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Marked / Betrayed / Chosen / Untamed By P.C. Cast Kristin Cast,

  • Title: Marked / Betrayed / Chosen / Untamed
  • Author: P.C. Cast Kristin Cast
  • ISBN: 9780312372132
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • The House of Night is a thrilling, New York Times bestselling book series that follows 16 year old Zoey Redbird as she is Marked by a vampyre tracker and begins to undergo the Change into an actual vampyre She has to leave her family in Broken Arrow, OK, and move into the House of Night, a boarding school for other fledgling vampyres like her It s tough to begin aThe House of Night is a thrilling, New York Times bestselling book series that follows 16 year old Zoey Redbird as she is Marked by a vampyre tracker and begins to undergo the Change into an actual vampyre She has to leave her family in Broken Arrow, OK, and move into the House of Night, a boarding school for other fledgling vampyres like her.It s tough to begin a new life, away from her parents and friends, and on top of that, Zoey finds she is no average fledgling She has been Marked as special by the vampyre Goddess, Nyx Although Zoey has awesome new powers, it s hard to fit in when everyone knows you re special As Zoey tries to make new friends and maybe find a hot boyfriend or two , she comes up against all kinds of evil, from the perfect looking, super popular girl with not so faultless plans, to the mysterious deaths happening at the House of Night and all over Tulsa Things at the House of Night are not always what they seem Can Zoey find the courage deep within herself to find the truth and embrace her destiny
    Marked Betrayed Chosen Untamed The House of Night is a thrilling New York Times bestselling book series that follows year old Zoey Redbird as she is Marked by a vampyre tracker and begins to undergo the Change into an actual va

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    1. These four books with the exception of Hunted are the only House of Night novels worth reading, sadly After that, they go severely downhill I just figured I d say that.These books don t really have any literary value Some of it is totally ridiculous almost everyone of the XY persuasion wants to get into the main character s pants and the writing can be horrible at times the authors try way too hard to write how teenagers apparently communicate with each other However, they are very fun, fast rea [...]

    2. This is an addictive series I actually liked this series than twilight It s not as hyped as Twilight, but that doesn t mean it isn t good It really is a addictive series I work at a book store, and I honestly sold many of these box sets This box set was the most selling of them all If your not sure if you ll like the series and don t want to go out on a limb with the set, then don t But I can honestly say, it is worth it, if your a fan of Young Adult Vampire Paranormal series I highly recommend [...]

    3. Warning If you have not read Hunted, the fifth of the series, do NOT read this The Cast girls as I call them seem to be very unstable It seems they enjoy to torture both their characters and readers Why can t Zoey just be happy with ONE boy Why do there always have to be complications I understand the need for some competition for Erik, but is Loren really necessary Heath seemed to be enough And why bring Heath back again in Hunted Stark and Erik were than enough there I don t understand The Ca [...]

    4. Hmmmwhat do I think Well, at first I thought that maybe, possibly the book could get a little better No such luck In fact, when I finished the first book I just had to read the second No, not because it was such an absolutely awesome read, but because I just had to read books where the author made an absolute fool of herself.The plot was predictable, the characters were boring and the whole trying to relate to teenagers was an epic fail To start with, Zoey is most boring, uninteresting person th [...]

    5. SighMy love for this series wanes with each installment The series is being drug out Like, really drug out Like, R E A L L Y D R U G O U T Looking back, I was generally happy with the series up to about book 6 or 7, after that point it becomes of a task than a pleasure to read I would give Books 1 4 or 5 a 3 or 4 star rating After that beware of meteor shower The storytelling is a little odd in the fact that Cast seems to be writing in real time or something quite close Each book covers somethi [...]

    6. The House of Night series are very interesting books starting with an average 17 year old s life, then going into a completly different life as 17 year old Zoey gets marked as a fledging by a vampyre tracker.She has to go to a vampyre finishing school, and hope she completes the change, as if she doesnt she will end up dead Zoey is straight away noticed as a different fledging, as her mark is completly filled in, a stage that doesn t usually happen until you are a full vampyre After a few weeks [...]

    7. WARNING, THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS.I ve always been a fan of fantasy books like these in which anything can happen Now, lets begin with the characters Zoey s notorious bad luck has me laughing, although I do question why there are just SO MANY guys in her life Love triangles are good and fun but when you get to love squares and up, you wonder just what they all see in her Erik, he s her first boyfriend in the House of Night and breaks up with her after she does the dirty with a teacher Pause A TEA [...]

    8. The only series I have abandoned Why Because I am I freaking aged When I started reading these books from hell, all my hair were black now they have grey strands in them House of Night started out really well Power to women and the vampires who are actually witches Freaking tattoos All of it was accepted but COME ON NINE NINE BOOKS and Neferet is still running around After all that feminist undertone, Zoey or Zoe.i don t even care any, she has a thign for Kalona because he is so pretty Like WOMA [...]

    9. This book series was amazing I love how in depth it goes and I really feel like most teens can connect to Zoey so well I really like how they humanize her and it shows how flawed a teen really is The best thing is that it seems like the books never ends Zoey is always facing a new problem and has to lose something in order to gain something good I like the descripition they have about the vampyres They sound extremley beautiful and I m really glad i got to read these books i cant wait to read th [...]

    10. To be honest, I can t tell the difference between these books.I read Marked because my dad who is a school librarian told me they were sort of Harry Potter y, so I thought Okay, I need something easy and fun and Marked was just that.But then it sort of just Went down hill From the second book and forward, only very few days go by, and Because of that the story just Drags out, and it gets and boring to read I like the books, and I definitely want to finish the series, but had I known how the st [...]

