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Branded as Trouble By Lorelei James,

  • Title: Branded as Trouble
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: 9781605044583
  • Page: 193
  • Format: ebook
  • It s hard to trust the future when you ve been branded by the past.Rough Riders, Book 6As a walking advertisement for the tattoo shop she s set up in a small Wyoming town, India Ellison is well acquainted with preconceived notions Despite the odd looks and off color comments about her off color hair, life is good She s clean and sober, dotes on her sister s kids and, besIt s hard to trust the future when you ve been branded by the past.Rough Riders, Book 6As a walking advertisement for the tattoo shop she s set up in a small Wyoming town, India Ellison is well acquainted with preconceived notions Despite the odd looks and off color comments about her off color hair, life is good She s clean and sober, dotes on her sister s kids and, best of all, spends most of her free time with her best buddy, cowboy Colt McKay.Reformed bad boy Colt never expected three years of sobriety to lead to three years of abstinence Curbing his craving for booze and random sexual encounters is nothing compared to the ever increasing craving for his hot tempered, hot bodied best friend, India Too bad she s his A.A sponsor Too bad she hasn t a clue that Colt s been head over bootheels in love with her from day one.After an unexpected, steamy interlude, all India can think about is riding the sexy cowboy instead of her motorcycle, even when Colt is determined to show her a slower ride is worth the wait.Or are they risking their friendship for a fling that could burn them both
    Branded as Trouble It s hard to trust the future when you ve been branded by the past Rough Riders Book As a walking advertisement for the tattoo shop she s set up in a small Wyoming town India Ellison is well acquai

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    1. I ve got a major headache and I m not the least inspired to write a review, so I m following Shawna s idea and posting a visual review Here s how I picture Colt, after some years of Indy s TLC

    2. Another broken record sounding review here, but I can t help it Lorelei James is consistently awesome with her Rough Riders series there hasn t been a bad one in the bunch yet I know I m not the only one who appreciates this series there s just something so effortless about LJ s writing that makes it so darn easy to gobble these stories right up Her characters are so real and relatable they re far from perfect and sometimes you get annoyed with them, but always, always by the end of the story I [...]

    3. Rating 4.5 5I almost like this one at much as the previous book, Rough, Raw and Ready It was really good and I liked both Colt and India a lot If I could have, though, I would have adjusted one thing about the book and that s to have made it a little balanced with regards to the sex which I ll explain in a little bit.Branded As Trouble is the most recent and sixth book in Lorelei James Rough Riders series Back around book 3, readers got to know Colt McKay as the drunken, drugged up party boy ma [...]

    4. Opening Line In celebration of his first year of sobriety, Colt McKay climbed on the back of a bull and rode for a full eight seconds Welcome to another deliciously hot read from Lorelei James Roughrider series This is book 6 and I ve come to the conclusion that James can do no wrong as each instalment is addictive than the last Somehow she always manages to keep the storylines fresh and the numerous sexcapades just different enough that they never feel formulaic or repetitive We re also guaran [...]

    5. And the hits just keep on comingBranded as Trouble was such a sweet story We ve been watching Colt as he spiraled downward into a very dark place, waiting and hoping that he d find his way back to us Thankfully he did and now we finally get to see what his life was like, both during his addiction and after Now, three years into his sobriety, he s finally cutting himself some slack for the time he spent drunk, stoned and otherwise useless and what an emotional ride it is As I ve said before, I m [...]

    6. 5 stars Contemporary Western Romance Erotica BDSMLorelei James can do no wrong with the Rough Riders series Seriously, every book gets big 5 stars and I think they can t possibly get any better But then much to my heart s content, she proves me wrong Branded As Trouble is another winner and the sweetest romance in the series so far I loved everything about it the great writing, the likable characters, the real life drama, the strong, emotional connection between the H H, and especially the scorc [...]

    7. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading the first 5 books in the Rough Riders Series, which follows the lives of the Wyoming Mckay family of ranchers.Branded for Trouble, the 6th book gives us Colt McKay and India Ellison, who were introduced in previous books and what a fun and fabulous read India Ellison is not your average cowgirl an artist who owns a tattoo shop in the local town, with blue dyed hair, tattooed and pierced she rides a bike and happens to be Colt s AA sponsor Colt McKay, go [...]

    8. Loved it Colt and India were a great couple They both had fought through addiction and made a new life afterwards The chemistry and love scenes between Colt and India were red hot There was also a lot of emotion in this book It was great There is no m nage or m m in this book for those who aren t fans.

    9. As my second time reading this book, I can honestly say that I can appreciate it much after having read the first five books This time around I knew who everyone was and could understand the relationships and situations better.There s nothing that I really disliked about this book, either times I ve read it The one thing I noticed this time around, though, was that I felt like this focused on Indy and Colt s sex life than the building of their romantic relationship It wasn t focused enough on [...]

    10. Another great hot installment Adding Colt on my I want to get nekkid with the McKay men list List so far 1 Kade McKay2 Colt McKayOn to the next cowboy.

    11. Colt and India s story She s been his AA counselor, his best friend, his confidentbut he s fallen in love with her What Colt doesn t know is that Indie has feelings for him too When a simple evening turns a bit physical, all bets are off They decide to date without sex for two long weeks When that time is up WOWSA Their chemistry is great I loved their long term, gradual progression from AA support person, to friend, to lover Some of their issues and fights got on my nerves almost like the autho [...]

