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Impact By James C. Dekker,

  • Title: Impact
  • Author: James C. Dekker
  • ISBN: 9781551439952
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jordan s brother was killed two years ago in what appeared to be a random act Now, as the family reads their impact statements in court before the suspect is sentenced, a different story emerges Maybe this was not a random act Maybe Jordan knows than he is saying What was the impact of that violent act And who set the wheels in motion
    Impact Jordan s brother was killed two years ago in what appeared to be a random act Now as the family reads their impact statements in court before the suspect is sentenced a different story emerges Maybe

    One thought on “Impact”

    1. It was 12 at night There was no one around, but there was because that is how Mark died Mark was 17, he was commingh ome from a late night at his job Out of the blue, some one had attacked him, and killed him Some say it was murder, and some say it was homicide I can make a text to text connection, in Jenny Green s Jumior Killer Year, Jenny Green kills at least 4 boys who she went out with No one knows it was her, and there was no trial Everyone on campus said that the boys who died were either [...]

    2. What would you do if you saw teenagers kicking and beating a young man Would you help or walk away This story about a young man got killed by his friends because he was cue and girls liked him Girls always hang out with him and leave their boy friends Thats why they killed him They want girls to hang out with them, not just with Mark This is how Mark died He was working at the restaurant He called his mother before leaving the restaurant He told her that he s comming home That day his mom was so [...]

    3. this book seemed to be a very good but mystery book do to the fact that it was solving a murder that had happened 2 years ago I really liked this book because it has a great story behind the murder I didnt think jordan would ever find out

    4. i think this book is a good booke reason why i like this book is a good book because it was really interesting and that when i read it my eyes never went away from the book i reconmend this book to you and any body that would want to read it.

    5. So this was a pretty good read, but it was also very predictable Although I was shocked at how Kyle got the information that eventually led to Mark s murder.

    6. The main characters in this book are Mark, Jordan, and their parents The story starts off with Mark not returning from a late night shift at his job This worried Mark s parents and his brother Jordan The story soon picks up with discovery of Mark s dead body After this, the entire story is about the trial and dealing with death The remaining main characters all dealt with loss in other ways The mother dealt with depressing The dad became an alcoholic Jordan became even shy and blamed the world [...]

    7. Like all the books in this series, it involves a fast paced story I liked the way the story was put forward with the father reading out his Impact statement and what his younger son actually feels or does that day or the events that led to those thoughts What I did not like was the inability to build real characters with whom you empathize That s sad considering the message actions and consequences is really an important one

    8. This book from our classroom library is part of a genre called HiLo High Interest, Low Level which includes books thought to be of interest to adolescents who don t gravitate toward or who struggle with reading While it is true that the book is thin and small, which make it appealing to many students, and while the vocabulary and sentence structure are not advanced, many students who don t often read will have trouble understanding this book When Fountas Pinnell were developing their leveling sy [...]

    9. this book is a very sad book mark is the oldert of 2 he was going out with this gilr who just broke up with a very agressive boy one day makr was approached in school by this kid and he said that he did not want him to see his x girlfriend but he still did so one night he was working at fast food place and it was like 12 pm and he had to lock up the place and head home he locked up and called his mom like usually did and he said he is going to go get a sandwitch and once he gets out hes gunna ca [...]

    10. In this 103 page fictional novel you find the most mysterious events happening Jordan s brother, mark, was 17 years old and started dating a new girl from his school Her name was Shannon Shannon had a boyfriend before Mark but then broke up weeks later because he would never show the respect Shannon s ex boyfriend,Tony, found out about Mark and became very jealous Mark works at a fast food restaurant and had to work until closing time Well once Mark closed the doors from his job he ran into a co [...]

    11. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooIMPACT is the story of a family facing the violent death of their oldest son Told from the point of view of younger son Jordan, the story reveals his guilt about the death of his older brother and the impact the event has on the young man s parents.Basically, the guilty parties have been apprehended and arrested, and now it s time for the trial Reliving the beating death of their son and brother is a horrific challenge They want justice b [...]

    12. This book is interesting It makes you feel gloomy I was full of excitements This book include character s dialogues, actions, and feeling What makes this book so interesting is that all the characters had their own feelings about the problems that they are facing The story went on like this Jordan s the main character had been beaten to death And as Jordan s dad speaks to the court about his son who was murdered, Jordan recalls the events that led to his older brother, Mark s, death Jordan had s [...]

    13. The book impact is about a innconce boy that get killed for stealing tony s girlfriend Tony and his friend beat up with steel toe boots, pipes, and they kick him in the head So Mmark family goes on trail Mark is the one who got killed Tony and his friend are on trial too Shannon the girl mark was dating is also on trial Mark was a great student he played sports, he got all the girls, he was a straight A student.Mark family is in a depression Jordan mark s younger brother failed every class in sc [...]

    14. For a really short book, this actually has a little bit of an interesting story in it, although the size requires that the character development is pretty limited Instead, it reads like a a short story or novella with a twist at the end that doesn t seem quite built up to enough, partially because we don t know the characters too well There is a little bit of meat that would be worth discussing but somehow Impact still left me feeling a little unsatisfied.

    15. I just read a book called impact and I thought it was really good because it s a mystery, and once you start reading it, you wont want to stop It s about this boy named Jordan s brother Mark who got killed But they still don t know if it was an accident or not Read this book to find out what happened to Mark if you like mystery stories I certainly think you should read this book

    16. Jordan s brother died two years ago, and he and his family have been asked to make victim impact statements in court This book explores the killing and its aftermath through Jordan s point of view, and it handles his feelings with realistic sympathy The beginning it a tiny bit confusing, which is why I gave it three stars instead of four The kept me turning pages all the way through.

    17. This is the first book I ve read in the Orca Soundings series for young adults It s a high interest, low reading level series from Canada I liked this story, told from the point of view of a teen whose brother was murdered, and did not expect the little twist at the end I ll have to read in this series, which I hope will be as good as this one was.

    18. A little less corny than some of the other Orca books, the plot is engaging and I would definitely recommend for my reluctant readers

    19. Very nice story However, it s some sort of similar to the books from Orca Soundings, so that is a little bit boring.

    20. I really loved this book It made me want to know what was going to happen next Also one thing I really didn t like was when Jordan ketp comparing his self to Mark.

    21. Very easy and quick read, finished it from the time it took me to go from the library to the cloest subway station to home OK, well structured book but just a tad too simple.

    22. Decent hi lo book for kids interested in personal drama and life and death situations There s a twist at the end.

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