also plenty of word play and puns that make the older reader chuckle.

    4. Required school talent show, 10 hrs long Every students must participate, a 1 minute to 1 hr performance each Piano lessons and nightmare of things going awry While there are few words Book contain a few jokes were reader must have some prior knowledge and a sense of humor

    5. Mrs Green announces to the class that they will be having a talent show and everyone has to do something And we have to be on stage for at least a minute My friends all have ideas already Eric is going to tell jokes Freddy is going to read a recipe for apple turnovers Derek is going to hula hoop Randy is going to do magic tricks Penny is going to lip sync to Beethoven s 9th and Doris is going to dance What am I going to do I have so many talents making duck noises with my armpit, squirting milk [...]

    6. Ms Green wants everyone to participate in the talent show for at least one minute Hubie has some odd talents but nothing for the talent show He wants to do his best He learns to play the piano He is gifted The challenge of trying new things is quite frightening but what is discovered is worth much .

    7. The talent show from the black lagoon by mike thaler is a great book if you like relatable stories The book is about this one kid who is nervous to do the talent show because he still doesn t know what he is gonna do and everybody else already has ideas on what to do.

    8. It s about a boy with a big imagination who doesn t like his piano teacher but still manages to play piano in the talent show.

    9. Thaler branches out from his popular series of picture books, creating a series of early chapter books to compete with Gutman 19s 18My Weird School 19 books and others These short books are stuffed with funny illustrations 13 there 19s one on every page 13 and the font size is large enough to keep the word count on each page under 60 at most In this offering, the Black Lagoon kids have trepidations as they plan their talent show performances, but at the end everyone puts a twist into their act a [...]

    10. This is my favorite author and I am a big fan of his black lagoon series, but I wasn t too fond of the chapter books There wasn t that sense of mystery like the picture books I did like the descriptive words and made up situations like someone having a cast on their lips the author creates throughout his stories I would use this in my class for students who like the black lagoon series too.

    11. This is one of a series, and I found it to be cute for little kids to read It is taking an every day fear and putting a kind of silly spin on it I had chosen this book because the main character is a little boy, and I wanted to see what kind of options were out their for boys, and this chapter book is a easy and fun read, and I would recommend it for a classroom library.

    12. I think this was a funny book and I was surprised when I saw my own name in the book it was pretty cool But this was a character who was an awesome magician who pulled their class hamster Waldo out of his own hat And then at the last minute Hubie overcame his fears.

    13. This series is great for younger boys who are beginning to read chapter books second grade The chapters are short while is very motivation for beginning chapter book readers The books are very funny They have weird gross humor that boys really appreciate Girls would also love these books.

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    15. It s a fun, silly book to read to kids, but the words used are too difficult for the target audience Some references, like the one to swan lake, will be missed as well.

    16. This series is SO FUNNY I ve been giving these books to 1st, 2nd and some 3rd graders and they re loving them A good pre diary of a wimpy kid book.

    17. This kid doesn t know what he is going to do for the talent show and he ends up playing chop sticks with his toes.

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