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Mona Lisa Awakening By Sunny,

  • Title: Mona Lisa Awakening
  • Author: Sunny
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A smoldering debut novel.From the time she was a child, Mona Lisa knew she was different but she never knew how different until a man of otherworldly beauty entered her life.
    Mona Lisa Awakening A smoldering debut novel From the time she was a child Mona Lisa knew she was different but she never knew how different until a man of otherworldly beauty entered her life

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    1. I grabbed this book from the library because the front said A terrific debut sure to appeal to fans of Anne Bishop or Laurell K Hamilton, after which it should be obvious to those who know me why I could not resist it It delivered on this promise early, when on page 5 we get My nipples hardened to stone, my inner sheath quivered, and I wanted to go to him Inner sheath But even to the point, I think, the Anne Bishop comparison is utterly on target It is as if someone decided that the Black Jewel [...]

    2. Let me save you some time I m a nurse Look at that patient, he s so hot I creamed my pants He s all I m not human yada yada, you re a queen and I m all Ya I know right Let s do it There, save yourself 7.

    3. I m going to be straight and say I DON T understand how this book is a bestseller, let alone how it managed to be published Penguin, what were you THINKING I ve been looking for this book for a good year or so was too expensive with the Australian exchange rate, and no bookstores seemed to have it When I managed to find it on Fishpond the Australian equivalent of , I was ecstatic Utter waste of time Mona Lisa is a slice of white bread Boring, flat and with absolutely no real flaws, characteristi [...]

    4. Wow And not in a good way What a piece of utter crap When I had picked up the book initially, the fact that it was pretty much stated that the author had drawn inspiration from Anne Bishop, Laurell K Hamilton, etc I was intrigued I am a fan of Anne Bishop I am also a fan of Patricia Briggs, whose blurb appears on the book from a review or statement.I didn t realize that fanfiction could be published Oh, sure, it s not actually set in either the Black Jewels world or the Merry Gentry universe but [...]

    5. Loved It Loved It Loved It Darkly erotic, but wow I absolutely loved this book I love finding a paranormal series that is refreshingly different Mona Lisa is an ER Nurse in Manhattan that feels alone in the world She meets a creature during one of her shifts that changes her life and helps her to understand why she has been different all of her life She is not only another species, but a born Queen of that species kinda like a queen bee that is meant to rule This story was absolutely amazing tho [...]

    6. OMG, what a difficult book to rate Let me say that I just loved this book I would have given 4 stars if it wasn t for that annoying part right in the middle and the author s tendency to let the heroine be rape or almost rape most of the book I mean seriously, who does that why would you want your heroine to suffer something like that But well I must clarify that this is not a spoiler because it isn t something that happened once I don t know why but Mona Lisa gets stuck in those kind of situatio [...]

    7. I would have given this book 3.5 starts if that were an option because while I enjoyed the book, there were a few things that bothered me about it It was an engaging and engrossing story, I have to admit Enough so that I read it in one night It s obvious the author is a fan of LKH, who is one of my favorite authors so I didn t really mind the similarities What bothered me was that right from the beginning, Lisa doesn t seem at all surprised to learn that she belongs to a race of beings who used [...]

    8. This was another one of those books that sat on my to read shelf forever I kept putting it off for one reason or anotherI think that the description of the book on the cover doesn t do the book justice.When I read the cover, I was thinking hmmm, children of the moon that sounds stupid Without giving anything away, being one of the children of the moon really just means you bask or rejuvenate your body in the moon light when it is a full moon Sunny does a great job of creating her own version of [...]

    9. I read in reviews that it was clear that the author was influenced by the Anita Blake series Having read those I thought to myself that if these are anything like Laurell K Hamilton s series then they should be good I was wrong I read this and the second book in the series Awakening had a good start it seemed like it had a lot of potential But the transition she made from being a seemingly normal human being with a special abilities to a domineering Monere queen isn t believable There isn t a gr [...]

    10. Seems to have a lot of similarities with Laurell Hamilton s Meredith Gentry series and Anne Bishops Black Jewel series In fact, if you read those books, this feels like fanfiction The writing is awkward dialog sort of stilted moves from casual speech to formal at odd times , characterization very one dimensional, romance unbelievable, and the protagonist is a Mary Sue who everyone falls in love with for no good reason She has 1 magical ability at the beginning of the book and keeps gaining new o [...]

