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Wolf And Iron By Gordon R. Dickson,

  • Title: Wolf And Iron
  • Author: Gordon R. Dickson
  • ISBN: 9780812509465
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Mass Market
  • The Iron YearsAfter the collapse of civilization, when the social fabric of America has come apart in bloody rags, when every man s hand is raised against another, and only the strong survive Jeebee Walther was a scientist, a student of human behavior, who saw the Collapse of the world economy coming, but could do nothing to stop it Now he must make his way across a vioThe Iron YearsAfter the collapse of civilization, when the social fabric of America has come apart in bloody rags, when every man s hand is raised against another, and only the strong survive Jeebee Walther was a scientist, a student of human behavior, who saw the Collapse of the world economy coming, but could do nothing to stop it Now he must make his way across a violent and lawless America, in search of a refuge where he can keep the spark of knowledge alive in the coming Dark Age He could never make it on his own, but he has found a companion who can teach him how to survive on instinct and will Jeebee has been adopted by a great Gray Wolf.
    Wolf And Iron The Iron YearsAfter the collapse of civilization when the social fabric of America has come apart in bloody rags when every man s hand is raised against another and only the strong survive Jeebee W

    One thought on “Wolf And Iron”

    1. This was a pleasant surprise from BookBub I read the blurb and am always attracted to wolves so decided to try it It s an Oddeysey that takes place after the world ends with a whimper What no no electricity, no technology, no gasoline, etc so people are scattered, civilization is destroyed and one lone scientist heads to Montana to his Brothers ranch, it s slow going and one has to be co scantly on the lookout for danger But he picks up a wolf and meets some people Quite remarkably written.

    2. 2.5 stars Metaphorosis ReviewsAfter the collapse of civilization, a social scientist attempts to work his way across North America to his brother s ranch with a wolf as his companion.I know Gordon Dickson s work largely from his excellent Dorsai books, and the less effective rest of the Childe Cycle books I ve tried out a few of his other works e.g Time Storm, The Dragon and the George , but been less impressed I m sorry to say that Wolf and Iron fits in that latter category.The prose is smooth, [...]

    3. I only know one stanza of T.S Eliot s poetry, and the most popular one at that This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper Of all the apocalyptic scenarios that I ve read about, the one invoked by this line seems to me to simultaneously be the most likely, the most interesting, and the most overlooked The world won t tumble into anarchy and decay from a comet, or from nuclear war, or a supervirus, or overpopulation Instead, it will slowly sink into a bog of smaller social prob [...]

    4. This is a rather strange book The original barely logical plot of traveling to some long lost brother s ranch is quickly abandoned in favor of survival porn endless descriptions of scavenging and rigging weapons and shelter Normally, that d be pretty tense and interesting, but the main character stumbles across the post apocalyptic equivalent of Home Depot in an abandoned ranch that provides him with all the supplies he could need for the last third or so of the book, so it s like reading some [...]

    5. I really did enjoy this book even though I am on to my second copy of it The first was ruined when there was a huge section missed from the printing I would say that over a chapter was gone.The book really is your standard journey of redemption which the world falls apart and reverts back to a most simplistic and as you would expect barbaric age The real star of the book though is the wolf I will admit apart from finding the animal majestic and terrifying I grew up with dogs big dogs and have th [...]

    6. I have always enjoyed Dickson, but found this one to be exceptional post apocalyptic, but concentrating mostly on the story of one man An academic who understood a bit about what was coming, but still was not prepared The story of him and the wolf he befriends was quite enjoyable along with the little contact he has with others as he tried to travel to his brother s farm The foreword from an expert on wolf behavior tells of his time working with Dickson to help him to get the wolf behavior detai [...]

    7. Post apocalyptic, Man Dog well, wolf , Gordie Dickson what s not to love It s years since I read this, but it had a profound effect on me, and I really want to find a copy Edit I got hold of a copy.I m fascinated by the depth of research that went into the Man Wolf relationship somewhat forced on him by his wolf researcher, Dr Harry Frank, who wouldn t let him get away with anything but perplexed how at times he gets even the simplest things wrong For the second time in a week the first author w [...]

    8. Man and Wolf Against the UniverseWolf and Iron is a post apocalyptic novel wherein rather than suffering a catastrophic disaster, civilization had suffered an economic collapse The protaganist, JeeBee, was a scientist, a social economist, who had been studying social phenomena and had predicted the collapse.As society falls apart he begins a journey to reach his brother s ranch in Montana to ensure the survival of the scientific discoveries that he and his group have arrived at and that should r [...]

    9. I read this book sometime after it first came out and it has influenced my thinking about surviving in a post nuclear war life ever since I became aware at how unprepared I would be to live in a new Iron age without technology I am not a survivalist, so I would need to rely on other people who have scout or wilderness survival training With all the modern survival equipment I wonder if life would be better, or easier, than Jeebee s tremendous efforts.Think what life would be like without electri [...]

    10. What I learned from this book If you are a nerd who survives the end of the world, get you a pet wolf to sick on people.My review I think what facinated me most about this book was that this college student majoring in economics is able to predict the fall of civiliztion in time to get out of dodge For 15 years I have been wondering what economic conditions would trigger or at least what economic indicators would signal armegeddon Now I know Wow, maybe ignorance really is blissOtherwise this is [...]

