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The Last Days Of The Lacuna Cabal By Sean Dixon,

  • Title: The Last Days Of The Lacuna Cabal
  • Author: Sean Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780007268573
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • This novel is set in a time of upheaval the Iraq war is exploding people across the world are marching in protest It is the story of a group of friends who find a family of sorts within their book group, who learn to cope with love, the lack of it, loss, the lack of that, with growing up in a world that is falling apart.
    The Last Days Of The Lacuna Cabal This novel is set in a time of upheaval the Iraq war is exploding people across the world are marching in protest It is the story of a group of friends who find a family of sorts within their book gro

    One thought on “The Last Days Of The Lacuna Cabal”

    1. This was one hell of a roller coaster ride, one might even say incoherent For the majority of this book I was never sure whether it would be worth my time and effort in the end, but it was I actually enjoyed it very much Everyone is this book is quite crazy, everything that happens in this book is even crazier.One of the members of a rather extreme book club decides they need to read this ancient book she brought in its stone form They also reenact it, and not necessarily with the consent of eve [...]

    2. How I loved this book I happened to be in Montreal while I read this book which gave me a better understanding of the book s setting I loved the idea of a pair of narrators who miss out on all the main action I loved the references to all the other books and authors in the story many of which I had read I finished it on the train heading back home and cried and cried and cried I wonder what the original play was like.

    3. Readers will either love this book or hate it I have an appreciation for what the author does, though I couldn t even really finish the entire thing, and even getting to the 2 3 point was very difficult I loves me some absurdity but this didn t resonate with me.

    4. This book get s a bit carried away and some parts seem crazy Wasn t sure if I liked it at first After reflection I can honestly recommend this book.

    5. According to author Sean Dixon s blog, his novel, The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal, is based on the premise of What happens when your average everyday book club reads the oldest book in the world My answer would be that is gets really weird.The Lacuna Cabal Montreal Young Women s Book Club is not, and I repeat, not your everyday average book club First they met daily Second, they are a young women s group which includes a man who wants to be a woman and a ten year old boy, who continually scrib [...]

    6. I struggled with the ratings for this one It deserves than three stars, but wasn t a full four star read for me, nevertheless I found it to be a well crafted and enjoyable read, a picaresque romp through The Epic of Gilgamesh via downtown Montreal.I enjoyed the casual, laid back and humorous style, though it s somewhat laconic tone meant that I largely remained at one remove from the characters and never felt fully engaged with them For me, this was a book of dry, casual wit and literary refere [...]

    7. Really such a good book I can understand why its not to some peoples taste because I did read about two thirds of it thinking I have no real idea what the hell is going on but in actuality, I think Sean Dixon has really written a piece of genius here There is really little character building, its hard to put a face to each of the characters and its written so of the moment that its hard to remember what happened a few pages back I think what he s managed is no mean feat though Throughout the boo [...]

    8. Ok, I didn t finish this one, but I read 2 3 of it and it was torture I hear that the last 50 pages there is actual plot and character development but the rest of it was just look at me, I m a writer, I can have a plotless novel about weirdos and you will read it because it s a published book with a catchy blurby plot on the jacket Sorry, but that doesn t cut it for me I love an innovative style and I m WILLING to go with not having ANY info about where things are going for MOST of the book But [...]

    9. Huh was my thinking for most of this book Mitt warmers does mean gloves or fire lighters Thinking about that symbolism got me no where fast I read the entire book hoping for something and got nothing The author probably would sneer and say that s because I m a stupid boorish Australian Some authors forget engaging readers is important than making them think, huh I don t get it so you must be intelligent than me oh author of supreme mitt warmer symbology Which, we don t, because we have egos to [...]

    10. Trying to be very clever Not really succeeding, in my opinion Lots of outrageously quirky characters, but no one to identify with or like or care about My main problem with this book, though, is one particular scene If a man has his way with a woman who is injured, drugged and hallucinating, we d call that rape So why is it supposed to be funny if it s a woman raping a man Oh yeah, because he s a nerd who s a virgin But then he falls in love with the woman, who was only acting out a part for the [...]

