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Enticing Elliott By Amber Kell,

  • Title: Enticing Elliott
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781934037614
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
  • Elliott comes to the Moon pack bar to meet with Anthony Little does he know that Anthony s plans include handing him off to Parker, the pack security officer Parker takes one look at the slim accountant and knows he s found the submissive mate of his dreams Warning there are m m encounters that feature hot sex and lengths of rope.
    Enticing Elliott Elliott comes to the Moon pack bar to meet with Anthony Little does he know that Anthony s plans include handing him off to Parker the pack security officer Parker takes one look at the slim accounta

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    1. READ THE NEW VERSION ON 29 11 11Opinion on the new version Anthony the matchmaker does it again This time, he brings Elliott as an accountant but his real reason is to present this innocent half breed wolf to Parker, the head of security of Moon Pack Parker has Dom tendency and he has been waiting for his submissive mate to arrive As a story, it s sweet and not complicated Since Parker is experience, he brings Elliott to the joy of mating and submission Though there s rope play, the tone of bon [...]

    2. I really liked this story I also like how Anthony is always messing with the others playing matchmaker Parker has been having dreams of meeting his mate Sweet submissive Elliot was asked to meet Anthony the club setting them up know doubt When Parker meets Elliot he knows he has met his mate Elliot who is only half wolf is not so sure It s funny when Parker has him shift so he can see for himself I thought that it was really I really like this series

    3. The one thing I regret most about this particular story, one about one of Silver s enforcers Parker and the sweet and innocent Elliott, is that it comes right after the hugely memorable Dare Steven installment If you ask me, I can t mention one thing about the pairing that I like because I wasn t as invested in their well being as I was in Dare and Steven It s a pity because they really are nice characters, but they re just not as memorable as Dare and Steven.Enticing Elliott s saving grace is t [...]

    4. Parker is waiting for his mate to come Anthony hires a new accountant, Elliott who he tells to come to the club There Elliott meets Parker and Parker refuses to be parted from him Later Parker mates Elliott and Elliott is accepted as one of Anthony s soldiers when Parker requests from the alpha pair for Elliott to join the pack.

    5. Ah la la Quelle d ception Alors que les choses commen aient bien, j ai bien accroch au couple qui est mignon comme tout j ai la frustrante impression d inachev , qu il manque quelque chose dans ce livre Elliott et Parker ont beau tre attachants, cela ne cache pas le manque de profondeur et d volution de l intrigue de la s rie dans sa globalit.Mais revenons nos moutons avec le couple de protagonistes Elliott est un loup part, un solitaire dans la meute bien que haut plac Il ne pense qu une seule [...]

    6. It was a bit I read this series, so I m not completely sure the feeling is correct but I had the impression Enticing Elliott was a little light than the other in the series, and the same characters were making fun of all the you are my mate, you will be mine forever line that is so predominant in the previous novellas Maybe that is due to the fact that Parker is a simple enforcer, not an Alpha or Beta or whatever of the pack He is mostly a supporting character and as such his story is nice but [...]

    7. Well, so far each short story seems to be like a chapter of Anthony Silver s story all really quick reads the angst of the books usually seem forced I think it would actually be better if read all at once, instead of like a serial with each chapter coming out every few months However, the main plot is interesting, so I keep following it.From the blurb I expected there to be of a hardcore D s angle.

    8. Elliott is a werewolf who is the new employee of Anthony who makes him come to the club There he meets Parker who was his mate in another life Parker lives off site and takes Elliott home when the mutants attack he escapes with Elliott and blows up his home Seems Parker likes a little BDSM and introduces Elliott who seems fine with it They suspect and inside traitor since they found Parker s house.

    9. I enjoyed reading this book and these series of books tooI enjoyed reading this book it was really good to read I love this series so far it is really good I love the relationship between Parker and Elliot I love the twists and turns and the edge of the seat action in this book and this series I also love the comedy in these books too I will recommend these books to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

    10. Wow Very interesting twist at the end I did think that Elliott handled waking up bound way better than I d have expected for a newly de flowerd former virgin I also had issues with Elliott not hearing the alarms at Parker s home.Loved Anthony s compulsion and efforts to care for all the members of the Moon Pack.

    11. 2015 Re read Again an okay, brief story.I have some qualms about the way Parker ties Elliott up in his sleep without any prior indication of his special needs That does not seem very kinky to me, or at least not particularly considerate.Either way, this is very much in keeping with how things have been going for the first four books.

    12. I have read the entire series that is out to date, which is Attracting Anthony through Owning Oliver It is very entertaining with interesting characters and unique twists in each story The characters also appear throughout all the stories, which is something I enjoy about reading any series.I will be waiting for the rest of the series P through Z to come out

    13. Secondo il gioco ideato da anncleire pleaseanotherbook.tumblr il particolare da non dimenticare tappo anale Sto aspettando le tartarughe ninja E Antony

    14. Parker has been a favorite of mine since he came into this series and I was a little afraid I wouldn t find anyone good enough for himlol But I absolutely fell in love with Elliott from the very first instance of standing on the club s front doorstep So calm yet fierce, innocent yet willing, and the perfect match for Parker This is by far my favorite of the series.

    15. Ms Kell packs a lot of detail into a short story She also leaves the reader anxious for the next one There is humor, suspense, a few surprises and plenty of hot sex of the m m variety as characters interact with their mates and fulfill that part of their destinies To view the remainder of this review, please visit blackravensreviews p

    16. I really love this series I love Anthony throughout the entire series, and I enjoy each new character that is introduced and paired up with someone I m really glad this author is back working on this series and look forward to reading the new never been released stories

    17. 3.5 out of 5I liked this book, but I was expecting In the previous book the author mentioned this couple were together in a previous life Unfortunately, that aspect is not part of this book I think this couple needed time to connect It was a good read, but a little short for great.

    18. Episodio in cui non succede praticamente nulla, dalla prima pagina sai gi cosa deve accadere, approfondimento personaggi al minimo, scene fisiche identiche ai precedenti episodi E prima che uno cominci a godersi la storia puf, gi finita Visti i due, mi aspettavo molto di pi.

    19. 5 books down the line you d think someone would take the time to correct the spelling and other mistakes One good thing going for this series is that the stories are short and get done in one sitting This one was ok

    20. AwesomeI just can t say enough how good this series is Paced well, the story continues to draw you in and you really care about the characters I love the way it flows and Amber has created such a great community with amazing people in it

    21. Tying up a virgin isn t the greatest way to intiate someone into bondage, but oh well oh well the author didn t have much time to go too in depth with all the action going on in this short read I m beginning to wish the author had condensed this series into one longer book with tighter editing.

    22. This series is a light read with a few serious moment but nothing tragic.Recommended for a quick snack read.

    23. Favorite so farAs far as plot wise book 5 was the best so far things are going on than the mate thingWill definitely continue on to book 6

    24. A few less typos, but still some editing issues It was a sweet story and I especially liked Anthony s gesture at the end.

    25. 2.5 starsQuick, easy to read you re my mate, let s get it on story Not bad but nothing makes it stand out in this over saturated genre theme.

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