    11. This book was alright It was like this weird wanna be cross between Anne Bishops dark jewels series and Laurell Hamilton s Anita Blake series It was an ok enough story but I couldn t help feeling that there was a better story trying to get out Also, I was so distracted by how similar in tone feel to the other two authors that I cited, that I couldn t enjoy it Subconsciously I kept comparing it to them.I will probably read the follow up book to see if the story improves.

    12. This book is one of the reasons the paranormal romance genre, unless infused with fresh ideas beyond vampires, werewolves and the slayers who love lust them, will begin to implode as savvier readers will seek out other, better written subgenres of romance Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but when the imitation cannot find its own style or voice, it reads like bad fanfiction rather than a work that stands on its own merits The initial concept of Mona Lisa Awakening is actually [...]

    13. I found this book completely unbelievable even for a paranormal romance erotica First of allNO romancey sex The hey I just met you but lets have sex and then I ll love you forever kind and even ridiculous, the hey I m dying so heal me with sex and then you will love me forever kind Secondly, rape is not erotic and I feel it has no place in books that claim to be sensual Oh, and the whole, you are not humanOK, I m not human so now I m going to f% k everyone and turn ultraviolent and maim people [...]

    14. I feel like there is next to nothing that I can say about this book I can t say that it was amazing, nor can I say that it was horrible To be honest, I have a distinct feeling of meh when I think about it.My lack of ability to say whether the book was good or not may something to do with the fact that when I read it, I had a disturbing feeling of d j vu While I noticed that the author had thanked Laurell K Hamilton and Anne Bishop in her acknowledgements, I was surprised to find that this book r [...]

    15. What to say about this bookI was really optimistic that it would get better after all so many people rated this book at 4 or even 5 stars But I should have quit while I was ahead.The plot is actually interesting, the Moniere are aliens who used to live on the moon before it became uninhabitable or maybe they got kicked out that was not real clear Details details moving on so the men of Monere have to serve and mate with a Queen to live, they draw their power from them in bask in the moonlight on [...]

    16. The premise behind Mona Lisa Awakening has nothing to do with Italian painting The Mon re are an alien race who don t laugh once lived on the moon, and who get their power from moonlight Their gifts vary, from shape shifting to mind compulsion to being invisible They live amongst us, our world divided up into territories ruled by Queens.Mona Lisa is an orphan, her name coming from the silver cross she was wearing as a baby when found Now working as a nurse, though only twenty one, she is drawn t [...]

    17. I think if I had to sum up this book in a word, it d be irritating Why irritating Because while this book isn t nearly as awful as I thought it would be, it s irritating at how much of its potential that it wastes The sex scenes in this are rather short for what s often billed as erotica They last maybe about a page or two at average and are about as graphic as your average romance novel, which is probably why I ve seen this sold in many stores on the romance shelves They re decently written, s [...]

    18. It s funny, I haven t finished this but that to me is telling I typically pick up the paranormal romance stuff and finish them each within 24 hours of starting and they are usually quite a bit longer then this one Don t get me wrong, a nice juicy scene in the first 25 pages is welcome but I was perplexed by how within 15 minutes of meeting each other our 2 main characters are so you re mine and I m never going to let you go and how fast she goes from orphaned no one to commanding queen again by [...]

    19. Read a long while ago but never marked I remember really liking this series and probably will want to reread at some point.

    20. Even though I gave this book only 3 stars, I liked it, probably because I ve read some short stories from the series, so I know it gets better I ve seen this book classified as erotica, but I think it s paranormal romance it does have a real plot, after all.Mona Lisa is a 21 year old ER nurse in NYC She s known she was different from other people since she was 13 she can sooth pain, see in the dark, hear distant sounds, bound up six stairs at a time, and is much stronger than average She was an [...]

