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Midnight in Death By J.D. Robb,

  • Title: Midnight in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note Originally released in the anthology Silent Night.The number one New York Times bestselling In Death series explodes with intrigue, passion, and suspense Now, Nora Roberts, writing as J.D Robb, propels you into the darkest night of Lieutenant Eve Dallas s life when a killer comes to callEve s name has made a Christmas list, but it s not for being naughty or niNote Originally released in the anthology Silent Night.The number one New York Times bestselling In Death series explodes with intrigue, passion, and suspense Now, Nora Roberts, writing as J.D Robb, propels you into the darkest night of Lieutenant Eve Dallas s life when a killer comes to callEve s name has made a Christmas list, but it s not for being naughty or nice It s for putting a serial killer behind bars Now the escaped madman has her in his sights With her husband, Roarke, at her side, Eve must stop the man from exacting his bloody vengeance or die trying
    Midnight in Death Note Originally released in the anthology Silent Night The number one New York Times bestselling In Death series explodes with intrigue passion and suspense Now Nora Roberts writing as J D Robb p

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    1. Picking up where 7 left off this was a perfect extension of that book LOVED RoarkeLOVED Eve I m still enjoying all the side characters too Feeney and his bags of nuts Got to love the guy.Peabody and her dry humor She is the perfect partner for Eve McNabb is new and I like him I m figuring he will get tangled up with Peabody But I could be wrong.Dr Mira is wonderful I love their relationship.Mavis wasn t in this one but is her BFF and these two couldn t be any different which is perfect.Summerse [...]

    2. 5 Well Deserved StarsI ve said it before and I ll say it again, there are very few authors whose novellas I enjoy Most of the time they seem incomplete or uninteresting I m happy to say that JD Robb didn t disappoint on that aspect of her writing.This novella was just as good as her full novels The story was cohesive, the mystery interesting and the killer worthy of attention This author can really do no wrong.

    3. Short but sweet novella which picks up immediately from where the last book finished Poor Eve and Roarke seem to have every holiday disrupted by yet another murder Not that they let it get them down They still manage to enjoy some very close moments in between the police work I really enjoyed this little taste of In Death land and it left me keen to get on with the next book

    4. This one was a novella, but read like a longer book Enjoyed it Took up straight after the previous book finished Eve and Roarke what s not to love For a moment that was all there was The taste of him, the feel of him pressed against her, the need they created in each other time after time erupting inside her We don t have a thing for New Year s, do we No party or anything LOL Love how Eve is not the party animal my kind of girl You re what I want, Eve, the woman who leaves her home to stand over [...]

    5. This is a novella taking place between Christmas and New Year.Eve chases a serial killer who has escaped prison and is after the one s who put him away in the first place, including Eve and Dr Mira It is intense but nothing like her full length novels.

    6. Another old adversary of Eve is back A mentally defective killer who has his own private chamber of horrors Okay, so this one is a novella but it still packed a punch Love everything about this series.

    7. Midnight in Death4 StarsThe first novella of the series, Midnight in Death begins in the aftermath of the events of Holiday in Death when a killer from Eve s past escapes and begins taking revenge on those he holds responsible for his conviction He starts with the judge and prosecutor, but it is Eve who is his ultimate target A solid and comprehensive read, but it fails to answer some of the questions left unanswered after last book especially the aftermath of the attack on Peabody, which is glo [...]

    8. One of the few novellas I like to reread Three serial killers in a row but this book is different than the others Eve knows how Daved Palmer operates so she goes into this murder s better prepared I kind of like Palmer for his evil creative mind What is really impressive is how much crime solving and action occurs in only 10 chapters Above all, we see the mother daughter relationship developing between Eve and Dr Mira Good stuff

    9. Posted onUnder the CoversEve is on someone s Christmas list.Didn t matter that book was shorter than all the rest The fact is that Robb has written a damn good story with just a quarter of the word count Not many authors can pull off novellas, but J.D Robb can.This story takes place right after the previous one where the Christmas holidays are in full spring But Eve and Roarke can t enjoy it because a man who Eve had the pleasure to catch before has escaped and is killing once again But this tim [...]

    10. 2.5 3 stars Probably this is not the first time I m going to say that I don t really enjoy novellas In my opinion, what happens is that the plot has to be worked out very fast and the overall deliverance is compromised That being said, I still enjoyedMidnight in Death, it was a fairly good plot with enough angst But it was just one crime story that Eve had to solve with the help of her team As often is the case in theIn Death series, the crimes were very close to Eve and she had, as expected, R [...]

