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Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting By Jimmy Webb,

  • Title: Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting
  • Author: Jimmy Webb
  • ISBN: 9780786884889
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Webb brings his insider s knowledge, experience, and star power to the ultimate guide for aspiring songwriters With a combination of anecdotes, meditation, and advice, he breaks down the creative process from beginning to end from coping with writer s block, to song construction, chords, and even self promotion Webb also gives readers a glimpse into the professional musWebb brings his insider s knowledge, experience, and star power to the ultimate guide for aspiring songwriters With a combination of anecdotes, meditation, and advice, he breaks down the creative process from beginning to end from coping with writer s block, to song construction, chords, and even self promotion Webb also gives readers a glimpse into the professional music world.
    Tunesmith Inside the Art of Songwriting Webb brings his insider s knowledge experience and star power to the ultimate guide for aspiring songwriters With a combination of anecdotes meditation and advice he breaks down the creative proc

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    1. I finally managed to finish this book on my second, or maybe even third attempt It s not an easy read Who d ever think a book on songwriting could be 400 pages long Jimmy Webb has written a brilliant book, that encompasses history, theory, instruction guidelines, current affairs, and , all in relation to this craft of writing songs.I wouldn t recommend this book for everyone 56 pages dedicated to form eg A B A A B B alone almost got me to put this book down for good yet again Yet, a few chapters [...]

    2. This book is full of self centered advice, an ignorance of common practice classical music and theory though Webb still references it often enough , and an apparent contempt for most music written after 1970 After writing an incredibly mediocre song through the first ten chapters, the book ends with 100 or so rambling pages about the nature of the music business and the state of music today That s not to say there isn t anything to be gained from the knowledge Webb shares he s certainly had his [...]

    3. Very informative but laborious read Some very solid and useful advice ranging from the practical to spiritual if you re willing to wade through a huge amount of information for the parts pertinent to you It s worth noting that, since the music industry has changed so dramatically since it was written, there are 100 or so pages that discuss the music industry that are now historically informative rather than relevant Obviously not a real complaint about the book, just something to be aware of An [...]

    4. This was an excruciating read Self importance, some sexism, and his songs while hits here and there aren t that good when compared to the greats The lyrics he suggests mostly his own as brilliant are cheesy And writing songs as he suggests note I did not get past the middle of he book would be boring and formulaic Despite being written in 1998, the only artist I recall that wrote after the 70s was Nirvana And evidently there are only two female songwriters, Mitchell and King.There are now better [...]

    5. Eh Some of it was interesting, much of it wasn t It was surprisingly well written, but I think fundamentally it s the disparity between his and my musical lyrical taste that made it a bit of a snoozer Much of what he cites as good in terms of both music and lyrics is really cheesy in my opinion.

    6. Besides the usual historical biographical information one expects from a famous songwriter, this book spends most of its pages on what its title suggests how to write tunes ideas, rhymes, form, harmony, etc I would recommend it only for the serious songwriter, for whom it contains a wealth of information and examples Its message would probably be lost on musicians who emphasize head banging, dance routines, costumes, emo ting, and posing Webb writes about another era, when melody, harmony, rhyth [...]

    7. Jimmy Webb is America s finest songwriter Here, he provides his master class in the nearly impossible art of writing hit songs I listened.

    8. A fascinating book if you re interested in songwriting, that is Jimmy Webb has written so many famous, wonderful songs including the greatest song ever to share its title with a Robert Heinlein novel that for curiosity value alone this would be worth reading It s got much value than that, however.There s a lot of fascinating memoir in it and, particularly towards the end, a lot of practical and at times pretty discouraging stuff about the business end of the music industry The book is almost 20 [...]

    9. This is one of those books that will be on my shelves forever as a definitive volume on the subject it sets out to cover I aspire to write songs and I ve written a few but I ll admit I ve been slow if not stale for a few years but this and I was inspired to read it by the Sodajerker podcast which really deserves a shout out for inspiring me as much really got me in the mood to put a lot time into the process again There are a couple of chapters on music theory which I ll have to read a couple [...]

    10. Jimmy Webb is one of the greatest songwriters of the last 40 years, and he s a pretty good book author too Tunesmith is really three books in one It s a book about the technical craft of songwriting rhyming, song structure, melody, chords, polishing It s also a book about the business of being a songwriter getting published getting played getting paid And finally, it s an autobiography Predictably, the strongest sections are on the craft of songwriting The sections on the music business are date [...]

    11. Absolutely, completely, ridiculously, inarguably the greatest book about songwriting ever written Webb s one of those behind the scenes master songwriters of the twentieth century whose name most people have never heard but whose songs everyone has heard Wichita Lineman, Didn t we, By the time I get to phoenix, The moon s a harsh mistress, and classic groaner MacArthur Park only scratch the surface This isn t some sort of how to write better songs workbook for aspiring songwriters, but rather a [...]

