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The Compassionate Mind By Paul Gilbert,

  • Title: The Compassionate Mind
  • Author: Paul Gilbert
  • ISBN: 9781845297138
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Compassion and particularly compassion towards oneself can have a significant impact on our wellbeing and mental health Developing our sense of compassion can affect many areas of our lives, in particular our relationships with other people In this book, Professor Paul Gilbert explores how our minds have developed to survive in dangerous and threatening environments by bCompassion and particularly compassion towards oneself can have a significant impact on our wellbeing and mental health Developing our sense of compassion can affect many areas of our lives, in particular our relationships with other people In this book, Professor Paul Gilbert explores how our minds have developed to survive in dangerous and threatening environments by becoming sensitive and quick to react to perceived threats This can sometimes lead to problems in how we respond to life s challenges and scientific evidence has demonstrated that compassion towards oneself and others can lead to an increased sense of happiness and wellbeing particularly valuable when we are feeling stressed Based on evolutionary research and scientific studies of how the brain processes emotional information, this compassionate approach offers an appealing alternative to the traditional western view of compassion, which sometimes sees it as a sign of weakness and can encourage self criticism and a hard nosed drive to achieve.
    The Compassionate Mind Compassion and particularly compassion towards oneself can have a significant impact on our wellbeing and mental health Developing our sense of compassion can affect many areas of our lives in partic

    One thought on “The Compassionate Mind”

    1. I got about a third of the way through this book and gave up because I d yet to see anything interesting I didn t already know Many complex concepts were so simplified and generalised that the overall immpact was misleading and yet 90% of the writing was fluff making terrible jokes, stating the obvious ten different ways, wandering off course I found the writing style patronising and cloying I m disappointed that I didn t get as far as the actual useful bit but I m pretty sure it would have anno [...]

    2. Start with Happiness Essential Mindfulness Practices by Thich Nhat HanhTwelve Steps to a More Compassionate Life by Karen ArmstrongThe Empathic Civilization by Jeremy RifkinThe How of Happiness A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want by Sonja LyubomirskyThis book offers a cognitive behavioral therapist s perspective on compassion and exercises to rewire the brain neurons that fire together wire together for a happier, kinder, gentler, warmer less angry and anxious , approach to life T [...]

    3. I listened to all 24hrs of this book and reckon it could be condensed into about 2 It has some good facts and interesting theories but it is the most repetitive book I have ever read or listened to I completed it only because I have a particular interest in compassion and am doing research on this topic at the moment I did not really find it very useful as an academic book even though it has lots of references and I know from reading other writers on this topic that it is very well researched an [...]

    4. Recommended by my friend Rev Henry Millan for those of us who are too hard on ourselves.The book is a complex and complete explanation of how compassion and the brain work It s a tough go in the beginning, but the second part, filled with meditations and practical exercises is wonderful.

    5. I ve given this three stars because I found the writing very loose the book could easily lose a third of its length without sacrificing content, and without sacrificing the pith That said, the pith is very good The first half grounds the argument for compassion in neuroscience and evolutionary psychology the second half offers practical ways to develop it, with a strong focus on meditation All good useful stuff and I am sure I will return to this book many times, though perhaps as a reference [...]

    6. This is a great book to read, which gives insight into evolutionary psychology ie why are brains minds emotions are so bloody complicated as we were not designed to function in this era, this modern world, but rather we were adapted from previous models, evolution just added things on, rather than starting from scratch Ie we still have the fight flight system which kicks in in modern in situations where flight or fight is not appropriate This leads into self compassion, it s about forgiving ours [...]

    7. A really refreshing look at very simple concepts with interwoven complexities, and how we can all seek to better know and understand ourselves.Whilst he tries to present an objective view of Compassion and our role in embracing it, there are obvious personality character traits that you pick up as you read Gilbert is obviously not a fan of God or the constructs of a religious deity he has a political stance which he leans on a number of times throughout the book However, neither of these temper [...]

    8. Having seen the effects of Compassionate Focus Therapy first hand, I had to read the book that started it all Compassion is frequently seen as a mushy mushy touchy feely kind of emotion I know, scientific jargon, right , neglecting the fact that to be compassionate takes strength, courage, tolerance and the ability to manage distress Life frequently cranks up our inner critic to the maximum, making our shame, guilt or anxiety go into overdrive In these cases the ability to soothe oneself becomes [...]

    9. Such an inspirational book xxx and so true that for many compassion towards one s self is often the hardest compassion to display at all Paul Gilbert has a humorous and lively writing style which I love This wise and perceptive book teaches us self compassion and the consolations of kindness.Compassionate Mind is a roadmap to compassion for the self and towards others It is a book for those curious enough to explore their hidden potential to attain a special kind of humanness and happiness.Highl [...]

