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The Dog By Kerstin Ekman Linda Schenck Rochelle Wright,

  • Title: The Dog
  • Author: Kerstin Ekman Linda Schenck Rochelle Wright
  • ISBN: 9781847441713
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the heart of the countryside, a young puppy leaves his home to follow his mother master But away from the safe haven of the farm, the puppy soon becomes lost and is left to struggle for survival in the wild The puppy becomes wild, trusting no human or animal But one man is intrigued by the now unruly dog slowly gains his trust.
    The Dog In the heart of the countryside a young puppy leaves his home to follow his mother master But away from the safe haven of the farm the puppy soon becomes lost and is left to struggle for survival in

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    1. At first hunger is a spur, making legs grow long and forcing nose to the ground Then it becomes a whip, lashing out at sensitive ears with sounds, striking through a deep sleep It releases scents that soon are lost It gnaws and torments from deep inside an aching cavity The body, with matted fur, legs that dash, claws that tear and scrape, is merely the shape hunger assumes There s nothing else inside Only hunger How would it feel to suddenly be isolated from all that you know To be lost, to be [...]

    2. En mycket mysig ber ttelse om en hundvalp som f rs ker verleva i vildmarken Eller mysig r v l kanske fler ord d hans upplevelse r allt annat n mysig men jag l mnar nd boken med en trevlig k nsla i magen Ekmans spr k r v ldigt vacker, om n lite v l filosofiskt ibland f r min smak vilket g r att hon tappar mig d och d Men trots det s tyckte jag nd om boken.

    3. L ste p svenska Otrolig ber ttelse Om att verleva f r att sedan lska friheten men ox den bortgl mda l ngtan efter sin historia Bortgl md pga tack vare f rm gan att leva bara i nuet Den gr har sin sol inne i sig o l ter honom finna det han ska ha

    4. This was a beautifully written story of a gray puppy who loses his way and has to learn to live on his own off the land in the Nordic forest until he is then found by a man after a long time and learns how to trust again I loved this book The gray puppy is born at a farmhouse and gets lost in the snow and somehow survives He is scared and alone and misses his mother and the warmth of the stove He grows up living off the land and hunting on his own competing with a fox After a while the human hun [...]

    5. One day, in the depths of a Swedish winter, a little grey puppy gets lost in the woods He had followed his mother as she followed the snow ski, but he couldn t keep up The owners searched for him But they didn t find him, and gave up, believing that he couldn t have survived a night in the snow.But he did And although it was touch and go he survived the winter too.This is the story of his life by himself and how he finally found his way home I know, that could be a spoiler, but I know there are [...]

    6. The book is like a tight rope, two strong areas at either end with a wobbly middle rope where at any moment I could of dropped and lost interest Fortunatly I made it through and it was worth it The middle is repeatitive filler and just boring, its not until the last 30 40 page when he comes back into contact with humans that it perks up.The slow building relationship between the dog and the human no one is givin a name is beautiful and shows how the dog has been exposed to such a hard life He fi [...]

    7. A strong beginning and ending This is no The Call of the Wild Nicely written but just doesn t get into the mind of the dog.

    8. When does something begin It doesn t begin There s always something else before it One of the finest opening sentences of a novel I have had the privilege of reading The beginning of Kerstin Ekman s brilliant novella, The Dog A fable in which Ekman explores the nonpareil affinity between a man and a once domesticated dog that through, unfortunate circumstances whilst a pup, had over time, turned feral.Ekman s novella is a unique and intelligent observation of loss, survival and ultimately salvat [...]

    9. 2.5 3 I really enjoyed the beginning and the end of the book but felt it drifted off slightly in the middle The writing was very nice and I especially liked the illustrations but overall I don t think the story will stick with me much

    10. The story couldn t be simpler a puppy gets lost in the woods, somehow survives the winter and finally comes face to face with a man who tries to tame the now wild animal And I was fine with that only it took forever for the man to turn up So most of the book follows the pup s trials as it struggles to stay alive in a foreboding and confusing landscape Without a big hand from Lady Luck he wouldn t have got through the first few days though Eighty four dawns were behind him when the sun rose, and [...]

    11. An einem verschneiten Wintertag l uft der kleine, graue Welpe seiner Mutter hinterher Herrchen und Mutter sind nichts ahnend angeln, w hrend sich der Graue immer mehr verirrt Er hat vergessen von wo er gekommen ist und wohin er unterwegs war Als sein Verschwinden auff llt ist es bereits zu sp t und die Menschen meinen, er sei erfroren Doch der Welpe schafft es zu berleben und muss nun lernen f r sich selbst zu sorgen.MeinungIch, als Hundefanatiker, musste Hundeherz , nachdem ich so viel Gutes da [...]

    12. A great short story, almost a poem translated from Swedish The writer Kirsten Ekman is a popular Swedish author A puppy is lost in the woods in the middle of winter after being separated from his mother, his litter, and the hunter that owns them The puppy survives, instinctively finding places to stay warm and finding food The story is told from the dog s point of view with his interactions with birds who tell him where a dead carcass is, the smells he encounters and how he learns to hunt He has [...]

    13. What a lovely little book Unbeknown to its mother, a puppy follows her out into the snow of a Norway winter and becomes separated and lost He then has to fend for himself and try to stay alive through the freezing winter In doing so he becomes completely wild, living off hat he can find and hunt in the forest He doesn t stray too far from a disused log cabin, and eventually the following autumn, hunters arrive and he gets into a fight with one of their dogs One of the men doesn t forget the dog [...]