    12. His life is pretty interesting, and instructive if you are unfortunate enough to attempt to make money in the music industry But the real gem is the fairly lengthy, textbook level primer for writing songs he really digs deep into technical aspects of songwriting rhyme schemes, song structures, chord inversions and illustrates with many of his own often sub par works Interesting to read, but really a product of a bygone era of songcraft that just isn t applicable to most people today The other ge [...]

    13. This book took me longer to finish than I had expected, largely because the music theory sections in the middle are very much like a textbook The lyric writing and music industry insights are much entertaining Webb s writing style is very flowery, which gets a little tedious in a 400 page book, but it s still well worth the effort if you are an aspiring songwriter One major deficiency and not the author s fault the book came out in the late 90s, which means the internet music revolution was in [...]

    14. there s good stuff in here helpful tips and explanations on songs and songwriting Unfortunately he meanders a lot, and often gets into such fine detail that it gets uninteresting probably could have been 100 pages sorter It s also a lot of autobiography that really is uninteresting to me at least I d lose another 100 pages right there Of course, I don t have as many hit songs as he does Or any, really The most helpful stuff I found was near the beginning, like through the first 4 chapters, maybe [...]

    15. So far so good, a literate look into the mind and practices of a world class professional songwriter From coarse to sublime I put it aside when he started writing musical notation which I am quite rusty at to illustrate his points.I intend to get back to it review and finish There are so many other books on songwriting And it seems to me that reading about it is not doing it You want to write songs write David Francey wins awards and doesn t even play an instrument He just writes words and does [...]

    16. This book demonstrates Webb s masterful command of the craft of songwriting, and conveys the process of learning the craft quite effectively There is a pleasant balance of technical insights, industry exposition, and humor This is the second time I have picked up Tunesmith I took what I felt to be useful from the 520 page book the first time, and I believe it helped me write some decent songs This time around, I didn t skip, and I am glad I didn t.

    17. There s so much of Jimmy Webb s personality here it tends to overshadow his advice I do like that he is a stickler for putting effort into lyrics Into making each word count of making the hard choices to edit out the soft or weak line or rhyme.This is not a popular attitude among some of my indie songwriting friends who are all about feel and leaving room for the listeners and other rationalizations that set aside the hard choices to my thinking.

    18. If you re a songwriter, don t let the three stars dissuade you from reading this The good parts are excellent insightful, detailed, wide ranging Webb lets many other artists speak at length too and sure to help you improve your craft It certainly did that for me The reason for only 3 is that there are also parts of the book that didn t interest me at all things to do with the business world of Broadway, for example To each his own Still, essential reading for any songwriter.

    19. It can be extremely dense and difficult, but it s really definitive, and there s no other book like it So much great insight and information that it demands to be a reference guide for getting yourself out of an creatively void rut Webb is a truly old school songwriter who thinks along the line of the golden era of songwriting, and that only makes the book even valuable to me This is the fellow who wrote Witchita Lineman, say no , right

    20. Excellent meditation on the art and science yes, there are actual rules of songwriting, by one of the greatest practicioners of the craft Webb s best contribution is his simplification of complex music theory for use in the popular song, and his ideas, while not new, are amusingly presented and convincingly articulate An excellent book for the beginner and advanced composer alike I rated it just short of five stars because it is a bit verbose and could have been streamlined somewhat.

    21. A facinating view of what goes on inside the songwriter s head along with observations on the nuts and bolts of the music industry Jimmy Webb wrote some of the big hits of the 70 s while not having a hit record of his own He is engaging as a book writer as well Note I skipped the material on writing tunes, I mostly wanted to read about the music business.

    22. I m sad This is one of those books that starts out great and then goes down hill It crashes at the end.If he d left out chapters 9 11, I would probably give it 4 stars The first 8 chapters are going to help me write better songs.

    23. A must read for musicians, this fabulous book makes a number of convincing arguments in favour of making music Apart from anything else, it s also an inspiring meditation on the art of songwriting.

    24. An insightful look into Jimmy Webb s career in songwriting a little disconcerting in the last chapter or so when Webb kind of goes on a bit about how songwriters today , and musicians today , and back when i was etc

    25. The best book on songwriting Webb is unashamedly old school in his attitude to the craft of songwriting, and it makes for an inspiring read I devoured it in two days then got out my notebook and started writing.

    26. I didn t get all the way through but that s why I give it a 3 star It s quite bogged down with pessimism I feel But that might just be me Doesn t make me enthusiastic to write.

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