    12. OMG where do i start I cant come up with the right words to explain how hoe i LOVED this Book It was so freaking good, Colt and Indy were AMAZING This is my fave book so far in the series, and maybe fave book i have read in ages I laughed, i cried and igot mad i love it when we get to go on the emotional rollar coaster I cant wait for the next one OMG Re Read Was Aweosme I loved it even i wanna re read it again Colt is my fave This book is my Fave

    13. This was my first Lorelei James book and I must say that I loved it.I related to this story because I too will always be a reforming addict I loved how they were there for each other and I look forwards to Colt s and India s appearance in books to come.

    14. 4.5 stars Colt was my favorite McKay brother before I read this book and he did not disappoint LJ wrote the perfect friends to lovers story the couple gets together quickly, it was low angst and had lots of steamy sex.

    15. Cross you arms over your chest Close your eyes When you re ready, fall back Straight back That s it No, you have to trust me I ll catch you I promise Even if you fall, I ll pick you up He closed his eyes and let go.____________________________________________________________________________________________________OH GOOD LORD I swear, all the McKay men have to do is look at his wife and she gets pregnant It s getting hard to keep up with this litter of kids they are all having It s hard enough f [...]

    16. 3.5 starsColt has been in love with India for 3 years and considers her his best friend He wants to take things further, but is uncertain that India feels the same way about him India does feel the same way about Colt, but she s never noticed his interest in her They decide to take things to the next step, but they have to learn to deal with issues from their past.Branded as Trouble started out great I absolutely love the tension between Colt and India It was easy to see how much they cared abou [...]

    17. I don t remember why I left this and next book of this series for last, but I m glad I m catching up my out of order reading because I really liked this one It was a bit serious than previous ones, but the pace, the love scenes, the H h transition from friends to lovers was perfect, although I confess that once they started going at it, there were so many love scenes that I skipped a couple by the end HERO was Playful, spent many years partying and drinking but since the death of his cousin has [...]

    18. I haven t written a review for any of Ms Lorelei James books yet well, except for Bran and Harper s book, Saddled and Spurred so here is my contribution Branded As Trouble is Colt s book with India Indy I love stories where friends become lovers so this was definitely my kind of book Their romance was sweet and sexy hot Wow, does Lorelei James know how to write some smokin love scenes between her characters Some of the characters in previous books have also made an appearance in here, so it may [...]

    19. This is my third book by this author and I admit I m hooked.These type of bboks are my guilty pleasure and though I know I wouldn t like to partake in half of the shennanigans that the characters get up to, its a nice bit of escapisim and this author, so far is my favourite.I love the leads in this Both are struggling with their own demons India has been Colts sponcer at AA for the last three years and this has developed into a frienship of sorts, until she accidently shoots him in the butt with [...]

    20. This series is so addictive that even after not liking Tied Up, Tied Down I still could not take a break This is one of the best romantica examples of the friends to lovers trope because it was so darned believable as to why they hadn t acted on their feelings yet They have only known each other 3 years, and she has been his AA sponsor But now he s well established in his sobriety, and their feelings just can t be denied The love scenes are off the charts smokin as usual, but the over the top Al [...]

    21. This series just keeps getting better Colt and Indie are a great couple and they just heated up the pages of this book Colt definitely made up for his three years of celibacy and then somed again and again I just love that Indie is not the typical female that you would pair up to be with a cowboy She might look like she has an edge, but she is so sweet, loyal and passionate The family drama and issues just made this book so enjoyable, as you get to watch them all grow and adjust to the changes i [...]

    22. I just say Colt and India wowza This book was hot And I m not girl to complain about too much sex but I would have loved to read about their friendship and less sex montages I really loved the friendship to love angel and it is a very important book in the McKay family dimension Definitely my favorite in terms of side stories And I loved India Best heroine award

    23. I agree with Shawna and some of the other reviewersere is not a bad one in the series This is my favorite all time series up there with bdb

    24. A beer bottle flew and crashed into the side of the barn, shattering the illusion of stillness All eyes zoomed to Cam I m so sick and tired of the holier than thou attitude in this family So Colt screwed up Every one of us has screwed up at one time or another How long are you gonna make him pay for it Jesus, he hit the skids over four years ago He s been on the straight and narrow for the last three During which time, he s been busting his ass on this ranch, despite having to listen to you bera [...]

    25. I love Colt and India so much that I want a threesome India is by far my favorite heroine of the series She s tough, sensitive but still know hardheaded enough to know what she wants Colt and India have been long time friends and have been each other s support buddy as they try to reform themselves I love that James set it up like this but didn t use it as a crutch as a basis for their relationship Yes, they ve known and trusted each other for a long time, but that isn t the reason why they are [...]

    26. Wow sigh That was wonderful What a great book I loved Colt and India their relationship was so well written It wasn t so much about redemption, although both of them had worked for that in their past, in Colt s case his recent past It was about trust and acceptance And those themes rang so true in this book with these characters And it was about love, hot steamy love a fair amount of the time, but deep sweet love too Is it wrong to describe this series as addictive in my review of a book about a [...]

    27. hmmm, This book wasn t what I thought it would be I still liked it, but I was excited about Colt that was before in his wild ways and his woman taming him I m not disappointed in the way the book went just wasn t what I was expecting Still love this series and looking forward to so much You re only ever mine My hands on you My mouth on you My cock in you.

    28. BY FAR MY FAVORITE OF THE SERIES SO FAR This was different from the others It was of a connection within the characters They had a friendship that went beyond anything that the previous books had.This was hot, erotic, scrum a licious, romantic The it had the hole kit and caboodle CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE

    29. Trust is the basis of everything Colt finally gets his chance to give into his feelings for India In return she gives him back his family and helps build a united McKay Family.

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