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Blood in the Cotswolds By Rebecca Tope,

  • Title: Blood in the Cotswolds
  • Author: Rebecca Tope
  • ISBN: 9780749007300
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thea Osborne and her faithful spaniel, Hepzie, have taken on another house sitting assignment, this time in the very quiet village of Temple Guiting Detective Superintendent Phil Hollis is looking forward to visiting for a night or two and celebrating the couple s one year anniversary, but a slipped disk in Phil s back soon puts an end to their romantic weekend As it turThea Osborne and her faithful spaniel, Hepzie, have taken on another house sitting assignment, this time in the very quiet village of Temple Guiting Detective Superintendent Phil Hollis is looking forward to visiting for a night or two and celebrating the couple s one year anniversary, but a slipped disk in Phil s back soon puts an end to their romantic weekend As it turns out, having a policeman on the scene is not entirely unnecessary in the little village A few days into their stay, a pile of human bones are discovered in the base of an uprooted tree There is no concrete evidence as to whom the bones belonged to though the locals all have their theories and rumors abound Thea and Phil find there is a strong connection to the Knights Templar in the village with most locals claiming to be descendants of some or other lineage.
    Blood in the Cotswolds Thea Osborne and her faithful spaniel Hepzie have taken on another house sitting assignment this time in the very quiet village of Temple Guiting Detective Superintendent Phil Hollis is looking for

    One thought on “Blood in the Cotswolds”

    1. The interactions between the detective and his girlfriend were cringe worthily awful I couldn t work out why the 2 were together there was no empathy between them I read and re read the end and still don t know why a hand and a foot were missing from the corpse I didn t understand why the person had been killed either as the details of the will weren t explained adequately This was my 1st Rebecca Tope and my last I was hoping I would love them as there are so many in the charity shops around her [...]

    2. I am just rushing through this series because I love the settings This book is focused on Thea s boyfriend DS Phil Hollis and the novel is from his point of view This provides a different look on Thea Osborne, the main subject An earlier book also focused on someone other than Thea Theoretically this should make Thea a complex character but it doesn t work for me If anything I just feel disappointed, confused and disoriented I hope the other books in the series focus on Thea as the main sleuth [...]

    3. Not the best in this series I like the characters and the setting, the plots are usually OK but this one was very creaky indeed and came to one of those strange conclusions which was a long time coming then finally too abrupt

    4. This book was pretty much a mess Couldn t figure out why these two people were together coukdn t understand why the book needed so many pages to get to whodunit lots of not much happening and still not sure what the motive was at allwon t be reading of her books.

    5. Ok Normally I enjoy this series , but I found this ne hard to like The murder etc is ok, although a bit forced in plot motive towards the end, I thought What really annoyed me was Thea in this one Its one thing to say you are a lousy nurse, quite another to show no care, sympathy or affection for the person you love, who is in pain Her total lack of care for Phil rather put me off her as a character She d always seemed sensible, down to earth and capable before, not a cold hearted cow

    6. Unlikeable and unlikely characters and an even unlikely couple in an improbable storyline that never seems to get past the buildup until it s over in a predictable but again improbable finish ridiculous Aside from the Cotswolds mention in the title there is NOTHING save for a few locale names in the story that in anyway makes it feel especially Cotswolds like or anywhere else for that matter.

    7. First one of this series I ve read but from reading other reviews it isn t the most popular I completely agreed with other reviews Too much reference to being fat Also, a few items did not add anything to the story like the missing foot and hand Also, never did clear up the situation regarding the trust, will etc Seemed sloppily written and old fashioned Main characters made a terrible couple, especially the female No idea why they would even want to be together.

    8. Halfway through the book and just can t bring myself to finish it No not even to skim through and read to the end, which is what I do normally if I can t get into a book This is just a bad book, poorly written and doesn t really seem to take off Just don t care any about the murder or the main characters, who frankly are just plain annoying.

    9. Fairly standard murder in the countryside tale that should appeal to fans of Ann Granger s Mitchell Markby series but nowhere near as good to my mind Nothing offensive but nothing to get excited about either While I didn t particularly warm to Thea Osborne s character, it is the first time I ve met her so might be prepared to give her a second chance.

    10. OK I guess, I finished it Always causes a smile to hear of English heatwaves with temps pushing the 80s Ouch, stay indoors Few oddities Phil, if you re listening, get out now, she s not in to you And stop with the fat shaming.

    11. In the fifth Thea Osborne house sitting mystery the protagonist s romance with DS Phil Hollis is quite literally on a knife s edge of frustration and disappointment that remains unresolved at the story s end.

    12. I don t read Thea s adventures in order but that s fine, each one is a fine stand alone and can be read at will.This tale is pretty typical of the series and not the sort of story that makes you afraid to go to bed without the light on.

    13. Found this at a book sale Found it was good for an afternoon entertainment Will probably try to find others in the series Liked the details of the Cotswolds.

    14. A 3.5 Liked the setting and most of the story just a little slow in places Have another of her Cotswold mysteries to try.

    15. So far I ve read all her books in order Thea is a house sitter in the Cotswolds and gets herself involved in yet another murder mystery with her boyfriend, Phil who is a detective He hurt his back and the book seems to revolve much around his injury than it should However, I ve never had a back injury and I m sure if I did, I d do lots of complaining too Good story though.

