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Hex in High Heels By Linda Wisdom,

  • Title: Hex in High Heels
  • Author: Linda Wisdom
  • ISBN: 9781402218194
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Fourth in the popular, light paranormal romance series by an author whose books have sold 13 million copies.In this sexy, funny paranormal romance by bestselling author Linda Wisdom, it s all beautiful witch Blair Fitzpatrick can do to keep a lid on her talent for revenge spells, but things are about to get a lot complicated Blair loves running her vintage shop andFourth in the popular, light paranormal romance series by an author whose books have sold 13 million copies.In this sexy, funny paranormal romance by bestselling author Linda Wisdom, it s all beautiful witch Blair Fitzpatrick can do to keep a lid on her talent for revenge spells, but things are about to get a lot complicated Blair loves running her vintage shop and hanging out with witchy friends Stasi and Jazz She s forever had a crush on hunky carpenter Jake Harrison, whose Were nature he s a Border collie makes him loyal, lovable, and fierce when need be Just as sparks are beginning to fly, Blair is served with a big surprise when Jake s mother shows up along with his pack leader, who threatens to make Jake heel When the alpha does the unthinkable, Blair is pushed over the edge No one messes with her boyfriend to be, even if he does shed on the furniture
    Hex in High Heels Fourth in the popular light paranormal romance series by an author whose books have sold million copies In this sexy funny paranormal romance by bestselling author Linda Wisdom it s all beautifu

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    1. Fourth in the Jazz Tremaine paranormal romance series revolving around a group of witches expelled from school back in 1313 No, it s not military timeMy TakeOooh, boywe get the whole background on Jake this time around And it s than I would have bargained for I do like Blair s approach when mommie dearest asked for a spell It s a tricky courtship with Jake wanting to avoid all talk about his former pack and believing that magickal species just can t mix Doubts like these are what make Blair pus [...]

    2. Hex in High Heels is the fourth installment in Linda Wisdom s witch series Centuries ago, thirteen witches were banished from the academy because they wouldn t give up the one who performed an illegal spell Now, they still still keep in touch with each other, even as their banishment seems to never end.Blair Fitzpatrick runs a vintage shop and sells revenge spells on the side She s had a crush on the town carpenter, Jake Harrison, for ages Jake s a Were who turns into a cute and cuddly border co [...]

    3. Ok, I admit it I love this series They re my literary equivalent of a Marks Spencer s walnut whip light, fluffy, with a good happy ending chocolate hit, and you don t feel dirty afterwards like you do with the Nestle version Soon gone, but you know you can get another and it ll be good quality.I was a bit unsure about this one because of the focus on Blair I miss Jazz but there was enough Fluff and Puff to keep me happy And the ending was a little rushed, I feel But overall, yep, a solid additio [...]

    4. Wisdom has a wonderful sense of humor that we can see throughout this story.Hex in High Heelsis an awesome addition to the witch series Blair Fitzpatrick is a Hex Witch, able to conjure vengeance spells to teach people lessons She finds her perfect pair in Jake Harrison, were collie extraordinaire Together they have to overcome grubby elves, nosy neighbors, and ex Pack mates wanting Jake dead It s another great foray into the world of the others

    5. The heroine has always had a serious crush on friend but not matter what signals she throws his way, he just doesn t seem to be receiving them Now she knows about his shifting abilities and the fact that he saved her life a short time ago and than ever she wants to be a part of his world But he keeps secrets and when pressed, he goes distant She wants to have him want her as badly as she wants him and if there s one thing she s good at it s persistence If only she knew just how unnecessary her [...]

    6. Another funny installment to this paranormal romance series about a group of witches banished from the Witches Council a few hundred years ago We re back with Blair and Stasi in this one in their little mountain town of Moonstone Lake and Agnes, the mayor s wife, is organising the annual Winter festival, roping everyone in when they don t really want to be involved.The first meeting for the festival starts the ball rolling with all the trouble that is going to pile up on top of the witches Roan [...]

    7. Hex in High Heels was my introduction to the world of Linda Wisdom and Blair Fitzpatrick Though it is book four in the series, I decided to start from book four and then see how the series struck me, if it was something I would be in to As it seems to be, the books are all loosely connected with the same characters reoccurring, but different ones taking the starring roles So, though the series was new to me, I hoped that I wouldn t have to know too much about Blair and her life previously to enj [...]

