[PDF] ☆ Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction | By ✓ Kurt Vonnegut

Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction By Kurt Vonnegut,

  • Title: Look at the Birdie: Unpublished Short Fiction
  • Author: Kurt Vonnegut
  • ISBN: 9780385343718
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Look at the Birdie is a collection of fourteen previously unpublished short stories from one of the most original writers in all of American fiction In this series of perfectly rendered vignettes, written just as he was starting to find his comic voice, Kurt Vonnegut paints a warm, wise, and funny portrait of life in post World War II America a world where squabbling coupLook at the Birdie is a collection of fourteen previously unpublished short stories from one of the most original writers in all of American fiction In this series of perfectly rendered vignettes, written just as he was starting to find his comic voice, Kurt Vonnegut paints a warm, wise, and funny portrait of life in post World War II America a world where squabbling couples, high school geniuses, misfit office workers, and small town lotharios struggle to adapt to changing technology, moral ambiguity, and unprecedented affluence Here are tales both cautionary and hopeful, each brimming with Vonnegut s trademark humor and profound humanism A family learns the downside of confiding their deepest secrets into a magical invention A man finds himself in a Kafkaesque world of trouble after he runs afoul of the shady underworld boss who calls the shots in an upstate New York town A quack psychiatrist turned murder counselor concocts a novel new outlet for his paranoid patients While these stories reflect the anxieties of the postwar era that Vonnegut was so adept at capturing and provide insight into the development of his early style collectively, they have a timeless quality that makes them just as relevant today as when they were written It s impossible to imagine any of these pieces flowing from the pen of another writer each in its own way is unmistakably, quintessentially Vonnegut Featuring a Foreword by author and longtime Vonnegut confidant Sidney Offit and illustrated with Vonnegut s characteristically insouciant line drawings, Look at the Birdie is an unexpected gift for readers who thought his unique voice had been stilled forever and serves as a terrific introduction to his short fiction for anyone who has yet to experience his genius Read Hello, Red and The Petrified Ants, two of the stories from the collection, as single story e books before Look at the Birdie goes on sale Available wherever e books are sold.
    Look at the Birdie Unpublished Short Fiction Look at the Birdie is a collection of fourteen previously unpublished short stories from one of the most original writers in all of American fiction In this series of perfectly rendered vignettes wri

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    1. Kurt Vonnegut has always been one of my favorite authors he was one of the very first writers that was able to change the way I think I had always loved books, but after my first encounter with KV in high school, I amazingly realized what a novel could actually do But it s than than that Vonnegut has always reminded me of my grandpa, though thinking about it, I m not really sure why The only things I know of that they had in common were their age, WWII, and Pall Mall cigarettes Maybe it s that [...]

    2. THIS IS AMAZING.Put that on repeat 13 times for all the 14 short stories in this compilation.Like I said in my only status update while reading this, it seems unbelievable that these stories, written in the early part of Vonnegut s career, never saw the light of day until two years after his death This is the second such compilation of short fiction by him published posthumously four have been released till date, the first being Armageddon in Retrospect.I happened to read somewhere that Vonnegu [...]

    3. Dio la benedica, Mr VonnegutLa sua prima regola era Non sprecare il tempo del lettore , e gi dall esordio letterario questi sono i primi racconti che ha scritto Vonnegut la rispetta in pieno 14 racconti caratterizzati dall essenzialit e dall immediatezza, oltre che dall ironia dissacrante quello di Vonnegut uno sguardo stralunato, ironico, ma acuto, che rivela sensibilit e grande umanit , uno sguardo che trasforma in letteratura le nostre piccolezze meschinit , vizi, paure, manie, fragilit.Con q [...]

    4. When I was 16 and started working my way through the Vonnegut library, the man could do no wrong That is, until I turned 22 and read Jailbird What an awful piece of shit that book turned out to be And now that I ve read all of his major and minor works, save some of his post Timequake work, I can stand back and analyze it without being so starry eyed as I was in younger years Even though he was my first literary love, and will always be number one in my heart, I can honestly say that these works [...]