    10. My favorite book on compassion Written with wit, intelligence and humor I believe Paul Gilbert is one of the most incredible human beings of our time.

    11. I love the evolutionary approach in this book I gained a lot of insight into myself and others highly recommended.

    12. I bought this book over a year ago and I m not sure why it took me so long to read it, but I m glad I picked it up now it fits in so well with my current efforts at mindfulness.

    13. I really enjoyed this book at the beginning I was listening to the audio book and found the idea that there are two major happiness systems to be profound, as at the time of reading I was experiencing the profound grief that accompanies being driven towards success with no validation forthcoming Taking the time to remember that as many positive chemicals get released when we are kind to another human being, kind to ourselves, or experience kindness, reminded me to self soothe and care, and to en [...]

    14. This book is my introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy While appropriate for Clinicians, I believe it s accessible enough to serve as a self help book as well A bit long and repetitive but still a great read, rich with inspiration and information.

    15. I admired this book because it balanced a progressive political agenda with the day to day practice of mindfulness Paul Gilbert doesn t trivialize the challenges of compassion or shy away from discussing true injustices in the world.

    16. Highly repetitive, slept many times whilst reading it, though I favour the organized reference he used I forgot how I managed to read the first few pages, it is so lengthy and full of tedious yet unnecessary explanation of human evolutionary psychology i.e old brain and new brain I keep expecting for the next pages or chapter will reveal something that will strike me and leave me ponder over it, you know, an element that challenge your own perceptions that are rooting in your mind, that is an ex [...]

    17. This book was suggested to me, and it s exactly what I needed right now.I liked the combining of science and Buddhist Compassion, two topics that I have always found interesting Having taken some Psych in University, the early chapters and concepts were already familiar and I skimmed a little Then a little this book loses a star based on the LENGTH Many parts could have been shorter, and there was some repetition as if it was expected that someone would start in the middle and need to be filled [...]

    18. For a long time, Paul Gilbert has been making seminal contributions to our understanding of compassion and how, if systematically cultivated, it can become a force for greater good both in our hearts and in the world This book offers a deep and compelling evolutionary perspective on the human brain, mind, and culture It demonstrates how much meaning and our well being hinge on our innate capacity to extend heartfelt compassion to ourselves and to others It also guides us in working skillfully wi [...]

    19. Good overview of Gilbert s Compassionate Mind Training program, which combines Buddhist mindfulness with cognitive behavioral therapy, in both clinical and outpatient settings Nice insights into the neurochemistry side of things I predict that this would be a little too bulky and dry for the kind of person it s aimed at a beginner who didn t know about mindfulness or compassion, who was looking to deal with his or her anxiety A slimmer, cohesive book would probably help people a little better B [...]

    20. I really enjoyed the author s laid back writing style and how he was able to merge the evolution and neuroscience of the mind with the need for compassion in order to reach evolved levels of being We are how we are, but to cope even better and to create, ultimately, a better world for all humans to live in, we each need to practice and develop compassion toward ourselves and then towards each other This, in the end, will change and evolve our humanness to a higher level His arguments for and e [...]

    21. If you have been recommended to read this book or asked to read it I urge you to stick with it Depending on your state at the time it can be hard going but it will be worth it in the end Roughly half the book is about how our brains work and why we find life today as difficult as we do The other half is given over to exercises to help you to be gentler on yourself so it s not as daunting as it might first appear.

    22. I ve never not finished a book Part of the contributing factor was that I was listening to it and it s 20 hours long, but on the other hand I thought that could be neat with all the exercises Not the case for me.

    23. Lovely book, written in a conversational style that makes you want to take your time with it Looking at the power of the subconscious influence in our daily lives and the solution being understanding of how it works Promoting a compassionate attitude to self and others can never be a bad thing I think it s a great intro to the need for whole brain thinking.

    24. I found the first half of the book useful than the second half It introduces theories about how our brain works, and why embracing compassion can be very beneficial The second half contains practical exercises for cultivating compassion and living mindfully There was simply too much material, and I stopped reading after a chapter.

    25. Negative aspects Oversimplifies complex issues, is written in a patronising style, doesn t contain much new to me , repetitive and verbose Positives some useful exercises and techniques in the final few chapters.

    26. This book was recommended to me but I found it so long winded it was heavy and depressing if anything, didn t get very far before I gave up A book that gave me a hell of a better impact was Mindful way by Jon Kabat Zinn, Mark Williams and John Teasdale.

    27. Excellent integration of mindfulness approach with western based psycho therapeutic practices Reader friendly and engaging especially in the first part of the book.Good read for someone who is novice in mindfulness Comprehensive.

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