    11. OMG OMG MG OMG OMG OMG, THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME definatly a GREAT read if you which y all should like Vampires Zoey is deffinatly the kind of person we can all relate too the only thing that wasn t so good was that you can tell when one of the authors stops writting, and the other starts espically in Hunted because they have such different views of what should happen Like should Zo be with Erik, Heath, or Stark Not poet dude Can t rember name cause he died and was WWWAAAYYY too old.

    12. These books were some of my favourite, they made me feel part of the book, and most of the time i imagined myself as the main charactor.

    13. I m almost embarrassed to admit that I ve read this series It got a little wan towards the last few books, as so many series do But the story was engaging from the start i was able to relate to myself at that age I liked the character development because you could love and hate every one of them, just as in real life.

    14. Oh gosh where to begin These few books are the better ones I used to own this box set but I gave it away because I was just fed up with this series It kept dragging on and on I actually managed to read up till Awakened, but went to further Actually, Burned was by far my favorite because Stevie Rae was such a better character and person than Zoey turned out to be I ll admit the only reason I even picked up this series was because I kept seeing these books everywhere I turned I can t remember my i [...]

    15. i ve read these house of night novels before i learned that there was a new one out i hadn t read and one soon to follow so it made me dig into them again it s been well worth it Zoey Redbird has found herself marked to become a vampyre she moves from her regular school into the house of night school where she becomes an extraordinary fledgling Some of the fledglings don t make it to become an adult vampyre strange things are happening though and even though some of these students die they seem [...]

    16. Okay, I ve read this series before but I hadn t finished it obviously, the last two haven t been published yet And there were some things in it that I really hated on Mainly the MC and her Mary Sue existence, but what s new with SPN YA fiction There are a few things that are hard to get past I mean the love octagon of Zooey s life is really ridiculous Also, the pacing is hard to accept I think every novel is like a month Sometimes so many things happen in a day that you feel like it s been a wee [...]

    17. Marked Book 1One of my students has been bugging me to read this one It took awhile to get into it, but by the end I was hooked enough to read the rest of the series It s vampyre, not vampire, folks Deal with it.Betrayed Book 2 I d always been attracted to Heath and we d done some serious making out, but he d never turned me on before like he did when he cut his neck and I d drunk his blood I don t see what the big deal is She s a vampyre, right Geez, Zoey, don t be so hard on yourself Deal with [...]

    18. I started reading this series years back but lost interest When I picked them back up this time it kept my attention Maybe the timing was off before Here is my review of the first 4 books House of Nights starts out as a typical high school drama but when Zoey gets marked as a vampire things change In this story the world knows about vampires and they mostly live in harmony This book really makes you feel like your hanging with teenagers All in all, I like the series I do hate when Zoey makes stu [...]

    19. Another series that drags on I hate the main character and that s not good for me as a reader I keep thinking SLUT but then feel guilty because she s jot the only messed up character.Characters I do like Damien love him he s intelligent, funny, and caring Jack so sweet I d love to have him as a friendThe Twins crack me up and are quite honest plus you can t have one without the otherAphrodite one of the most real characters she has issues and though she might not voice them, she knowsWhen I m in [...]

    20. My teenage self was a sucker no pun intended for torture when it came to vampire books I worked through far too many of these books before I allowed myself to give up, and I m not sure if I ll ever forgive myself for that.I think my biggest annoyance with the books is the slang The teenage version of myself found it endearing in the first book, but even my teenage self grew annoyed with it You know something is bad when teenage you is annoyed by it.Then there is the fact that the stories get so [...]

    21. I really liked the first couple of books They were interesting, quite well written and had a SLIGHTLY different plot than the other Paranormal Romance stuff out there However, when I bought the third book, half way through, I just found myself very bored Nothing really had happened, and after looking up the other books synopsis s, I was tempted to ditch the books and read something else So I read through to the end of the 3rd, but after the first couple of chapters of the 4th I just put it down [...]

    22. When I first started to read these books starting with the book Marked I was thinking this book is one of the best books i have ever read The Marked series is one of my favorite books I have ever read in my life This book got under my skin because this book just isnt fantasy, it also is realistic fiction in a way It let Zoey, the main character, live the life of a real teenager in the vamprye stage of her life It helped me learn what to do in awkward situations that Zoey was put in It shocked me [...]

    23. I read all eight of the series, and it was not the best writing, but it was a fun read The characters are interesting, though some are annoying My daughter loved this series, so I read the series as she did to be able to talk about it with her There was some content that I was worried about it is rated for 9th grade and above and that seems appropriate My 12 year old was two books in when I figured that out, however I liked the ethics and the messages fairly well I just feel like she learned abo [...]

    24. This was REALLY hard for me to get through There was a lot of regurgitation In other words, she repeats the same things over and over and overd over It seems a little too teenybopper for me, the characters seemed really immature, even for me, but eventually get better I started to think they were funny after a while, but think it could have been toned down a little to get the point The 2nd book was better, I actually liked it I think this story has a lot of potential Some of the writing is very [...]

    25. I truly enjoyed reaind the first four books in the House of Night series Though Cast hoped on the vamipire bandwagon although she does have an alternate spelling vampyre her novels stand out They are smart, alluring, and deal with issues teens are dealing with today I loved how witty her characters were because these books had be laughing the entire time Also, I loved the allusion she made to pop culture because it made them contempory Zoey is 16 when she is Marked and realizes early on that sh [...]

    26. This series never ends Right when you think that everything is going to be overoh yeah another demon vampire person is out for revenge Whether the antagonist has wings or giant red curly hair, these books have been going on way too long After book four I started to wonder when the series was going to endter book five I was sure it was about to endter book six I couldn t believe there was going to be another book, and after book seven I simply gave up and am now only reading them because I have r [...]

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