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O Homem dos Seus Sonhos By Nora Roberts,

  • Title: O Homem dos Seus Sonhos
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788467171112
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Afinal, a fic o podia tornar se realidade pelo menos para ela Para conseguir acabar de escrever o seu primeiro livro e assim iniciar uma carreira como escritora de novelas rom nticas, Jackie MacNamara fora para uma casa emprestada O que, obviamente, n o esperava era que o seu her i imagin rio aparecesse por l.Ele era, na verdade, Nathan Powell, o propriet rio da casa,Afinal, a fic o podia tornar se realidade pelo menos para ela Para conseguir acabar de escrever o seu primeiro livro e assim iniciar uma carreira como escritora de novelas rom nticas, Jackie MacNamara fora para uma casa emprestada O que, obviamente, n o esperava era que o seu her i imagin rio aparecesse por l.Ele era, na verdade, Nathan Powell, o propriet rio da casa, e procurava paz e tranquilidade.A nica coisa que Jackie tinha de fazer era convencer o teimoso Nathan Powell de que podiam partilhar o mesmo tecto e de que os finais felizes come avam em casa, entre os seus bra os
    O Homem dos Seus Sonhos Afinal a fic o podia tornar se realidade pelo menos para ela Para conseguir acabar de escrever o seu primeiro livro e assim iniciar uma carreira como escritora de novelas rom nticas Jackie MacNamara

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    1. I thought this book was fun and lovely We have Jackie MacNamara of the famous MacNamaras from other Nora books She is a terrific character Jackie is spirited, energetic and kind Throughout her life she has tried many different interests Even though she was successful at them, they weren t quite right Now she has decided to write a novel and her tricky cousin lets her sublet a gorgeous house in Florida he is housesitting so she can concentrate on her novel.Enter the dashing owner of the house, Na [...]

    2. Loving Jack is the story of Jackie Jack MacNamara and Nathan Powell.When Jackie rents a house out of the city to find peace and write her book, she never expects her cousin would scam her and give her a house who s owner was to return very soon Nathan is shocked when he finds his house having an intrude unwanted guest in the form of flighty Jackie Soon she persuades him to let her stay and thus begins the story.The couple is polar opposites While Jackie is eccentric, impulsive and vivacious, Nat [...]

    3. Este um livrinho muito pequeno, daqueles que requerem quase zero de concentra o e que se l de uma assentada, bom para aquelas alturas em que n o apetece pensar no que se est a ler e s se quer algo para distrair o c rebro e relaxar N o digo isto em tom pejorativo porque eu gosto bastante da Nora Roberts, e os plots dela ainda que sempre virados para o romance, t m sempre uma dose de um drama qualquer capaz de comer a cabe a do leitor durante um bom bocado, o que n o acontece com O Homem dos seus [...]

    4. Este primeiro livro da trilogia, apresenta nos Jackie MacNamara, uma mulher adulta, que apesar da sua experi ncia em v rias reas, nunca conseguiu levar nenhum projecto at ao fim, acabando por nunca se ter sentido realizada Sentindo que agora de vez, aluga um apartamento por tr s meses, com o intuito de escrever o seu primeiro romance Para sua surpresa, logo na primeira noite o dono desse apartamento Nathan, regressa de uma longa viagem de trabalho e claro que n o sabia do aluguer de Jackie, pois [...]

    5. Author Nora RobertsFirst published 1989Length 315 pagesSetting Contemporary Fort Lauderdale.Sex Infrequent Not explicit.Hero Architect.Heroine Flighty but settling down to write romances.Well, it was readable and it came to an end There s not much to say about it than that.It was written well enough The characters were interesting enough The plot completely relationship driven with very little drama was fine.But the book, overall, was nothing remarkable.The most interesting bit is that Roberts [...]

    6. Flighty Jack MacNamara wants to be a writer and with the help of her cousin, she s found the perfect place to start that career A wonderful house in Florida that she s rented for three months Stuffy Nathan Powell, just wants time alone in his own house but he gets the surprise of his life when he finds Jack in his bed It seems Jack s cousin pulled a fast one and told Nathan the house was empty and ready for him while telling Jack the same thing Jack makes Nathan a deal to cook for him if he will [...]

    7. Well that was certainly a lovely read for a Sunday Afternoon A lovely romantic story as I ve heard is typical Nora Roberts, great read Just what my Doctor Ordered a nice bit of Romance This is my 3rd Nora Roberts book the previous 2 were McKade brother novels which I Loved too I ll certainly be reading More novels by Nora in the Future.

    8. The main character Jack kind of bugged me It was basically a super cheesy romance novel But it was entertaining enough to finish.

    9. Rushed and cheesy like all of these shorter romances, but a light, enjoyable read The connection to Lawless made it even better.

    10. Loved the characters in this book She was so free loving and hilarious Could you imagine knowing someone like her I do have a friend that is pretty similar.

    11. No es ni bueno ni malo s lo es otro m s de nora.La protagonista acepto es super encantadora y vivas lo cual me agrado much simo.