    11. I can see how this is either a love it or a hate it book I really, really liked it So much than I expected to, in fact Usually I very much dislike books that have descriptions like different people come together and their lives intertwine in unexpected ways.This book s salvation was its quirkiness I am such a sucker for quirky, somewhat strange and out there books I can forgive many of its faults because I saw what the author was striving for, and I totally get it I also liked it because it tac [...]

    12. My advice to anyone that starts reading this book Keep Reading There were a few times there in the beginning when it was going in circles that I almost put it down But I am so glad that I kept reading This twisted story about The Lacuna Cabal Montreal Young Women s Book Club is not what you expect it to be The group has been through a lot of trauma over the last 6 months which has changed the way that they conduct their meetings, eventually sending them on a journey they never expected to take a [...]

    13. God, this was so bad It was the only book that I can remember not finishing Sean was trying so desperately hard to create a colourful assortment of wacky characters all doing exciting and interesting things BUT IT JUST DIDN T WORK I couldn t believe how bad the writing was I didn t believe in any of the characters they were just a hodge podge of loose ideas Nothing about it rung true Nothing made me care The I read, the angrier I got that trees had died in the making of this travesty.I passed i [...]

    14. The Lacuna Cabal Montreal Young Women s Book Club is on its last legs Zealous member Runner Coghill decides to boost some much needed morale by selecting The Epic of Gilgamesh in its original stone tablet form for their next read.Of course, simply reading isn t enough They must experience it, and they do, living out each scene in exceedingly absurd ways, even casting unwitting strangers into roles that begin to infringe on and complicate reality.Somewhere, in all the endless quirkiness, there s [...]

    15. A perfectly fine and good modern, and one that makes the egregious idea of starting a book group a fine and imaginative idea The book too is wildly imaginative within it s narrow limitations Very clever stuff, but for me only really became engaging in last third of the book.It certainly didn t blow my mind , a process maybe hampered by the characters being only 2 thirds fleshed It s a book the like many you feel worthy for having read it rather than because you particularly enjoy it It s a grand [...]

    16. Quite a strange novel, but one which, once you can gets to grips with it has some lovely deep messages The writing style was a little irratic and although this did compliment the theme of the book, it made areas confusing than they needed to be Overall though the story itself was both beautiful and tragic, and made me laugh and cry the ingredients of a good book.

    17. Really quite a strange books, and i can t quite tell whether I enjoyed it It revolves around a girls book group, full of misfits and sad backstories Defining the last days, the book starts at crisis point as two, then 3 strangers are drawn into the group and an epic retelling of the story of Gilgamesh, that takes on a life and some deaths of it s own.

    18. think this pretty much says it all about this offbeat novel about a ladies book group at an epic crossroads An intellectual, sexual, logorrheic, bibliophilic, cryptological, political, and archaeological rant of the first order It ll change your idea of what written in stone means, and it ll blow your mind too Michael Redhill, author of Consolation

    19. When I read in the notes that this was initially commissioned as a play, it all made sense I don t think the plot translates to a novel, at all But maybe it s just me I couldn t get into it, I didn t become attached to any of the characters as they all seemed wrong It all had a tinge of being slightly off.

    20. I don t think I could even begin to explain the plot of this novel other than it s about a very odd bookclub that tries to re enact the Epic of Gilgamesh But it kept me turning the pages and made me laugh out loud quite a few times so it had to be good.

    21. I wish there was a way for me to rate this I HATED IT because this book is awful This was our bookclub read this last month we ve got some Brits who ordered it from and not one of us enjoyed it pretentious and ridiculous.

    22. Couldn t stand this book I can appreciate what it was trying to do, but I struggled to get through it and found it far too out there for my liking.

    23. Just a note for others The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal is the U.S and the U.K title In Canada, it is titled The Girls Who Saw Everything.

    24. This book made no sense at all I read it a year or so ago and it defies all logic I usually prefer realism in my books and tv movies, but this was far from reality.I loved it Great, fun read.

    25. not a bad book interesting characters especially Aline and Neil good plot really middle dragged a bit but enjoyed it on the whole

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