    5. Two or three brilliant stories, a few sharp one liners, and the rest is quite mediocre, not up to Vonnegut s usual standards I can see why this stuff hasn t been published before.

    6. so, so brilliant i can t tell you how happy this book made me i got it for christmas from a friend and i don t know if he got it randomly or he really knows me, cause it was filled with short stories with happy endings aka my absolute favorite kind of stories.i can t tell you how many times i smiled or laughed i m truly upset that i m done if anyone knows any other books similar to this one, please feel freeeee to let me know of them

    7. I have been a Vonnegut fan for years, and just recently received and read this collection of his earlier short stories And though the San Francisco Chronicle commented that it seems Vonnegut is working out the kinks in these early attempts, quite frankly, I think it may be my favorite Vonnegut work, and to think it went unpublished for so long is astonishing Unlike many of his stories, which I find well written, ironic, hilarious, and cynical, this piece is well written, ironic, hilarious and sw [...]

    8. I ll try to avoid spending too much time dwelling on what s already been said about how amazing it is to read for the first time this collection of stories written while Vonnegut was still working for GE But for just one small point it is, in fact, important to note that the raw materials with which Vonnegut worked throughout his career especially the elements of disillusionment with larger Systems of which his characters find themselves a part and, unfortunately, themes of some distortion of re [...]

    9. The 3 stars, if I am honest, are padded out with sentiment Am and always have been a massive fan of Kurt Vonnegut but seldom enjoy reading short stories Some of his, in Welcome To The Monkeyhouse for instance, are finebut I think there were probably sound reasons why these ones were previously unpublished One clue might be the reproduction of a letter from Kurt to a friend written in the 1950s which prefaces the stories The gist of what he says is I write because it earns me and my agent and pub [...]

    10. El problema con el material in dito aparece en el mismo nombre No est editado Se nota que a muchos de los cuentos que integran este libro les hace falta pulimiento, o desarrollar m s la idea, o lo que ustedes quieran Pero es Vonnegut Tal vez nom s a m me pase, pero no puedo evitar leer su obra con esta cara Incluso el cuento m s d bil que integra al libro The Petrified Ants te hace sonreir, a pesar de que si lo vemos objetivamente nom s est tir ndole caca al estalinismo en n cuartillas.En lo per [...]

    11. As with most collections of short stories, there is good and there is bad But one of the many reasons why Kurt Vonnegut was so brilliant can be showcased perfectly by this little gem of an opening paragraph I was sitting in a bar one night, talking rather loudly about a person I hated and a man with a beard sat down beside me, and he said amiably, Why don t you have him killed And that s all I need.

    12. Look at the Birdie is a great book Most of the short stories I ve read have been Horror, standard campfire fare, and it was refreshing to read something like this Kurt Vonnegut knows exactly what he s doing, he leads the reader with cautious poise through his strangest imaginings, through warped mirrors into worlds that are subtly perverted versions of our own.

    13. Some hits Some Misses Favs Ed Luby s Key Club, The Honor of a Newsboy and King and Queen of the Universe.

    14. It is inevitable that when an author of Kurt Vonnegut s stature passes away, every scrap attributable to him will be pulled from the back of the pantry for consumption by an insatiable public We can forgive the impulse to want from a wellspring which has been so deeply nourishing But our hunger is rarely satisfied by the leftovers, and Look at the Birdie is no exception.The New York Times Book Review is quoted, on the front page, as follows Why these stories went unpublished is hard to answer T [...]

    15. Sometimes you wish families wouldn t release writers work posthumously, but in this case, it was a beautiful thing to do Here s a collection of short stories from Early Kurt Nothing is told in first person, and the familiar voice of his well known books is barely there But if you know his work you ll spot a few things the unmistakable um given as a response by a character to ominously dumb statements at least three times in this collection The surprising absence of profanity Vonnegut even hyphen [...]

