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Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA's War on a Family Farm By Linda Faillace,

  • Title: Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA's War on a Family Farm
  • Author: Linda Faillace
  • ISBN: 9781933392769
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mad Sheep is the account of one familyis struggle against a bullying and corrupt government agency
    Mad Sheep The True Story Behind the USDA s War on a Family Farm Mad Sheep is the account of one familyis struggle against a bullying and corrupt government agency

    One thought on “Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA's War on a Family Farm”

    1. This was the most excellent book about farming and government that I ve read this year It seems the older I get, the I realize there are so many lies out there Lies that we As Americans have been fed.Truth is hard to be found.But it was most certainly found in this book.Being of the farming agricultural mindset, I really enjoyed this book However, I must warn you this book will make your blood pressure rise You will be shocked unless you already know and horrified You will want justice for this [...]

    2. As this book warns, you may become mad after reading this family s story of their battle with the USDA, who claimed their sheep had mad cow disease, despite negative test results Well written, you will feel sympathetic for this great family who did their research and followed all the rules and yet lost it all in the end to a corrupt government.

    3. I ve only read segments of this book and not the entire narrative Someday.The authors came for a book reading at the bookstore some time ago, and I can homestly say that I have never felt such comapassion for a cause at such an event as this They told of their struggle and random targeting by the USDA and their years long court battle trying to get all the FOIA info that was due to them, only to have their case held up with the judge.They are kind, sincere and earnest people who only wanted to l [...]

    4. I ve had this on my bookshelf since it came out, meaning to read it, but knowing that I needed to save it for a time when the heartbreaking nature of it would be endurable I was a cheesemonger for five years, and I was one of the people on the American Cheese Society tour in chapter 10 I don t know if any of the other tour members had heard through the grapevine what was going on with the USDA I had not When the news came out later, I reflected on the fact that the Faillaces had not taken us any [...]

    5. Linda Faillace takes us on a journey from England, where she and her husband studied scrapie in sheep When the family This story is an important example of how badly things can go when large regulatory institutions go rogue I highly recommend reading it if you are involved in food security issues and are concerned with food safety One thing I would especially like to point out is that the Faillace family did their best to work with the USDA until they realized that the science the USDA was using [...]

    6. Reviewer Suzanne Prescott Albuquerque, NM USA This is my review on If I had told friends I was reading about alleged disease in sheep they would have missed the true significance of this book It s about big government intervention against the rights of citizens It s about a Vermont family s creativity and dedication and how all of that was trampled by the USDA run amok It s also about what happens when special interests and lobbyists overwhelm a government agency It really was a page turner.

    7. Great book I heard bits and pieces of this story when it was happening I wish I had paid attention then and done something to help these folks out One of this book s main strengths is that it lays out how hard it is for small farmers even if they have knowledge and resources to fight a government agency, even when the government is absolutely in the wrong.Mad Sheep is a well written book and a necessary book for anyone claiming to have solidarity with small farms and farmers.

    8. I met the author at the Waitsfield VT Farmers Market Great story Looks like a great book.True story Very unsettling, and convinces me that the government is not always looking out for us.Well written, and impressive the way the family deals with bureaucratic distress May we all have such stamina and focus.

    9. I almost didn t read this one I had checked it out from the library, but when it came time to read it, I just wasn t all that into it I gave it the 10% rule, and, bam Wow Great book Angers up the blood.Read it if, welljust read it, you.

    10. Frank also read this book he was sad and agreed that the government messed up but he skipped the chapters dealing with the family He gave it 4 stars.

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