[PDF] í Uma Luz na Escuridão | by ✓ Catherine Anderson José Freitas e Silva

Uma Luz na Escuridão By Catherine Anderson José Freitas e Silva,

  • Title: Uma Luz na Escuridão
  • Author: Catherine Anderson José Freitas e Silva
  • ISBN: 9789725685938
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • Poucos autores escrevem hist rias comoventes e de inesgot vel ternura como Catherine Anderson As suas personagens partilham com o leitor a esperan a de encontrar o amor perfeito de uma vida inteira.No intuito de por a salvo a sua vida e a do seu beb , das m os de um padrasto violento Maggie Stanley, arrisca tudo numa fuga desesperada passando de um perigo para outro aindaPoucos autores escrevem hist rias comoventes e de inesgot vel ternura como Catherine Anderson As suas personagens partilham com o leitor a esperan a de encontrar o amor perfeito de uma vida inteira.No intuito de por a salvo a sua vida e a do seu beb , das m os de um padrasto violento Maggie Stanley, arrisca tudo numa fuga desesperada passando de um perigo para outro ainda maior Desde a tr gica morte da mulher e dos filhos, Rafe tornou se num pobre vagabundo que lentamente afoga as suas m goas no lcool Assim que conhece Maggie, Rafe pressente que v o envolver se em problemas E quando Maggie subitamente atacada por um grupo de vagabundos, Rafe, por compaix o, decide salvar a jovem m e e o seu filho Maggie est simultaneamente grata e preocupada com o seu novo protector Na extrema solid o, na fase mais sombria que jamais viveu, a compaix o de um desconhecido, muito atraente mas pobre como ela, surge como uma luz na escurid o e proporciona lhe o conforto e o carinho que sempre desejou e nunca teve Rafe bem mais do que aquilo que parece um homem enigm tico e secreto, que poderia dar a Maggie o c u e a terra, n o fora a circunst ncia de ter jurado a si pr prio viver sozinho o resto da sua vida.Para sua surpresa, tamb m Rafe descobre que pela primeira vez, desde h muito tempo, algu m necessita da sua ajuda e est determinado em n o os desapontar que s vezes o amor surge sem aviso pr vio e transforma o mundo mais frio e desapiedado num verdadeiro para so E um homem a quem quase tudo foi roubado, uma mulher que perdeu at mesmo a capacidade de sonhar, e a crian a desprotegida que de ambos necessita, podem tornar se a mais improv vel e a mais fabulosa das cria es uma fam lia.
    Uma Luz na Escurid o Poucos autores escrevem hist rias comoventes e de inesgot vel ternura como Catherine Anderson As suas personagens partilham com o leitor a esperan a de encontrar o amor perfeito de uma vida inteira No

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    1. Catherine Anderson is one of my favourite authors OK, her Heros might be a bit alpha and OTT but I love that Eventhough some of these books have been written years ago, I am only discovering her now highly recommend her.

    2. Reviewed for thcreviews 4.5 stars Baby Love is a wonderful book that is reminiscent of a grown up fairy tale, a Cinderella story As the heroine, it has a young woman who has known the meaning of hard work since she was only fourteen, when her father passed away leaving her with the responsibility of caring for an ailing mother and baby sister Then an incredibly evil stepfather entered her world bringing nothing but heartache and abuse When she finally is able to make her escape, she meets up wit [...]

    3. 5 angel face starsThis was absolutely beautiful I couldn t have asked for anything from this book The characters, the writing, the relationships were just perfection.

    4. Maggie Stanley is on the run with her tiny one month old baby She s trying to get away from an abusive step father who, right before she left home, beat her so severely that she s covered from neck to toe in bruises and cuts With little money and no help, Maggie hops a train headed away from her tiny Idaho town Rafe Kendrick is running away from the memories that haunt him His wife and two children were killed in a car accident right in front of his eyes, and he desperately needs to escape the p [...]

    5. I truly wanted to like this book I have loved everything I have read from Catherine Anderson so my expectations were maybe too high It had all the elements I usually like, meaning hot tortured hero, but there were too many things in this story that I just could not overlook view spoiler First of all, an alcoholic is not going to just STOP drinking brought on by some epiphany from his dead wife over a girl he does not know at all And if he did, he would be going through withdrawal big time But he [...]

