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Monument By IanGraham,

  • Title: Monument
  • Author: IanGraham
  • ISBN: 9780441012633
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • A vagrant betrays a priest s kindness by stealing an artifact from the church unaware that it possesses incalculable power capable of bringing the world to the edge of chaos.
    Monument A vagrant betrays a priest s kindness by stealing an artifact from the church unaware that it possesses incalculable power capable of bringing the world to the edge of chaos

    One thought on “Monument”

    1. First published in 2002, so a bit after George R R Martin started his Song of Ice and Fire but before grimdark fantasy became a bandwagon, Monument holds a special place in my remembrance as one of the first modern fantasies that made me such a huge fan of the genre Re reading it though is a bittersweet experience, as the world created by Ian Graham is as vividly dark and dangerous as I remembered and its protagonist as despicable and irrepressible as an unfolding natural cataclysm, but the plot [...]

    2. this is the review I posted on fantasyliterature and years ago When Ballas is nearly beaten to death, kind strangers give him life saving medical attention He repays their charity by robbing them But there s to the stolen artifact then just priceless gemstones It holds ancient secrets the ruling religious leaders will stop at nothing to keep hidden Ballas quickly becomes the most hated and feared man in the empire He is hunted with a brutal relentlessness that equals only that of Ballas himself [...]

    3. The full article of the review is available in this link bookunderthesun 20When I finished reading Monument, a profound sense of sadness lingered within me This story is unlike any other fantasy novels which I had feasted upon this is way darker and within each page, death looms and hope is an optimist s dream There were no heroes in the story, nor were there villains everyone carried their own darkness, and it was obvious that everyone was far from perfect.The story revolved around the person k [...]

    4. I got this book nearly a decade but to the credit of Ian Graham I find myself re reading it at least once a year.Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence, amongst others, have made the anti hero the trend in fantasy nowadays but I have a far fonder spot for Ballas He is what he is, and doesn t seek the sympathy of the reader like many other anti heroes He reminds me a little of Bester s Gully Foyle, which is of course a good thing.I won t delve into too many details of the plot but after robbing a valu [...]

    5. Monument is one of those books you pick up when you re looking to break away from cutesy fantasy filled with elves, dwarves, and men with swords It s a somewhat bleak tale, but if you re looking for something different you may like to consider it.Ballas is in every respect an anti hero Ballas is a liar, a thief who kills indiscriminately and cheats everyone and anyone to accomplish his own ends One particular act of thievery leaves him the most wanted man in the country It s another tale of a wa [...]

    6. It s a rare occurence when a despicable character can hold your interest throughout an entire story, but such is the case with this tale Anhaga Ballas is a vagrant, a drunk, a thief and a killer I did not like him at all Ballas had been imprisoned by the Pilgrim Church of Druine for killing a man who worked for them When he sees a fellow prisoner meet a horrific fate, Ballas makes his escape and is therafter pursued by the wardens of the church His one wish is to flee to the fabled land of Belth [...]

    7. I found this book randomly while perusing the shelves at my local Barnes and Noble back in 2005 I instantly fell in love with the darkness and anti hero characteristics of the protagonist This was one of my all time favorite fantasy novels.

    8. You know what s my favourite thing about this book The main character s main move is a kick in the nuts of his opponent I mean, fuck come on That s fucking awesome.

    9. I love books with great cover art This cover by Jerry Vandersteldt is rather simple really, yet I find myself drawn to it, or into it, rather drawn into the mysteries that it presentswho is this mysterious priestly character Where is he, in a library, a temple, a monastery What is the significance of the magical blue light that he is conjuring What depths of knowledge are contained within the mysterious tomes and parchments cluttered upon the table and shelves What about that skull on the top sh [...]

    10. So I finished this book this morning It was pretty good Not like the best thing ever, but a nice little story I was pleasantly surprised by the ending For first novels, the authors tend to have good ideas for a story but they almost never pull off the ending well I think Graham did a really good job with it The rest of the book was maybe longer than it needed to be Many of the fighting and struggling to survive almost trapped and killed but managed to escape scenes were kind of the same thing ov [...]

    11. There is something special about a book when the protagonist can repeatedly steal from, threaten, or and I swear this happens at least three or four times punch out innocents in order to satisfy his own objectives and still feel worth rooting for How The world Anhaga Ballas finds himself in is not that of a young adult or children s fantasy The world is brutal, dark, and ominous Even those spaces not explicitly disturbing, places described as being pleasant rustic, still feel as if they are pres [...]

    12. What a delight to finally read a fantasy book with no redemption arc I was even a bit disappointed that the ending shows us Ballas in a new, heroic, light, but fortunately it didn t change how unlikable he was of course, I love him But it s precisely because almost nothing is likable about him I really enjoyed that he wasn t doing all those things out of the gentleness of his heart, and that it was about timing than chivalry or whatever good motivation It was a nice change, a bit of fresh air [...]

    13. I love that when I was younger and everyone always said Don t judge a book by its cover and I listened I think I actually enjoy books with terrible covers than awesome ones, it s like it sets the bar slightly lower for me so when the book is good I m pleasantly surprised.That being said, this book looks awesome That wizard is giving me such a smugly skeptical look Must read So the cover has NOTHING to do with this book It s mostly about a drunken lout with a vague background that is only ever h [...]

    14. I felt compelled to finish this book, even though I didn t like the main character I kept wanting a redemption of some sort which kinda comes through in the end The one thing that kept me reading to the bitter end and really it took me forever to finish because I just didn t care about the main character is to try and tie in the artifact that he originally stole that set him on his path I never did figure it out But I like the world that Mr Graham created just enough to maybe read the next book. [...]

    15. A pretty interesting read, and with decent pacing, but it suffers somewhat from repetitiveness The main character gets into a number of fights and they mostly go the same way a headbutt, gut stabbings, and inevitably a thrown sword that hits the last guy in the back as he runs away Despite the battles getting a little dull I did enjoy the book and would like to read of the author s work.

    16. One of the very best books that i have readeat conflicted protagonist or is he the antagonist i think mostly guys will enjoy this book as there is a lot of violence and Ballas is always on the run from the law.i loved every moment of it and it ramps up to an exciting twisted climax.

    17. An awesome concept, but a little poorly executed The main character is supposed to be non likable but it s pretty clear from a few pages in where that s going and that he s a far better man than his history implies A little too telegraphed.

    18. This was GREAT book I picked this one up on a whim and was not disappointed Basically, the story follows Ballas, a sort of anti hero He s rude He steals He betrays his friends And yet, the reader can t help like him for all that.

    19. At first I wasn t impressed with the book, but I wasn t going to put it down cuz i was out of new books After a bit it really took off, just took the author a while to use character development, but in the end it s needed Excellent book with a twist you may or may not see.

    20. The main character is an absolute a hole, but you can t help but root for him to make it.The ending is surprising and a bit of a let down.But all in all it s a good read that will keep you entertained I think it would also make a great movie

    21. I read this years ago , and the thing that sticks with me is the incredible main character Basically an unwashed, unlikable hobo who does nasty things It s a breath of fresh air

    22. Neither fantastic, nor terrible, it was a decent book that was fun to read, with an interesting twist at the end.

    23. I think the cover image doesn t fit the content at all So, it s very different from what I expected There s a lot violence in it and a lot less magic, but very cool

    24. Well now Definitely stood up to a second read Ballas is one interesting hero in spite of himself five out of five wish Mr Graham would write another one

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