    16. Number 5 in the cosy crime series set in the Cotswolds, in this the story is told from the viewpoint of Thea s boyfriend Phil, a senior policeman His weekend with Thea at her latest house sitting is spoiled when he puts his back out, and then human remains are found near the house after a tree falls down Soon they are embroiled in the hidden agendas of the neighbourhood, and two families in particular, with ancient links to the Templars, a medieval order of warrior monks.This book also sees the [...]

    17. BLOOD IN THE COTSWOLD is an entry in the somewhat unimaginatively named, it has to be said Cotswold Series from British author Rebecca Tope.Central character Thea Osborne and her dog Hepzie house sit They do this quite a bit, and in this book they are in the quiet little village of Temple Guiting Thea s partner DS Phil Hollis is joining them for a quiet, and hopefully romantic, celebration of their first year anniversary Of course nothing goes to plan, and Hollis puts his back out, meaning he s [...]

    18. Blood in the Cotswolds is the fifth book in the series by Rebecca Tope that features Thea Osborne, a 40 something widow who spends her days house sitting for wealthy people in the Cotswolds while said wealthy people are off on holiday Unfortunately, wherever Thea goes murder seems to follow, and this installment is no exception She is staying in Temple Guiting, a charming ancient village with ties to the old Knights Templar organization indeed, the leading family in the area is the Temple Pritch [...]

    19. This was a very complex murder mystery As with all the book in this series by Rebecca Tope, there is psychological studying than actual sleuthing DS Holings and our sleuth, Thea are found in Temple Guiting in the Cotswolds while she house sits and they further their personal relationship As life goes, DS Holings gets a bad back and is forced to stay idle for longer than one night one day Down the road a tree falls bringing up with its roots a skeleton.Is this part of the Knights Templar A villa [...]

    20. The action really picked up in this book 5 of Rebecca Tope s Cotswold series with Thea and her dog Hepzie.In this story your seeing things from her police boyfriend, Phil Hollis perspective I love that the author has chosen to allow us to see things from other characters perspectives in the books Seeing things from Phil s eyes possibly, is what made this story have that, WOW factor to me He faces death twice here, so the excitement was really high.From page one, this book is so great and capture [...]

    21. I keep giving these 5 stars because I have enjoyed them I think one reason I ve enjoyed them is because I ve read them in order quite close together Just looked at some other reviews a majority of which are not so impressed mention implausible characters thin plots Whilst reading I ve sometimes thought What would I be thinking about this if I didn t have all the back history of the characters wasn t on a roll with the series These are not the best, tightest, most nail biting gripping thrillers e [...]

    22. Although it was nice to read a book based in the Cotswolds , were I live some parts of this book,did not hang together There was very little chemistry between the couple Thea and Phil and quite,honestly it would have made a better ending if they had parted as,friends She seemed quite bitchy at times The reason for,the missing foot and hand of the corps was never made quite clear The whole ending lacked substance and reality Somehow I did get drawn in to the village life and the descriptions of t [...]

    23. Not a bad plotd of course reading about village life in the Cotswold s is a big appeal for me But Theae is one miserable woman Her relationship with Phil is tense, with both of them being miserably unkind to each other At times it s hard to read the dialogue between these two characters I really just wanted to read and get to end of the book to find out who dunnit Hoping that the next book in the series finds Thea a bit appealing Giving this one 3 stars based on plotbut 2 for main characters wh [...]

    24. I have been reading this entire series in order So far, I have found the books very enjoyable The mystery intrigues enough while there is an atmosphere building up of the villages in The Cotwolds For some reason, this one did not make a connection for me There was a confusion of people and place There were so many people and saints being thrown at you that I seemed to keep loosing my train of thought I was very sorry to find this mystery left me flat and not understanding the point of some of th [...]

    25. there s trouble brewing a thea osborne mystery thea, who is house sitting, is joined by phil her ds boyfriend who puts his back out in bed a feather mattress is the culprit believe it or not a skeleton turns up when a tree is upturned but all the villagers seem to prefer to keep it buried what secrets r they concealing even gong to attempted murder to make their point some great characters with a mismatch of personalities and interests but i did find it rather drawn out in places bev

    26. Yup Definitely a problem with fat people A few iffy agendas get promoted here under the guise of the male detective s first person POV I realised I also don t know why the corpse was mutilated except as a red herring, although the denoument isn t as hurried as the previous book s The scene is set for a break up between the main characters.

    27. About twelve pages in, the author describes a woman as having only a borderline claim to being human, based solely on her weight I read the first for books and found them passable for quick read cozy mysteries, but I just couldn t get past this level of fat hate I won t be reading any by this author, she clearly doesn t need my only semi human money.

    28. this is the first book I ve read by this author and it won t be the last It takes someone who is having aquiet time house sitting and thrusts them into a murder when a body is found underneath a dislodged tree Add in her boyfreiend with a bad back and the scen is set.

    29. Spent most of this book waiting for something to happen and then it finished Cannot say I would return to this author in a hurry which is probably a reflection of my taste rather than the author s ability.

    30. This is the first book featuring Thea Osborne, dog Hepzie and DS Phil Hollis that I have read It s a light read and not a series that I would seek out and buy of It s enjoyable but not in the same quality as P.D James or Susan Hill.

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