    11. In typical novella fashion this enfolded at a lightning pace, with a too quick wrap up I enjoyed the mystery, and I believe it was full book worthy.

    12. K sa bir romand ama yine de gayet iyiydi Eve ve Roarke ikilisine her kitapla daha da ba lan yorum Burada biraz Jane Hoyt ili kisi sezdim Eve in y l nce hapse t kt psikopat bir bilim adam hapisten ka yor ve davas ndaki t m g revlileri tek tek ayn ekilde ld rmeye ba l yor ama amac Eve e ula p onda deneyler yapmak Tak nt l yani Ayr ca Dr Mira da onun davas nda doktor oldu u i in onu da ka r yor Kurgu ilginizi ektiyse hemen okuyun derim.

    13. Midnight in Death by J.D.Robb is a short novella in the In Death series set after Holiday in Death A serial killer whom Eve had captured 3 years earlier has escaped and is targeting those responsible for his conviction Another terrific addition to the series with all the usual characters and plenty of sizzling romance.

    14. Eve is not going to let one madman ruin her Christmas so she and Roarke pool their resources in this short to put him back into the loony bin Fast pace with a punch.

    15. Knap hoe zo n korte novelle je toch volledig in spanning houdt Ik vond alleen de uiteindelijke ontknoping te gehaast

    16. I am glad I went back and purchased this, I finally got to see how Roarke reacted to his Christmas present and what Eve got Peabody I always felt a bit disappointed that I didn t get to see Eve and Roarke s first Christmas together Now I get to see it, along with the normal death that follows Eve Midnight in Death has Eve pursuing an escaped serial killer who is on a personal mission to punish and kill all those who put him away, including Eve The story has all the characters we have grown to lo [...]

    17. view spoiler How stupid was he, for all his genius, to think Eve would come with only one weapon hide spoiler Rolls eyes

    18. Book Review 2 Treasure BoxesIn this story Eve knows who the murderer is and who the potential victims are, but she does not know where he is So the race is on to locate him before he kills anyone else on his list Both Eve and Doctor Mira, Eve s mother figure who works as a profiler for the police department, are on his list It is always interesting to read Eve as she tracks down her suspects The story becomes very suspenceful towards the end and has a very satisfying conclusion.This is a standal [...]

    19. A 3 hour audiobook, and I got my fix of Eve and Roarke Due to its length, there is not much character development, and the story took off immediately Eve has to catch an escaped serial killer who is out to get all the people involved in catching him in the first place Has some suspenseful parts, and slightly gory with some of the torture details.Here we see how much Mira means to Eve, and of course, Eve and Roarke s ever growing relationship As usual, I love visiting JD Robb s In Death world.

    20. Death doesn t take a break just because it s Christmas One of the most brutal serial killers Eve has ever put away has escaped custody Now he s back in New York, with a Christmas list of his own A kill list of everyone he holds responsible for putting him away, including Dr Mira and Eve herself But Eve s caught him once and she won t rest until she s done it again.A quick read, lacking none of the suspense and action of the full length novels The In Death books never fail to entertain, no matter [...]

    21. It is Roarke and Eve s first Christmas together and the house is beautifully decorated but things don t go quite as planned when a serial killer that Eve had put behind bars escapes and comes after her and everyone associated with his trial I love this series and am slowing making my way through a very long list of books.

    22. A short read Midnight in death starts just after 6 hrs of Holiday in death case is sorted out Eve already knows the killer as soon as she takes on the case an escaped convict she had put behind bars 3 yrs back The story is a build up of the chase and has torturous murders described in explicit detail.

    23. Two haiku review Torture murdererEscapes off planet prisonTo get back at Eve.Personal for Eve.She must separate her mindFrom her emotions.First read 2010, re read 10 13, free kindle edition Another haiku Christmas novellaShort, but complete and perfectHow does she do that

    24. Est bastante bien M s cortito que los dem s pero al ser un relato esto es algo que se espera Me encantan las formas que tiene Eve de demostrar a la gente su afecto, es especial a Mira que no sabe que hacer con ella Recomendable si segu s la serie.

    25. Eve must find an escaped psycho she put away 3 years ago before he completes his Christmas List of death.

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