    16. There was an article in the Washington Post a couple weeks ago about the estates of prominent authors in this case, Douglas Adams, A.A Milne, and Bram Stoker hiring folks to write authorized sequels washingtonpost wp dyn God help us if Vonnegut s estate ever follows this path That being said, how can the world not be made a better place by the publication of Vonnegut His incredible wit, intense humanism, and insight into the human character were unparalleled Chances are, as long as his unpublis [...]

    17. Vonnegut has a very surreal way of writing about what might be otherwise normal situations there s always an element of Where did THAT come from Seriously in each of his stories, but it seems to make perfect sense, in the end After reading a book of his, I feel disappointed picking up almost any other book for a while Shirley Jackson s another author who has this effect on my reading habits.Regarding this book, specifically, it s absolutely perfect for waiting rooms each story took me about 15 m [...]

    18. Why these stories went unpublished is hard to answer They re polished, they re relentlessly fun to read, and every last one of them comes to a neat and satisfying end For transmittal of moral instruction, they are incredibly efficient delivery devices The 14 stories in Look at the Birdie, none of them afraid to entertain, dabble in whodunnitry, science fiction and commanding fables of good versus evil They are polished and fun to read every last one of them comes to a neat and satisfying end For [...]

    19. I am a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan, so I approached Look at the Birdie with a little trepidation as I am not a fan of the genre of short story, and Vonnegut s short stories are always hit or miss for me And these 14 stories were unpublished in his lifetime I assume for a reason Most were written for magazine literary submissions I am happy to report that Look at the Birdie was an enjoyable read for me, and I do feel that the collection merited publication.The first two stories Confido and Fubar are e [...]

    20. god i miss this man just knowing he s not in the world any makes me sad this collection, like the rest of his work, is extremely good, while being, i thought, quite unlike the rest of his work in many subtle ways the black humor is there, the cutting insight on civilization and human nature is sharp as ever, and the thread of compassion that is his trademark runs, of course, through every story but these stories are simpler than those he s well known for, and tend towards the optimistic than vo [...]

    21. The editor and most of the reviewers all agree that they don t understand why these short stories of Vonnegut went unpublished Obviously the editor would think that, and obviously the publisher wouldn t include reviews that blasted the stories, but still, I think it s clear why these stories went unpublished They re not all that great Good enough to read if you like Vonnegut or if you have nothing else to read You can see the buds of Vonnegut s future blossomed career Hardly any of these stories [...]

    22. This was my introduction to Vonnegut, and I d say it was a good one I ve read quite a bit of 20th century short fiction, so it s hard to surprise me since the genre is given to certain formulaic tropes, but this one managed to do so if for no other reason that the twist at the end of several stories went in a completely different direction than I expected I suppose this is a hallmark of what people call Vonnegut s inimitable style.It s hard to really pick favorites here, as the quality of the st [...]

    23. A posthumous collection of short stories by a master of the form, this book is at worst a collection of solid B sides from your favorite band I can t help but feel Kurt wouldn t have published these himself, striving for perfection as he did, but I m plenty thankful to have them.If I had to call out weak pieces, they would be Shout it from the Housetops and Hall of Mirrors that still leaves you with 12 stories ranging from good to incredible in this compact volume.Reading Ed Luby s Key Club, you [...]

    24. My first thought at buying this book was there s a reason Vonnegut never published these stories But I talked myself into buying the book I should have stuck with that first thought.I didn t hate this collection of short stories I didn t hate even a single story But they certainly lacked the normal Vonnegut oomph There really wasn t a memorable story in here The original Vonnegut drawings included in the collection were just as interesting, if not interesting, than the stories themselves Maybe [...]

    25. I couldn t do it This collection was published posthumously Vonnegut had an incredibly discerning sense of what would should could publish, and to have this sent out there short stories from his early days even some from before he left GE feels like an invasion of privacy If he d wanted these published, he would have made sure it happened Can t finish this too much respect for this incredible, precious and brilliant author.

    26. Usually when I read a collection of short stories by an author, the first two or three are clearly the best, and then the rest just drift on without being anything special What I love about Vonnegut s stories is that none of them are boring This is the fourth book I ve read of his, and I don t think I ll stop until I ve finished them all.

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