Torn By Julie Kenner,

  • Title: Torn
  • Author: Julie Kenner
  • ISBN: 9780441017973
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lily is in trouble of the deepest kind Having been tricked by the forces of evil, she killed what she thought were demons at will Now, she knows better, and with a little help from half angel, half demon Deacon Camphire, she must try to take down the bad guys from within as a double agent.
    Torn Lily is in trouble of the deepest kind Having been tricked by the forces of evil she killed what she thought were demons at will Now she knows better and with a little help from half angel half de

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    1. It s hard to review Torn without spoiling the big twist in the previous book, Tainted So, I ll just say that Torn follows the further adventures of Lily Carlyle, now Alice Purdue, as she attempts to keep demons from overrunning the Earth Meanwhile, her thorny relationship with Deacon continues, her handlers have teamed her up with a partner, and now Lily has custody of her traumatized little sister, Rose.Rose is now facing a violation that might well be worse than what she suffered in the previo [...]

    2. A great read Fast paced and adventurous, this book was hard to put down.For one, this book has a kick ass protagonist who can actually do something, has only ONE man in her mind, and even if she does feel something from others, she knew it wasn t real I like protagonists like that who are sure of the person they want and don t waver Fickle protagonists are the type I want to strangle, so thank God Lily is not one of them.That being said, I noticed the word love was never used between Lily and De [...]

    3. I enjoyed both books 1 and 2 of the Blood Lily Chronicles However, I must say, I am not sure what it is about this author that is bothering me Lily is a street smart young woman trying her best to do what is right by her sister left in her care their mother is dead She faces challenges head on and is strong and nobody s fool She has all of the qualities I like in an herione and that is my dilemna, what is bothering me Well, I think I have finally figured it out As much as Ms Kenner tries, Lily a [...]

    4. If you have not read the first book in this series Tainted, then this review will have spoilers for the first book I do have a review of Tainted already on this website, so I would recommend reading that before you read any further on this review Okay now that you have been warned about possible spoilersJulie Kenner bring us the next installment of the Blood Lily chronicles, where Lily is forced to work for the dark side in order to save the one thing that helps her hold onto the human world and [...]

    5. Achtung, es k nnen Spoiler enthalten sein Es h tte so gut werden k nnen Wurde es aber nicht Nach dem ersten Band Erwachen war ich von der Reihe durchaus angetan und ich kann noch gar nicht fassen, wie man eine Fortsetzung so in den Sand setzen kann Leider konnte Zerrissen nur bedingt an den guten Einstieg ankn pfen, so dass ich einfach entt uscht bin Der Beginn der Geschichte war dabei durchaus noch ansprechend Ohne gro e Einleitung war man direkt wieder mitten im Geschehen Nachdem Lily erfahren [...]

    6. Coming in at 188 pages, Torn is a very short book that somehow still manages to feel extremely long When we last left Lily, she had discovered that rather than working on the side of the good, she had actually been tricked into opening the 9th gate If that were the only problem with being fooled that would be bad enough, but her sister Rose s body has been invaded by a demon Johnson makes it clear that he the price of Rose s freedom is the Oris Clef the key which throws open all of the gates to [...]

    7. This is the second book in the Blood Lily Trilogy I needed a trilogy for 2 different challenges and I have pretty much liked everything I ve read by Julie Kenner However I m not loving this series I don t feel a real connection to the characters Lily, the main character is in someone else s body, you find that out in the first 10 pages of the first book so this isn t a secret What s weird is that she s claimed some of Alice s her new body s friends Plus she is trying to hang on to her old life a [...]

    8. This book was extremely disappointing Especially when compared to its predecessor It wasn t bad, but lacking in all areas The characters were mediocre, the storyline was bland and failed to excite me at any point, and the storytelling was barely palatable I have certainly read worse, its just that I had high expectations from reading the previous novel There were times throughout the story where I hated Lily She contradicts herself and her feelings at times She s straddling the fence of good and [...]

    9. After reading Tainted Book 1, I couldn t wait for Torn to be released I really enjoy the character Lily in these books She is easy to connect to You can feel all of her emotions like you are right there in the action with her and the other characters she interacts with.In Torn, Lily realizes she has been working for the demons instead of trying to stop them She is sent on a mission to collect 3 pieces of a key that will lock the 9th gate of Hell and prevent millions of demons from taking over th [...]

    10. Torn 3.5 picks up where Tainted left off As we saw in the first book, Lily Carlyle, in the body of Alice Purdue, is trying to lock the doors to Hell keeping the demons from overtaking the Earth With all the twists and turns in the series, I will keep my review short to avoid any spoilers for this one or the previous book.In Torn, we find her battling to protect her little sister, Rose, from a demon from their past, one she thought was long gone She continues to feel a strong attraction toward De [...]

    11. As a follow up to Julie Kenner s fast paced and entertaining book, Tainted, the following book, Torn, is a big disappointment The first major difference is the number of chapters Torn only consists of 28 chapters, while Tainted boasts 43 Turned has even less By the way, I m not saying this is a bad thing Just pointing it out While Tainted only took me two or three days to finish, Torn took far longer partly due to that fact that I didn t find it interesting Tainted had a number of battles which [...]

