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パラノイア・スター (Paranoia Star) By Suehiro Maruo 丸尾 末広,

  • Title: パラノイア・スター (Paranoia Star)
  • Author: Suehiro Maruo 丸尾 末広
  • ISBN: 9784309725048
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “パラノイア・スター (Paranoia Star)”

    1. Num trabalho marcadamente pessoal, Maruo lida em hist rias curtas com obsess es advindas da colis o entre ideologias e tecnologia Algumas remetem directamente para a obra de P.K Dick, com andr ides a descobrir a sua condi o n o humana ou seres humanos a quererem transcender os limites do corpo atrav s de interfaces sangrentos com a m quina Outra poderosa ideia nesta colec o prende se com os perigos do militarismo e da cren a cega em ideologias fanaticistas O autor mostra um certo fasc nio com o [...]

    2. Reading this manga feels like getting lost between realities Unnerving, scary It made me feel gross at times, like I was reading something perverse than porn Heavy themes of Cronenberg esque body horror, psychosis and sex It s always sexual with Suehiro Maruo And it can never be JUST a pair of tits They have to be a pair of tits attached to a lady blinded because her head is sliced in half It has to be a pristine pair of perky tits attached to a rotting corpse He constantly makes your mind go N [...]

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