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The Pistoleer By James Carlos Blake,

  • Title: The Pistoleer
  • Author: James Carlos Blake
  • ISBN: 9780425154120
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Relates the wild days of Wes Hardin through the voices of those who encountered him during the 42 years of his life friends and enemies, kinfolk and strangers, lawmen and outlaws, gamblers and fancy ladies.
    The Pistoleer Relates the wild days of Wes Hardin through the voices of those who encountered him during the years of his life friends and enemies kinfolk and strangers lawmen and outlaws gamblers and fancy l

    One thought on “The Pistoleer”

    1. Look I d rather milk a mule than read another goddamn page of this thing.If you like your Westerns with a patina of literary historical high mindedness then this is your bowl of quail.Not mine.I can appreciate the author s talent but I can t read any of this particular novel.3 stars because he s a swinging dick, well received, big shot author of some esteem.

    2. Excellent If you like Cormac McCarthy, or Peter Matthiesen s Killing Mister Watson which this book resembles, since Hardin s story is told through a variety of voices , you should enjoy The Pistoleer Similar to Jesse James, Hardin was a product of the violent post Civl War era in Texas But unlike James, Hardin was no robber He could however shoot and with extreme accuracy often right into an enemy s forehead or eye The Hardin that emerges from Blake s version is young and prideful, but also loya [...]

    3. John Wesley Hardin, In All His Bloody, Ugly GloryJohn Wesley Hardin was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a good person As part of a generation of young southern males who were too young to join the Confederate Army, but old enough to strap on a gun when the insults and injustices of Reconstruction became too much to bear Jesse James was another one of these Rebels born too late for many of them, guilt over missing the War while older brothers, cousins, fathers, and friends fought and died [...]

    4. I m all for any novel that has at least one guy per chapter getting his brains knocked out the back of his head by a Colt.44 slug This is one viscerally violent, action packed literary western James Carlos Blake uses the form of the oral history to tell the story of the most feared mankiller in Texas, John Wesley Hardin Each chapter takes on a different narrator and a different impression of Hardin Some see him as a postwar hero, others as a vicious, rabid killer Some admire him, others fear him [...]

    5. Blake s first novel, unless I m much mistaken, and perhaps his most creative, its subject and delivery are as masterful and rough as a confident whiskey shot A historical must, even for the most diligent and devoted historian.

    6. A very entertaining read about John Wesley Hardin, told in the first person by a number of narrators who were present at the various events in the Texas gunfighter s life Blake is an artist at giving multiple characters their own unique voice Two thumbs up for this author If you enjoy westerns, based in fact, but not the usual horse opera, then give James Carlos Blake a try.

    7. a very interesting read, and while written from interesting perspectives each chapter is written from a different person s perspective people who were supposedly around when the current events were taking place , it got a little frustrating to continually have to refocus myself for every new chapter on top of this building off of the changing perspectives mini stories of side characters were told if I were a huge old West fan I would have been elated to learn so much as it is, I ve really only h [...]

    8. I loved the language in this book, the setting was richly drawn, and there were fine supporting characters I put it down halfway through though I had to The main character was insufferable He was the best at everything The best rider The best roper The best shooter The most charming with women Best lover Hardest working farmer Most skillful and lucky gambler Blake s Hardin is just so damned wonderful at everything he starts to get boring.

    9. This book actually redeemed itself starting with a bit past the halfway mark Stylistically, it is well written, although even that can be a bit hard to judge at times since the book is told from the point of view of various individuals, some real some fictional, of various origins and levels of education What was hard for me to swallow about this book was that early in the book, even characters who had reason to dislike Hardin intensely kept pointing out things in their narratives that seemed to [...]

    10. James Carlos Blake s first book, published first in large paper back format, appeared to be a semi historical Western novel After being read, it began to be recognized as a cunningly told biography of John Wesley Hardin and the times he lived through, mostly in Texas From my perspective the only major flaw is technical the many chapters are written by different people friends, enemies, kin, lovers and so forth but the tone and style are, with little exception, uniform To do this type of thing we [...]

    11. This book answers the long burning question posed by Bob Dylan, John Wesley Hardin I guess I don t know much Texas history myth I recently read The Diezmo by Rick Bass which is set in Texas after the Civil War but doesn t seem to connect to any events in this book So I have some reading to do.I think I ve encountered this form of story telling before A form where each short section is told by another character about the protagonist Mostly similar books use journal entries, newspaper stories, let [...]

    12. I have to admit, I did really enjoy reading this story I gave it 4, instead of 5 stars because, well, it s a great story, but after reading a very good book Wyatt Earp The Life Behind the Legend , this book just didn t come up to the same level.Still, it was a very entertaining read and I would recommend it for it s fun story line and very interesting story line I had never read a fictional biography before, so this one has shown me a new genre, which can be a lot of fun, but can muddy the water [...]

    13. The Pitstoleer is an interesting fictional biography of John Wesley Hardin, but nothing new is learned about the man or what really drove him If the reader has not heard of Harding this would be a good starting point The book dragged a bit in the middle and would have been a tighter read if it were 50 or 100 pages shorter but this does not diminish the experience As with all of Blake s books this is a Peckinpah hymn to violence and enjoyable because of that, but for readers who do not like viole [...]

    14. The description for this book actually describes the book written by Blake about those who fought with Pancho Villa not The Pistoleer which is a historical novel about John Wesley Hardin.I liked the use of different narrators and how each told of their personal interaction with Hardin In this way Blake allows the reader to finish the novel having learned something about the life of John Wesley Hardin yet he leaves the mystique of the gunslinger intact For those who are interested in Texas histor [...]

    15. Great visit to the old west and meeting one of the most notorious outlaws I like the way Blake uses first person narrative not from John Wesley Hardin s perspective but from those who knew him Each chapter is told by a different person it starts when he was fifteen and shoots his first person to when he is finally shot down himself Recommended for anyone who likes a literary western.

    16. Once again loved Blakes writing style, but he still just misses being fantastic The way he eloquantly describes violence reminds me of McCarthy, the way he describes sexuality the way a cocky seventeen year old boy would is a cross between genius and hilarity I love reading him but just wish he would hit something in me I m missing.

    17. 3.5 stars Well written and a fantastic storyhonestly just not a big fan of the story telling style though each chapter is a different character recounting his her experiences with John Wesley Hardin It makes for a slightly chopped up story line which made it hard to be really engaged in the story.

    18. This is an interesting read It was very engaging and tells the story of John Wesley Hardin in a unique way It is not the best book I have ever read, but if you are looking for something different it is very unique.

    19. Good book about the life of John Wesley Hardin I like that it was made up of many stories told by people who supposedly knew the subject.

    20. For people who like Cormac McCarthy,Blake is a good option.History,quality writing and a bit of darkness.

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