    12. Really 4.75 Rating, SPOILERS INCLUDED I strongly suggest you read the previous book Tainted before reading this book This installment picks up immediately where Tainted leaves off Lily rescues her sister but was too late to protect her from being possessed by her demon rapist, Lucas Johnson Lily is up to her neck in trouble when Lucas blackmails her to vacate her sister s body Lily together with Deacon Camphire fight tooth and nail to close the hell gates Knowing that she s been double crossed a [...]

    13. I have to say first of all, that I enjoyed Tainted a little than this one I thought Lily had changed a little bit I didn t really remember the cheesy one liners she threw out here and there that didn t really work for me However, I ve come to believe that the author has a knack for really great endings I think I wasn t 100% invested until around page 197 not that I was hating it or anything Then I couldn t read fast enough I also think it s fun for the reader to have to constantly guess and loo [...]

    14. Book two in the Blood Lily Chronicles was out of this world Very rarely am I ever surprised at a plot twist but I never saw this one coming Our girl is for sure in dangerous game and the odds are stacked impossibly high against her Deacon starts heating up the night with his sexy mysterious presence and all become much clear about who he is and what side he is on.I love how Kenner keeps this story fast paced and does not take three or four books to deliver the answers to the must know or parish [...]

    15. This one picked up right where the last one left off Lily ends up not being able to give up her sister who is further tormented by Lucas Only this time instead of raping and beating her on the outside he has managed to possess part of her doing his damage from the inside Lily fights with Deacon to keep Rose with her as they learn some information Lucas, neither sure if they can trust it Lily, still reeling from learning that the side she thought she was working for good wasn t correct Deciding t [...]

    16. This series isn t working for me as well as her demon hunting soccer mom series It s good I ll keep reading it, but it s not knocking my socks off You know how in a book you like to get enough information to make a few assumptions as to what s going on and what will happen And then when the author throws you a twist, proving your supposition wrong, it s a good thing Like, Wow, I didn t see that coming My problem is when there is so much conflicting, confusing information that you can t even both [...]

    17. I enjoyed the second book in the Blood Lily Chronicles even than the first Although the overall plotline mostly encompassed Lily s struggle to save her sister, it was a fast paced, action packed book It was definitely a middle book, no conclusion to the series and the end leaves you hanging But it did wrap up the side story about Rose nicely I love the dark humor and sarcasm in this series It s refreshing to have a main character that s not all warm and fuzzy She s in a constant battle with her [...]

    18. After reading Tainted this book did not disappoint Kenner is an artist, using eher words to paint a world that you fall into Writing in the first person, she is skillful with her dialect Her writing truly puts you inside the main character s head, written as thoughts not just changing she to I And her descriptive prose is beautiful She knows how to use a thesaurus without going overboard.I am captivated by the main male character He is intriguing, being both dark and light, good and bad A man wh [...]

    19. This was a fast paced and adventurous book that I could not put down.Lily is in trouble of the deepest kind Having been tricked by the forces of evil , now she knows better Having help from her temptation, Deacon Camphire, she must try to take the dark forces by becoming a double agent From the first book I loved how Lily was compassionate and determained to protect her and those she cares about at all costs Now I have to say Deacon is my new favorite good bad demon.I would recommend reading thi [...]

    20. If you enjoyed Tainted you will find Torn to be fun and asatisfying This series is nothing especially unique but it is entertaining The characters are interesting and you want to see how she s going to end it The cliffhangers at the end of books 1 2 are rather frustrating to me, but I think its intentionally done Some very satisfying action and resolutions in this one Looking forward to the final book, though I m not rushing out to get it either.

    21. More intense and complex than the first one in the series, but still a quick recreational book The heroine has depth this time and her boyfriend has redeeming qualities sometimes, you like him considerably than you like her There were fewer plot holes in this one, with one glaring exception if you want to be a good guy and you meet an actual angel, it seems logical to consider cooperating at some point Overall, if you made it through the first book, you ll probably enjoy this one.

    22. This book was a good read, with an ending that satisfied, but it didn t truly envelop me the way it should Maybe its because all the characters have their hidden agendas, and no one is quite honest, or maybe its because Lily wants Deacon but doesn t love him, or maybe its because many of the peripheral characters are either pathetic or apathetic It was a good continuation, but not great.

    23. Really good and interesting Very unique Can t wait to read the next and last book.The only thing that annoys my about these books is that there called The Blood Lily Chronicles Why is it called that There s only three books Shouldn t it be called The Blood Lily Trilogy It makes sense that way And as far as I know Julie Kenner isn t going to write any, so what the hell

    24. I m still not sure how I feel about these books The writing is sub par, but the concepts are fascinating to me I ll go ahead and read the third book since I have it but I still am stuck firmly on the fence.

    25. After I read the first book, I just had to find this next one I really don t know what else to say, but Julie Kenner is an awesome writer I Highly recommend her books.As for Torn, Well I refuse to give the story away.

    26. very good characters and story and oh boy things are getting steamy between Lily and the demon Deacon whew

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