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Sherlock Holmes: Wisteria House By Arthur Conan Doyle Deta Ariani S.,

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes: Wisteria House
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle Deta Ariani S.
  • ISBN: 9797564436
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Berisi 3 cerita 1 Hilangnya Lady Frances Arfax2 Tiga Orang yang Bernama Garridebs3 Wisteria House
    Sherlock Holmes Wisteria House Berisi cerita Hilangnya Lady Frances Arfax Tiga Orang yang Bernama Garridebs Wisteria House

    One thought on “Sherlock Holmes: Wisteria House”

    1. Have gone through 40 hours plus of Holmes, I ve learned that elementary is not even close to one of the most used words In fact, it was used maybe three times that I ve noticed Singular, on the other hand, is not a very singular word.

    2. Sherlock s client Mr.John Scott Eccles is a suspect in the murder of Mr.Aloysius Garcia of Wisteria Lodge, whose house Eccles visited the previous night on his invitation The cook and servant fled after their master s death Sherlock, yet, is of the opinion that Garcia invited Eccles because he had a criminal enterprise and desired to establish an alibi As Sherlock and Inspector Baynes proceed in their investigation, they come across Old Jacobean Grange of High Gables less than half a mile across [...]

    3. The only reason I didn t rate it five stars is because I did not like some of the themes presented in this story Some of the description used for the mulatto servant seemed very racist but I also understand that the author belonged to a different era However, the story was still as interesting as any other of Doyle s stories.

    4. My first experience with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle I was not accustomed to his writing style, which meant I had to re read certain passages to fully get their meaning, but over all an enjoyable short story.

    5. In this short story, Holmes is visited by a perturbed proper English gentleman, John Scott Eccles, who wishes to discuss something grotesque No sooner has he arrived at 221B Baker Street than Inspector Gregson also shows up, along with Inspector Baynes of the Surrey Constabulary They wish a statement from Eccles about the murder near Esher last night A note in the dead man s pocket indicates that Eccles said that he would be at the victim s house that night.Eccles is shocked to hear of Aloysius [...]

    6. Doyle definitely has themes that he likes to stick to in his stories, but I liked the fact that the police officer wasn t a complete idiot in this one.

    7. Buku ini berisikan tiga cerita pendek tentang kasus kasus Sherlock Holmes, di cerita pertama ada Hilangnya Lady Frances Arfax , yang mengisahkan hilangnya seorang wanita berusia 40an yang gemar melakukan petualangan di seluruh dunia dari hotel satu ke hotel yang lain Lady Frances setiap dua minggu sekali mengirimkan surat kepada pengasuhnya di Inggris, tetapi sudah lima minggu terakhir tidak ada surat yang datang darinya Nn Dobney, pengasuh Sang Lady, sangat khawatir akan keselamatan wanita itu, [...]

    8. Buku ini berisi tiga cerita.1 Karamnya Kapal Gloria ScottAwal membaca cerita ini kok rasanya belum pernah saya baca sebelumnya Padahal saya sudah membaca semua buku sherlock terbitan Gramedia Tapi setelah selesai, saya jadi ingat lagi apalah 2 Misteri di Wisma WisteriaKalau cerita ini saya ingat Karena petualanggan John Scott Eccles itu memang janggal Dan berhasil membuat saya penasaran3 Silver BlazeAih, ini favorit Saya masih ingat dan terharu setelah tahu kenyataannyaTetep aja, saya bukan fans [...]

    9. This was free on for the Kindle and a very quick read It is a short story I don t think it is one of Conan Doyle s best I would have preferred it to be included in the short story compilation The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I read previously, though it was clearly longer than those stories.I did like the back story to the resolution of this murder and wonder if the uncaught villan will reappear in another story

    10. What can I possibly say about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his incredibly famous creation, Sherlock Holmes I don t know what I was thinking by not reading any of these novels and short stories for the first twenty four years of my life, but I have now at least somewhat amended this grievous error.To read the rest of my review, please visit my book blog mrsgwynnsbookclub.wordpress

    11. Another of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s marvelous mystery stories.At the outset , the plot seemed to be quite complex but as it unraveled through Holmes s intelligent scheme of deduction by gaining evidence, things fell into place A fresh thing which I found in this story was , a character who did in a way match up to the ways to deduction and reasoning to solve a crime like Holmes.The character was Inspector Baynes He seems to have quite a bright future in his field.

    12. Aside from the occasional racially tinged passage, The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge is easily one if the best Holmes stories above read What truly establishes this story as a testament to Doyle s writing is the amount of characterization and story pacing that compose this story The plot flowed a a fantastic pace with plenty of developments to spice things up while the many characters involved in the affair all bristled with individuality and played a role in the story A fantastic read

    13. Not my favourite Sherlock Holmes adventure by a while, but still a good read I always feel that Holmes is not particularly likable, though also not easy to dislike he just is This is one of the books where that comes across for me, although of course Watson is his likeable self A nice short mystery with a satisfactory ending, the Inspector was great too

    14. in spite of all my fondness towards Sherlock, only this part was unable to amuse or appeal me Perhaps is my mistake that I use to fell a sleep while reading it, which left a bit of details vague for me still it was fine mystery Which fine end.

    15. First Doyle gives very unrelated clues Then in the other half he give a simple cause of crime But as always the story was gripping and intense He managed such complexity without the use of forensics and technology which is quite appreciable.

    16. Not as thrilling as other sherlock Holmes, sometimes I felt a bit bored with the development of the whole situation, there are a few surprises and still a very well written novel Just did not find it as interesting as other novels by the author but still a great read.

    17. Apparently I don t like Sherlock HOlmes as much as I once did But still a nice break from serious classics I ve got going.

    18. ClassicClassic and timeless May Mr Holmes live forever in our hearts as the greatest detective and friend of all time.

    19. While I have access am reading all that I can of Arthur Conan Doyle, I was surprised to find some books I had not read, thanks to Project Gutenberg am reading of his words.

    20. Triknya agak bisa ditebak untuk cerita yang pertama, tapi cerita yang ketiga lumayan bikin penasaran So far so good.

    21. Short but fun readShort enjoyable story Fun to read as Holmes pits his skills against the local constabulary to solve a grotesque crime.

    22. I love Sherlock Holmes and this was a quick read Holmes receives a telegram from someone seeking his help The man shows up at his home and as Watson would say The game was a foot.

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