    21. This is definitely an erotic novel, but don t go in expecting it to be all moonbeams and giggles There s a lot of sexual violence, a lot of regular violence, and even the consensual sex in here is usually during someone about to bleed to death and needs to be healed, because they share power through sex This is a book about a race of people, the Monere, who are violent, unsympathetic, and raised to consider it a dog eat dog world Although Mona Lisa is shaking things up, being part human and havi [...]

    22. 2.5 starsThis one was very nearly a DNF for me The first 50 pages made for some of the most ridiculous reading I have ever encountered Nonsensical But Defying all explanation, I was somehow drawn into the story enough to want to continue with the next book I really can t explain it.Mona Lisa has lived her life believing herself human, albeit feeling that she somehow doesn t belong Until one day while working as a nurse in the ER, she encounters a man who she is inexplicably drawn to She quickly [...]

    23. Ten a much simas ganas de leer este libro, no me ha defraudado y sobre todo me ha sorprendido Al ser el primero de una serie pasa lo habitual la trama se ve frenada por los m ltiples detalles que hay que conocer sobre los monere, su forma de vida, su estructura jer rquica, sus poderes y sus amenazas Pero por otra parte aunque es el primero hay acci n y mucha, cuando piensas que la protagonista ha salido de una escaramuza y que ahora la autora te va a empezar a contar an cdotas sobre los hijos de [...]

    24. 4 1 2 stars Liked it a lot Definitely recommend it.It had a good story and some good characters which is unusual for erotica I plan to read of this series Story brief The Monere people have powers and magic abilities humans don t have The Monere live among humans, but humans don t know they are different Queens rule territories Mona Lisa was part Monere and part human and was left in an orphanage at birth When she is 21, she meets Gryphon and realizes an unusual power exists between them She st [...]

    25. So I am kind of embarrassed that I even read this series In my defense I didn t really mean to Well it was at a time when I was reading like 7 books a week and I was grabbing anything that sounded kind of interesting and I ended up with the third book So instead of reading it and finding out it is basically porn I went and bought the first thinking that at the rate I was reading it didn t really matter how good it was So that is how I started the series but I obviously went out and read the othe [...]

    26. The review makes this book sound good, as in good, as in yes, I came three times Did you Recommended to me by another librarian, I thought, I d give it a try I was so incredibly disappointed There s absolutely no character development Mona Lisa discovers her tru identity I d like to know where in the story that happens It s just a bunch of sex sex for fun, sex for healing, sex until their inner lights start glowing yes, they fuck and they glow It s apparently beautifulI was actually fine with th [...]

    27. I am so enad with the world of the Mon re The intrigue, the cruelty, the hedonism, the sensuality, the matriarchal structure.What I didn t like so much was the Oh, now that I ve met you, I know what who I am acceptance that Mona Lisa adopted just within the first chapter, but seeing as how the book is only 243 pages, I understand why it was necessary for our heroine to have blind faith in Gryphon s words Speaking of Gryphon oh, how hot he is I am left wondering, however, about his shared past wi [...]

    28. Each book gets better than the last, quite refreshing series.Bottom Line Buy itWhen you re a new queen, a mixed bloodwho struggles to find yourself and establish your kingdom, along with the help of your two brand new loverswarriors saved from death.l while some rivals conspire to kill youd oh by the way, the Prince of Hell kinda digs you as well.Having read some of the other reviews, I don t find this author like Anne Bishop Sebastian or Laurell K Hamilton Guilty Pleasures least not the books I [...]

    29. A LOT like the Merry Gentry and Anita Blake books by LKH magical sex and the instant ability to control new magics that pop up whenever the heroine is in trouble The author uses and threatens rape a lot in this book and I find that offensive not just because it is rape but because she uses it so frequently On the plus side, at least Mona Lisa does not make me want to brain her with a 2 x 4 like Anita does Mona Lisa doesn t fight her attraction to her men, but at least she doesn t bang every guy [...]

    30. I totally held my breath when I bought this book, because the reviews are so love hate Well, consider me Team Mon re I had so much FUN reading this book, and I found it to be truly unique While everybody who loved the book seemed enad by the two male leads, Gryphon and Amber, I am all about Prince Halcyon I hope he shows up in the future books, and I hope that his role winds up being much prevalent Yeah, this one s a keeper for me Sure, some of it was a little bit over the top, but it was never [...]

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