    6. I just don t even know what to say about this one Other than to me it read like a Harlequin that went on about 200 pages too long Or that cowboy types who call the heroine honey from their first meeting bug me Or that a millionaire who drops everything to ride the rails for 2 years WTF but reconciles with his family with ONE phone call doesn t ring true to me And that the hero s favourite song is The Way We Were Good Grief, WHEN WAS THIS BOOK WRITTEN It actually reads to me like something from t [...]

    7. This is my first Anderson book, and I was pleased I did like both the Hero Heroine, and you really got to feel you knew and understood them The man lost his wife and two young children in a car crash two years before, and the woman escaped from an abusive situation with her young infant They meet on a box car filled with dangerous drifters He saves her from the dangerous men, and we go from there This was an intense story Some of the situations seemed to last 100 pages However, I did like it and [...]

    8. Five words Biggest Waste Of Time Ever This book was boring and predictable Do yourself a favor and skip it

    9. This was fairly good Two things that bothered me Never once was that baby in a car seat I can go with the bad guy not caring but the hero Also at the end, they are riding and he has the baby in front of him on a flightly stallion If you re being that careful you d ride a gentle dependable horse and save the stallion for riding alone And horses don t smell fear although body tenseness will sometimes make them nervous.Okay the story itself There were places where it lost my interest and I wondere [...]

    10. Overall rating 5 Maggie girl stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler no hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler no hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler no hide spoiler HEA view spoiler yes hide spoiler My review This was a very cute story Light and sweet with very little drama This is the story about second chances and new beginnings Rafe thought his life was over when his wife and two beautiful children were taken from him in a tragic accident, but then he met Maggie and Jamie With one look, h [...]

    11. Wasn t what I was hoping it would be Boo There were one too many forced contrived things that made the story fall flat and got in the way of my enjoyment of it There was nothing natural or realistic about this story Call me cynical, but the idea of a grieving widower falling for a young woman in 2 days of meeting her just doesn t really work for me Given the circumstances surrounding both characters it was incredibly hard to grasp the idea of these two or I should say Rafe falling so quickly for [...]

    12. Pek be enemedim Asl nda her ey yerli yerindeydi, normalde bay lmam gereken bir kurgu ama bir ey eksikti Yine i ine giremedi im bir kitap oldu k sacas.

    13. This may have been the most compelling opening premise I ve ever read I cracked the book at like 2am last night there s something wrong with me, I know this planning to just read the first 2 or 3 pages to see if it was something I wanted to read next Next thing you know, it was 3am Face Palm.Maggie Stanley is running scared Literally With a diaper bag and an infant she s running towards a rural Idaho train yard to hop on a boxcar, desperately trying to escape the man who viciously beat her.Rafe [...]

    14. I know many of you loved this book, but it wasn t that good for me It was okay, I liked it, but I never got crazy about it Although I definitely liked how the author writes and I will be reading book 2 right away because I really hope for the things I didn t like about this book will not be in book 2.What I REALLY didn t like 1 Most of all I just can t stand romances where the hero and or the heroine fall in love right away The kind I see you one day and fall absolutely and irrevocably in love w [...]

    15. Sept 19, 2009 After just re reading this book I have to say that I loved it that even the first time It is very touching I cried through most of the first few chapters You just hope to have someone like Rafe in your life Jan 1, 2009 I avoided reading this book simply because the title put me off Boy was I wrong I Love Cathrine Andersen and the way she writes This book touched my heart in a way that her others haven t Rafe is a man broken by the lose of his wife and two children in a terrible ac [...]

    16. Another great story from Catherine Anderson Rafe has lost everything, his wife, his childrend has not come to terms with his grief, so he has left everything he has ever known to ride the rails Maggie comes from an abusive home and grabs her baby and leaves in the middle of the night to save herself and her son Alone in a boxcar she meets Rafe who saves her from other tramps hell bent on doing damage to her and her son Just a sweet story of trust and love.

    17. A tradu o deste livro foi algo que me decepcionou e irritou profundamente E, a meu ver, extremamente mau quando na opini o que damos sobre um livro come amos precisamente pela tradu o O que principiou por me aborrecer foi o excessivo formalismo com que os protagonistas se tratavam, sempre voc para aqui e voc para acol mesmo quando j eram ntimos, mais no final j misturavam o tu com o voc Por outro lado, este excessivo formalismo foi esquecido quando foram utilizados termos brejeiros sem necessida [...]