    8. This is the fourth book in Linda Wisdom s witch series For the most part they are cutesy and entertaining, none of them what you d call spectacular This for me was the weakest.Blair is a witch who specializes in revenge spells She lives in a small town and owns a shop that sells all sorts of retro nostalgic items that she and her fellow witch friends have gathered over the many years of their lives For me one of the most baffling hard to swallow parts of the series is the fact that these women a [...]

    9. What s a guy to do when his family shuns him To make matters worse, the family wants him dead.Deciding to leave his family and go out on his own wasn t a difficult decision for hunky carpenter Jake Harrison Letting the feisty shop owner, Blair Fitzpatrick, get close to him is.The two are complete opposites Blair is into vintage items Jake is an outdoors type Blair is a witch Jake is a Were Border Collie Hex in High Heels is a funny, laugh out loud magical journey It s a mixture of romance, suspe [...]

    10. I had a fantastic time reading Hex in High Heels Although this was not the first book in Linda Wisdom s Hex series, it was super easy to fall right into the story of feisty witch Blair and Shapeshifter Jake s story Linda weaves a wonderful world were magical creatures exist within our midst and she shows both the light and dark side within that world all while keeping it hexy and sexy I now have a new series to go back and enjoy from the beginning My love of a good witchy paranormal has been men [...]

    11. This is the fourth book in the Hex series by Linda Wisdom and with each book in the series the focus shifts to a different witch, except for book 1 and 2.This novel focuses on Blair, a sexy witch who has been expelled, along with 12 other witchy friends from the Witches Academy, for 700 years She now lives in the real world and runs a book lingerie shop with her witchy friend Stasi, who had her own story told in Book 3 Sometimes Blaire helps the town folk by putting hexes on the people who hurt [...]

    12. Linda Wisdom s Hex in High Heels is a fun novel that will have readers giggling and becoming inspired to use their own magical revenge spells Horace bounced up and down in his excitement as he met Blair and Stasi at the kitchen door Let me tell you, wolf shit smells really bad when it s set on fire I put bags outside of every door, so they got it everywhere That Roan dude was royally pissed, too And I left a bag at the end of one of the ski runs and someone ran right into it he chortled Talk abo [...]

    13. Blair loves running her vintage shop and hanging out with her witchy friends Stasi and Jazz, she has quite the knack for revenge spells and she s always had a crush on local, hunky carpenter Jake Harrison, whose Were nature he s a Border collie makes him loyal, lovable, and fierce when the need arises Just when things are finally getting heated with Jake, she s thrown for a loop when Jake s mother shows up along with his pack leader, who threatens to make Jake heel When the alpha does the unthin [...]

    14. Fun, fun, fun That s my short review I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this book Ms Wisdom has created a fascinating world filled with witches, weres, wizards, fae, elves, and so much I love the fact that she has added her own spin to each of these myths, making them different from all of the other supernatural series out there these days return return return The synopsis describes it as sexy, and I ll admit I was not prepared for its steaminess However, I m also not complaining about it eith [...]

    15. Hex in High Heels is the fourth book in Linda Wisdom s Jazz Tremaine series In this book we get a closer look into the life of Blair, one of the 13 witches expelled from their magic academy 700 years ago.Blair lives with Stasi in their small mountain town by Moonstone Lake, the place they gather every full moon with their witch sisters She also owns her own store selling retro items.Like the other witches, Blair has her speciality which happens to be creating revenge spells and finally finds her [...]

    16. Review by Cassandra from Book TalkMy ThoughtsI really enjoyed this book Blair is such a fun character to read about Her specialty is revenge and she s not afraid to speak her mind She s brash and in your face but not in an obnoxious way She s been in lust with Jake for a while now and while the interest is reciprocated he s still keeping her at arms length Blair is the type of witch who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to make those wants come true She s willing to help those who ne [...]

    17. In Hex in High Heels, we meet Blair Fitzpatrick She is a witch She is also friends with Stasi and Jazz Blair runs Blast from the Past A shop that specializes in vintage items Jake Harrison is the object of Blair s affections Currently they are just friends He would like to take things further but he doesn t want to get Blair messed up in his life He is a shifter Right now is not the time for him and Blair to get involved, especially since his pack wants him back They want Jake back so bad that t [...]

    18. Linda Wisdom is another new author to me This is the first time I ve read her work If you haven t heard of the Jazz Tremaine series, it s a series about witches or should I say Hexy witches The first two feature, Jazz Tremaine herself, the third featuring Stasi Romanov and 4th and latest book Hex in High Heels features Blair Fitzpatrick.Blair runs a shop called Blast from the Past that sells vintage items and she s also a witch One that has been crushing on shape shifter Jake for a while now Whe [...]