    14. Eine sehr naturnahe Erz hlung ber einen kleinen Welpen, der verloren geht und sich ganz alleine durchschl gt Anfangs von der Losung der Waldtiere lebend, hungernd, ngstlich und von der Natur gebeutelt zieht er sich unter einer Tanne zur ck Mit der Zeit lernt der kleiner Welpe aus seinen Instinkten heraus zu Jagen und Gefahren zu erkennen Misstrauisch n hert er sich den Menschen und schlie t sich ihnen z gernd an.Eine poetische stimmungsvolle Erz hlung Die Umgebung, der Charakter und das Verhalte [...]

    15. You don t have to be an animal lover to find the beauty in this short novel It could easily have been a story about a person becoming lost in the world and after a harrowing, lonely journey, eventually finding his or her way back to the world of companionship through building the necessary trust.I loved the evolution of the puppy Growing up and learning how to hunt through trial and error The hunger, the danger around every corner, the unknown.The author created the essential atmosphere needed i [...]

    16. I liked this book than I expected In this story, in winter season of Sweden, the man was going to the lake to drill holes in the ice to fish and the mother dog thought that he was going hunting.From then, there were many conflicts of the dog This is not a fluffy story of a lost puppy It s a tale of the harshness of the Swedish winter and how the dog won through against all the odds but not without injury It s direct about what the dog has to do to survive Since I have a dog in my house, I autom [...]

    17. Beautiful story A little confusingly translated at times, but all the imagery is keenly portrayed and delightfully constructed A very satisfying read Everything that happens is inside him It has already happened Everything that happens is vivid within He knows It flares up, flashes like a wing in the dark night, settles again It encompasses a life that has been lived Remembering and forgetting are the same murky depths Something swirls up from the sludge he recognises it It settles he forgets bu [...]

    18. This is a sweet little book that describes life from the point of view of a lost dog in the frozen woods Some of the descriptors made me smile as I pictured my own pets circling and nuzzling into themselves for warmth in my carpeted home The author has perfectly captured the habits and behaviours that make up my understanding of the canine world and set it against a beautiful icy backdrop Read it quickly, as it sags a little in the middle while you are waiting for the book to fulfil the blurb s [...]

    19. This was unlike anything I ve read before a story told entirely from a dog s perspective Emotions were basic and his reactions to his environment, together with beautiful descriptions of the natural environment, drove the story The Man s way of befriending taming him reminded me of my husband s effort with an ill treated hamster we acquired In both cases it was successful As a veggie I found some of the descriptions of hunting quite difficult but they were written solely in terms of the dog s su [...]

    20. 2 starsI wanted to read this, thinking it would be written in the likes of Sun mi Hwang s, The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly and The Dog Who Dared to Dream both of which I adored I guess I have an appreciation for books from an animal s point of view I was a little disappointed, though, that The Dog didn t level up It wasn t as interesting to me and I was pretty bored throughout the book Not bad, though

    21. A wonderful little book written from the perspective of a puppy, which I think is done in a very realistic way The puppy gets lost in the middle of crude cold northern swedish winter, and has to do it s best to survive We follow it for than a year, through some cruel and hearbreaking scenes, but also via a great description of northern swedish nature and seasons, and a loving description of the trustful relationship between dog and man The language, with it s short, direct sentences, is charace [...]

    22. This is completely different to what I normally read I chose it because I had gone away for the weekend without my kindle This is a short novel so ideal for 2 nights away It is beautifully written with lots of description following the simple take of a lost puppy surviving in the frozen world around him finally learning to trust again.If you love animals or dogs, and like lots of description this is for you I enjoyed it as something new.

    23. Attraverso un cucciolo di cane che si perso intraprendiamo un viaggio sensoriale nelle forenste del nord Suoni odori, il freddo della neve, tutto ci estraneo e tutto ci incuriosisce proprio come accade al cucciolo Un breve viaggio nella vita di un cane che, per chi conosce questi amici a quattro zampe, pu essere molto coinvolgente

    24. Really lovely book A tale of survival and rediscovery as seen by a dog The forest is the silent other character in this novella and it is beautifully realised A very dreamy and engaging book Wonderfully translated from the original Swedish, it retains a sense of otherworldliness for this Melbournian Recommended.

    25. A little puppy runs into the forest after its mother who is running after her owner and gets lost He manages to survive and eventually finds some humans again That s about it for plot, this is no Call of the Wild But the pleasure of this book is in the descriptions of the forest and the puppy eye view of things we re been given This edition had some nice illustrations too by Henrik Krogh.

    26. FazitInsgesamt ist Hundeherz eine nette, aber etwas kurzweilige Geschichte, mit ein paar Schw chen, aber einem wirklich liebenswerten, tapferen Welpen, den man gern auf seiner beschwerlichen Reise begleitet hat.Die vollst ndige Rezension findet ihr auf meinem Blog nobody knows review hundehe

    27. What a beautiful book, I picked this up in a charity shop and so glad i did Only a short book but it has a lot to say The descriptions of the landscrape and the feel of the emotions of the dog is so lyrical it makes you ache with the weight of words If your wondering if you should read it, yes you should.

    28. Powerful, economical and, despite being written from a dog s point of view, avoids the pitfall of being over sentimental However, I will admit to a couple of tears in my eyes Ekman has one many prizes in the her native Swedish and made me realise how little I read that in translation I want to press this book into everybody who loves dogs If that s you, get it now.

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