    18. Baby Love est vraiment un coup de coeur.Je suis tomb e amoureuse de style d criture de Catherine Anderson Elle relate les v nements d tail par d tail ce qui te donne l envie d tre parmi les personnages.Au fil des pages, je me suis trouv e envo t e et captivante et excit e pour la fin Ce livre est absolument un must have pour moi.Ma personnage pr f r e est bien s r Rafe Kendrick, l homme qui avait tout et brusquement tout d un coup et dans une fraction de seconde elle perd sa femme et ses deux en [...]

    19. Title Baby Love Series Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 1 Author Catherine AndersonGenres Adult Contemporary RomanceRating 4.5 StarsCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Blog HERESERIES OF STANDALONES Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 1 Baby Love Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 2 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 3 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 4 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 5 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 6 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 7 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, 8 Kendrick Coulter Harrigan, [...]

    20. DNFDNFThere was a time I used to devour anything by Catherine Anderson, some of her stuff I liked than others, but overall I never thought there would be a day I will give one of her books one star ok, I also immensely disliked, for similar reasons to this one, her Phantom Waltz The book starts interestingly and for about 50 pages it goes rather well, but then the heroine falls terribly ill, the hero s millionaire status is revealed and is all down hill, and way down hill, from there While in s [...]

    21. Catherine Anderson really has a way to make a book hits deep in to the heart, she writes such emotional heart wrenching warming stories, with vivid characters, and colorful events, either their funny or angst One of the most things I love about her books, is that there is a common theme in them, they all relate to female issue, suffering, and heartache And the gentles toughest protective archangels to protect the heroines, because so far from all what I have read of her books I loved every singl [...]

    22. Romantic Suspense TediousI think I m going to call it quits on Catherine Anderson I liked Seventh Heaven, but then had two in a row that I gave up on I did manage to finish this one, but only through sheer will power All her books follow a set script, with the heroines so victimized that they are completely dependent on their hero.I don t know why, because they certainly went through a lot, but I never came to care about Rafe and Maggie Although, now that I think about it, that s not quite true [...]

    23. You know when you stay up all night reading a book that it is definitely a good one and a page turner I literally could not stop reading this book It is the story of what happens to Maggie Stanley as she runs away from her massively abusive stepfather, and takes her beloved baby with her, the very baby that he has threatened to kill When Maggie jumps into a train car in the snowy Idaho night, she does not know that she is going to find her savior, a man who is drunk, disheveled, and seemingly ho [...]

    24. I ve gone back to write this review after reading Blue Skies, the 4th book in this series Baby Love by far is still the best book in the series not that the others haven t been good, do far they have all earned 5 stars from me Rafe is struggling to make peace with himself after the death of his wife and two kids After two years of being a wandering homeless drunk he runs into Maggie and her infant son Jaimie After seeing the love a mother can give her child, Rafe has a strong protective urge and [...]

    25. Thanks to Jayne Ann Krentz s recommended list at her website, I have just discovered Catherine Anderson, who not only writes well but with depth than most romance writers This book is no exception Dealing with the loss of a family in a car wreck, Rafe Kendrick escapes physically by riding the rails and emotionally via the bottle only to come up against Maggie, running from three years of physical and emotional abuse, while trying to keep her bastard baby alive than one month The issues permeat [...]

    26. This was so beautiful Everything about this story touched my heart so deeply I find stories about loss of a spouse and moving on are hard usually This one absolutely shattered the ceiling and took all my feelings and reservations and buried them Rafe deserved every moment of happiness and peace that he found with Maggie and Jaimie This beautiful broken man had way too much life, love and passion to live alone The thing I adored was the traditional love story The sweetness, the family and all of [...]

    27. Ahhhhis book was just too sweet and a tadbit unbelievable The premise was super sweet, butthe execution was inst everything.We meet Rafe when he is a drunk, bum He ismourning the loss of his entire family He hopsa train, and among other bums, he findsMaggie Maggie has just had a baby, and sick.Within hours Rafe decides to sober up, after2 yrs of being drunk, hocks his wedding ring,for much needed money, and start to provide for Maggie who he literally just met Within days he has Maggie on his C [...]

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