    12. Title Loving Jack Mencintai Jack Author Nora RobertsPublisher PT Gramedia Pustaka UtamaPages 306 pagesPublished March 2001When Nathan Powell found a girl in his bathtub, he asked the woman to leave However, Jackie MacNamara felt that she already rented the house and refused to go As they made the deal to live together for 2 weeks, both found that they were in love to each other But with so many differences betwen them, how will they make it together ReviewSnore Big snore I expected so much from [...]

    13. Loving Jack by nora robertsJackie MacNamara has just given her swindling cousin Fred money for 3 months at this house It s just spring and she s able to write on her new typewriter.Problem is the owner Nathan Powell, architect, is back home from Germany and he s in his own house The same one that Jackie is staying at.She is quite educated by going to many college and universities over the years and dabbling in a bit of every occupation available.She tries to persuade him to let her stay with her [...]

    14. t isn t often that this author writes an annoying character, but in this early work , she has created a big one in Jackie Jack Loving Jack is the first in a duology Jackie, a.k.a Jack, is an aspiring writer who is duped into subletting a house by her con artist cousin The problem comes when the owner, Nathan, comes home early He definitely doesn t want a house guest.The thing about this book that bugged me was Jack She was just really annoyingly optimistic and a bit of a con artist herself She d [...]

    15. Quando Jackie MacNamara revela a sua inten o de encontrar uma casa sossegada para que possa escrever o seu livro, Fred, o seu primo e um vigarista de primeira qualidade, oferece lhe a oportunidade de alugar uma casa absolutamente extraordin ria Jackie, um pouco desconfiada, aceita e passa os primeiros dias intercalando trabalho com descanso Isto at chegar o dono da casa que indignado a quer dali para fora.Nathan Powell o dono da dita casa, que ap s chegar cansado de semanas de trabalho intenso s [...]

    16. I never read anything by Nora Roberts and bought this book by instinct, when in fact I was looking for books by Anne Stuart I honestly don t know what was waiting for when I picked up this book This month has been difficult and wanted something light but engaging and thrilling, but this book wasn t so The story is predictable and the relationship seemed somewhat forced The characters didn t captivate me, especially Jackie who made me roll my eyes constantly However it is an easy and quick readin [...]

    17. Jackie, adalah sosok wanita yg unik, dia tidak pernah bisa memutuskan dengan pasti apa yanng dia ingin lakukan dalam hidupnya, sehingga dia selalu mencoba mempelajari segala sesuatu yang dirasa itu menjadi bakatnya.Saat dia menyewa sebuah rumah, dia tidak membayangkan bahwa dia akan berhadapan dengan pemilik rumah yang pulang dan berniat menempati rumah tersebut.Karena Jackie merasa dia sudah membayar biaya sewa rumah tersebut, dia berhak menempatinya sesuai masa sewanya.Nathan cukup terkejut me [...]

    18. The character, Jack or Jackie is crazy She s fun but knows what she wants Her cousin, Frank subletted her a home for 2 months only to find out that it wasn t her cousins house at all but a friend of his This friend, Nathan had just come home to find a woman he had never met before in his home His first thought is to kick her out, but Jack has other ideas I found this story interesting I thought Jack really was crazy Poor Nathan had no chance I did find it fun to read this to be taken back to the [...]

    19. This book is the first in the Loving Jack Series.Jack is actually Jackie, she s trying her hand at being a novelist and has found the perfect location to write her first book Little does she know, at first, that the vacant house she has decided to sublet is not actually vacant.Nathan is glad to be home after his most recent job Nathan, an architect loves his home, it is his safe haven and he expects it be empty When he arrives home late he finds jack, lounging in his hot tub.The sparks fly insta [...]

    20. This was just awful The heroine was an annoying, flaky, con artist who has less than nothing in common with the hero Her cousin rips her off for thousands of dollars and her reaction is to this is not to graciously move out a house that doesn t belong to her or her cousin, but con force by threat the owner into letting her stay They spent almost no time together but all of sudden just because they live in the same house, they re in love Completely ridiculous premise with an unlikable main charac [...]

    21. Since the first book I ve read from Nora Roberts I ve loved her writing so much This book was not an exception In this one I was surprised to find a woman so determined as Jackie, she was so cheerful and fearless Absolutely liked her About Nathan I just wanted to hug him and encouraging him to accept the fact of being in love with Jackie and embraced it Oh, and I absolutely loved J.D though he only appeared in 2 or 3 pages I may have missed an epilogue but since this is a trilogy, I may find abo [...]

    22. N o deu para mais Descrevo este livro s numa frase A protagonista irritou te tanto, tanto, tanto, o quero, o fa o, o eu e o mais eu, o n o dar espa o, o impor se, fez como n o gostasse dela, senti vontade de entrar no livro e resgatar o pobre do homem, do Nathan Zeus que p ssima personagem feminina.Como j disse noutro livro da autora, parece que ela em alguns livros comeu gelado pela testa _

    23. This didn t feel like a Nora Roberts book to me It was too light hearted I just didn t think it was much of a story at all, just a little time waster between books.I usually like NR books and find the storylines and characters quite complex, but this read like a bit of fluff.Times have changed within this genre that is for sure.

    24. I really love Nora Roberts We always can read a happy ending All right this book is only about a couple, and it s simple and light, it s a differente book from the others of Nora but it s a funny and relaxing reading Read Nora Roberts is like talk with an old friend it s always a good talk.

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