    11. The end of civilization as we know it driven by economic collapse a little too close to comfort right now The story is entertaining, but in many ways is too pat, driven by coincidences that stretch the boundaries of one s willing suspension of disbelief Don t get me wrong, I liked the book, but I don t think the post collapse future would be as tidy as Dickson makes it out to be.

    12. An incredibly detailed post apocalypse survival storyI ve been a Gordon R Dickson fan for decades, since the late 1960s This book caught my attention because of the subject matter Wolf behavior and how it would tie in to a very human survival story after the crash of civilization In fact, the only thing that got glossed over during the course of the story was the crash itself Sure, it was mentioned and even discussed but I m not sure I caught onto the actual causes But that s no problem because [...]

    13. If you are looking for a Macgyver in a post apocalypse world, look no farther Jeebee Walther, a scientist, is fleeing the remnants of civilization as he tries to make his way to his brothers farm His goal is to find a way to protect his knowledge that predicted the collapse of society and store it for when it is needed in the future The novel starts out strong, as Jeebee is a fish out of water, and he ends up rescuing and befriending a wolf A large amount of the start of the novel explores their [...]

    14. Allow me to preface I love Dickson, first of all, and second, I m fully aware this book is a prize winning novel I love his attention to detail, and his wanting to make sure he imparts that he studied diligently the nature of wolves, how they act in the wild and in the social circle of humans I appreciate that he wants to explain the nature of natural childbirth, and how to use weapons and shoot firearms In reading, I m tolerant of some of those expanded details But, here it is slightly tedious, [...]

    15. Dickson triumphs right here on Mother EarthGordon R Dickson at his best right here on Earth A post apocalyptic story of a man who treks cross country from Michigan to Montana Along the way he encounters a wolf who soon becomes a travelling companion The story goes into detail about how this relationship works Eventually our hero, Jeebee, meets up with human travelling companions Why five Stars First of all, the characters are memorable You will want to spend an evening getting to know them in pe [...]

    16. Civilization has collapsed, and a young scientist completely lacking in skills to survive has to find a way to do just that Some fortuitous relationships are key to him achieving this, the first of which is a friendship he develops with a wolf It is a good story, but there places where the Dickson goes into far too much detail than is needed Even as a scientist and naturalist, there were parts where I was simply skipping over the paragraphs, rather than try to delve through the explanations prov [...]

    17. This was a very solid read I liked that it focused on the relationship between Jeebee and Wolf for the most part It was interesting and felt like the author put in some solid research The rest mostly solo postapoc survival was also interesting and felt well researched.The particulars of Jeebee s past, while interesting, weren t critical to the story I also enjoyed how his priorities shifted as the story went on.

    18. When I first started the book I thought I would end up giving it 5 stars But once things started to turn to the every day sorts of living the story got pretty slow I enjoyed the book and the premise of the book But parts would drag on and I felt myself losing interest I would have liked to know about the reason for the Collapse I would have even liked to hear a bit about the travels of the wagon and Merry s journey But it was definitely worth a read.

    19. An amazing readThis was quite a departure from other works by Dickson that II have read Very rich character development and a well structured story It held my interest from start to finish.

    20. Wolf and ironInteresting story about after the end of the worldAnd how to get along without A story about what it takes to survive after every thing has changed Great read for everyone

    21. Very goodBut it certainly needs a second book You can t just leave it there But I would highly recommend this to anyone.

    22. Enjoyed the book.I enjoyed the interaction between the main character and his wolf companion The book is well researched and written and a pleasure to read.

    23. I had read the short story that was the basis for this tale, so I was happy to spend time with the characters An interesting end of world build a new world novel.

    24. I read this because someone I care about greatly was reading it The book was interesting, but it was too analytical and dry for my tastes I didn t fully believe in the love story and I was lost on some of the technical explanations The I read apocalyptic novels, the I realize that I will be a screwed and b have very little chance of making it Perhaps I should order a BJs survival food kit.

    25. Great story but slow moving It has a decent ending but it is also disappointing in that the main character never achieved his goal.

    26. I m sure all of the knowledge passed on was correct in all it s detail I read in the Introduction, how detailed the author is checking his facts I enjoyed that very much However, the story itself was not always believable, and the plot faltered, and was very uneven.

    27. While never a great fan of Mr Dickson s fairly vast body of work finding it, for the greater part, filled with shallow characterizations and far too fantastical plot devices much like his contemporary, Philip Jose Farmer , it is this particular novel to which credit is given for inducing me to read the other Dickson books the ones I off handedly dismissed in my first aside in the first place.For me, Wolf and Iron represents everything that is good about character driven stories and, in that vein [...]

    28. This review is from the Kindle edition of the Start Science Fiction First Edition published October 15, 2013 I enjoyed this novel to a degree even though there are some problems and short comings One problem is that the way the novel is described on s site could lead some to believe that they are purchasing a novel of a different type than this actually is A quote from a featured review in the description, En route he befriends a wolf who becomes a partner and companion via verbal and nonverbal [...]

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