    19. A solid romance The main character, Blair is a witch who specializes in revenge spells She s had an attraction to Jake, a Were who turns into a Border Collie Not the first in the series, but it reads as a stand alone Nevertheless, I missed out on some world building in the previous three novels, and I d have enjoyed this novel if I d read them first Not a straight up romance, there is action, suspense, and numerous plot complications The sex scenes are pretty good.Only one complaint really for [...]

    20. Linda Wisdom is one of the most reliable writers in the paranormal romance genre, of the last several years You know she ll give you a fun story, flamboyant imaginative pets companions to her bevy of bewitching heroines, and fabulous romance in out of the bedroom or office, or kitchen table, orke I said, always imaginative and fun I m also inclined to say that Blair may have passed Jaz, in this book, as my personal favorite Wisdom witch Or maybe it s simply that as the world Linda is creating gr [...]

    21. If you re going to tackle a pack of wolf shape changers of course all you need is a pissed off revenge witch, an incorrigible gargoyle and a border collie with family frictions.After giving the trusting collie brief tokens of affection Blair finds that her tall dark and handsome is also four legged and furry and on death row It s one thing smuggling a prisoner out of the dog pound but figuring out what s going on in the psychotic pack When Blair and Jake are up with the plan it ll take some fanc [...]

    22. I have not read the full Jazz Tremaine Series yet and have only read the 3rd Wicked by any other name and 4th, which could almost be stand alone books and be a part of thier own series I certainly do plan on reading the rest of the series but Stasi and Blair will by fair be my favorite story lines this book includes humor, action, suspense,smoldering sex scenes, and incredibly sexy were that turns into an adorable border collie what else could you ask forBut for a few Drunked crude elves that ch [...]

    23. This is book 4 in what was originally called the Jazz Tremaine series but was changed into the Hex series This one centers around Blair and her Were boyfriend Jake meaning that all the other Hex characters are included So yes, the rabid bunny slippers are here and so is the gargoyle and Jazz s ghost Irma It s a typical Linda Wisdom Paranormal Romance full of natural humor, sassy women, good friends, wonderful side characters, some hot sex, action, and adventure It was a good book and it s a good [...]

    24. MixturesWitches don t mix with other species but in this book they do You have all the humor in Ms Wisdom s other books in this book You have romance mystery action and bunny slipper, ghosts, gargoyle and so much I like how the romance is written in with the mystery Blair and Jake, Staci and Trev make awesome couples Agnes is now than just the power behind the mayor but a bit of a mother figures as well It should be interesting to see how the characters come together in the next book of the se [...]

    25. This time it s Blair s turn at love The town s winter carnival is coming up and Blair s determined to see it succeed, despite the busload of elves arriving to help In the meantime, the mother and entire pack of her were collie boyfriend Jake show up, looking to cause trouble between him and Blair Jazz, Stasi, the bunny slippers, and the whole gang are here to help.This series is silly and fun I enjoy it quite a bit.

    26. This fourth book in the Jazz Tremaine series has Jazz making only the briefest of appearances The story centers on Blair, one of the group of witches that includes Jazz and Stasi, the focus of book 3 We get the story behind her were dog boyfriend Jake as the small town that Blair and Stasi live in is threatened once again.This was another fun, fluffy, mindless read The story line in this one was a bit weak compared to the others in the series.

    27. This was an okay book A bit light and fluffy and quirky I think if I had read the previous three books before this one I would have enjoyed it I have not decided yet if I wish to go back and read those books yet Maybe if I have nothing better to read I will The characters were okay but I was busy playing catch up on to who was who too much to really enjoy them An easy read and entertaining And the sex scenes were pretty hot

    28. This was one of my first witch were books I wasn t sure I would like this type of genre but the cover looked interesting enough I have to say I was pleasantly surprised I laughed so much through the book at Blair and Stasti s and the problems they always found themselves in There was alot of comedy, some romance, and even some steamy scenes The revenge spells were definately something I know a few people could benefit from Definately recommend this fun read

    29. Hex in High Heels is another great addition to the Hex series and if you re looking for something light and fun to read as opposed to dark and intense , then you really should pick up this book and the series if you haven t yet.To read my full review, click here literaryescapism 4860

    30. As far as story and sizzle quotient go it was mediocre.However, the oddball sidekicks with the witches add a lot of flavour to the reading The naughty gargoyle, the pet ghost with her new found ghost professor lover, the filthy elves Reading their portions was real fun The rating is all for them.

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